Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 15

Favor Chain

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Okay episode

    I dont like this episode because all kids didnt get together or something special. Zoey gets all attention but I was hoping Chase involved too. I am focuses on Zoey and Chase Together! Honestly, this episode is kind okay to me. I hope next time, new episode should be better than this one. One more thing, I am really glad that Coco are letting driving Zoey to bookstore cuz Coco have very small social life. It is so nice of her do it for Zoey! Way to go, Coco! I felt that Coco is dorm mom to Zoey. Well done!
  • great

    Zoey wants to meet her favorite author but the teacher who was going to take her can't. So, she asks Coco, and the whole thing spirals into each person needing a favor from another. Zoey has to take care of it all if she wants to meet her author. Will she eventually meet the author?

    It was good but it was pretty much nothing but a time-filler, and not really all that enjoyable. Some parts were good, yes, but the whole episode felt like a "What's the point" experience, to me at least, so my final grade for this episode is in the "C+" range. Not terrible but not exactly a great episode
  • zoeys ride to take her to a signing off campus flakes so in order to get a new ride she must complete different tasks for different friends

    this ep was very interesting..it starts out so simple w/ zoey getting what she wants but then of course it wouldnt be a very good ep if they left it like that..so they had to add the drama and more importantly the conflict..hence the favor chain..coco wants something then michael wants something and so on down the list she goes..it does get annoying and kind of hard to keep track of b/c it all rewinds on her as ppl dont keep their deals since zoey cant work all of them out right..what i didnt like is how even tho zoey pretty much failed everyone..she still got what she wanted and i didnt think that was right..thats why the score is lower than i originally intended
  • Very nice!

    I just have to say, this episode helped prove to me that Season 3 was the best ever of Zoey 101. ( I could be proved wrong, but Season 4 so far hasn't been appealing to me. )

    I loved the favor chains! I liked the lasagna, Coco, they all made me laugh, and poor Zoey probably was freaking out in her mind. If I were her, I'd be so tired of these favor things and just force Coco to take me, lol.

    But, the jokes were good, and I was waiting to se if Zoey would finally get to see her favorite author. Isn't that what all good episodes should have?

    9.5 out of 10.
  • Awsome episode

    "Favor Chain" was an awsome episode. From the second I saw the commericial a week before it aired,I knew it would turn out to be a classic episode in the series.Coco really wanted that lasuanga! Lol I think this episode was really funny.Zoey had to do ALOT of favors just to go meet that author.Its not likeshe was going to get to spend a day with her or eat dinner with her or anything, she was just gonna go meet her.I wouldve stopped after Logans favor.That was just crazy! The part near the end where the favors kept going wrong and the whole thing unraveled was an awsome part.Great episode.
  • Zoey wants to meet an author.

    Best episode ever. This time, Zoey wants to meet an author. It was really funny how this favor chain went on, esciapally how everything didn't turn out okay. Zoey wanted Coco to drive her, if Micheal cooked his ravoali for her, if Stacey did her project by herself without Micheal, if she Stacey gets a date with Logan, if Dustin gives Logan the bet ring back, if Lola becomes Dustin's assistant for the talent show, and it goes on and on. A favor chain is perfect for the show, very excellent episdoe. 10.0 for the rating of the episode. That's all! Peace out.
  • I loved this episode! SPOILER ALERT!!

    Favor Chain was never on TV yet. I saw it on youtube. I think it's one of the best episode of Zoey 101 so far. It's about when Zoey's dad gives Zoey permission to see her favorite author because she is in town. But when the teacher that is supposed to drive Zoey to see the author goes into labor, Zoey has to find someone to drive he there. Zoey asks Coco and she'll only do it if Michael makes her a family dish, who will only do it if Stacey will finish their project by herself, who in turn wants a date with Logan. He wants his ring back from Dustin, who wants Lola to be his assistant for his magic show, who needs Chase to babysit for their teacher's son. Chase will only watch the baby if Zoey asks the nerds to stop following him around, and the nerds will stop only if Quinn gives them a computer program she made. But.... well I won't say the rest. You'll have to watch the episode to find out.