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Official "Hot Dean" Discussion

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    [21]Oct 28, 2006
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    The_Tradge wrote:
    2-E-C wrote:
    Nah, the worst episode has to be Quinn's Alpaca

    High five, man!

    Anyway , back to topic... I've watched this episode a couple of times now and I can really see the character development compared from the first season. I don't reallt think that Jamie-Lynn has getting any better but the rest of the cast are really good. From being the geeky outsider, Quinn is now the smart friend and roomie. And I still think that Logan has become less mean and obnoxious. They don't seem to hate him now... I think that this episode was decent, I really hate Coco so that could be the reason, but I thought she was a little bit funny in some parts but the rest of the episode she was just annoying.
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    [22]Oct 28, 2006
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    yea this was a great filler episode...NOT
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    [23]Feb 3, 2007
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    I didn`t like this episode. Coco is sooooooo annoying!
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    [24]Feb 3, 2007
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    This was like a filler episode. I found Coco really annoying. I didn't think the dean was even that cute. And I Lola and Quinn starting a food fight just so they could get in trouble seemed something more that Nicole would do. Yeah, and about Lola offering her clothes to Coco, I didn't get that either. Lola is tiny and why would she offer her clothes to Coco, knowing that obviously they wouldn't fit her. I didn't get why Coco took her boyfriend back. I mean, he's just going to dump her again, and she probably knows that. It was okay, but I think they could have done better.
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    [25]Feb 10, 2007
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    actually quinn's alpaca wasnt too bad, i think the only reason people hated so much was becuase  it was supposed to be the season finally.

    as for the episode hot dean, i thought it was good, and the fact that the lady who played coco was such a bad actress made it twice as funny.  it was a filler episode, but for a filler episode it pretty good. 

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    [27]Nov 2, 2012
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    I used to remember watching this enjoyable show ages ago! Dean Martin was such a huge bomb! I really love his attitude as a host , no one can beat him and I'm a huge fan since then! That's why I screened every DVD shop online to get a real and good copy of this show! I'm also afraid of being scammed! Thankfully, the copy I got from http://www.ilovemydvd.com/ has better picture and sounds, not totally perfect but purely watchable. I won't expect a high-definition quality of this show anymore during this era because this is such an old show. What matters most is it has all the complete episodes! I'm really happy to watch this show with multiple repeats! Lol! I'm such an addicted fan! I can't find any kind of this show during this generation and it was nice to have a copy of it.

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    [28]Nov 7, 2012
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    The episode was really bad, just not as bad as most of season four.

    Quinn's Alpaca, on thye other hand, is a quite cool episode, especially because of the wonderful end featuring one of the most beautiful songs by Drake Bell.

    But Hot Dean is full of disgusting things, such as the kids forcing Dean Taylor to date Cocoi Wexler who was definitely not in his league. In addition, Taylor was only a temporary dean, and he was up to leaving PCA a few days later. Then the whole mess would have started again.

    The school admin should have fired Coco Wexler long ago, and the mess had probably only been employed because she was dirt cheap, and the school was not willing to spend much money into the position of a girls' dorm manager.

    Also, Tayl.or should have suyspended Quinn and Lola for the food battle.

    The only good thing was that Taylor and Coco separated at the end.

    Character developments are disgusting and unjustifiable, no matter what. Quinn had been corrupted to total crap by Dan Schneider in season three. She should already not have forgiven the rest of the gang after Robot Wars. And the decadence of Quinn continued more and more ever since, until the woirst of all decadences, videlicet Quinn dating Logan Rees who was definitely not in her league, had never been, would never be.

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