Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 3

Hot Dean

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • fair

    quinn accidentally injures the dean with a toy helicopter she was fixing for dustin and his friends and the school gets a new dean, a new dean whom all the girls think is cute and hot. zoey lola and quinn attempt to match him with coco. will sparks fly?

    it was alright but i do not really like coco. she is not that good a character i do not think and so obviously i would not like an episode with her in it a lot. there were some good moments scattered though so my grade's a C- or so methinks
  • all the girls at pca are falling for the hot new dean but the girls decide to set him up with coco after her boyfriend dumps her

    this ep was hilarious and in some ways disturbing at the same time..spoiler...it was disturbing as we see coco's lifestyle..like how she eats and everything..that was nasty and just very disturbing to me..i just didnt like having to watch that..the girls falling for the hot dean was super funny and man he was very hot..i like lola and quinn's plan with the food fight to get closer to the dean..they find out stuff that helps with them setting coco up..the thing with coco's bf and coco being a complete mess was hysterical and so was him carrying her..i liked the whole dinner and everything..very cute and funny
  • What happened? Coco's new date.. eh.

    This must be the worst season 3 episode, since well.. well.. it's just, bad. Coco dating the new dean wasn't such good idea. Maybe that's why I gave it a 5.0, but the ending just didn't make me happy. When Coco's ex-boyfriend came back, really ruined it and mostly I thought Coco and her ex-boyfriend were better off. I wish Dean Taylor was back. Yes I'm say it... I wish Dean Taylor was back. Dare me to say it again? I wish Dean Taylor was back. Ok, that's it for now. Peace out guys. Thanks! There Goes Halo 3 Rev iew.
  • This episode was just okay.

    This episode was okay. I definately won't be a remembered episode of Zoey 101. Coc breaks up with her boyfirend and it's bugging the girls so they try to hook her up with the new hot dean. Things don't go as planned and Coco makes a complete fool of herself. Then her boyfriend, Carl, comes and he gets her back and they all live happily ever after. The thing that bugs me about this episode is that they don't focus on the kids at all. All they show is that Lola and Quinn will go to a low level just to talk to a handsome man. That was completely out of character for Quinn, and even a little for Lola.
  • Coco was annoying this time, so much not her this time...

    This episode was okey, funny but a little bit annoying.
    Coco was cute but even a little stupid. lucky it\\\'s just another episode :)...
    Nicol is getting on my nerves sometimes, she\\\'s screams and yells all the time.
    She\\\'s so excitig from everything. it\\\'s starting to be a repulsive.
    I like Lola, she\\\'s a good actorress. And I like her style.
    Chase is cute, but sometimes a little to nice.
    He supposed to be man, to stand on his thoughts.
    Logen is also cute but mostly a snob.
    However nobody is perfect, Am I right?
    Anyway I like this season, it\\\'s so much exciting,
    The other seasons were not so good, At least for me.

  • This was my least favorite episode of Zoey 101 ever! CoCo is so annoying!

    This was my least favorite episode of ZOey 101 ever! Coco is so annoying. The dean wasn\'t even hot and he was a lot older than Quinn and Lola. Starting the food fight was VERY un-Quinn like. CoCo is such a stupid lady. And the part where she put on Lola\'s clothes was really weird.
  • I wasn't exactly amuzed by this one.

    -The dean wasn't even that "hot" and I didn't like it how all the girls were going all phycho over him. Especially Lola and Quinn! They started a food fight just to talk to him. That's something Nicole would do. :(

    -Coco's screaming was way annoying. -The date was awful and boring and kinda disturbing.

    -It was cool to learn that Michael played the flute!

    -All together I think this was the bottom of the barrel. I wasn't happy about it. I didn't want to watch it over and over again. I wanted to switch the channel and you know how big of a fan I am!

    Not. Good. Do. Something. Better.
  • There were some funny parts to this episode, but there was no information about any of the characters except Coco and Dean Taylor.

    This episode is about Coco and how her boyfriend, Carl, broke up with her. Coco talks nonstop to Zoey, Lola, and Quinn about Carl and how he broke up with her. He breaks up with her about every three weeks. Coco even starts complaining to Chase, Michael, and Logan. Zoey decides to set Coco up with the new Dean, Dean Taylor. They get a date together for them and almost everything Coco says is about Carl or somrhing negative. Michael was playing the flute for entertainment and anytime Coco said anything negative he would start playing louder. When Coco talks about herself she starts to sweat. Coco was sweating so bad it was soaking through her clothes. She traded clothes with Lola and they were so tight on her she couldn\'t sit back down. Carl came in and took her back and he carried her back to her dorm. Chase, Michael, and Logan always have a funny random conversation and this one was really funny.
    Chase: I just don\'t understand why they call it \"a pair of pants\".
    Logan: Why not?
    Chase: Because a pair means two like: a pair of shoes or a pair of gloves. Two shoes, two gloves. Why pair of pants?
    Michael: Because man, you would sound stupid if you were like \"Hey, man. I love my new pant. You like my new pant? Check out my new pant!\"
  • This episode is about Coco breaking up with her boyfriend. Can Zoey and her friends find a match for Coco.

    I thought this episode was good. It was a change to see that Coco got so much air time. She was really funny in the episode. I thought the dean was cute but not hot. I felt bad for him when he got throw over the table. The ending the nice when Coco's old boyfriend came back for her. All in all the episode was good, but it could of be better. I can't wait for the next new episode.
  • Coco was really annoying....

    I agree with Zoey and her friends. That dorm advisor Coco is really annoying. Her voice is just, aargh. I don't think it was a very good episode at all. The dean wasn't even that hot to me. Zoey and her girl friends have bad taste in older men. I'm glad that the dean dude had no interest in Coco, the character is not attractive at all. She eats too much and is really overweight for her height. I know htis is a little harsh, but you can tell. I did like Zoey, Quinn, and Lola's outfits int his episode, but Lola's, of course, looked horrible on Coco.
  • Not the best

    I thought some of it was funny but I did not particually enjoy it because there was no romance between Chase and Zoey I hope they get together soon If they dont I will be so mad that I will scream Dan schnider is being mean for keeping this against us all
  • Kinda dumb

    I thought this was rediculous. The woman who played Coco made me laugh a couple times but not much. So Coco(what kinda name is Coco?) goes on a date with this new "hot" dean cus her old bf dumps her (which appearantly happens about every three weeks) and it goes awfully. So the old bf shows up and she takes him back......uh huh.....Yeah so this is a guy that got her a pretzel from a gas station for valentines day, dumps her every three weeks over THE PHONE and is violent and she just takes him back? Yeah, I'll let that pass because I heard of women like that (who go back to guys who don't treat em well) but the Zoey 101 gang smiles about this like he's being all romantic?.....uh huh.....Well we knew the substitute Dean wasn't gonna take Coco after that catastrophe that....I'm not sure you could call a date....but still that was rediculous about her bf.
  • Coco's boyfriend, Carl, breaks up with Coco for like the millionith time when Coco keeps on bugging Zoey, Lola and Quinn when they decide to hook her up with the new 'Hot Dean'. At their date, Carl shows up and takes Coco back.

    This is the best show this season! 9.5! It was funny how all the girls thought the new Dean was totally hot, and all the boys, even the news reporter, thought the new outfits for the cheerleaders were hot. The reaction of the news reporter was hilarious. Anyway, I also agree with Zoey, Lola and Quinn, I would also try anything it took to get away from Coco. If I were Zoey, I would thank the Lord that Chase mentioned hooking Coco up with the Hot Dean. The funniest part was that Coco kept mentioning, about three or four times, that on Valentines Day, all she got from Carl was a big pretzel from the gas station! That was classic! I give this episode two thumbs up!!!
  • Episode of season 3 zoey 101

    I think this ep is going to be about the Dean obivlously! Cause its says hot i think it means he is either going to get a secret admirers but it is really a joke but someone or one of the gang is going to fall for him when quinn uses a love potion she made on someone maybe lola! and it goes wrong and she ends up telling every one how hot she thinks the dean is! that would be funny to watch! but will just hvae to wait and see what really does happen in it! not long to wait!
  • predictable.. i think

    i bet that the girls will hear that dean rivers is gone and a new one is there. then they later will see some \"hott guy\" and later find out that he is there new dean... i bet the guys will be the ones who tell them... it is all going to be obvious when the real summary comes out.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I think this eppie will prolly b about...

    I think this eppie will proly b about the dean liking like a female teacher on campus and the gang tryin 2 set him up w/ her by makin him "Hot". Haha get it? "Hot Dean"? Ok I know thts nott funny but it's wat I THINK the plot will b. Agree? No?