Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 2

Fake Roommate

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The title "Fake Roommate" refers to Logan and Michael pretending that they have a third roommate in order not to get another one.

    • Lola asks if Bob Ganoush pitches for the Lakers, but the Lakers are a basketball team. Therefore, they do not have a pitcher.

    • This is the second episode in which Dean Rivers is hospitalized. The first was in "Hot Dean."

  • Quotes

    • Quinn: (about Coco) She's not that bad.
      Lola: She took a group of sixth graders on a camping trip, and lost two of the boys.

    • Lola: Eww! This is not pudding, what is this goo?
      Zoey: It's humus.

    • Coco: Yay!!! Coco's a dorm advisor again!

    • Mira: Alright! I'm sick! I take things! I don't want to, but I can't help it! I have a problem! (cries) Are you gonna fire me?
      Dean Rivers: Well, duh!

    • Dean Rivers: Mira, can you explain why you have all these things here?
      Mira: Well...of course! I'm...uh...I'm a...contestant...on a new reality show! It's called..."Take the Stuff!"

    • Lola: (to Dean Rivers) You don't have any peanut butter in your pocket, do ya?

    • Lola: When I was little, I only liked smooth peanut butter. But now I'm a chunky girl!
      Quinn: Chunky?
      Lola: Well not that way!

    • Quinn: We finally have a dorm advisor that can actually help us with something.
      Lola: I hope she can help me get a mouthful of peanut butter!

    • Quinn: How many signatures did you get?
      Zoey: Not enough, you?
      Quinn: Three...
      Lola: I just got one...some kid named "Pianute Buttiere."
      Quinn: Some foreign kid?
      Zoey: (looking at it) That says peanut butter...

    • Miss Burvich: FAKE! HE'S A FAKE BOY!!

    • Michael: Are you looking to catch a Portuguese head cold?
      Miss Burvich: What is a Portuguese-
      Michael: I'm not a doctor!

    • Quinn: (chasing a bunch of girls) I'll catch you eventually! Just sign the petition!

    • Dean Rivers: I don't like Coco! She almost killed me!
      Zoey: But, you lived!

    • Lola: We like Mira!
      Quinn: She's a really good dorm advisor!
      Lola: She baked us cookies last night.
      Zoey: Coco made us brownies once!
      Lola: Yeah, then she ate them all and went to bed!
      Quinn: And threw up in her sleep!

    • Zoey: Look, I'm so sorry about what happened.
      Coco: I'm not. This job is fantastic.
      Zoey: Yeah?
      Coco: Yeah, seriously. Don't worry about it. It's really great, um, sometimes they let me-
      Old Woman: (from inside a stall) Oh my GOD! This toilet's stopped up! Do you mind?
      Coco: Yes, ma'am.

    • Coco: (to woman) Hey! I'm Coco, ladies restroom attendant. You having a nice dinner? What'd you order? (sniffs her) Steak! (woman walks away)

    • Zoey: So, you're Coco's replacement?
      Mira: Uh yeah, I guess you could say that!
      Stacey: I met Mira before anyone!
      (short silence)
      Lola: Nice to meet ya!
      Quinn: I'm Quinn.
      Zoey: Zoey, that's Lola.
      Mira: Quinn, Zoey, Lola. Got it!
      Stacey: And I'm still Stacy! I'm from Massachusetts. Do you want to know my hobbies in alphabetical order? They're acrobatics, astronomy-
      Lola: Hey! Could you talk less?

    • Lola: Either of you guys see the remote?
      Quinn: It's right there.
      (Lola reaches for it, unsuccessfully)
      Lola: ...I'll just take a nap.

    • Coco: Dean! Dean Rivers! I am so sorry the lion scared you! He looked so friendly in the online brochure!
      Dean Rivers: Come...closer...
      (Coco leans in toward the Dean)
      Dean Rivers: YOU'RE FIRED!

    • Michael: You spent fifteen grand on a movie man head?
      Logan: WITH a certificate of authenticity!
      Michael: (sarcastically) Oh, well then!

    • Michael: (about Chase) Well he's my best friend!
      Logan: What about me?
      Michael: You're my worst friend!

    • Logan: Dude, Chase is just gone for a while! He'll be back again someday!
      Michael: You're making my best friend sound like Frosty the Snowman!

    • Coco: Once a year, I have to sit in his office while he tells me what a bad dorm advisor I am.
      Lola: At least he's honest!
      (Coco looks at her)
      Lola: Oh, come on! You know you're awful!
      Coco: Hey!

    • Coco: Hi...
      Quinn, Lola, Zoey: Hey Coco!
      Zoey: Ohhh, someone's been shopping!
      Coco: Hey! I'm not in the mood for peppy cutesy!

    • Quinn: That's clearly humus.
      Zoey: Which is made from eggplant.
      Quinn: No, that's babaganoush.
      Lola: Who is Bob Ganoush?

    • Zoey: (to a group of girls) Hey guys,will you sign this petition to bring Coco back? (the girls laugh)


  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Pottery Barrel

      An obvious spoof of Pottery Barn.

    • Coco: It's just that time of year.
      Quinn: Year?

      When Quinn says "year" she's referring to the fact that most girls get really angry because it's that time of month. This fact is seen in a lot of shows.

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