Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 7

Girls Will Be Boys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    Logan and Chase do not like the girls being on their roof, so they kick them out. They claim that guys can't be guys when around girls. So, Zoey and Nicole disguise Lola as a boy so they can prove to Logan and Chase that guys CAN be just guys around girls. Will their plan work?

    Good episode. The only reason my grade is not higher is because the nurse/Michael plot bored me a bit. But the rest of the episode was pretty nice, so my final grade for it is in the "C" Range. Could be higher if the sub plot did not bore me
  • when the guys say the girls shouldnt be on their roof, the girls devise a plan to show that guys and girls can hang out and do the same things

    i did like this ep b/c its just like another girl power ep of any show and i always feel so empowered after girls prove that they can hang out with guys no matter what the situation..girls are just as good as guys and guys just need to accept it..i always hate it when the guys think theyre better than girls like logan and chase in some regards but the girls plan was so brilliant..spoiler..lola did some really good acting that was very phenomenon..i loved it and it just goes to show you girls can do anything guys can do..im so glad that truth is becoming a popular topic for a tv ep
  • Dippin episode!

    "Girls Will Be Boys" was a great episode abotu Lola dressing up as a boy to fool the guys and get to stay witht hem in there dorm, but first the girls will have to get rid of Michael to make room. They attempt to do this to convince Chase and Logan that guys can be guys when girls are around. The girls decide to make Lola's guy name "Steve". Their plan works out and the guys are still just guys with girls around or well "Steve" around. But the girls plan backfires when The boys are asked to go play water basketball one Saturday morning. When the boys find out about Lola being Steve they allow the girls to hang out on their roof which was what started the whole predictament. Overall the episode was funny,but not really very serious. I like episodes that are a mix of serious and funny, which was why I didn't give this episode a perfect score. This episode goes right pu there with Trading Places, Spring Break-up, and Anger Mangement whcih are my favorite Zoey episodes. So to wrap things up I'd just liek to give Dan Shiender one tip about writing iCarly, Drake and Josh, and Zoey 101 episodes. Always remember to mix serious with funny. Those are the best type of episodes. Not the best, but still a very good episode.
  • Lola turns to a guy.

    Haha that's funny, my favorite quote in the episode: Logan: Guys just can't be guys when there's girls around.
    Lola: Why not?
    Chase: Because when females hang around males, it just causes the males to behave differently. We can't help it.
    Logan: It's basic biology.
    Zoey: You got a C- in biology.
    Logan: Yeah, but who was the best-looking guy in the class? Huh? Yeah. Me.
    Chase: Um, I was in that class.
    Logan: What's your point?

    Guys Will be Guys! Anyway, Chase really stood up for himself in this episode, even though he still likes Zoey. This is my review for the Zoey 101 episode "Girls Will be Boys".
  • Lola's a guy!

    The girls are hanging out on a rooftop, talking about their assignment load but not actually doing any work. However, their procrastination session is brought to a halt by Logan and Chase. Logan tells them to get off the boys' roof. They protest to Chase, but Chase agrees that the guys need their own space for "being guys". Nicole tells Logan and Chase there's nothing stopping them, but Logan claims that guys can't "be guys" (i.e. burp and do other disgusting stuff) in front of girls. The guys claim that biology causes guys to act differently around girls. The girls claim it's stupidity, not biology.

    I'm not sure if this moment was supposed to be funny but when Logan makes a comment about being the best-looking guy in Biology, Chase responds with, "Uh, I was in that class." Wishful thinking on Chase's part, because Logan is beyond doubt the best-looking guy at PCA, even though he's also the biggest jerk. The girls don't really react to Chase's quip.

    In a possible prelude to "Lola Likes Chase" (2 episodes later), Logan, Nicole, and Zoey leave to talk to the guys dorm adviser, leaving Chase with Lola. Things go smoothly, proving the girls' point, until Chase knocks Lola's boom box of the ledge of the roof.

    The guys' dorm adviser agrees with Logan and the girls are evicted from the roof. Zoey tries to retaliate by banning guys from the girls lounge, but boy-crazy Nicole rejects her motion. Zoey leaves to visit Dustin, who has chicken pox, and a crush on his nurse Shannon.

    The girls are on their own roof, and complaining about it, when Zoey has an idea. What if they can trick the guys into interacting with a girl? To pull this off, Lola is to dress up as a guy. While Nicole has doubts, Lola has faith in her acting abilities. After all, "Chase is gullible and Logan's a moron." However, the girls decide to get Micheal involved with their plan. Micheal doesn't seem to care about the roof, but jumps on the opportunity to play a trick on his roommates.

    The plan is to have Lola play Chase and Logan's temporary roommate while Micheal pretends to be sick at the infirmary. (Micheal tries backing out but is right back in when he sees a picture of Nurse Shannon.) In a wonderful montage, Lola becomes Steve. Micheal suggests a moustache (seriously, 9th graders do not have moustaches) but the annoyed girls send him off to the infirmary. However, Micheal is in for a rough time at the infirmary. Nurse Shannon only takes care of the Lower School, and Micheal's nurse isn't exactly the nicest.

    After Quinn equips Lola with spy glasses ("They won't explode, will they?") and a fake letter from Dean Rivers, Steve makes his debut at PCA. But the task proves difficult. Lola almost reveals herself before Steve even makes it to the guy's dorm. At the guy's dorm, she messes up the Chicago Cubs with the Detroit Tigers. However, Chase and Logan still don't suspect a thing. The plan is working.

    Until the next morning, that is. Steve is dragged into water basketball with the guys. Quinn comes to the rescue with her pet snake, Marvin, but just when Steve seems to have gotten out of trouble, she gets knocked into the pool amid the chaos. With the makeup washed off and the wig floating in the water, Steve becomes Lola again. The guys are clearly upset, but the girls have proved their point and are let back onto the guys' roof.

    Meanwhile, Micheal is going through all sorts of torture at the infirmary. He eventually tries to make a break for it, but is stopped by the nurse. It turns out he has caught chicken pox from Dustin. The episode ends with the whole gang on the roof procrastinating, except for Quinn who is playing with Marvin, and Micheal who is stuck in the infirmary.

    Victoria Justice did an excellent job as Steve in this episode. Lola's overcompensation for not actually being a guy was hilarious. What guy goes around saying "dude" to everyone in sight? And there was no real need to mention the "Chicago Tigers", as guys don't have to be into sports. However, weird as Steve was, Chase and Logan had no reason to suspect anything, a testament to Victoria's great skills. Christopher as Micheal also did well as a prisoner of the infirmary.
  • the girls proves that boys don't act differently with girls around

    i think this episode is great. this was the time when i wasn't able to watch the opening sequences, so i didn't know they dressed up lola into a boy. then i realized the lola was indeed the boy because of the spy device that quinn made lola wear. very good make up and acting for lola. however, i feel sorry for michael, who had to make a sacrifice in order for the girls to exact their revenge. plus, he wasn't able to join the rest of the gang in a party on the pool after. anyway, it's still great.
  • Zoey,Nicole and Quinn disguise Lola as a guy named Steve and the trouble starts but it end happily.

    I really loved this episode and it was the best episode I have ever seen.This is exactly why I watch Zoey 101.Zoey 101 happens to be one of my favorite shows.I like this show more than Unfabulous but I like Unfabulous I just like Zoey 101 better.Some one that hates Zoey 101 thinks they should take this show off tv but that is because he hates Jamie Lynn Spears.This episode tought me to be myself and not be any other person.I do be myself and will stay myself because its better to be yourself than someone else.
  • I exspected much more from this episode.

    I've said it before and I know that I will say it again. It was just ok. There was no moments with Zoey at all. None. Well, they were sitting next to each other at the end of the episode. There was more Lola/ Chase moments than Zoey/Chase. Why in the world would she put her cd player on the ledge anyway? Argghh. That girl makes me mad. And she didnt even look like a boy. This episode just made me mad. I dont know why it just did. The only part I found funny was with Michael and at the end with Quinn and Marvin.

    Thats All.
  • Lola disguises herself as a guy...with the help of Zoey, Nicole, and Quinn...in order to ptove to the guys that it is possible to hang out with the girls and act normally.

    Our intrepid ‘Z-team’s Girls Will B Boys shoot was fraught with deception and danger this week! Over the week long shoot Victoria becomes Victor!!!! (Ok…actually Lola becomes Steve). Alexa has to eat popcorn again!! An Epidemic of Fake Chicken Pox descends upon the cast! Chris takes an ice bath and is imperiled by a hypodermic the size of a cruise missile!! Paul shares scenes with a hot older woman (OK…I guess Paul had no problem with that scene!) Erin plays with snakes!!! Erin lets the snake take a swim! Vicky takes a swim while channeling Lola’s inner dude. Erin takes a swim with the snake!

    Hilarity ensues!!!!

    This was another well-acted laugh filled episode that gave everyone including Paul a good bit of screen time, Just as Broadcast Views was Alexa’s chance to shine, this one gave Vic the opportunity to show of her acting versatility. She not only did a beautiful job with it (And if the Podcast was any indication had a blast as well) but got to stretch her acting-legs a bit as her character not only pretended to be a different person, but a different gender as well! Also, every scene in the episode, especially in the A story, involved lots of team work, as all of the scenes were true team efforts because if just one person had dropped the comedic ball, the story would have gone flat.

    The ep opens innocently enough, with the girls talking off-screen while the camera pans downward until we find Zoey, Nicole, and Lola sunning themselves and discussing the fact that they are indeed enjoying the Southern Cali sun rather than studying…Z101’s classic innocent opening scene, an innocent bit of banter between characters that quickly leads into hilarity as Chase and Logan walk in to find their roof invaded.

    This was a good solid, basic and well executed little opening scene with a lot of verbal give-and-take that was just loaded with little gems from both the girls and the guys. The action was flip-flopped from what we usually see, with the guys contributing most of the verbal action to the scene, and the girls’ calm demeanor contrasted beautifully with Logan’s histrionics. Matt was actually this scene’s pivot point as he had to provide and carry the scene’s basic conflict, and identify the episode’s basic conflict while he was at it.
    The girls, meanwhile, played straight-man to both of the guys in this scene, doing an excellent job while they were at it. Their reactions as they all but rolled their eyes while sipping lemon-aid and tossing little barbs at the guys, was classic and natural. I loved their reaction when Chase agreed with Logan; especially Alexa…Nicole’s surprised ‘Chase!!!’ was dead on and sounded absolutely spontaneous.

    Then Zoey crossed her arms…and as Nicole noted, and Lola concurred…It was SO on!!

    The argument, as the RA looked on with a dumbfounded expression on his face before agreeing with Logan was a great bridge scene, and the girls were hilarious. Alexa again got the best lines as the girls’ dorm roof was declared uninhabitable due to squirrel pee and Nicole announced hilariously that the girls lounge was her ice cream and the boys her sprinkles… ! I also loved Nicole’s horrified reaction as Zoey declared the girls’ lounge off limits to guys…Classic Nicole, and an awesome job from Alexa.

    The B-story Beckons! We find Dustin…aka Paul…in the infirmary, suffering from a raging case of chicken pox, and looking strangely happy about the situation…enter the new nurse! CUTE new nurse!. Paul kicked butt in the scene…He’s proven his ability to handle both drama, and comedy and always adds immensely to any scene he appears in. HE DID seem to enjoy both the ice cream and the company while filming this scene, BTW!
    This was just a cute scene. It introduced the B plot of course, as well as displaying the close relationship between Zoey and Dustin and just how much Zoey cares for her little Bro. It also made us wonder ‘Just HOW can such a cute scene lead into ANYthing other than more cuteness?? This is Zoey101 after all!…Anything can happen!

    The opening shot of the next scene, panning across a huge and industrial looking ventilator to a drab roofscape was perfect and illustrated the contrast between the two roofs perfectly, setting up the scene equally brilliantly. We find Zoey, Nicole, and Lola on their own roof and looking none too happy about the situation. To use a Nicolism, it was truly suckish. The girls were, as always, hilarious. Just their expressions as they beheld their tar-and-gravel domain let you know that this was NOT the end. I LOVED Vic’s expression and tone as Lola analyzed the odor rising from the roof (Gotta wonder how Nicole and Lola know what Squirrel pee smells like, lol)…her timing and tone were dead on and demonstrated how facial expression, simple gestures, and body language, coupled with tone, can wring laughs out of the simplest of lines. This is especially important in this type of dialogue-driven scene, where there Is little real action…this carried through as their predicament breeds inventiveness, and Zoey comes up with the plan.
    The girls are just as funny when planning as they are when complaining…catch Vicky playing straight man to Alexa (Maybe you should just let Zoey talk) and again see how those two let their facial expressions and tone do a lot of the talking,. Alexa’s a master at it, and Vicky’s just about as good.

    Jamie and Chris did a great job with the bridge scene that followed, where Zoey convinced Michael to act as the girls’ ‘Guy Consultant…nothing fancy here, just good solid acting in one of those interactive bridge scenes that’s essential in any production. Chris’s sense of comedic timing shows as well, as he turned several simple lines into laughs with a simple change of inflection or facial expression while Jamie played straight man.

    The action starts in earnest as we see the gals striving to transform Lola from cute freshman girl to believable freshman guy. Lola enthusiastically says ‘Make me a DUDE!, and we find ourselves in the middle of the inevitable but always enjoyable music-driven montage as the gals, with Michaels able assistance, make Steve from Lola
    One thing about Zoey101, there always seems to be at least one scene where you can really see how much fun this bunch has during filming, an this one was definitely an example. The huge smile we see a couple of times on Vic’s face says it all…while she’s almost as much a master of facial expressions as Alexa, it was easy to see that this was the real deal! Vic had a blast filming this one, and I have a feeling that Alexa, Jamie, and Chris had just as much fun as she did. Speaking of facial expressions, we again get a glimpse of another of Vic’s talents here…her multiple facial expressions as Lola communicates exactly how she feels about various outfits, hairstyles and accessories (The Mustache!) without speaking a single word. Visually, this was one of the most fun scenes to watch of the entire series..
    Also, Excellent job by the make-up and wardrobe team, who did a very commendable job turning Victoria into a believable guy…if you listen to the podcast for this ep, you hear how Vic actually DID fool some people on-set and on campus

    But…was Vic able to pull it off?? Oh YE-AH. This was Victoria’s episode, and she really kicked in the afterburners on her performance as the sports-team knowledge and water-basketball challenged Steve. Vic showed us just how versatile she is here, playing a fairly difficult role, and doing so while wearing a body suit and wig at that…remember (Erin and Victoria can confirm this) every scene we see translates to several hours of shooting.

    …Next Michael is assisted into the infirmary by the unsuspecting Chase and Logan, suffering from an illness of unknown nature that manifests itself trough a variety of symptoms… One of those moments when the A story actually drives the B-story, providing the reason for Michael to find himself at the mercy of the evil Nurse Krutcher..

    Chris was hilarious here as his mood rose to a new high upon meeting the lovely Shannon (Happiest sick guy I’ve ever seen!), then slams down hard as Nurse Krutcher (Played by Diane Delano) enters the scene. A word about Diane Delano’s portrayal of Nurse Krutcher…she’s portrayed similar characters before and indeed has been acting for over 20 years. She’s perfect for the role, owns it, obviously relishes what she does, and makes any scene she’s in into an absolute laugh-fest. Nurse Krutcher and Michael’s interaction (If instilling terror…comedic terror, but terror none the less…into her patients can be called interacting, lol) was hilarious, and the two of them made a decent comedic team in this scene…as they did several times in the episode.

    Oh, and speaking of facial expressions…anyone catch Sean’s expression just after they handed their ailing friend off to the Lovely Shannon…if ya have the tape, take al look!

    Quinn finally appears, fitting Lola with her newest ‘Quinnvention…wondered when Erin was gonna appear, as it was inevitable Quinn’s able assistance would be needed with the scheme. Erin, as always owned her character as she, matter of factly explained the operation of the spy-glasses…LOVED Lola’s ‘They won’t explode…will they??\' as Quinn announced ‘There!! Your new GLASSES!...and then answered Lola’s skeptical enquiry with a chirpy ‘Probably Not’ Erin’s perfected Quinn’s little nuances of expression, gesture and tone, adding her own personal touch to Quinn’s lovably quirky personality then tweaking and honing her character until she can almost channel The Quinnster in her sleep. Also loved Jamie and Alexa’s expressions as The Glasses were fitted…again volumes spoken with out a word actually being said.
    This is also the infamous ‘I can make French Money’ scene, where Dan admits making an error in having Quinn telling Nicole and Zoey that she could make French Money if they wanted (With Nicole inevitably voicing her desire to go shopping in Paris!)…

    They ask Lola if she think she’s ready…and she demonstrates that she is indeed! Vic’s demonstration of ‘Steve’s’ burping and gum-spitting prowess was an awesome little detail that out the icing on the cake…Hmmmm…wonder if Vic’s gonna enter the KCA Burping Contest. Lol!

    We quickly see Victoria’s versatility as Lola KA Steve makes her/his way cross-campus…She did make a very commendable dude! Vic had the mannerisms of a 13 or 14 year old boy down, and did a beautiful job of adding the subtle exaggeration that a young girl trying to act like a guy would subconsciously exhibit. Suddenly reverting to Lola as a cute top is spied was a great addition, complementing the top as Lola, then reverting back to Steve when Zoey called her on her error was great, and all the more hilarious considering she was dressed out as Steve! Vic shifted characterizations beautifully and seamlessly.,.. The reactions of the two young ladies who ‘Steve’ complimented were the icing on the cake, especially the girl who was wearing the top in question.

    Back in the dorm room, we have more of the expressions and inflections in another heavily dialogue driven scene, where Zoey, Nicole and Quinn are monitoring ‘Steve\'s progress, (Poor Alexa…MORE popcorn!).

    Alexa was great as always, her timing with Nicole’s impeccable, and Jamie and Erin’s facial expressions as their characters reacted to Nicole were priceless…especially the side-wise glanced she was getting from Quinn.

    Note…how to make a Nicolism…any word can be made into an adjective by adding ‘ish’! A little detail that makes Nicole Nicole. Steve’s inside, and the team of Chase and Logan are fooled…even though Lola apparently isn’t a baseball fan! Good solid teamwork through out, with Vic doing a great job of channeling Steve. Loved the little sequence where Lola almost again blew her cover…a very creative little addition that definitely added to the scene. The crew at ‘Mission Control’ continued to rock, and switching view points back and forth added to the sense of action…well done and lots of fun to watch.

    Back to the B-story for a moment! A quick but hilarious little scene. Poor Chris! …I felt so sorry for the guy when I saw the set-up for this scene, and REALLY hoped it didn’t take too many takes to get it. He must have been half frozen by the time it was over…hope someone had a nice big mug of something warm waiting for him as soon as they wrapped the scene! He and Diane Delano made a great team , playing off of each other beautifully…Her matter of fact and almost demeanor was a hilarious contrast tot the popsicalization of Michael.
    Chris carries on the hilarity in the B-story’s final two scenes as well, first his reaction to a hypodermic roughly the size of an F-16, and lastly in his chicken-pox foiled escape attempt, again with Diane DeLano fueling Nurse Krutcher’s humorously sadistic mode of patient care. (No clinic, infirmary, or hospital would actually hire such an…individual, we can only hope!). Interesting note…a classic Lizzie McGuireism’s used here as Michael declares that he’s ‘Outie’

    Then the real action starts…the next several minutes had lots of action and movement and had to be all but choreographed to work…and work it did. The scene in the guys room was pivotal and beautifully done…Matt was great as Logan was awakened…this was a very tight and well executed bit of acting, and the rest of the crew was equally adept. We again see the viewpoint switching as the girls realize the guys are up and mobile, and things rapidly degenerate into chaotic hilarity. The water basketball plot device was extremely creative, and the race against time that ensued was perfect…Everyone did an awesome job here (As if that’s surprising, they always do).

    Vic, as Lola, as Steve trying desperately to stay out of the water was great, and again Vic did an awesome job, both staying in character, and in general…she made Lola’s plight entirely believable, while Sean and Matt channeled Chase and Logan’s frustration perfectly

    We’re left wondering just what Quinn will come up with to save the day,(Even Zoey and Nicole were wondering what Erin was up to!)) and it was one of the most creative and hilarious scenes we’ve seen, as Marvin the Snake (Portrayed beautifully by the multiply talented team of Boris and Natasha ;) ) flies in to the rescue. Lots of action, loads of laughs, and beautifully done,
    Also, when Lola hit the water…well, so did Victoria. Her stunt double did the first take, but they needed another shot, so, yes, that really was Victoria taking a watery tumble (Beauty, talent, and she’s graceful, too!) This of course leads to the discovery of the girls’ deception , and their ultimate victory as the story comes full circle, back to the guys’ roof…and finally, Erin and one of the Snake team wind it up as Quinn entertains Marvin. Erin was great in this scene, and it was a very Quirky, cute and Quinnish (!!!;) ) way to end the episode…

    All in all, an awesome job by everyone!

  • I must strongly disagree with "awesomer TV". As a Christian youth leader looking for quality television to recommend to kids, I am delighted with the messages and moral content of this episode. The central message of this episode emphasizes the dignity

    This episode highlights the acting ability of Victoria Justice, who pulls off a charade of being a guy with ease - while at the same time portraying "Steve" as somewhat inept at the charade. She manages to spend the night in the boys room without incident - and with no moral problems (unlike 90% of sitcoms on TV in which no doubt some moral failure would have occurred accompanied with lots of giggling). The boys are absolutely humiliated into having to admit that their behavior is not altered by a girl being present - it is their own stereotypical attitudes that are at fault. This is quite close to the message presented in the Bible - that there is no more male or female - meaning that men and women should interact freely, without sexual tension getting in the way of their relationship. By relating as people, we can build relationships on solid foundations instead of sexual ones. It is doubtful that the character Logan can ever overcome his chauvanism, but the characters of Michael and Chase are portrayed as making great progress in that regard. Chase as the consumate gentleman in his pursuit of the lovely Zoey - and Michael as relaxed and easy going - liking the girls as friends without being gay, being no threat to them morally, but always open to having a girlfriend. These two characters are excellent role models for teenage boys, as are any of the principal female characters role models for girls. Lola, however, is prone to using her acting ability to shirk school work - but the consequences of her actions will no doubt be addressed in future episodes. Unique to Zoey 101 is the superb portrayal of Quinn by the talented Erin Sanders, who makes science "cool" to teenage girls - a message sorely lacking in the media.
  • This episode needs to be reported to the authorities! It is the complete opposite of what Nick airs. It is wrong on so many levels.

    Alright first of all, there was nothing on, so I decided to watch this. That was a mistake!

    1. When Lola, Nicole, and Zoey are on the roof talking about why Lola can\'t be a boy, they talk about something that I think is not appropriate for kids watching Nick.

    2. When Michael was in the infermitory, he sits down and says \'sweet mother molasses\' It almost sounded like he was going to say something else. Editors could\'ve changed that part.

    3. Just making Lola a boy, in my opinion, was a wrong move for the show. I think they could\'ve kept her as a girl and ignore the point that the girls had to prove.

    In conclusion, this episode should never touch the screens of Nickelodeon again.
  • The guys are upset that Zoey, Nicole, and Lola are hanging out on the rooftop of their dorm. They want to keep it "guy's only" and explaine that guys can't be guys around girls.They set out prove the theory wrong and dress Lola up as a guy.

    I really liked this episode, it was more creative than the others so far. This sort of stuff really does happen. It's a comman thought that boys can't be boys around girls, but man does Zoey prove them wrong. I also liked the side story of Michael and the nurse. He thinks everyhing is going to be fine and danny but then he finds out that his nurse is the mean ugly one... poor kid. My favorite part is when Nicole says : "You don't have to get all yelly"