Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 20

Hands On a Blix Van

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    Zoey, Logan, Chase, Michael, Lola, and others participate in the "Hands on a Blix Van" contest at PCA, to see who can keep their hands on a van the longest (winner gets a cool prize). Logan cheats his way to victory, but will he be able to cheat Zoey, the only other contestant?

    It was good but a time-filler too. Logan's methods of getting other people to get off the van, like sneezing on someone's hand, or agreeing to go out with Stacey, was funny. Overall this episode, whilst a time-filler, did have some enjoyable moments throughout, so because of all of this my final grade is a C+ or so, I think is fair
  • This year the Hands On A Blix Van contest takes place at PCA. Chase, Zoey, Logan, Michael and Lola all enter the Hands On A Blix Van contest. Quinn decides not to participate. Of course Logan cheats during the contest. Zoey ends up winning the contest.

    The Hands A Blix contest is taking place at PCA. Chase, Zoey, Logan, Michael and Lola all take part in the contest. Quinn does not take part in the contest, instead Quinn invents a hair growth stimulant that works on both her and Mark. The winner of the contest wins a trip to anywhere they want to go. Logan cheats in the contest by using a chair. During on of the breaks, Logan locks Zoey in the port a pottu. Luckily for Zoey, Chase gets her out. The final three ends up being Chase, Zoey and Logan. Chase gets eliminated by helping Zoey stay in the contest. Zoey tricks Logan into losing. Everyone is happy that Zoey won.
  • REALLY awsome.

    "Hands On A Blix Van" was an awsome episode. I watch it over and over and over again.It just never gets old. It's one of my favorite episodes to watch on my iPod. It was really funny and not really serious but it was still seriously drippin'. When I first saw the commericial.Well even when I first saw the episode name I thought it was going to be awsome. I loved the Misa parts in this episode.Its yet another classic epsidoe from season 3 aka the best Zoey season ever. Actually the best season in the history of TV shows. Drippin!
  • This was a funny episode!

    I really like the whole idea of keeping your hand on a Blix van to win a trip. I usually don't like Stacy, but I thought she was really funny in this episode. I was mad when Logan was cheating by acting like he had a broken leg so he could sit down. Then he locked Zoey in the port a potty. I thought it was funny when Chase said Zoey are you in the port a potty? And Zoey was like no I'm in Switzerland! Yes I'm in the port a potty! lol! I was glad that Logan didn't win since he kept cheating.
  • the gang tries to win the contest of putting their hand on a blix van and quinn tries to find a solution for her bad breath

    this ep was so crazy silly, but it did have a few bad moments in it that well weren't so much to say bad as they were just really stupid...it's like they don't account for kid's intelligence and just think something like this will go over their head...i just roll my eyes at these stupid moments like do they really think we're that stupid...the moment i'm referring to is when zoey is locked in the port-a-potty and she is calling chase from there and he's like are you in the port-a-potty...i would have made a sarcastic comment back, too...the rest of the ep was good though...logan was a jerk as always and there were some cute zoey and chase moments...however, quinn got to me w/ her constant laughing...that was a bit overdone
  • This episode was pretty good.

    I thought that this was a good episode. If I was trying to win, I would stay there forever! I thought it was funny how Logan got Stacey to take her hand off and i luved how Chase and Zoey kept each other going and made sure that the other didnt take off their hand. It was unfair that Logan got to sit in a chair. I would have kicked him or hit him or something. Faking a broken leg and sitting in a chair the whole time makes it not fun and is a lot easier. I am surprised that they did last that long. I might have fell asleep. Which is why i would have had a friend there, like Chase for Zoey, to keep me up and make sure i dont let go!
  • Good episode I guess.

    In this episode there's a contest at PCA to see who can keep their hand on the Blix Van the longest. The winner gets a private jet for two to go anywhere in the world. Zoey, Chase, Logan, Michael, and others are compete against each other. in the subplot, Quinn invents breath spray to cure bad breath but it ends up making her luagh nonstop as a side effect. There were problems with this episode. Logan was an idiot in this episode. Even after they found out he was cheating, they still let him in the contest. they should of kicked him out. Also why does Zoey have to win everything. They should have let Chase or Michale win. And they didn't even show where they wanted to go on the jet.