Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 7

Girls Will Be Boys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Lola's a guy!

    The girls are hanging out on a rooftop, talking about their assignment load but not actually doing any work. However, their procrastination session is brought to a halt by Logan and Chase. Logan tells them to get off the boys' roof. They protest to Chase, but Chase agrees that the guys need their own space for "being guys". Nicole tells Logan and Chase there's nothing stopping them, but Logan claims that guys can't "be guys" (i.e. burp and do other disgusting stuff) in front of girls. The guys claim that biology causes guys to act differently around girls. The girls claim it's stupidity, not biology.

    I'm not sure if this moment was supposed to be funny but when Logan makes a comment about being the best-looking guy in Biology, Chase responds with, "Uh, I was in that class." Wishful thinking on Chase's part, because Logan is beyond doubt the best-looking guy at PCA, even though he's also the biggest jerk. The girls don't really react to Chase's quip.

    In a possible prelude to "Lola Likes Chase" (2 episodes later), Logan, Nicole, and Zoey leave to talk to the guys dorm adviser, leaving Chase with Lola. Things go smoothly, proving the girls' point, until Chase knocks Lola's boom box of the ledge of the roof.

    The guys' dorm adviser agrees with Logan and the girls are evicted from the roof. Zoey tries to retaliate by banning guys from the girls lounge, but boy-crazy Nicole rejects her motion. Zoey leaves to visit Dustin, who has chicken pox, and a crush on his nurse Shannon.

    The girls are on their own roof, and complaining about it, when Zoey has an idea. What if they can trick the guys into interacting with a girl? To pull this off, Lola is to dress up as a guy. While Nicole has doubts, Lola has faith in her acting abilities. After all, "Chase is gullible and Logan's a moron." However, the girls decide to get Micheal involved with their plan. Micheal doesn't seem to care about the roof, but jumps on the opportunity to play a trick on his roommates.

    The plan is to have Lola play Chase and Logan's temporary roommate while Micheal pretends to be sick at the infirmary. (Micheal tries backing out but is right back in when he sees a picture of Nurse Shannon.) In a wonderful montage, Lola becomes Steve. Micheal suggests a moustache (seriously, 9th graders do not have moustaches) but the annoyed girls send him off to the infirmary. However, Micheal is in for a rough time at the infirmary. Nurse Shannon only takes care of the Lower School, and Micheal's nurse isn't exactly the nicest.

    After Quinn equips Lola with spy glasses ("They won't explode, will they?") and a fake letter from Dean Rivers, Steve makes his debut at PCA. But the task proves difficult. Lola almost reveals herself before Steve even makes it to the guy's dorm. At the guy's dorm, she messes up the Chicago Cubs with the Detroit Tigers. However, Chase and Logan still don't suspect a thing. The plan is working.

    Until the next morning, that is. Steve is dragged into water basketball with the guys. Quinn comes to the rescue with her pet snake, Marvin, but just when Steve seems to have gotten out of trouble, she gets knocked into the pool amid the chaos. With the makeup washed off and the wig floating in the water, Steve becomes Lola again. The guys are clearly upset, but the girls have proved their point and are let back onto the guys' roof.

    Meanwhile, Micheal is going through all sorts of torture at the infirmary. He eventually tries to make a break for it, but is stopped by the nurse. It turns out he has caught chicken pox from Dustin. The episode ends with the whole gang on the roof procrastinating, except for Quinn who is playing with Marvin, and Micheal who is stuck in the infirmary.

    Victoria Justice did an excellent job as Steve in this episode. Lola's overcompensation for not actually being a guy was hilarious. What guy goes around saying "dude" to everyone in sight? And there was no real need to mention the "Chicago Tigers", as guys don't have to be into sports. However, weird as Steve was, Chase and Logan had no reason to suspect anything, a testament to Victoria's great skills. Christopher as Micheal also did well as a prisoner of the infirmary.