Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 20

Hands On a Blix Van

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • After the twenty minute break, it shows Michael and Lisa next to each other, but then it flips away. In the next shot, there is a guy with a yellow shirt in between them.

    • Logan's cast is suddenly gone after they discover he is OK.

    • In this episode Zoey, Lola and Quinn have a mini-fridge. But in the episode before, "Son of a Dean", Zoey's boyfriend Lance who is the dean's son gets them a regular sized refrigerator.

    • Stacey says to Logan that this was her first relationship. In "Quarantine" however, she has a boyfriend named Danifer.

    • This is yet another episode in which a "Quinnvention" works, but has an unintended side effect.

  • Quotes

    • Stacey: My first relationship! I'm gonna go put on some lipstick and a skirt!

    • (Michael and Lisa hug, taking their hands off the van)
      Blix Man: And they're both outta here!
      Michael: That's alright.
      Lisa: We don't care!
      Michael: Yeah. We're gonna go try to touch my toes!
      Lisa: Good luck!
      Michael: Hey, that's cold!

    • Guy: So if, you want to get together sometime, my digits are 7-
      Michael: Hey, just keep your digits to yourself!
      Guy: Hey, I'm having a conversation!
      Michael: Yeah? Well, conversation's over! Just stop talking to my woman!
      Guy: Your woman?
      Michael: Yes. The only woman I ever loved!

    • Michael: Well, well, well! What's up, Stacey Dillsen? You're looking mighty fine today!
      Stacey: Seriously?
      Michael: Yeah...I've never seen such pretty eyes.
      Stacey: Oh! Well, my optometrist would beg to differ. I have a double astigmatism, and sometimes this eye drips!

    • (Logan sneezes on a girl's hand)
      Girl: (takes hand off van) Ew!
      Blix Man: And she's out!
      Logan: You forgot to say bless you!

    • Zoey: You're just lucky it takes two hands to choke a person!
      Logan: Yeah, not much you can do to me with one hand.
      (Zoey grabs his head and slams it against the van)
      Logan: OW!

    • Zoey: Hello! Will someone open this door already?!
      Chase: Zoey?
      Zoey: Chase?
      Chase: ...Are you in the porta-potty?
      Zoey: No, I'm in Switzerland! YES, I'm in the porta-potty!

    • Zoey: Help! I'm stuck in the porta-potty!

    • Lisa: (about her necklace) I can't believe you said it's ugly!!
      (everyone turns and stares)
      Michael: Hey now, I'll thank you not to raise your voice at me in front of my peers!
      Lisa: Excuse me, but I don't think I got the memo that says you were in charge of me!
      Michael: Um, you might want to watch your tone before you get a memo telling you to find yourself another boyfriend!
      Lisa: Maybe I will find myself another boyfriend! (turns away)
      Michael: Well, I can do that too! (turns away) We're broken up!
      Lisa: Duh!!

    • Lisa: Hey, remind me to call my Aunt Erma tonight, okay?
      Michael: Sure. What for?
      Lisa: She bought me this necklace for my birthday and I have to thank her for it, even though it's the most hideous necklace ever.
      Michael: Yeah, I didn't want to say anything, but uh, this is seriously ugly! (laughs) Woo! That is some hideous neckware!
      Lisa: This isn't the necklace my aunt gave me!

    • Michael: Man, two hours and twelve minutes goes by fast when you're standing next to the prettiest girl at PCA.
      Lisa: Aw, who's sweet?
      Michael: Me!

    • Zoey: (about Logan) You think I'd get disqualified if I stabbed him with a fork?
      Chase: I think it'd be okay, if you kept one hand on the van.

    • Logan: If you can't handle the competition, then drop out!
      Zoey: I can handle the competition just fine!
      Logan: I doubt it! You're just a little too female.
      Zoey: Huh?
      Logan: Girls don't have the killer instinct it takes to win a contest like this. So why don't you just quit and go bake me a muffin!

    • Quinn: Smell my breath! (breathes in Lola's face)
      Lola: (coughing) Oh my God! I think I'm blind! What did you eat?!
      Quinn: Tuna salad, sardines, garlic, black coffee, four large pickles, and a big bite of an onion.
      Lola: Well, congratulations Quinn, you've achieved stanky!
      Quinn: Perfect!

    • (Logan comes over on crutches)
      Zoey: Okay, what little game are you playing now?
      Logan: I broke my clavicle!
      Chase: Your clavicle's by your shoulder.
      Logan: Well I broke something!

    • Lola: I'm creating a character! A girl who loves having her hands on a van!
      Chase: Ohhh! You're weird!

    • Michael: So, I just wanted to tell you, if I win, I'm taking you with me on the Blix Jet.
      Lisa: Aw! And if I win...
      Michael: Yes?
      Lisa: I'm taking Jeff Mitchell!
      Michael: Who's Jeff Mitchell??
      Lisa: I'm kidding, I'm taking you! (shoves him)
      Chase: (walking by) No violence!
      Michael: Aw, come on! Just a little violence?
      Lisa: Please?

    • (Quinn and Mark are kissing)
      Mark: Tuna fish salad.
      Quinn: W-what?
      Mark: You had tuna fish salad for lunch.
      Quinn: How'd you know that?
      Mark: Your breath smells like tuna fish salad.

    • Zoey: Well, I am gonna win, and then I'm gonna take that Blix jet to Milan for fashion week.
      Chase: Wow, that sounds horrible.

    • Chase: Hey.
      Zoey: Hey fuzzy head.
      Chase: Hey now, you promised not to call me fuzzy head anymore.
      Zoey: Curly Sue?
      Chase: And now I'm liking fuzzy head!

    • Stacey: What if we have to use the restroom?
      Blix Host: No worries young man.
      Stacey: I'M A GIRL!
      (everybody laughs)

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