Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 3

Hot Dean

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Zoey attempts to play cupid and bring her broken-hearted dorm advisor Coco together with the school's cute new dean.

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  • fair

    quinn accidentally injures the dean with a toy helicopter she was fixing for dustin and his friends and the school gets a new dean, a new dean whom all the girls think is cute and hot. zoey lola and quinn attempt to match him with coco. will sparks fly?

    it was alright but i do not really like coco. she is not that good a character i do not think and so obviously i would not like an episode with her in it a lot. there were some good moments scattered though so my grade's a C- or so methinksmoreless
  • all the girls at pca are falling for the hot new dean but the girls decide to set him up with coco after her boyfriend dumps her

    this ep was hilarious and in some ways disturbing at the same time..spoiler...it was disturbing as we see coco's lifestyle..like how she eats and everything..that was nasty and just very disturbing to me..i just didnt like having to watch that..the girls falling for the hot dean was super funny and man he was very hot..i like lola and quinn's plan with the food fight to get closer to the dean..they find out stuff that helps with them setting coco up..the thing with coco's bf and coco being a complete mess was hysterical and so was him carrying her..i liked the whole dinner and everything..very cute and funnymoreless
  • What happened? Coco's new date.. eh.

    This must be the worst season 3 episode, since well.. well.. it's just, bad. Coco dating the new dean wasn't such good idea. Maybe that's why I gave it a 5.0, but the ending just didn't make me happy. When Coco's ex-boyfriend came back, really ruined it and mostly I thought Coco and her ex-boyfriend were better off. I wish Dean Taylor was back. Yes I'm say it... I wish Dean Taylor was back. Dare me to say it again? I wish Dean Taylor was back. Ok, that's it for now. Peace out guys. Thanks! There Goes Halo 3 Rev iew.moreless
  • This episode was just okay.

    This episode was okay. I definately won't be a remembered episode of Zoey 101. Coc breaks up with her boyfirend and it's bugging the girls so they try to hook her up with the new hot dean. Things don't go as planned and Coco makes a complete fool of herself. Then her boyfriend, Carl, comes and he gets her back and they all live happily ever after. The thing that bugs me about this episode is that they don't focus on the kids at all. All they show is that Lola and Quinn will go to a low level just to talk to a handsome man. That was completely out of character for Quinn, and even a little for Lola.moreless
  • Coco was annoying this time, so much not her this time...

    This episode was okey, funny but a little bit annoying.

    Coco was cute but even a little stupid. lucky it\\\'s just another episode :)...

    Nicol is getting on my nerves sometimes, she\\\'s screams and yells all the time.

    She\\\'s so excitig from everything. it\\\'s starting to be a repulsive.

    I like Lola, she\\\'s a good actorress. And I like her style.

    Chase is cute, but sometimes a little to nice.

    He supposed to be man, to stand on his thoughts.

    Logen is also cute but mostly a snob.

    However nobody is perfect, Am I right?

    Anyway I like this season, it\\\'s so much exciting,

    The other seasons were not so good, At least for me.

Todd Cahoon

Todd Cahoon

Dean Taylor

Guest Star

Jeremy Radin

Jeremy Radin


Guest Star

Jessica Chaffin

Jessica Chaffin


Recurring Role

Creagen Dow

Creagen Dow

Jeremiah Trottman

Recurring Role

Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

Dean Rivers

Recurring Role

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    • Coco: Help me! I'm soaked in my own sweat!

    • Dean Taylor: Um, that's a very pretty dress.
      Coco: Thanks. So uh, how'd you dump your last girlfriend?

    • Logan: Dude! Where are the girls? I just had to set a table, and I am a guy!
      Chase: They're with Coco, helping her do her hair.
      Logan: I hope they get all the bugs out.

    • Logan: So, what are your hobbies?
      Dean Taylor: Uh, I do a little scuba diving.
      Michael: Ha! That's perfect!
      Chase: That is so perfect!
      Michael: Yeah!
      Dean Taylor: What, does this Coco like to scuba dive, does she?
      Logan: Well-
      Chase: She likes sushi...
      Dean Taylor: How is sushi like scuba diving?
      Chase: Well, you know, they're um, both fish themed.

    • Coco: I just don't understand guys. First they tell you that they love you. Then they tell you that you're too clingy and needy and MAN I'm hungry!

    • (Coco blows her nose, then looks at the tissue)
      Coco: Oh God, what is THAT?!

    • Coco: (sobbing hysterically) Just leave me here to die!

    • Lola: Coco, are you okay?
      Coco: Do I look okay?! I'm a woman on the concrete!

    • Quinn: Um, why is our dorm advisor rolling on the ground?

    • Kazu: Okay Chase, you're in charge! Try not to burn down my restaurant again... Just saying.
      Chase: Right...

    • Michael: (to Quinn and Lola) So how did your little meeting go with hot dean Taylor?
      Lola: Awesome!
      Quinn: Excellent!
      Lola: We found out things.
      Quinn: Yeah, he's from Indiana.
      Lola: Graduated from Harvard.
      Quinn: He's adorable!
      Lola: And... he's single!
      Chase: (Sarcastic) Good, why don't you send him over to Coco to get her mind off Carl? (The boys start laughing)
      Michael: Heh, Dean Taylor and Coco...
      Logan: I would kill to see that!
      (The girl's exchange looks to each other and the guys stop laughing)
      Chase: We were just kidding...
      Logan: Dean Taylor and Coco?
      Michael: No!
      Quinn: Yes!
      Chase: Zero chance!
      Zoey: Okay, then I guess we can all take turns, listen to Coco going on and on and on about Carl...
      Chase: I think Dean Taylor and Coco could make a lovely couple...
      Michael: Let's make it happen.
      Logan: Let's do that!

    • Coco: You're guys... am I... am I unappealing?! Would you show up at my house on Valentines Day with a pretzel from a gas station!?
      Chase: We're just teenagers...
      Michael: And I don't even like pretzels...
      Logan: You're just a mess!

    • (Carl lifts Coco up)
      Zoey: Wow, he's really strong!

    • Carl: Coco!
      Coco: Carl?
      Carl: What are you doing with another man!
      Coco: You dumped me!
      Carl: And that gives you the right to date other men?!
      Coco: Yeah, kinda!
      Logan: Wow, this is great!

    • Dean Taylor: Coco... sounds like a poodle!

    • Dean Taylor: Did you two start the food fight?
      Lola and Quinn: (Shouting out excited) Uh-huh. Yeah!

    • Chase: I just don't understand why they call it "a pair of pants".
      Logan: Why not?
      Chase: Because a pair means two like: a pair of shoes or a pair of gloves. Two shoes, two gloves. Why pair of pants?
      Michael: Because man, you would sound stupid if you were like "Hey, man. I love my new pant. You like my new pant? Check out my new pant!"

    • Coco: About three years ago, on Valentine's Day, I made him this beautiful ravioli dinner with candle lights and music. And I wore my special cargo pants with little hearts all over. You know what he bought me for a present? (yelling) You wanna know what I got for valentines day? A pretzel! A big pretzel from the gas station!

    • Coco: I can't believe he dumped me over the phone!
      Zoey: But, he always dumps you over the phone.
      Lola: Yeah, like every three weeks!

    • Dustin: Hey Quinn! Do you think you can fix our model airplane?
      Quinn: I could fix a real airplane!

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