Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 3

Hot Dean

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Nickelodeon



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    • Coco: Help me! I'm soaked in my own sweat!

    • Dean Taylor: Um, that's a very pretty dress.
      Coco: Thanks. So uh, how'd you dump your last girlfriend?

    • Logan: Dude! Where are the girls? I just had to set a table, and I am a guy!
      Chase: They're with Coco, helping her do her hair.
      Logan: I hope they get all the bugs out.

    • Logan: So, what are your hobbies?
      Dean Taylor: Uh, I do a little scuba diving.
      Michael: Ha! That's perfect!
      Chase: That is so perfect!
      Michael: Yeah!
      Dean Taylor: What, does this Coco like to scuba dive, does she?
      Logan: Well-
      Chase: She likes sushi...
      Dean Taylor: How is sushi like scuba diving?
      Chase: Well, you know, they're um, both fish themed.

    • Coco: I just don't understand guys. First they tell you that they love you. Then they tell you that you're too clingy and needy and MAN I'm hungry!

    • (Coco blows her nose, then looks at the tissue)
      Coco: Oh God, what is THAT?!

    • Coco: (sobbing hysterically) Just leave me here to die!

    • Lola: Coco, are you okay?
      Coco: Do I look okay?! I'm a woman on the concrete!

    • Quinn: Um, why is our dorm advisor rolling on the ground?

    • Kazu: Okay Chase, you're in charge! Try not to burn down my restaurant again... Just saying.
      Chase: Right...

    • Michael: (to Quinn and Lola) So how did your little meeting go with hot dean Taylor?
      Lola: Awesome!
      Quinn: Excellent!
      Lola: We found out things.
      Quinn: Yeah, he's from Indiana.
      Lola: Graduated from Harvard.
      Quinn: He's adorable!
      Lola: And... he's single!
      Chase: (Sarcastic) Good, why don't you send him over to Coco to get her mind off Carl? (The boys start laughing)
      Michael: Heh, Dean Taylor and Coco...
      Logan: I would kill to see that!
      (The girl's exchange looks to each other and the guys stop laughing)
      Chase: We were just kidding...
      Logan: Dean Taylor and Coco?
      Michael: No!
      Quinn: Yes!
      Chase: Zero chance!
      Zoey: Okay, then I guess we can all take turns, listen to Coco going on and on and on about Carl...
      Chase: I think Dean Taylor and Coco could make a lovely couple...
      Michael: Let's make it happen.
      Logan: Let's do that!

    • Coco: You're guys... am I... am I unappealing?! Would you show up at my house on Valentines Day with a pretzel from a gas station!?
      Chase: We're just teenagers...
      Michael: And I don't even like pretzels...
      Logan: You're just a mess!

    • (Carl lifts Coco up)
      Zoey: Wow, he's really strong!

    • Carl: Coco!
      Coco: Carl?
      Carl: What are you doing with another man!
      Coco: You dumped me!
      Carl: And that gives you the right to date other men?!
      Coco: Yeah, kinda!
      Logan: Wow, this is great!

    • Dean Taylor: Coco... sounds like a poodle!

    • Dean Taylor: Did you two start the food fight?
      Lola and Quinn: (Shouting out excited) Uh-huh. Yeah!

    • Chase: I just don't understand why they call it "a pair of pants".
      Logan: Why not?
      Chase: Because a pair means two like: a pair of shoes or a pair of gloves. Two shoes, two gloves. Why pair of pants?
      Michael: Because man, you would sound stupid if you were like "Hey, man. I love my new pant. You like my new pant? Check out my new pant!"

    • Coco: About three years ago, on Valentine's Day, I made him this beautiful ravioli dinner with candle lights and music. And I wore my special cargo pants with little hearts all over. You know what he bought me for a present? (yelling) You wanna know what I got for valentines day? A pretzel! A big pretzel from the gas station!

    • Coco: I can't believe he dumped me over the phone!
      Zoey: But, he always dumps you over the phone.
      Lola: Yeah, like every three weeks!

    • Dustin: Hey Quinn! Do you think you can fix our model airplane?
      Quinn: I could fix a real airplane!

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