Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 13

Little Beach Party

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Logan refers to the search engine, Google in this episode. Though in future episodes, the website is known as Zaplook.

    • Nicole uses the word, "suckish" in this episode. She has used that word in "Zoey 101 (Pilot)," "Disc Golf", and "Webcam."

    • Chase says "So you girls aren't bummed that you missed the big PCA mystic beach after exam party tradition".
      Zoey then says " No we started our own tradition".
      To which Michael replies " Yeah I say we do this every semester after exams". But in the last episodes of other series' they don't have an after exam party.

    • This is the only episode in the first season that mainly takes place outside of PCA.

    • When everybody falls asleep, Chase falls onto the chair. When Michael wakes up, Chase is on the floor. Then when Michael sees what time it is, Chase is back on the chair.

    • If examined closely, it can be seen that Dustin is not really naked when the camera focuses on him in the water.

    • Throughout this episode, Dustin kept complaining that he could not come out of the water because he lost his pants, but he could have simply put on a towel and got out.

    • When Quinn used a mirror to start the fire, the fire emerged almost immediately. In reality, it would have taken a lot more time.

    • At the beach, Chase, Logan and Zoey dug up worms from the sand, however worms have a biological condition where they cannot live in sand. Thus they should not have been able to find worms.

  • Quotes

    • Quinn: Oh, quit whining. Now who should I call?
      Dustin: Call the bathing suit store!

    • Michael: You're not going to blow us up, are you?
      Quinn: No, although I could.

    • Zoey: Remember, a Haiku is a poem with three lines. Five syllables, then seven syllables, then five syllables. And they don't rhyme. Now give it a try.
      Logan: Okay...umm...Handsome guy, I am. Everyone knows, I am hot. Girls...want to kiss me! How was that?
      Zoey: Nauseating.

    • Nicole: So, President Lincoln was assassinated by Gerald Ford while sitting in a booth.
      Zoey: No! Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at the Ford Theater.
      Nicole: Hey, you know who's cute? Ricky Ford. He's in my theater class! And, he has nine chest hairs!

    • Zoey: Hey, Mark, how'd your history exam go? (Mark starts crying) ...Better luck next semester!

    • Quinn: (after that they all had woke up) We must have been affected by my synthetic coconut aroma... That's weird.
      Logan: So are you!

    • Logan: Okay, who left fingerprints on my mirror?

    • Micheal: I'm supposed to be boogie boarding right now. There's no boogie here.
      Dustin: You're lucky, I'm the one who was dragged here unconscious!

    • Logan: If it wasn't for me we'd all be stuck back at school!
      Nicole: You mean where there's buildings, air conditioning, and cell phone reception?

    • Zoey: (to Logan) Are you sure you gave the right directions?
      Logan: Mystic Beach is exactly 57 miles north of PCA.
      Dustin: No, Mystic Beach is south of PCA!
      Zoey: Dustin, are you sure?
      Dustin: Who are you going to trust: me or pretty boy?

    • Chase: Now we're two hours away from the party, stuck in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach, and I'm extremely sad about it!
      (a minute later)
      Zoey: We're two hours away from the party, stuck in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach, and I'm extremely sad about it!

    • Zoey: Now tell me how to calculate the area of a trapizoid.
      Dustin: Will you tell me where babies come from?
      Zoey: Absolutely not.

    • Zoey: I have to thank you Quinn, because without you we would never have gotten here in the first place.
      Quinn: Oh don't thank me, thank my synthetic smelling goo.

    • Chase: I know who we should call...
      Zoey: Who?
      Chase: Mr. Bender.
      Zoey: He's a teacher!
      Chase: But he's a cool teacher.

    • Logan: Who got fingerprints on MY mirror?

    • Zoey: Dustin, your toes look like raisins.
      Dustin: You try being in the ocean for six hours.

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