Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 24

Goodbye Zoey Part One

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey have to make HARD and HUGE Decision ever in her life!

    I can't believe Chase was so pissed off and I agrees with another reviewer about Chase driving Zoey away with mad and pissed off! Chase need to grow up and should NOT make Zoey go away! Zoey had to make HUGE and HARD decision that her parents offer her. Zoey should'nt transfer to boarding school in England, I means PCA is very cool school that every kids want to go there!!! Zoey's friends were so shocked and quickly spreaded over at PCA in hour or few! Chase was so mad quickly cuz Chase wished Zoey tell him first before any person! It is very special episode, you should watch this one!
  • Dun dun dun

    Zoey and Dustin's dad gets a new job... in England. So they want to know if their kids want to move their, away from PCA. Dustin refuses and Zoey wants to know what her friends think, especially Chase. But a rumor surfaces that Zoey is for sure moving, which hurts Chase because he had no idea. So, he refuses to talk to Zoey, who in turn, decides to leave. At the end, with Zoey gone, Michael convinces Chase that he had been a jerk to her, and he tries calling her to apologize... but it might be too late.

    A good episode. The night I watched it Mark crashing the Jet-X was like, one of the funniest things ever haha. And the emotion was sweet throughout. A for a grade
  • Surpise!

    Surprise! Zoey's parents are in town. And, Surprise! Zoey's honking moving to England! Didn't see that one coming, Schneider. No we did not. Even worse, Chase finds our from an insignificant "supporting character" that Zoey is supposedly moving to England. Chase is upset that Zoey didn't tell him first and when she does try to talk to him about he's too pig-headed and arrogant and full of pride to even REALLY listen to her explanation. And in the end we see Zoey get on her plane and all without even being able to say good-bye to Chase. I love Chase, he's one of my favorite characters in Zoey 101 but that episode he was just, stupid.
  • This part of the episode made me cry.

    The part that made me cry most was the part when she left. But I can never come up with a good review for the shows I like. So I'll say. It was funny when Chase pushed Logan into the wall, but the computer's weak. This episode was good. I didn't want the show to end. But all shows must end one day (even Spongebob) I don't want it to end. I'm out of words so I'm going to make another reveiw soon. This is my 12th blog blah blah blah blah blah blah blah this episoe was good The End.
  • zoey's dad gets the chance of a lifetime in england and asks zoey if she wants to go to the school there; she gets mixed reviews from her friends and decides to rely on chase

    i really did like this ep..its not very unusual for me to scream at the tv and this ep was no different..spoiler is contained in this..the ep started out as normal and showed the great friendship btw chase and zoey..then the plot thickens..which was very good...and poor zoey..half of her friends (except chase) are on the one side where she should not go and then the other half is saying she should go..shes confused..i like how she values chases opinion more than anything..but then the yelling comes in..b/c chase is telling her to go..im like you idiot..what are you thinking..and then she decides to go..im like NO!
  • Zoey's parents are moving to England, so she has to face the toughest decision yet - stay at PCA with all her friends or leave with her parents. The opinion of one Chase Matthews matters to her the most, but he is the one who ends up driving her away.

    Arguably the best episode of the series thus far, "Goodbye Zoey: Part 1" starts off like any other: Zoey is in her room, writing an email to her grandparents about her life at PCA. The sequence of events in this episode starts off with a bang when in the following scene, Zoey receives an unexpected note saying that her parents are at PCA.

    Zoey's parents are moving to England, and Zoey is torn over whether or not she is going to join them. She speaks to all of her friends about her dilemma - that is, all of them but Chase. She has waited to tell him about her situation because since he's such a close friend, it is hardest of all for her to tell him she may be leaving.

    Meanwhile, Chase is informed of Zoey's departure through various other sources. Zoey is clearly popular - word that she might be leaving has spread like wildfire. Chase's facial expression upon hearing this upsetting news says it all - he is beyond hurt, and angry.

    Zoey finally goes to Chase, which by this time makes the audience breathe a sigh of relief. However, that relief is very short-lived. Watching both Chase and Zoey's behaviors throughout their brief exchange causes a certain amount of frustration. It is one of those times where it is difficult not to jump up and yell at the screen. Chase is nothing short of cold and obnoxious toward Zoey, which is irritating enough. But on top of that, Zoey does little to nothing to try to make him snap out of it and really talk. Both of their efforts at a real conversation are minimal. However, it is not for lack of caring; Chase looks on with the saddest of gazes as Zoey walks away from him for the last time this season.

    Zoey's departure is a solemn and sad one. Michael adds a touch of humor to the scene with his loud crying, but all in all, the mood is quite somber. Chase fails to show up.

    Later that day, Michael finds Chase and, putting it nicely, knocks some sense into him. When Chase learns that it was his opinion that mattered the most to Zoey all along, his response is his usual spastic one - he runs his hands through his hair, proclaims himself an idiot, and sets off running in search of Quinn and Lola in order to obtain Zoey's new phone number. He stops only to nearly strangle an unexpecting Mark Del Figgalo on the way.

    Chase quite literally flies into the lounge, gets Zoey's new number from a confused Quinn and Lola, and makes the call. The look of unbearable disappointment written on his face when he gets her voicemail leaves the audience feeling just as crushed as Chase does.
  • The best of the best.

    This review is of the Canadian version, as is my review of Part 2. Due to syndication some scenes are missing.

    The opening classroom scene gives us a small but cute Zoey/Chase scene (also note the Blix reference on the board). However, Zoey ditches class as soon as she hears her parents are at PCA.

    As a ultimate hail to continuity, Zoey's dad is the same actor as in the pilot 3 years ago, and as a ultimate hail to foreshadowing, Zoey's parents ask her about Covington Prep in London. Zoey was wearing a "Covington Phys Ed" shirt in the pilot.

    Zoey is afraid to tell her best friend Chase she might be leaving. Big mistake, as when she finally tries to tell him, he already knows, and he is mad. I'm mad too, because Stacey should have known to keep her mouth shut. But it's not all her fault. Chase was too upset to find out the truth, and he got Zoey upset too, so she failed to clarify things with Chase.

    The above scene was an acting gem. Chase's pretend aloofness was amazing, but as soon as Zoey left, you could see how hurt he was. The pretend aloofness lasts until almost the end of Part 1.

    I have only one thing to say about the "I'm leaving" scene: she's really popular if even lemonade reacted so strongly to her departure.

    It's hard to determine how much ladies' man is left in Logan, as in the very next scene he seems to really think the girls ought to be all over him, yet in the final goodbye scene he seems to truly care for Zoey and the "last chance to make out" quip was obviously a joke. Anyway, Micheal convinces the gang (minus Chase) to let Zoey go if that is what she wants. Unfortunately, no one knows that the real reason Zoey is leaving was because of how hurt she was by Chase's driving her away.

    In the lounge scene, we are shown that Chase doesn't want Zoey to leave, but he's pretending not to care since he feels powerless to change anything, and he's mad at Zoey for not telling her before the gossipers did. He gets mad at Micheal too in this scene.

    The music when Zoey was packing was the most beautiful I've ever heard on Zoey 101. This transitions to the carpark scene. Zoey still babies Dustin a bit ("You promise?" "No..."). Logan shows a bit of his more caring side. Micheal starts bawling. Zoey tells Mark to watch over Quinn and her experiments. The girls and Micheal all hug.

    Chase, of course, is not there. Micheal finally finds him on the volleyball courts, leading to the realization scene. Chase's pretend aloofness is stronger than ever here, but Micheal finally gets through to him. This leads to a classic "I'm an idiot" moment, and Chases flies into to lounge in an amazing display of athleticism. After getting Zoey's new number from Quinn and Lola, he tries calling her but it is too late.

    As you can see, my review in Part 1 is much longer than in Part 2. This reflects the fact that in Part 1, hardly a single frame was wasted. We see Micheal as much more than the group funnyman, and the aloof Chase was an interesting, if not very likable character. While all the important plot points in Goodbye Zoey are already in the commercial, the writers did a perfect job of filling in the rest of the script, at least in this part.
  • Zoey has to decide if she's going to London or not.

    So parents come to visit to tell Dustin and Zoey that they can come live with them in London. Dustin decides that he wants to stay at PCA because he wants to go with a girl that want give him a chance, yet anyway. Zoey tells Lola, Quinn, Micheal, and Logan first but Stacey over hears the conversation and tells every one esle about the news. Zoey also tells the group that Chase's opinion means every thing to her. Chase is upset with Zoey since the fact he was the last person to hear about Zoey going to London. Check out my review for the second half to find out what happens next.
  • Zoey has to decide if she is going to London or not! This was such a great episode!

    This episode was really good. It makes you think that Zoey would never leave but she does. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens in the end. When I saw this episode, it was a tv movie and Goodbye Zoey? Part 1 and Goodbye Zoey? Part 2 were combined. I liked how in the end Chase realized what he did and realized his mistake and tried to fix it. I just only wish that his call was able to come through and he could get a hold of Zoey but him not being able to get her did make it more exciting in the end.