Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 9

Dinner For Two Many

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • James: You've got some nice friends, Zoey Brooks.
      Zoey: And a hot boyfriend!
      James: Uh-oh. Is he bigger than me?

    • Coco: Remember when I worked here as a restroom attendant?
      Lola: Uh-huh.
      Quinn: Yeah...
      Coco: Well, when I quit, I got in a fight with the maitre d'! He told me I had to finish up the night, so I told him to go sit on a squash, then we got into a fight, I hit him with a beef rib, he fell down, and I ran out the door!

    • Zoey: I want a crab cake.
      James: I think that can be arranged.
      Zoey: And I want both kinds of sauce.
      James: I understand.

    • Quinn: Did you guys know that crabs are omnivores that eat algae and fungus and worms?
      Lola: Algae, fungus, and worms?
      Michael: Oh my!

    • Zoey: Could you pass me a crab cake?
      James: Oh, sure. (takes the plate of crab cakes to pass to Zoey)
      Michael: Oh! I want a crab cake! (grabs one)
      Lola: Me too! (grabs another)
      Logan: I'll take one! (grabs the last one, so there are none left for Zoey)

    • James: You alright?
      Zoey: NO!
      Lola: Well, here! A hunk of lobster will make you feel better! (breaks the lobster, causing some to hit Zoey on the face)

    • Lola: We should push the tables together so we can all sit closer! (starts pulling James and Zoey's table over)
      James: I-I don't think that-
      Michael: Here, Zoey, slide your chair this way!
      Zoey: No, I'm fine right-
      (Michael pulls her chair over and Zoey falls on her face)

    • Quinn: Did you guys know that lobsters in captivity sometimes resort to cannibalism?
      James: Cannibalism?
      Quinn: Yeah. They eat their friends! We know because marine biologists have found lobster skin in the stomachs of other lobsters.
      Zoey: I wish a lobster would eat me!

    • Zoey: So, that wasn't the first time you ever saw me?
      James: No. Actually, when I was trying to find the housing office, I saw you by the fountain.
      Zoey: And your first thought was?
      James: You know, that you were insanely adorable!
      (they laugh)
      Logan: (disgusted) Oh, come on! Dude! She's already dating you! You don't have to lie to her anymore!
      James: I wasn't lying.
      Zoey: Could you just eat your lobster?

    • (Lola and Michael walk into Vaccaro)
      Maitre d': Uh, can I help you?
      Lola: Oh! Yeah, we're here to meet a guy named Logan...our age. Sorta...good looking.
      Michael: Sorta.
      Maitre d': Mr. Preese.
      Michael: Reese.
      Lola: No "P."
      Maitre d': You certain?
      Lola: Completely...

    • James: Quinn's coming!
      (James and Zoey throw the lobster shells under the table, which hit Logan)
      Logan: (picking one of them up) Rude!

    • Zoey: And you still have the scar?
      James: Yeah. It's cool, it looks like a cross between a lightning bolt and a banana.
      Zoey: A banana-bolt!

    • (Quinn is in the restroom. The maitre d' comes out of a stall and notices Quinn staring)
      Maitre d': (defensively) The men's room doesn't have lollipops! (grabs one and puts it in his mouth)

    • Zoey: Look, I love Quinn, but tonight was supposed to be a special night, just the two of us.
      James: Well, so, now it's eight of us.
      (Zoey looks puzzled)
      James: You, me, Quinn, and that family of lobsters!

    • Quinn: Um, I'm gonna hit the restroom!
      Zoey: Okay.
      James: We'll watch your pile of lobsters.

    • Quinn: Zoey and James are here!
      Logan: I know! Why do you think I'm under the table?!

    • Maitre d': Good evening. And welcome to Vaccaro. I assume you have a reservation?
      James: Yes. James Garrett, for two.
      Maitre d': Garrett...(types it into the computer) Is that with a "P?"
      James: Uh, no. Garrett.
      Maitre d': Not a "P?"
      Zoey: G-A-R-R-E-T-T.
      Maitre d': Interesting...

    • Logan: You want everybody to find out we're dating? You know how much abuse we'd both get?!
      Quinn: Yes, I realize why we're slow dancing in a janitor's closet with noxious fumes and a dead flower!

    • Logan: I brought you a flower!
      Quinn: Yeah...and it's dying from the bleach fumes in here!

    • (Quinn and Logan are slow dancing)
      Logan: How romantic is this?
      Quinn: Well...
      Logan: What's wrong?
      (Quinn sighs and turns the light on)
      Quinn: We're dancing in a janitor's closet.

    • Lola: Hey, Zoe!
      Michael: We're ready!
      Zoey: (untruthfully) Yay, you're coming with us!
      Lola: Yup.
      Michael: We are!
      Stacey: I might be coming too!
      (Zoey, James, Michael, and Lola look at each other, then run away)
      Stacey: Wait! Guys! You forgot me!

    • Stacey: Hey, Zoey.
      Zoey: Oh...hey Stacey.
      Stacey: I'm writing a science essasy all about turkeys.
      Zoey: Turkeys?
      Stacey: Yes. Now, we all know they don't fly.
      Zoey: They don't?
      Stacey: Now the question is, are turkeys simply too fat and bulbous to fly, or are they just lazy?
      Zoey: Uh...Whoops, here's my boyfriend!
      (James walks over)
      James: Am I late?
      Zoey: Nope, perfect timing!

    • Logan: I have an idea.
      Quinn: Oh dear.
      Logan: It's a good one.
      Quinn: Tell me gently...

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