Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 11

Disc Golf

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • fair

    Zoey and friends do not want to run in gym anymore, so they make their own sports team; disc golf. But, they learn they need to first beat another school in a game before they are an official team. Chase signs them up against juvenile kids. Will they win or will they have to run laps?

    There were some funny parts, like Michael's side affects of the chips, and the juvenile kids themselves, but overall, the plot itself was nothing to go crazy over. So I think my grade is a "C". It had funny parts, but the plot was kind of hit and miss, I thought so anyway
  • 111

    Not one of the best episodes of the season, and definitely not a stand out episode either. This episode just proved that this show can have the potential to be mediocre at times even though Disney Channel pales compared to this, this episode was still not that great.

    I found myself rolling my eyes every single time Michael walked or talked funny because of the potato chips, also the "convicts" were ridiculous and unfunny. Although we did get some friendship development with Nicole & Zoey, that was the only really stand out moment of the episode. Just compared to the other episodes the writers have produced, there is no comparison, this is easily a weak filler and don't try to deny it.
  • zoey and the gang try to create a sport so they can get out of gym but things dont go as planned

    i absolutely love doing that..i feel like the network when i do that b/c theyre always doing those little twists to kinda get you into the ep so im like what the heck ill try ti too..spoiler..i liked this ep..it was awesome..their gym teacher was so mean..i would hate a gym teacher like that but they found a way around dealing with him every day..disc golf..it did seem like so much fun when i saw it but then im kinda like isnt that almost like ultimate frisbee in a way..but it is disc golf lol..i was mistaken..everything was fine until chase messed up and got them a team from a prison..luckily they won..so everything worked out
  • PCA gang play a game called Disc Golf.

    Not what I really had in mind, and not really my favorite episode of season one. Since of all the stuff that was happening in the episode. But I think the sport was great and awesome. I see the team got in trouble at the end some bit, and when beating off those bullies (well wouldn't say bullies but oppenets). Well I think it would have been brave, but like I said this episode is not what I really had my mind. This is my review for episode "Disc Golf" of Nickelodeon (TEENick) series Z101 (Zoey 101) Thanks for reading! Peace out.
  • zoey and co start a disc golf team to get out of doing laps

    we learn micheal has a potato chip problem and quinns thingy ma bob makes him walk all weird then she gives him another doo hicky and it slurrs his speach. nicole makes a lot of oatmeal but that doesnt make her any less hot she is really hot anyone agree? logan is being big headed as ever and is the best at 'disc golf' and gets 'a hole in one' on his first shot. micheal appears in almost every scene in this episode. nicole throws a dodgy shot and that gives a chance for the other team to escape and zoeys team win by disqualifiation!
  • When Zoey and her friends get tired of running laps they join a sports team when their coach tells them the sport they want to play isn`t a sport in less you compete with another school.

    I really like this episode too because it tells how important your body is and what your body needs and also explains how important it is to exercise.I really like this episode I really think this episode explains how important school is even though I hate P.E.I really think exercising is good but it can make your body a little sore.I know a lot of girls that don`t like P.E.P.E. is something some girls don`t like.I know how Zoey and her friends felt.
  • Meh alright.

    The one thing I really loved about this epi was when Michael was collapsing and talking jibberish. That was the best. Still makes me crack up every time I watch it. Oh and... OATMEAL! I will never eat it again after watching that episode over again and noticing that part. That was so gross. "I'm going to go make some oatmeal." ((PUKE!)) Gross. It was very predictable. I mean I just knew that somehow Zoey would let Nicole in cause shes the perfect friend and then Nicole would somehow win it for their team. Oh and those juvinile delinquints were very disturbing.
  • The episode was ok it was a bit boring, I prefered episode 2 which had a good storyline and followed on from the Pilot. The last three episodes are quite boring but Little beach party does have a pretty good storyline. And disc golf was another episode of

    Disc golf was an episode where zoey and her friends Nicole, Dana, Chase and Michael form a disc golf team to get out of running laps in gym class. In order to make the PCA disc golf team official, the guys have to play a game with an other school and the team becomes official upon first victory. The only problem is that Chase picks a school for young criminals! In the end the criminal team runs away meaning that PCA win the match and no longer have to do gym! The episode was quite entertaining but a bit boring.