Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 4

Haunted House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon



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    • Quinn: (to Nicole) You're dead meat, woman!

    • Chase: (trying to scare Zoey and Nicole) Blah!
      Zoey: Oh, hi Chase!
      Nicole: Hi, Chase!
      Chase: What, you weren't scared?
      Zoey: Why would we be scared of a magician?
      Chase: A Magician? No, no. I'm a vampire! (Logan comes)
      Logan: Hey, mister Magic!
      Chase: I am a vampire! You guys wanna see my receipt for the costume?

    • Zoey: (after that the french people asked them where the administration building was) Uhm, I'm sorry. We don't understand.
      Nicole: (Whispering) I think they're foreign.

    • Zoey: (Pulling door) It's locked!
      Chase: What d'ya mean it's locked?
      Zoey: What d'ya mean what do I mean? When I say it's locked, it's locked, how many definitions of locked are there?

    • Nicole: (while looking at wax vampire) Hmm..thats too scary. Oh, I know how to fix it!
      Zoey: (after seeing pink bow on wax vampire, Zoey starts to take it off) This isn't scary! Who did this? I better fix it before Logan...
      Logan: See, I knew you were scared. You're even putting that bow on the dummy.
      Zoey: It's not mine, it's...I..Logan, you...it's mine. Yeah. It's mine. I put it there. Because..I thought that the younger PCA students would be scared.
      Logan: It's a HAUNTED house.

    • Zoey: Are you trying to scare them to death?
      Logan: Yeah, pretty much.

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