Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 25

Goodbye Zoey Part Two

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Work?

    I love these shows and was super excited when i found them again, but, can i even watch these videos?
  • Zoey found out about Chase's truth and secret crush! Chase told Logan and Michael about his truth and secret love!

    Chase was locked in his room against his will by his roommates. Logan and Michael wants to help him and solve the Chase's problem. Chase should told Zoey that he loves Zoey before she left PCA! I blame Chase and placed his fault because Chase was so angry at her, because Zoey was going to find him about her decision. I felt really bad for Zoey. She felts her heart broking down and Chase acted he tell her go away for good! Lola and Quinn misses Zoey so terrible and dislike new roommate, Stacey! Stacey is weird person! The girls are having hard time adjusting with new roommate, Stacey.
  • In this, Chase meets someone who looks like Zoey and treats her like Zoey, but Michael and Logan are not liking Zoey's "look-a-like". Can Chase admit his true feelings to Zoey before his friends make force?

    This is a very well-done episode. Quinn sets up a webcam to chat with Zoey in Chase's dorm, but he locks everyone out so that he can apologize to Zoey. But Zoey is not very willing to accept his full apology until she knows why he was rude to her. Later, Chase meets someone named Gretchen, who looks like Zoey, so he starts treating her like Zoey. But Gretchen is very rude, so Michael and Logan have to take charge. Michael ally leaves the webcam on, so Zoey sees everything that Chase and Michael and Logan are saying. Chase finally admits that he loves her. Zoey stared into the webcam and made a straight face. She pursed her lip to the right and quickly flashed a small smile, and then closed her eyes. She then opened them again, took a sad sigh, and turned off her laptop. Her guilty facial expression turned her straught face into a frown as she got into her bed.
  • Zoey's in England

    Chase tries to explain what has happened when talking to Zoey over a video chat thing on the internet. However, Zoey decides to stay n England. As such, Chase makes a new disgusting friend named Gretchen, who he only hangs out with on the purpose that she looks like Zoey (but acts nothing like her). Lola and Quinn get Stacy as a new roommate, which irritates them. Micheal and Logan set up an intervention for Chase, who keeps saying he does not miss Zoey. They try to get him to say he does. What none of them know is the video message thing is popped up, and that Zoey is listening in on them. When Logan rips off the head of an animal toy Zoey gave Chase, he attacks Logan. Afterwards, he settles down, and reveals how he does in fact miss Zoey, and how he has always loved her, since the day he met her, and how he "Doesn't think that feeling is ever gonna go away.". The episode ends on that note.

    A good episode with a nice cliffhanger and some good gags. A+
  • zoey goes to england; chase is indifferent until he realizes what an idiot he was and then tries to talk to zoey leading to a talk with the guys that reveals a lot

    i could not tell you what it reveals in the summary b/c i dont think were supposed to have spoilers but yeah im putting a spoiler in here and warning you..chase tries to talk to zoey on the webcm and they make up but theres still a difference in their friendship..chase hangs with a new girl who is creepy and disgusting at the same time..i was so relieved when the guys finally talked to chase..its like seriously took you long enough..then the best part of the ep of course is when he admits his feelings for zoey and zoey hears it..what i didnt like is how it ended w/ us not knowing what zoey would do..i was relieved that this wasnt the end of the show tho lol
  • Zoey had left for London, and Chase is trying to put her behind him, but how can he do that when he is hanging out with someone who looks exactly like her to begin with?

    When Zoey left, it feels as if the people she had left behind were falling apart. Chase tried to get on without her as well as he possibly could but how can he get over someone if this new person he is hanging with looks exactly like Zoey, only opposite in character? Logan and Michael go to extremes to get Chase to admit that he missed Zoey so they padlocked him into the dormroom that they both shared. Michael had been working with the webcam on the computer, and accidently turned it on without realizing it. Zoey heard commotion on her laptop, and proceeded to find out what was going on. When she saw that the boys were discussing Chase's behavior, she couldn't tear her eyes away. When Logan tore the head off of the stuffed animal Zoey had gotted Chase, it pushed Chase overboard. Chase then attacked Logan and Michael had to drag him off Logan. When they saw how Chase reacted, they coaxed him to bring out his true feelings and Zoey overhearing Chase's confession of his undying love for her. It brought tears to my eyes hearing that beautiful confession.
  • The best and worst of Zoey 101, all in a single package.

    The best part, of course, was that Zoey finally knows what she should have 50 episodes ago. The worst part was the Sassafras Tea Song. It was funny once, but now I can't stand it at all.

    It was funny how Chase kicked everyone out and freaked out about looking his best for Zoey. The webcam conversation provided us with great acting, with Zoey saying she forgives Chase but obviously still mad. It's cute how Chase naively thinks Zoey would be coming back, but Zoey quickly sends him crashing back to reality.

    In a quick scene, there is a joke about Quinn and Mark. Lola does have a point: Mark is so devoid of emotion it's hard to believe he's capable of a relationship.

    We then start the torture. The writers could have established that Stacey and Gretchen were the most annoying people ever within a few minutes, but instead they dragged it on and on. However, there were a few vital scenes in this segment, such as when Lola and Logan realize Chase's reason for hanging with Gretchen, and the all-important keychain scene.

    The final confrontation was great. Sean pulled of both the denial stage and the admittance stage perfectly, and Matt and Chris did a great job as Logan and Micheal trying to get Chase to admit the truth. Across the Atlantic, though, I thought Jamie, as Zoey, could have put a bit more expression into her reaction to watching the webcam, but it doesn't detract too much from the PCA action.

    So now Zoey knows Chase loves her, but Chase doesn't know she knows. In conclusion, a great episode, but it could have been even better.
  • this episode waz cool !!!

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  • Zoey has to decide if she wants to go to England with her parents and leave PCA.

    I thought the episode was good. It was sad when Zoey decided to leave and was saying goodbye to everyone. I thought Chase could have been a little nicer, but how Chase acted is what made the episode good. I think when Chase started hanging out with that girl Gretchen, it was weird. She did say some funny things though. The ending was good. I'm glad Chase finally admitted his feelings for Zoey and she heard them. I can not wait to see what happens in the next episode. It should be very interesting to see how Zoey deals with what she heard.
  • there have been better zoey 101 episodes, but i think this one just had too much publicity and didnt live up to it.

    this is the second part of the zoey 101 goodbye zoey? special. i dont like how chase all of sudden has a new friend who looks like zoey and she is just obnoxious and annoying. and the commercials build up such a hype that makes you just wanna see how zoey reacts to learning that chase likes her, but we only see her hear him, and then we have to wait a until february to hear what happens? and we all know that zoey is coming back because otherwise there wouldnt be another season. the way that zoey was able to learn that chase liked her could have been done better. i think that logan and micheal should have planned on turning on the webcam, and if the webcam was on and zoey was able to see everything, then the boys would have seen her watching them on the huge monitor screen. this episode was okay, but i expected more out of such a hyped up season finale.
  • Goodbye Zoey forever?

    This is part two of the special two part episode where Zoey moves to London. Zoey has now left officially and permanently. So how are the people at PCA doing without Zoey. Not very good to tell the truth.

    This episode was decent to tell the truth. It wasn't that funny. Stacy taking place of Zoey in her room was pretty funny with her singing. But this was mostly a serious episode really. Which is fine really. But they couldn't add some decent comedy in the episode at least. The thing about Chase trying to be friends with a person that looks just like Zoey was kind of a dumb idea. The script it very emotional which is probably what this episode is for. Overall, a decent episode.
  • I liked it. Predictable.

    This episode was the conclusion to Good-bye Zoey Part One. It opened with Chase and Quinn fumbling around with a webcam. When Quinn finally got everything connected, Chase kicked Quinn, Lola, and Michael out of the room so he could talk to Zoey alone and apologize and maybe even convince her to come back to PCA. When she did come on the screen she gave him the cold shoulder. This didn't shock me. I mean, I would be really ticked off if my best guy friend let me leave for England without saying good-bye. The next scene is when Gretchen comes in the scene. Gretchen cracked me up. She was hilarious. "Your hair is stupid." hahaha. I'll skip to the intervention. I wonder if the rest of the world busted out laughing when Logan ripped the giraffe's head off and then Chase tackled him because I definatly did. That was insane. The words "I loved Zoey before I hit the ground." were insanely cute. I loved the ending because Chase FINALLY admits in actual verbal words that he's in love with Zoey. Then Zoey had a constipated shock look on her face.
  • I hate when that happens..

    It gets to me every time. Except for the fact that Zoey finally found out that Chase is in love with her, nothing was really original. It's yet another cliffhanger which is leaving me wonder how long it will take for them to start another season (if there even will be another season). I'm done guessing what's going to happen ... i think that I'm just gonna go with the flow and find out just what happens. It would be beyond awesome if they finally got together, still feeling the same way about each other. Let's just see what will occur.
  • The first one was way better.

    Okay so when Zoey finally tells Chase what her parents told her. Chase basicly made her feel horrible because he was throwing darts while she was talking. He also was like "When are you leaving" and that made her feel bad too. Then her parents and friends meet up with her at the car so that they can be on their way to the air port. Except Chase. Chase realizes that he's an idoit after Logan tears up the stuffed Giffie that Zoey gave him. Chase even got a girl that looked like Zoey from a distance. Zoey hears Chase say on the web cast thingy that he loves her.
  • This episode was good IMO.

    This episode was exciting. The ending had a good cliffhanger eventhough people dont think so. People think that they couldnt have ended a season with a really big question in the end or not telling what Zoey feels but its actually good. Just like in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The ending had a really big cliffhanger that i thought was good. It guarentees that people will watch the next season to see what happens. I cant wait til season 4 after watching this episode. It was funny with chase hanging out with Gretchen and good cuz he finally said his feelings and ZOey heard him eventhough he didnt know she did. What we have been waiting for happened, cuz now Zoey knows how Chase feels.
  • that's it... that's goodbye zoey? THAT WAS JUST A CHEAP CLIFFHANGER!!!!

    the episode was upsetting. the episode was a 7.5 until the end. where zoey looked like the person she is and the screen turned dark and all i hear is, "it's gonna take some time to read a line" god that wa s aggravating. "And some say the show's heart shrunk 3 sizes that day". i love reffering that quote. abysmal episdoe that i was ashamed of it's cheapness. cliffhangers are supposed to be answered IMMEDIATELY!! !! !! 1.6 is the final offering. ... .... ..... ..... ... .... ..... ... ... .... .... .... ..... .. ... .... . .
  • I hate this episode!

    I Liked this Episode, But After Zoey Found out that Chase loved her, The Episode Ended. that was the Worst Episode Ever! I thought after that, Zoey would go to her parents and ask to go back to PCA. Then she would go back to PCA, California, and go see Lola, Quinn, Logan, Mike, Chase, Mark, and all the other students at PCA. Because, after this episode, another episode of Zoey 101 will air that features Zoey back at PCA with Chase and Stacy. This episode is called " Clip Show ". Anyway, if you agree please feedback. Thank You. By: Rocco600
  • Zoey says yes to go to prep school in London. Chase misses Zoey. He hangs out with this girl named Gretchen, who is disgusting because she looks like Zoey. Michael and Logan intervene. Zoey accidentally finds our that Chase is in love with her.

    This episode totally left me hanging. I wanted to see a romantic scene where Zoey comes back and she and Chase kiss, blah blah blah. Instead what do I get? A cliffhanger. The most dreadful thing ever. Chase should have told Zoey that he loves her a long time ago. He never did and for that I think he's a chicken. He didn't even really tell her, she found out by accident. Zoey really should have found our sooner. The writers just wanted to be able to drag it out and get more episodes know that Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey Brooks) is knocked up. It'd be hard to hide the fact that she's pregnant on the show. I thought this episode was okay in the sense that I liked the comedy with the cotton swabs and Zoey's reaction when she heard what Chase had to say about his feelings toward her. Otherwise this was a let down, next time Nickelodeon, don't leave us hanging when the show is about to end.
  • What happens is Chase accidentaly tells Zoey he loves her but then it ends.

    Goodbye Zoey was disappointing. Ya so Zoey found out Chase is in love with her, but then it ends. Wuts up with that? I mean seriously, that makes the end so questionable. Are they going to make another episode to follow that or are we just going to have to imagine wat is going to happen after that? I'm almost sure that everyone who watched the show wants to know whats going to happen. I am dyig to find out what happens. Is Zoey going to come back from England or what. Is Chase going to go to Zoey to convince her to come back to PCA. All I know is we better find out.
  • This episode was a great disappointment...

    This episode was a waste of time! They made all the viewers get excited for nothing! It had no ending except for Zoey sighing while watching Chase describe how much he loves her. So here's a question on all of our minds "What the freak happens next?" According to the next episode'Clipshow' she's already back as if nothing ever happened. Which pisses me off! They can't pretend it never happened! That is stupid! Are the producers really serious? Everybody was all hyped up ready for Zoey and Chase to FINALLY get together and the kill our hype with that...NO ENDING!