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    Samaire-Rose wrote:

    When I'm writing this, I'm not arguing or being mean or ridiculous, I'm just stating the truth. But either you should loosen up just a little bit and make exceptions about that "If one part of your post is off-topic, the whole thing is off-topic" rule, or that rule should just be abolished altogether by someone who can. It's ridiculous. I understand about how things shouldn't be off-topic when you post in a thread. But come on, what you just told Maddie in the Youtube Zoey 101 videos thread was going overboard. She wasn't turning it into a "video editing discussion", how can you say that? That wasn't off-topic, that bit (a bit for goodness sakes) she mentioned about editing was about Zoey 101 videos, Maddie makes them you know. So, I just don't understand how you could say that her post right there for mentioning that BIT about editing, a Zoey 101 video no less, was off-topic.

    And that TOS violation I got for my post in the Fanfiction thread was a bit too much too. It was one sentence I mentioned about the Seddie kiss, about how I was in a better mood that day, that's all. Everything else was completely and most excellently on-topic, talking about some of the first Zoey 101 fanfics I had read, when I discovered that site. I can see me getting a TOS violation if all I had put down was that one last sentence about the Seddie kiss, I would understand that. But that wasn't the case. If that ONE sentence when everything else was completely on-topic bothered you that much, the least you could have done was edited that one bit out, or told me to edit it out. There was nothing wrong with the rest of that post, it shouldn't have been deleted.

    All I'm saying is that I think you could loosen up a bit and make exceptions with that "if one part of your post is off-topic, then the whole thing is off-topic" rule, because unless that rule gets abolished, how can we feel comfortable about posting ANYTHING then, because of how you just called out on Maddie for being "off-topic" in the Zoey 101 videos thread, really makes me wonder. She was not being off-topic, or turning it into a "video editing discussion" thread. I really don't know what else to say about that one, it baffles me.

    I'm not going to argue about this one, because I know where I stand. That rule, especially when it comes to just one sentence, or just a bit for goodness sakes, when everything else is on-topic (and this doesn't apply to Maddie because she wasn't even being off-topic) is going overboard. Whoever thought that one up takes the cake.

    This might be a "monstrous long" post, but you know, I have things to say. That's all.

    Thanks for defending me, Haley Okay, I'm really not trying to be rude here, but seriously, come on! It's not like this is a really busy forum with lots of people and losing a member isn't that big of a deal. Zoey 101 has been ended, and there are only a few people who are truly still dedicated to this show and come on here. By closing down threads for a few off-topic posts (and some of them aren't even fully off-topic. Just a sentence or two like Hayley's post or even like mine where I was talking about video editing....in the appropriate thread), people will become disinterested and leave. Like Hayley said, the whole "if one part of your post is off-topic, the whole post is off-topic" should be abolished. Like I said in the beginning, not trying to be rude or mean, just stating that you're losing people if you keep closing down threads over ridiculous little details.
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    Now Andrea, I really don't want to be the person to agree with them (cause everyone knows I hate any arguments or anything like that) but Haley and Maddie are right. I mean, I understand you have to have order and you must be stressed out with college and everything, as well as managing this forum, the iCarly forum plus many other places on TV.com. But we're all friends here Andrea, we try to stay on topic as much as possible, since we still all love Zoey 101, even if it's over.

    I understand if a whole post is off topic, that's understandable. But a couple of sentances that sometimes are relatively on topic is just ridiculous! You know us Andrea, most of us have been on here since the fourth season started AT LEAST. Maybe you could try to cut us a little bit of slack. Maybe just tell us politely to try to remain on topic, and we will. Ok Andrea? But we need some of the forums you closed, like the Off Topic Thread and the Fanfiction thread. Where else are we going to talk about off topic things, or about new fanfictions coming out? Besides, there are still a few people here, so that doesn't mean you have to close the off topic thread.

    I understand you want order, I get it. But this isn't a very popular thread since the show's gone, and you can totally trust us to try to remain on topic. If not, then just remind us. If we go off topic for like 20 posts or something, and I mean the whole post is off topic, I understand, give us a warning and tell us that any more off topic posts and you'll close it down. But just closing it down without warning or anything (but you give us relatively good warning about this kind of thing, except on the Fanfiction thread) is kinda rude. Andrea, I know you're a very nice person, I get why you're doing this. But again, you can totally trust us to remain on topic. Just please, understand our point of view as well.

    Maybe we can compromise on this, yes?

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    I'm agreeing with Jess here. I understand that you have a lot of things going on for you at the moment, but I think we can come to a compromise on this. Maybe ask us politely to edit our post if the majority of it is off-topic or if it's totally off-topic, I can understand deleting it.

    We know you want order and respect that, but this forum is close to dying. The fanfiction thread and off-topic thread were pretty popular on here.

    And remember, we're doing this because we care

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    I'm not abolishing any rules. They're TV.com rules, not MY rules. This thread is for questions, not a gathering point for all of you to round together. I don't even have to have this thread. The rule that all of you seem to have the most problems with is the one where one off-topic sentence makes the whole post off topic is TV.COM'S RULE. Not mine. I can't change the rules, and I'm going to continue following them.

    And as for things "going on" for me right now, that in no way dictates how I do my job as editor.

    Edited on 01/16/2009 6:58pm
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    Andrea, since this show has ended. Do you still get many submissions for Zoey 101 in the recent months?
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