Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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While Michael tries to introduce his new word, Logan introduces a horror movie called “Shinnyuusha”. Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. Meanwhile, the guys’ dorm continues to encounter a new problem – the fire alarm goes off at night. As it became a repetitive procedure, Logan discovers the cause; his J-Phone shares the same frequency as the fire alarm that ultimately activates the fire alarm.moreless

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  • perfect

    Michael tries to start a new slang word, Dustin is scared after watching a movie with Chase, Michael, and Logan, and Logan's new Jphone has the same frequency as the boys' fire alarm, and so that keeps going off at night.

    Good episode. Michael was really funny in it. The fire alarm plot was kind of stupid but I liked Dustin's plot and Michael's a lot, that the fire alarm plot does not bother me at all. Overall this is really one of my favorite episodes of the show, and so it gets an A+ as a grade from memoreless
  • michael tries to start a new word; the boys including dustin watch a scary movie; zoey has to let dustin stay in her room while he's "scared"

    i did really like this ep but it wasnt a perfect 10 for me..i felt like this ep particularly reached out to the teen generation b/c all the time kids and teens are trying to start words and that is how they are made popular..michaels word wasnt so good tho..i didnt really like drippin..it was just a take off of trippin so not too original..the whole dustin being scared thing was acted out well and it was a nice brother and sister moment..i wish they showed some of the scary movie but its ok..everything for zoey got resolved but someone stole michaels word and he came up w/ an even worse word lol..good epmoreless
  • Yet another season classic from season 3.

    "Drippin'" was one of my favorite episodes of all time. and it was yet again another series classic placed in season 3.I'd have to say season 3 is the best Zoey season of all time yet (still gotta see all of season 4).I like watching this episode over and over and over again. Its just one of those episodes I really like.Its always a treat when it comes on Nick because it doesnt come on very much for a good episode.I have it on my ipod (Along with all the other episodes) and I watch it everytime I go on a long car ride or on a trip or something. Great episodemoreless
  • It was really good!

    Well, I haven't seen Drippin on TV yet, but I did see it when it was on youtube. But now it's not. I thought it was great. And a little funny too. Michael wants people to use his new word, Drippin, and Logan gets a horror movie and lets Dustin watch it. He gets scared and wants to sleep in Zoey, Quinn, and Lola's dorm room. They let him for one night, but they don't want him to do it again. But he only slept in their room because Dustin wants to spend time with Zoey. It was a great episode that showed off a good brother/sister moment.moreless

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    • Logan: How could you two just let those guys beat me up last night? How could you do that?
      Michael: It was easy.
      Chase: We just walked back to the dorm and went to sleep!

    • Zoey: What's wrong?
      Dustin: Well, you know how I wanted to stay here the past couple of nights?
      Zoey: Yeah...
      Dustin: It wasn't really because I was scared.
      Zoey: You're not scared?
      Dustin: Well, I was the first night, for a little while.
      Zoey: Then, why'd you keep pretending to be scared? Why'd you keep wanting to spend the night here?
      Dustin: Because I missed you.
      Zoey: What do you mean? I see you around campus all the time.
      Dustin: Well, yeah. We walk by each other, wave, and say hi, but...it's been a long time since we just hung out and did stuff together.
      Zoey: Well, why didn't you just tell me you wanted to hang out, then?
      Dustin: I tried, a couple of times. It's just, you're always hanging out with Lola or Quinn, or Chase or Michael. Never me. That's why I lied about being scared. I just missed you.
      Zoey: Ohhh, Dustin!
      (Zoey gets up and hugs him)
      (Lola and Quinn come back in the room after eavesdropping in the hall and hug him too)
      Zoey: Sorry!
      Lola: You can stay here!
      Quinn: You can move in with us!
      Lola: You can even take a digital picture of my bra!
      Dustin: Can't...breathe!

    • Logan: Right, I'm sure you're all just gonna beat me up, right here in front of Dean Rivers.
      Firefighter: Chief, coffee's ready!
      Chief: Oh! Coffee!
      Dean Rivers: Let's get some.
      (Chief and Dean Rivers walk away)
      Logan: Uh, Dean Rivers? (the boys move towards him) Dean? Sir!
      Chase: Uh...(clears throat) Run!

    • Michael: That idea's drippin!
      Chase: It's not gonna catch on!
      (Chase walks away)
      Michael: Yes it will. Hey, hey, nerd! Would you say drippin?

    • Michael: Look, I'm tired of being woken up in the middle of the night when I'm dreaming about- (pauses) ...people don't need to know what I dream about!

    • Lola: How long do you plan to let Dustin keep staying here at night?
      Zoey: 'Til he's not scared anymore.
      Lola: What if that takes weeks? I can't handle that, Zoey! I need to be able to throw my bra on the floor without worrying if your little brother's gonna find it, take a digital picture of it, and show it to his friends!

    • (Zoey sits at Dean Rivers' desk)
      Zoey: I'm Dean Rivers!
      (Dean Rivers comes back into the room)
      Dean Rivers: Get out of my chair.
      Zoey: Sorry sir.

    • Zoey: What up?
      Dustin: You said I can't sleep in your room, and I'm too scared to sleep alone.
      Zoey: You have a roommate.
      Dustin: Like he can stop psycho ninjas with chopsticks!

    • Zoey: Look, just let me talk to Dustin alone, and I'll handle this.
      Dean Rivers: Fine, you two talk. ...I'm gonna go take a pill.

    • Dean Rivers: Who showed him this horror movie? What was it called? "Sho-Shanna?"
      Dustin: "Shin-Yu-Sha!"
      Dean Rivers: Whatever!

    • Logan: Hey! Check out my J-Phone.
      Michael: What about it?
      Logan: Last night, while we were sleeping, it downloaded an episode of "Bobcat's Condo."
      Chase: What is "Bobcat's Condo?"
      Logan: I have no idea, but the J-Phone says I'll like it.
      Chase: How's it know?
      Logan: Because it's the J-Phone!

    • Logan: (eating a hotdog) I'm telling you, we gotta find out who pulled that alarm last night, and then- (raises his hand as if about to hit someone)
      Chase: Beat them with your hotdog?

    • Logan: Okay! Whoever pulled the alarm, if you do it again, you're getting your butt kicked!
      Michael: Yeah! A fake fire alarm is not drippin!
      (everyone turns and stares at Michael)
      Chase: Saying drippin is not drippin!

    • (fire alarm goes off)
      Chase: What's happening?
      Michael: Don't eat my face!
      Logan: (waking up) What's going on?
      (Michael falls out of bed)

    • Zoey: I am so going to kill those guys tomorrow.
      Dustin: I can tell you how to do it with a chopstick!

    • Quinn: It's not right!
      Lola: Oh, Quinn...let it go.
      Quinn: I will not let it go! It's not fair. Why should my pedicure cost a dollar more than your guys' pedicure?
      Lola: Because we don't have an extra toe on our right foot.
      Quinn: A girl should not be penalized for having one extra appendage!

    • Michael: Man, that's drippin! Yes, drippin', tell your friends!

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