Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 22

Logan Gets Cut Off

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • great

    Logan's dad cuts him off financially, and Logan CAN'T live without money. What's he to do? Michael boasts he can untie himself from knots and Mark and quinn take him up on this.

    Good episode, but I'm upset over how the sub plot came to be, particularly when Quinn calls it "Cheating" how Michael escaped from the chair, by crashing it in a wall; they never said he could not do that, so it's not cheating. If they had said that he could not crash the chair, OK, then it would be cheating, but it wasn't because they did not make that a 'rule.' The rest of the episode is good but this has always bugged me. Grade for this episode is a B
  • 322

    I did not watch Zoey 101 during its original run, but I've checked out a couple episodes on Teen Nick and realized that I have been missing out. I like Dan Schneider's other shows so I guess I should have known this one would be good too. It is easy to see similarities between the dialogue of the main stars of this and iCarly, but hey, I'd be lying if I said that I did not laugh here.

    The scenes with Logan struggling to do things and fighting with his father and his butler were very good, and not just by Nickelodeon standards. The "escaping" storyline was a waste of time in my mind, but I'd still call this a decent ep as a whole.
  • logan gets cut off from his father's riches when he makes a huge buy and now must live life as a poor boy

    this was a very entertaining, amusing..oh there are so many words..oh yeah funny ep..logans character didnt really change in this ep even tho he was a sorta changed man in his status..i cant believe how big of a jerk he still was after all of this..he totally did deserve what he got in the end..spoiler..as if that wasnt already a semi-spoiler..logan buys an expensive car and his dad cuts him off b/c of it..it was so funny w/ him trying to do his own hair and do his laundry..anyone can do that stuff..he was just being ridiculous..then he just played them...but dont worry zoey has a plan and it was fab..good ep
  • Logan buys a car for $327,000 without telling his Dad. Logan's Dad finds out and cuts Logan off from all the money. Michael says he can get out of any knot, so Quinn and Michael find a Troop Master who ties Michael in a knot that he can't get out of.

    Logan buys a car for $327,000 without asking his Dad. Logan's Dad finds out and gets mad at Logan and cuts Logan off from the money. Logan is now experiencing what it is like to be poor. Michael tells Quinn and Mark that he can get out of any know. Michael gets out of the know Mark ties and out of the one Quinn ties. Quinn and Mark get Troop Master Kennedy to tie Michael in a knot that he can't get out of. This works and Michael can't get out of the knot.

    Chase, Zoey, and Lola feel sorry for Logan. Zoey does his laundry, Lola does his hair and Chase does his typing. They do this until they find out Logan has money. They play a trick on Logan using Firewire's money collection. Their trick works out perfectly.
  • logan buys a expensive car without his dads permission and he get his credit card takken away from him

    in this episode logan buys a really expensive car costing $327000 but his dad isnt happy at all. so his dad comes to pca and tells logan off and sais to him give mour credit card but ogan ends up giving it in a strop and his dad rips it apart. so logan has to find other ways of getting cash. people trow tomatoes at him for a dollar a piece. logan needs help so zoey chase and lola all help him out. zoey does his washing lola does his hair and chase does his homework i think. so they keep doing it but then chase finds a e-mail from logans dad saying thaat he can have his credit card back and they find out that logan received the e-mail over a week ago. so they plot revenge against logan so that logan buys a rare coin collection for $100;000 but they are fake and his dad finds out and takes his credit card away from him again so aftewards chase sends the cash back
  • Nice Logan....

    "Logan Gets Cut Off" was an awsome episode. It was funny, just pure funny. I didn't really see any seriousness in this episode. I guess that's what this episode was meant to be. Pure funny. The episode title wasnt very creative though. 'Logan Gtes Cut Off".Wow I wonder what thats about.I gues I couldnt think of a better title though so I guess I can't say anything.The Get-Back-At-Logan plan in this episode was alittle too complicated for me.It took me awhile to finally relize why Logan got in trouble.I still don't understand why Logan would be so dumb to waste that much money just so he could have a car to make-out in. 327,000$ to be exact.Couldn't he just sneak into someelses car? XD None the less,Great Episode.
  • Bad Logan! BAAAAAD Logan!

    WOw, I actually felt bad for Logan somewhere in the middle of the episode. I probably would've helped him, but if something like that ever happens aain, I hope Zoey and Chase and everyone else learned their lesson to not help Logan. The only problem with this plot was the money. It was so fake, seriously! You could see through it! Why not use real money when you can?

    The Micheal with ropes part was good, and I'd give this plot an 8. I liked Stacy's song, and how Micheal was going crazy because he had to listen to it. Funny, funny, funny.

    This episode was a good episode, not great, not bad, but good. 8.5 out of 10.
  • Logan was annoying

    In this episode, Logan's credit card and money get taken away after he's buys an expensive car without his dad's permission. He doesn't know how to live "poor" so he asks Lola, Zoey and Logan to help him wash his clothes, brush his hair and type his report. Soon chase, Zoey and Lola discover that Logan gets his money and credit card back long before he asked for their help. They plot to trick Logan and it works. Meanwhile Michael says he can get out of any rope knots and Quinn and Mark tied him up to see if he's right. Logan was really annoying in this episode. But I'm glad they got him back in the end.