Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 2

Fake Roommate

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Michael and Logan try to fool the housing lady, Miss Burvitch, in order to avoid getting a new roommate. Zoey accidentally gets Coco fired and tries to help her get her job back.

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  • good

    Logan and Michael learn that since Chase is gone, they are going to need a new roommate. They really do not want one and try to trick the housing lady by convincing her Chase is still at PCA. Will their plan work? Zoey meanwhile accidentally gets Coco fired.

    Good episode. The Coco plot did not interest nor make me laugh at all but I really liked Michael and Logan trying to get out of getting a roommate. I also did not like the 'twist' of the girls' new dorm advisor stealing things. It seemed random and seemed to only have happened because the writers thought of a way to randomly get the new dorm advisor fired. I dunno, seemed out of place. The rest of the episode was fairly good and gets a C as a wholemoreless
  • like alot of people said i agree that it was a filler episode for "trading places"

    my review for fake roomate -

    it definatly did not fit in with "trading places" (best eppy ever) so the timing for premiring this episode was bad. but the episode its self was ok i did not like the coco storyline that much but other then that the logan and michel was pretty good i had a few laughs with the chase doll but they could have made the episode fit in with trading places a little bit more. i mean zoey said nothing about chase or her and chase. so overall the episode wasnt the best but it was still good.moreless
  • Zoey costs Coco her job and trys to get it back.

    To start,this episode was just a filer episode for the hour long season premiere of zoey.I enjoyed "Trading Places" much more.The plot could have been more interesting.The housing lady tries to stick Logan and Micheal with a new roomate so they try to convince her he still lives there and Zoey costs CoCo her job and trys to get it back.wow real interesting.At least it stayed true to Zoey 101s comedy.It WAS pretty funny.that was probably the best part of the episode.Part of the reason it didnt seem so good was becuase it came after such a good episode in "Trading Places",still boring though.7/10moreless
  • Great!

    Michael and Logan must get a new roommate, since Chase has left. They don't want one, so they try to fool the housing lady into thinking that Chase is still here. Zoey accidentally gets Coco fired, so she feels bad and tries to get her re-hired. She is working as a bathroom attendant and she hates it. The new dorm advisor turns out to be a thief, so Coco is re-hired. The housing lady finds out that Chase isn't there and tells them that they must get a new roommate.

    This episode was great! I wouldn't mind getting a new roommate, but that's me. I don't like Coco at all. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • Micheal and Logan miss Chase and do not want a new roomate, so they come up with a fake one.

    I thought this episode was ok. It could of been a lot better. This episode was not as good as the season premiere, but I did like how it showed how Michael and Logan felt about Chase being in England. When I first saw the fake roommate I thought is was funny. It was funny how Michael and Logan tried anything to convince Miss. Burvitch (the lady that assigns people to their dorms) that Chase was still at PCA, so they do not get a new roommate. The other part of the episode was about Coco getting fired and Zoey trying to get her the job back. The replacement that Dean Rivers got was crazy because she started stealing every ones stuff, even Dean Rivers car.moreless
Chelsea Makela

Chelsea Makela

Lunch Student


Jessica Chaffin

Jessica Chaffin


Recurring Role

Suzanne Krull

Suzanne Krull

Miss Burvich

Recurring Role

Abby Wilde

Abby Wilde

Stacey Dillsen

Recurring Role

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    • Quinn: (about Coco) She's not that bad.
      Lola: She took a group of sixth graders on a camping trip, and lost two of the boys.

    • Lola: Eww! This is not pudding, what is this goo?
      Zoey: It's humus.

    • Coco: Yay!!! Coco's a dorm advisor again!

    • Mira: Alright! I'm sick! I take things! I don't want to, but I can't help it! I have a problem! (cries) Are you gonna fire me?
      Dean Rivers: Well, duh!

    • Dean Rivers: Mira, can you explain why you have all these things here?
      Mira: Well...of course! I'm...uh...I'm a...contestant...on a new reality show! It's called..."Take the Stuff!"

    • Lola: (to Dean Rivers) You don't have any peanut butter in your pocket, do ya?

    • Lola: When I was little, I only liked smooth peanut butter. But now I'm a chunky girl!
      Quinn: Chunky?
      Lola: Well not that way!

    • Quinn: We finally have a dorm advisor that can actually help us with something.
      Lola: I hope she can help me get a mouthful of peanut butter!

    • Quinn: How many signatures did you get?
      Zoey: Not enough, you?
      Quinn: Three...
      Lola: I just got one...some kid named "Pianute Buttiere."
      Quinn: Some foreign kid?
      Zoey: (looking at it) That says peanut butter...

    • Miss Burvich: FAKE! HE'S A FAKE BOY!!

    • Michael: Are you looking to catch a Portuguese head cold?
      Miss Burvich: What is a Portuguese-
      Michael: I'm not a doctor!

    • Quinn: (chasing a bunch of girls) I'll catch you eventually! Just sign the petition!

    • Dean Rivers: I don't like Coco! She almost killed me!
      Zoey: But, you lived!

    • Lola: We like Mira!
      Quinn: She's a really good dorm advisor!
      Lola: She baked us cookies last night.
      Zoey: Coco made us brownies once!
      Lola: Yeah, then she ate them all and went to bed!
      Quinn: And threw up in her sleep!

    • Zoey: Look, I'm so sorry about what happened.
      Coco: I'm not. This job is fantastic.
      Zoey: Yeah?
      Coco: Yeah, seriously. Don't worry about it. It's really great, um, sometimes they let me-
      Old Woman: (from inside a stall) Oh my GOD! This toilet's stopped up! Do you mind?
      Coco: Yes, ma'am.

    • Coco: (to woman) Hey! I'm Coco, ladies restroom attendant. You having a nice dinner? What'd you order? (sniffs her) Steak! (woman walks away)

    • Zoey: So, you're Coco's replacement?
      Mira: Uh yeah, I guess you could say that!
      Stacey: I met Mira before anyone!
      (short silence)
      Lola: Nice to meet ya!
      Quinn: I'm Quinn.
      Zoey: Zoey, that's Lola.
      Mira: Quinn, Zoey, Lola. Got it!
      Stacey: And I'm still Stacy! I'm from Massachusetts. Do you want to know my hobbies in alphabetical order? They're acrobatics, astronomy-
      Lola: Hey! Could you talk less?

    • Lola: Either of you guys see the remote?
      Quinn: It's right there.
      (Lola reaches for it, unsuccessfully)
      Lola: ...I'll just take a nap.

    • Coco: Dean! Dean Rivers! I am so sorry the lion scared you! He looked so friendly in the online brochure!
      Dean Rivers: Come...closer...
      (Coco leans in toward the Dean)
      Dean Rivers: YOU'RE FIRED!

    • Michael: You spent fifteen grand on a movie man head?
      Logan: WITH a certificate of authenticity!
      Michael: (sarcastically) Oh, well then!

    • Michael: (about Chase) Well he's my best friend!
      Logan: What about me?
      Michael: You're my worst friend!

    • Logan: Dude, Chase is just gone for a while! He'll be back again someday!
      Michael: You're making my best friend sound like Frosty the Snowman!

    • Coco: Once a year, I have to sit in his office while he tells me what a bad dorm advisor I am.
      Lola: At least he's honest!
      (Coco looks at her)
      Lola: Oh, come on! You know you're awful!
      Coco: Hey!

    • Coco: Hi...
      Quinn, Lola, Zoey: Hey Coco!
      Zoey: Ohhh, someone's been shopping!
      Coco: Hey! I'm not in the mood for peppy cutesy!

    • Quinn: That's clearly humus.
      Zoey: Which is made from eggplant.
      Quinn: No, that's babaganoush.
      Lola: Who is Bob Ganoush?

    • Zoey: (to a group of girls) Hey guys,will you sign this petition to bring Coco back? (the girls laugh)


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