Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 2

Fake Roommate

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    Logan and Michael learn that since Chase is gone, they are going to need a new roommate. They really do not want one and try to trick the housing lady by convincing her Chase is still at PCA. Will their plan work? Zoey meanwhile accidentally gets Coco fired.

    Good episode. The Coco plot did not interest nor make me laugh at all but I really liked Michael and Logan trying to get out of getting a roommate. I also did not like the 'twist' of the girls' new dorm advisor stealing things. It seemed random and seemed to only have happened because the writers thought of a way to randomly get the new dorm advisor fired. I dunno, seemed out of place. The rest of the episode was fairly good and gets a C as a whole
  • like alot of people said i agree that it was a filler episode for "trading places"

    my review for fake roomate -
    it definatly did not fit in with "trading places" (best eppy ever) so the timing for premiring this episode was bad. but the episode its self was ok i did not like the coco storyline that much but other then that the logan and michel was pretty good i had a few laughs with the chase doll but they could have made the episode fit in with trading places a little bit more. i mean zoey said nothing about chase or her and chase. so overall the episode wasnt the best but it was still good.
  • Zoey costs Coco her job and trys to get it back.

    To start,this episode was just a filer episode for the hour long season premiere of zoey.I enjoyed "Trading Places" much more.The plot could have been more interesting.The housing lady tries to stick Logan and Micheal with a new roomate so they try to convince her he still lives there and Zoey costs CoCo her job and trys to get it back.wow real interesting.At least it stayed true to Zoey 101s comedy.It WAS pretty funny.that was probably the best part of the episode.Part of the reason it didnt seem so good was becuase it came after such a good episode in "Trading Places",still boring though.7/10
  • Great!

    Michael and Logan must get a new roommate, since Chase has left. They don't want one, so they try to fool the housing lady into thinking that Chase is still here. Zoey accidentally gets Coco fired, so she feels bad and tries to get her re-hired. She is working as a bathroom attendant and she hates it. The new dorm advisor turns out to be a thief, so Coco is re-hired. The housing lady finds out that Chase isn't there and tells them that they must get a new roommate.

    This episode was great! I wouldn't mind getting a new roommate, but that's me. I don't like Coco at all. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Micheal and Logan miss Chase and do not want a new roomate, so they come up with a fake one.

    I thought this episode was ok. It could of been a lot better. This episode was not as good as the season premiere, but I did like how it showed how Michael and Logan felt about Chase being in England. When I first saw the fake roommate I thought is was funny. It was funny how Michael and Logan tried anything to convince Miss. Burvitch (the lady that assigns people to their dorms) that Chase was still at PCA, so they do not get a new roommate. The other part of the episode was about Coco getting fired and Zoey trying to get her the job back. The replacement that Dean Rivers got was crazy because she started stealing every ones stuff, even Dean Rivers car.
  • bad

    Well the biggest disappointment is the lack of Chase, no just kidding. The biggest disappointment for me is that they bascially did this episode already and they played the worst episode of Zoey 101 right after the premiere of the best episode of Zoey 101 (Trading Places). The comedy was horrible and very bad, very very bad in this episode of the Nickelodeon Classic Series. I was very disappointed with the acting as well, and they made us think James would come in this episode but he did not. This was a horrible storyline as well, as CoCo already got fired from PCA.
  • michael misses chase but is distracted when he and logan must convince the housing lady that chase is still there...zoey inadvertedly gets coco fired and must help her get her job back

    this was the worst ep theyve ever had and theyve had sosme pretty bad ones before...i could not believe this...zoey was as coco said all peppy in this ep except when she was serious and sad about coco..she didnt even mention chase once...how could she not mention chase...a lot of ppl said its b/c its the guys turn 2 see their pov about chase but i dont care...zoey ahs 2 miss him...they cant leave the previous ep like that and then zoey doesnt even have a depressed stage...it was funny when the dog dragged "chase" off and when mira stole dean river's car but that was the only good part of the ep...the rest was horrible
  • Not as good as it could have been.

    In this episode, they mainly focused on Michael and Logan and how they felt about Chase being replaced with a new roommate. It gave us a helpful insight on how the boys were feeling with Chase gone for a semester. They were trying to go to great lengths to fool the housing lady that Chase really was still there. It would have worked if the "Chase dummy" wasn't being dragged off by a dog. In the end, they know that they have to accept the fact that Chase is gone for a whole semester and they would soon see him again.
    Zoey however, has not said a word about it since they stopped talking. The focal point on her character was only for her to help Coco get her D/A job back. Maybe in the next episode, they will focus more on how she misses Chase.