Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 6

Jet X

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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This scooter is called Jet X. Nicole, Zoey and Dana can't agree on how to approach their project, so they end up defecting into solo projects that all go very poorly. Meanwhile, Logan uses his father's connections to acquire professional equipment and the services of Jeff Garrett - celebrity spokesperson - for the boys' commercial. By the time the girls realize that they made a mistake by separating, it's too late to come up with anything new. Therefore, Zoey takes it upon herself to salvage the project by combining all of the girls' various footage into a brand new, super-commercial that ultimately wins the grand prize.moreless

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  • superb

    A guy rides his scooter (called a Jet-X) into a class and Zoey and friends learn that the man wants them all to advertise the Jet-X in commercials in groups of 3. The winning group gets a free Jet-X, and their commercial will get to air on TV. Zoey, Nicole and Dana want to win but it seems Logan, Michael and Chase will. Who will end up winning?

    I dunno why but I consider this one of the best of season one. It has some funny parts and an interesting plot, even though in some ways it is kind of predictable. Still good, so because of all of this my final grade is a B+moreless
  • Zoey and the gang try to compete for a "Jet X".

    Oooh, it's the Jet X. Yes, the special Jet X, everyone in PCA wants one and so do you! Wow finally, not just a Nicole and Dana fight, but a Zoey, Nicole and Dana fight and this time, Quinn's the middle. Funny how Quinn always forgets things in these kinds of episodes. First she forgets the "stop" on the recording camera. And Zoey with the balloons, and Nicole who almost ran over Quinn. Or even Dana with her blusting dirt all over her face. I give this a review, a great well done. This is my review for the Z101 episode. Peace out -Halo!moreless
  • in their marketing class, the gang has to come up w/ a marketing pitch for a new item called jet x...it becomes their project and they get to have 1 jet x per teammoreless

    i liked this ep...it was very funny and crazy..the girls all have different ways 2 go w/ the commercial and eventually break up into 3 separate teams..when all of them have trouble getting their own commercial going they make up and zoey does something w/ the 3 separate ones 2 make a fabulous commercial..the girls win..yay...logan spends him money on a famous actor and a set crew and the likes...compliments of his dad...michael and chase arent allowed near the set..thank goodness logan loses b/c the guys like its 2 hollywood it serves him right..and chase and michael laugh..the girls each get their own jet x and never have 2 worry about being late 4 class againmoreless
  • This episode rocks a lot and I love it so much.

    I think this episode has showed me a lot about teamwork and how important it is to work as a team especially with two other people or when three very different people have to share a dorm room with each other the point is when you work as a team work together.It was funny when Chase told Mr. Bender about his bushy hair but I like his bushy hair.I really think Zoey,Nicole and Dana should of worked as a team for their commercial in Logan,Michael and Chase the only person doing it was Logan.Zoey Nicole, and Dana did have problems working together but Zoey has managed to fix it for her and her teamates Nicole and Dana.moreless
  • Zoey and her classmates have to do a commerical for the up and coming Jet X

    This is one of my fav eps. Watching them try and make the commerical is so funny all there different trys by them selfs. I was so happy that logan didn't win becasue everyone else is just doing normal wee commericals and he does a big over the top thing just becasue he has money. Then the commerical at the end that zoey makes for her, nicole and dana's project is really good i like how she used all the footage from all the wick ones thye made. Them Jet X's are so cute i would love one. My fav is the pink. I'm glad that zoey would't give logan a ride to class it deserved him right!moreless
Cameron Bender

Cameron Bender

Jeff Garrett

Guest Star

Denise Gossett

Denise Gossett

Mrs. Rivers

Guest Star

Rafer Weigel

Rafer Weigel

Jake Savage

Guest Star

Michael Blieden

Michael Blieden

Mr. Bender

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In this episode, Dana, Nicole and Zoey freak out when they wake up at 7:50 and have to be in class at 8. They rush around to get to class when they have ten minutes. However in "New Roomies" Dana says she sets her alarm for 7:55 even though class starts at 8.

    • In Zoey, Nicole, and Dana's commercial, it shows the girls riding three different colored scooters. The director only gave them one pink scooter. The next day, they are riding the three scooters, in the same order as on the commercial clip.

    • At the end of Zoey's commercial it says "Did you get that?" which Dana asked Quinn when they were first filming together, but on caption it says that Zoey said it.

    • Some of the scenes that Zoey put together on the commercial were never even recorded by them. An example would be the clip of all three of them riding on Jet Xs.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Zoey tells Chase that they will get a zero for the day if they are late to class. When Zoey comes to class late with the commercial, Zoey should've gotten a zero for being late but doesn't.

    • When all the girls decide that it was a better idea for them to work on their project together, Zoey says that it's only 11:00, and that they still have 10 hours until class starts. That would mean that class starts at 9:00, which is incorrect, class starts at 8:00, meaning that they would only have 9 hours until class starts.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Zoey: Don't worry, I'll let you borrow my Jet X after our commercial wins.
      Logan: Or I'll give you a ride on my Jet X. Maybe I'll take you up to the lake and we can make out a little.
      Zoey: You know, I would, but it's so hard for a girl to kiss a guy while she's vomiting!
      Chase: It's true. (they all stare at him) ...It happened to me.

    • Mr. Savage: And I want you people, this class, to make that TV commercial.
      Zoey: But don't they have companies that like do that?
      Mr. Savage: Yes, and they're all idiots! Because they think they understand people your age, but they don't! Do you know who does get people your age?
      Nicole: People our age?
      Mr. Savage: Bingo little girl! I'd ask you to dance, but I don't know how!

    • Mr. Savage: I happen to be the president of Qualitech Industries.
      Michael: Qualitech?
      Mr. Savage: Yeah, we make stuff. Scooters, shampoos, various cheeses...mostly scooters.

    • Mr. Savage: You, the kid with the hippie shirt. Want a Jet X?
      Michael: Uh...yeah!
      Mr. Savage: Too bad! They're not available in stores 'til next year!

    • Mr. Savage: Who wants this bike? (everyone raises their hand) Well tough turtles, it's mine!

    • Chase: Hey.
      Zoey: Hey.
      Chase: How's your commercial going?
      Zoey: (raspberry)
      Chase: Ah, bummer.
      Zoey: Yeah, how's your commercial going?
      Chase: You mean Logan's commercial? (raspberry)
      Zoey: (wiping face) You just spit on me.

    • Mr. Savage: Okay, there are three things that you need to sell an awesome product like the Jet X. First, you gotta have great hair. (points to his head) I got that. Next, you need to have a great product. (points to the Jet X) Got that too. Now who can tell me what else you need to sell a Jet X?
      Zoey: A TV commercial?
      Mr. Savage: YES!

    • Mr. Savage: Dude, do you know what this is?
      Chase: Some sort of scooter?
      Mr. Savage: Eh, wrong!
      Chase: Sorry...
      Mr. Savage: This, my adolescent friends, is the Jet X! (honks the Jet X's horn) I honk for emphasis.

    • Nicole: I'll just ask my dad to donate stuff for our commercial.
      Zoey: Your dad's a producer too?
      Nicole: No. He owns a juice company...
      (Dana and Zoey are confused)
      Nicole: Well, we're gonna get thirsty!
      (Dana and Zoey leave)
      Nicole: We will!

    • Quinn: Hey, how do you turn this camera off? It's different from mine.
      Dana: How should I know? You're the geek!
      Quinn: True.

    • Jeff Garrett: Jet X. Get one!
      Logan: ...And cut! That was awesome, Jeff! Nice stuff! Nice!
      Chase: (to Jeff Garrett) I gotta say man, that was amazing!
      Michael: Yeah, that was real cool!
      Logan: (to Chase and Michael) Please, don't talk to Jeff!

    • Nicole: So we each get a scooter?
      Mr. Savage: No. (they look upset) ...You each get a Jet X!

    • Nicole: Do you know how bad a commercial has to be to make you cry?
      Zoey: Yes.
      Dana: Yup.

    • Dana: Well, trying to get noticed is uncool.
      Zoey: OK then Miss Cool, why don't you tell us what the commercial should be?

    • (in Zoey, Nicole, and Dana's commercial)
      Nicole: Wow! Is that a motorcycle?
      Zoey: No!
      Nicole: Is it a scooter?
      Zoey: No! It's a Jet X!
      Nicole: A Jet X?
      Zoey: Right!
      Both: JET X!!

    • Zoey: (on the phone to Chase) You rock!
      Chase: (to Michael) I rock!
      Michael: Eh, you´re okay.

    • Nicole: You're just jealous my dad owns a juice company!
      Dana: What?!
      Zoey: What?!
      Nicole: I don't know! I didn't know what to say!

    • Chase: It's just that Logan thinks he can do whatever he wants just because his daddy paid for the whole thing.
      Zoey: Well, you should tell him that money doesn't give him the right to push people around!
      Chase: Oh I did.
      Zoey: And?
      Chase: (taking some money out of his pocket) He gave me fifty bucks to shut up.

    • Nicole: (falling off the top bunk) Ahhh!
      Dana: Oh, look, it's raining dorks.

    • Nicole: I love your ideas. If your ideas were boys, I'd marry them.

    • Chase: The bushiness of my hair is none of your concern!
      Michael: You got bushy hair and you know it!
      Mr. Bender: Stop it. Okay, okay, alright! Enough! Stop it!
      Michael: Bush.
      Mr. Bender: No more. Now Chase, your hair is unusually bushy. And Michael, the bushiness of his hair is none of your business.

    • (the bell rings as Zoey, Nicole, and Dana run in)
      Zoey: Good morning!
      Logan: You're late!
      Zoey: (slightly out of breath) Us? No, we were here like ten minutes ago. Right Dana?
      Dana: Yeah, ten minutes ago.

    • Dana: Where do we buy those clothes?
      Nicole: Where do we buy those boobs?
      Zoey: Yeah... I kinda went a little overboard with those...

    • Zoey: So, how's your commercial going?
      Nicole: Good. So good. Insanely good. So good it's not... sane.

  • NOTES (2)