Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 25

Goodbye Zoey Part Two

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Goodbye Zoey Part Two
Chase and Zoey finally talk after she left for England-via webcam. Zoey says she is going to stay in England. Chase hangs out with a disgusting girl named Gretchen, because she looks like Zoey. Logan and Michael try to get Chase to admit he misses Zoey . Meanwhile Lola and Quinn are terrified when Stacey becomes their new roomate. Then Chase admits something shocking to Michael and Logan.moreless

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  • Work?

    I love these shows and was super excited when i found them again, but, can i even watch these videos?
  • Zoey found out about Chase's truth and secret crush! Chase told Logan and Michael about his truth and secret love!

    Chase was locked in his room against his will by his roommates. Logan and Michael wants to help him and solve the Chase's problem. Chase should told Zoey that he loves Zoey before she left PCA! I blame Chase and placed his fault because Chase was so angry at her, because Zoey was going to find him about her decision. I felt really bad for Zoey. She felts her heart broking down and Chase acted he tell her go away for good! Lola and Quinn misses Zoey so terrible and dislike new roommate, Stacey! Stacey is weird person! The girls are having hard time adjusting with new roommate, Stacey.moreless
  • In this, Chase meets someone who looks like Zoey and treats her like Zoey, but Michael and Logan are not liking Zoey's "look-a-like". Can Chase admit his true feelings to Zoey before his friends make force?moreless

    This is a very well-done episode. Quinn sets up a webcam to chat with Zoey in Chase's dorm, but he locks everyone out so that he can apologize to Zoey. But Zoey is not very willing to accept his full apology until she knows why he was rude to her. Later, Chase meets someone named Gretchen, who looks like Zoey, so he starts treating her like Zoey. But Gretchen is very rude, so Michael and Logan have to take charge. Michael ally leaves the webcam on, so Zoey sees everything that Chase and Michael and Logan are saying. Chase finally admits that he loves her. Zoey stared into the webcam and made a straight face. She pursed her lip to the right and quickly flashed a small smile, and then closed her eyes. She then opened them again, took a sad sigh, and turned off her laptop. Her guilty facial expression turned her straught face into a frown as she got into her bed.moreless
  • Zoey's in England

    Chase tries to explain what has happened when talking to Zoey over a video chat thing on the internet. However, Zoey decides to stay n England. As such, Chase makes a new disgusting friend named Gretchen, who he only hangs out with on the purpose that she looks like Zoey (but acts nothing like her). Lola and Quinn get Stacy as a new roommate, which irritates them. Micheal and Logan set up an intervention for Chase, who keeps saying he does not miss Zoey. They try to get him to say he does. What none of them know is the video message thing is popped up, and that Zoey is listening in on them. When Logan rips off the head of an animal toy Zoey gave Chase, he attacks Logan. Afterwards, he settles down, and reveals how he does in fact miss Zoey, and how he has always loved her, since the day he met her, and how he "Doesn't think that feeling is ever gonna go away.". The episode ends on that note.

    A good episode with a nice cliffhanger and some good gags. A+moreless
  • zoey goes to england; chase is indifferent until he realizes what an idiot he was and then tries to talk to zoey leading to a talk with the guys that reveals a lotmoreless

    i could not tell you what it reveals in the summary b/c i dont think were supposed to have spoilers but yeah im putting a spoiler in here and warning you..chase tries to talk to zoey on the webcm and they make up but theres still a difference in their friendship..chase hangs with a new girl who is creepy and disgusting at the same time..i was so relieved when the guys finally talked to chase..its like seriously took you long enough..then the best part of the ep of course is when he admits his feelings for zoey and zoey hears it..what i didnt like is how it ended w/ us not knowing what zoey would do..i was relieved that this wasnt the end of the show tho lolmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After three seasons, Zoey finally finds out Chase has been in love with her ever since her first day at PCA.

    • In the "Previously On..." section at the beginning of the episode (Canada only, in the US it is an hour long movie, not two separate episodes), there is a scene where Zoey is in a plane that did not actually air in the first part.

    • Chase gets a new friend, Gretchen, that looks like Zoey. However, she turns out to be totally unlike her.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Gretchen: (to Lola) Do you have anything for cramps?

    • Stacey: Who befouled this cotton swab?

    • Stacey: (singing) You can sip it in the morning, you can sip it in the evening, even at a quarter to three! 'Cause I like Sassafrass, you like Sassafrass, we like Sassafrass tea!

    • Chase: Alright, to Sushi Rox!
      Gretchen: I hate sushi.

    • Chase: I didn't see Gretchen. Maybe I can get her on her cell.
      Logan: (sarcastically) I'll cross my fingers!

    • Stacey: (to Quinn and Lola) We're gonna be like the three musketeers! But females.

    • Lola: Um, what are you doing in our room?
      Stacey: I live here! (short silence) No seriously!
      Quinn: Okay, we're a little confused!
      Lola: Or a lot!
      Stacey: Well see, I kind of overheard you guys talking about how lonely it was going to be for you living here without Zoey, so I went to Coco and I asked if I could switch rooms, and she said, "Sure! Who cares where you live?"
      Quinn: Yeah, but-
      Stacey: So then I went to my roommates, and I said, "Will you girls be upset if I move out of here and in with Quinn and Lola?" and before I even finished the question they were helping me pack my stuff!
      (short silence)

    • Lola: I don't want to play volleyball with Gretchen!
      Quinn: How icky is she!

    • Chase: Why don't we smack the ball around a little bit and see how it goes? That cool with you?
      Gretchen: Your hair's stupid.

    • Lola: Are you good at volleyball?
      Gretchen: I don't know. (scratches her armpit)

    • Mark: I'm bleeding!
      Logan: Nobody cares.

    • Quinn: Wanna go do homework?
      Lola: Gross. Wanna go look at boys?
      Quinn: No...I already have one.
      Lola: What, Mark?
      Quinn: Yes!
      Lola: I guess...

    • Michael: So, how'd the call go?
      Chase: You couldn't hear with your ears pressed against the door?
      Lola: Quinn's stomach kept rumbling!
      Quinn: I haven't had dinner!

    • Zoey: (talking via webcam) I should go.
      Chase: Right. Uh...so, when do you think you'll be back?
      Zoey: Back where?
      Chase: To PCA.
      Zoey: Wait, you think now that I'm five thousand miles away in England, I can just hop on a plane and come back?
      Chase: Well...can't you?

    • Chase: I'm so sorry!
      Zoey: For...?
      Chase: For acting the way I did, for not saying goodbye!

    • Chase: Michael, make my hair look nice!
      Michael: But I don't know how to-
      Chase: Make it nice!
      (Michael ruffles up Chase's hair)
      Chase: Does it look better?
      Michael: I don't know, it was a bush before, it's a bush now!

    • Gretchen: I'm bored.
      Chase: Okay, let's go play foosball.
      Gretchen: Foosball's stupid.

    • Logan: So you're saying it's just a coincidence that Gretchen looks exactly like Zoey?
      Chase: I don't even see a resemblance.
      Michael: Everybody thinks they look alike!
      Logan: And that's the only reason you're hanging out with her! She's your little Zoey replacement, and that's a little bit sick.
      Michael (to Logan): Uh, subtle.
      Logan: He needs to hear this.
      Chase: I don't need to hear anything from you guys right now. (As Zoey reads the magazine, a small beep from her computer alerts her that she has a webcam connection, and she begins to watch the conversation.) If you cared about me, you wouldn't judge my friends!
      Michael: So, you don't think it's weird that right after she leaves PCA you make friends with some bizarre-o girl that just happens to look exactly like Zoey?
      Chase: Gretchen is a lot of fun.
      Logan: Ha! Yeah, like the way she spits and picks her nose?
      Michael: And don't forget the fun way she pops her pimples at lunch!
      Chase: Unlock the door.
      Logan: We'll unlock the door when you admit that you miss Zoey.
      Chase: Well, then we better order some pizzas and a toilet, cause we're gonna be in here for a while.
      Logan: Why is it so hard for you to just admit it's killing you that Zoey's gone?
      Chase: It's hard to admit something that's not true! (Zoey looks upset.)

    • (Logan locks the door with a padlock with Chase and Michael inside)
      Chase: I saw this is a prison movie.

    • (Zoey listening in on the webcam)
      Chase: You're right... Everything you guys said is true.
      Michael: We know you miss Zoey man.
      Chase: I don't just miss her... I'm in love with her. I've been in love with Zoey ever since I met her.When she got out of her dad's car, and I saw her standing there, and I rode my bike into that stupid flagpole (Zoey softly smiles) I was in love with Zoey before I hit the ground, and I don't think that feelings ever gonna go away.
      (Zoey looks surprised)

  • NOTES (5)