Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • Logan: How could you two just let those guys beat me up last night? How could you do that?
      Michael: It was easy.
      Chase: We just walked back to the dorm and went to sleep!

    • Zoey: What's wrong?
      Dustin: Well, you know how I wanted to stay here the past couple of nights?
      Zoey: Yeah...
      Dustin: It wasn't really because I was scared.
      Zoey: You're not scared?
      Dustin: Well, I was the first night, for a little while.
      Zoey: Then, why'd you keep pretending to be scared? Why'd you keep wanting to spend the night here?
      Dustin: Because I missed you.
      Zoey: What do you mean? I see you around campus all the time.
      Dustin: Well, yeah. We walk by each other, wave, and say hi, but...it's been a long time since we just hung out and did stuff together.
      Zoey: Well, why didn't you just tell me you wanted to hang out, then?
      Dustin: I tried, a couple of times. It's just, you're always hanging out with Lola or Quinn, or Chase or Michael. Never me. That's why I lied about being scared. I just missed you.
      Zoey: Ohhh, Dustin!
      (Zoey gets up and hugs him)
      (Lola and Quinn come back in the room after eavesdropping in the hall and hug him too)
      Zoey: Sorry!
      Lola: You can stay here!
      Quinn: You can move in with us!
      Lola: You can even take a digital picture of my bra!
      Dustin: Can't...breathe!

    • Logan: Right, I'm sure you're all just gonna beat me up, right here in front of Dean Rivers.
      Firefighter: Chief, coffee's ready!
      Chief: Oh! Coffee!
      Dean Rivers: Let's get some.
      (Chief and Dean Rivers walk away)
      Logan: Uh, Dean Rivers? (the boys move towards him) Dean? Sir!
      Chase: Uh...(clears throat) Run!

    • Michael: That idea's drippin!
      Chase: It's not gonna catch on!
      (Chase walks away)
      Michael: Yes it will. Hey, hey, nerd! Would you say drippin?

    • Michael: Look, I'm tired of being woken up in the middle of the night when I'm dreaming about- (pauses) ...people don't need to know what I dream about!

    • Lola: How long do you plan to let Dustin keep staying here at night?
      Zoey: 'Til he's not scared anymore.
      Lola: What if that takes weeks? I can't handle that, Zoey! I need to be able to throw my bra on the floor without worrying if your little brother's gonna find it, take a digital picture of it, and show it to his friends!

    • (Zoey sits at Dean Rivers' desk)
      Zoey: I'm Dean Rivers!
      (Dean Rivers comes back into the room)
      Dean Rivers: Get out of my chair.
      Zoey: Sorry sir.

    • Zoey: What up?
      Dustin: You said I can't sleep in your room, and I'm too scared to sleep alone.
      Zoey: You have a roommate.
      Dustin: Like he can stop psycho ninjas with chopsticks!

    • Zoey: Look, just let me talk to Dustin alone, and I'll handle this.
      Dean Rivers: Fine, you two talk. ...I'm gonna go take a pill.

    • Dean Rivers: Who showed him this horror movie? What was it called? "Sho-Shanna?"
      Dustin: "Shin-Yu-Sha!"
      Dean Rivers: Whatever!

    • Logan: Hey! Check out my J-Phone.
      Michael: What about it?
      Logan: Last night, while we were sleeping, it downloaded an episode of "Bobcat's Condo."
      Chase: What is "Bobcat's Condo?"
      Logan: I have no idea, but the J-Phone says I'll like it.
      Chase: How's it know?
      Logan: Because it's the J-Phone!

    • Logan: (eating a hotdog) I'm telling you, we gotta find out who pulled that alarm last night, and then- (raises his hand as if about to hit someone)
      Chase: Beat them with your hotdog?

    • Logan: Okay! Whoever pulled the alarm, if you do it again, you're getting your butt kicked!
      Michael: Yeah! A fake fire alarm is not drippin!
      (everyone turns and stares at Michael)
      Chase: Saying drippin is not drippin!

    • (fire alarm goes off)
      Chase: What's happening?
      Michael: Don't eat my face!
      Logan: (waking up) What's going on?
      (Michael falls out of bed)

    • Zoey: I am so going to kill those guys tomorrow.
      Dustin: I can tell you how to do it with a chopstick!

    • Quinn: It's not right!
      Lola: Oh, Quinn...let it go.
      Quinn: I will not let it go! It's not fair. Why should my pedicure cost a dollar more than your guys' pedicure?
      Lola: Because we don't have an extra toe on our right foot.
      Quinn: A girl should not be penalized for having one extra appendage!

    • Michael: Man, that's drippin! Yes, drippin', tell your friends!

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