Zoey 101

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Zoey 101 (Pilot)
      Zoey 101 (Pilot)
      Episode 1
      Zoey begins life at PCA. She is nervous about the situation at first, but gets more comfortable when she meets her new friends, Dana, Quinn, Chase, Nicole, Logan, Michael. The girls and boys try to adjust to girls being allowed to attend PCA for the first time.
    • Welcome to PCA
      Episode 1
      For the first time, PCA is allowing girls to attend the traditionally all-boys school. Zoey is one of those girls, and although she starts her journey a little nervous, she begins to relax after meeting a few more girls, namely Dana, Quinn, and Nicole. She also meets Chase, Logan and Michael, some of the boys on campus.moreless
    • New Roomies
      Episode 2
      Zoey's new roommates, Nicole and Dana, do NOT get along whatsoever. She is getting fed up. At first she decides to move in with her neighbor, Quinn. That might not have been such a great idea, though.
    • Webcam
      Episode 3
      Logan gives the girls a peace offering in the form of a stuffed animal, which turns out to be embedded with a webcam that he uses to spy on them in their lounge. When the girls finally realize how their secrets are being disseminated throughout campus, they devise a plan to incriminate Logan using the help of the other boys and the owner of a campus sushi restaurant.moreless
    • Defending Dustin
      Episode 4
      A bully, Keith Finch, forces Dustin to do his homework after Dustin corrects one of Keith's answers in math. Zoey finds out and stands up for Dustin, but just makes things worse. Dustin thinks that she makes him look like a baby. Finally, Zoey tells Herb, a janitor and a very good actor, to pretend to be the dean of discipline. Keith gets a note to go to the principals office and there he gets disciplined by Herb. Dustin then stands up to Keith. Dana goes off campus to get Elvis, Chase and Michael's dog, back from the pound, even though the DA does not allow it.moreless
    • Prank Week
      Episode 5
      It's Prank Week at PCA. The girls dorm is toilet papered, and the girls wonder who did it. The boys then unleash water balloons among the girls, and now they want revenge. Their prank results in having the girls expelled from PCA, but Zoey sacrifices her stay at PCA for the girls to still stay there. Everyone will miss her, until the boys decide to step in and help.moreless
    • Jet X
      Episode 6
      This scooter is called Jet X. Nicole, Zoey and Dana can't agree on how to approach their project, so they end up defecting into solo projects that all go very poorly. Meanwhile, Logan uses his father's connections to acquire professional equipment and the services of Jeff Garrett - celebrity spokesperson - for the boys' commercial. By the time the girls realize that they made a mistake by separating, it's too late to come up with anything new. Therefore, Zoey takes it upon herself to salvage the project by combining all of the girls' various footage into a brand new, super-commercial that ultimately wins the grand prize.moreless
    • The Play
      Episode 7
      When Chase writes a play for the Drama Club and plans to kiss Zoey, Logan gets the part instead. The night before the play, Chase takes Dustin, who is sick, to cough and sneeze over Logan's pillow. During the night, Logan's pillow fell and Chase slept on it. Now Chase is sick. Will he be able to sneak out and stop Logan and Zoey from kissing, or will his worst nightmare come true?moreless
    • Quinn's Date
      Episode 8
      Quinn Pensky wants to ask out a boy named Mark Del Figgalo, and asks Zoey to tell him that she likes him. When Mark says no, Quinn is awaiting the news at the table and was so excited that Zoey told her Mark had said yes. Zoey, Chase, and Mark pretended to hang out. Quinn thought she was on a date with Mark. Will things go wrong for Chase and Zoey, or will the secret be kept safe from Quinn?moreless
    • Spring Fling
      Episode 9
      Zoey, Dana and Nicole sign up for the Spring Fling planning committee in hopes of getting Drake Bell to perform at the festivities. When they find out that it'll cost a lot to bring him there, Zoey and the gang set out to find ways of raising the money.
    • Backpack
      Episode 10
      Stacy, an upperclassman, steals Zoey's backpack prototype, and the whole school gets backpack fever, leaving Stacy to reap all the benefits. When the school store becomes involved, Zoey is determined to beat Stacy at her own game and take back what is rightfully hers.
    • Disc Golf
      Episode 11
      Zoey and her friends are tired of having to constantly run around the track in gym class. They all come to find out that they can get out of gym class if they join a sports team. Since they all want to join a team together, and Nicole stinks at sports, they find a sport that they can all play, Disc Golf. Soon after they present the team info to their gym coach, he says in the rulebook that it says, in order for them to officially be recognized as a team, that they have to win a sanctioned game against another school. So Chase gets a team, mistakenly, from a correctional school. So Zoey and the gang must compete in a game against the correctional kids.moreless
    • School Dance
      Episode 12
      The PCA Dance committee decides that a test will decide who will go to the dance with one another. Chase, of course, wants to go with Zoey, and does whatever he can to copy Zoey's answers. Chase is shocked to see that he AND another guy gets paired up with Zoey. Chase lets Zoey goes with the other guy, but soon learns how the other guy got paired up with Zoey. Zoey gets mad when she finds out that both of them cheated to get paired up with her.moreless
    • Little Beach Party
      Episode 13
      It's the end of the semester and the entire student body is looking forward to the celebration. It's a beach party. But one of Quinn's inventions goes wacko, and it sends them 4 hours away from their intended destination. The kids contact help from Mr.Bender and his pick-up truck.
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