Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 7

Michael Loves Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Michael's Crush

    Michael likes a new girl named Lisa, and tries to get her to like him. Will it work?

    Chase and Logan have a go-kart race because Logan thinks he can beat Chase. In the end Chase wins.

    In the end, Michael and Lisa become a couple, seemingly through the end of the series because I don't remember them breaking up or anything.

    Overall grade would be B+. Good to see a Michael episode but I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would, and I thought the subplot was plain unnecessary time filler that was not very funny. B+
  • Yay for Michael centered episodes!

    Just a few Thoughts:

    - I thought that Michael having a love interest was a nice addition to the plot. And it was good to see a Michael centered episode. There's not many of those.

    -Lisa Tucker was one of my favorite contestants on American Idol. I was sad to see her go. But it was good to see her on Zoey 101.

    -The puking, was gross.

    -The B plot, Logan & Chase competeing was somewhat amusing. Quinn got involved with one of her wacky expiriments and thats never good. Chase ended up crashing..and no one ran to help him which made me sad. $
    -Michael & Lisa = Cuteness.
  • michael likes lisa, but every time he tries to impress her he embarrasses herself; michael and logan have a go-cart race

    i did love this ep...it was entertaining and romantic at the same time..ill do romantic first b/c i love romantics so much..i get all mushy and freak out about them b/c they are like super fun and everything..i love it..he was so cute trying to impress her and he always ended up in a bad situation..poor michael but they (oh spoiler) got to sing together in the end and that was super romantic..love it...and the go-cart race was so funny with the new quinn powered go-cart lol..and then chase won..yay..and it was also romantic when michael pushed lisa out of the way of the go-cart..aww!!!!
  • Michael Loves Lisa. Lisa Loves Michael. The End.

    Michael Loves Lisa. Lisa Loves Michael. The End. I could repeat that for you: Michael Loves Lisa. Lisa Loves Michael. The End. And yes I did, repeat it. Michael finally has a love relationship, GO MICHAEL!! He hasn't had one for a long time, or for anytime. You know what they could have down, is that the boys bet on Michael to find true love but it was okay, the way it is. I hated Lisa's ex, he was really annoying. Like I said, Michael Loves Lisa. Lisa Loves Michael. The End. And the end for this review. 10.0! Peace out.
  • Zoey tries to help Micheal get a date with a girl he likes-Lisa, but this proves harder then she thought when Micheal keeps getting nervous around her. Meanwhile Chase and Logan challenge each other to a go cart race.

    Although this episode wasn't my favorite it was very good! Lisa Tucker did an awsome job, like Micheal I absolutely loved her - not in the same way though :)

    I especially loves this episode because its one of the very few episodes that revolves aroung Micheal! That never seems to happen! Zoey, Dustin, Quinn, Chase, Logan, and Lola have all had many episodes focusing around them it was nice for Micheal to finally get an episode.

    Micheal getting nervous everytime he was around Lis was both hilarious and adorable...well minus the vomet. Him getting his zipper caught on Zoey's Jet x was absolutely priceless! I did feel bad for him when nobody would help him up when the Jet x was on top of him...Those people are heartless!

    My favorite part of the episode was without a doubt when Micheal saved Lisa from Chase crashing into her. He didn't even think about it before he ran and through her aside without even thinking about the fact that Chase could have ran into him too. It was completly selfless and romantic and I loved it! Then their kiss right after that had to be the sweetest cutest kiss in all of season 3!

    Moving on to the subplot of the episode...I loved it as well! Chase and Logans argument at the beginning when they challenged each other to the Go-cart race was great! I loved it espeially because it reminded me a lot of Zoey and Logans argument in the pilot episode when they challenged each other to the basketball game. I don't know if im the only one who noticed that or if it was just a coincidence but I thought it was cute irony! And ofcourse the most priceless line of the episode:

    "It feels like one of us should have walked away."
    "It does doesn't it"

    Haha the way it was delivered...Right after they sat down and they both had serious angry looks on their face! It was just great!

    Ofcourse Stacey calling Logan 'hot and spicey' was also priceless.

    The actual go-cart race was great! Chase was smart to get Quinn to help him with his go-cart. Though for some reason I kinda wanted Logan to win! Either way it was funny when Chase pressed the red button and lost complete control of his go-cart.

    All in all it was a pretty great episode!
  • Zoey tries to help micheal by getting his mind of lisa when he sees her with another guy.

    This episode was completely backwards. Zoey's supposed to be the "perfect" friend givin the "perfect advice" all the time in this show. But in this show she was just ruining everything. First of all why did she make micheal go up the stage when she knew lisa was sitting in the audience watching him? If she was really the perfect friend, she should've known micheal would've thrown up. It was all her fault. Then she tries to talk to lisa, but she doesn't do much to encourage her that micheal is a great guy. Oh yeah, that leads me to my next question, since when is Lisa, Zoey's best friend??? Oh wait I forgot at PCA, EVERYBODY KNOWS ZOEY. So anyways I think Zoey failed to help micheal and his situation, she really just made it worst. Then there was the go-cart between Chase and Logan. I never really liked Quinn, b/c in like most of the episodes she's the one doing the invention to beat people. Like that robot episode. I was laughing at how dumb their cloting was. On one side you saw Logan, looking like a pro race car driver and on the other side you saw chase with jeans looking all nonchalant. To make this episode a little LESS predicatable, Logan should've won and have a runaway race car, after all he didn't look as casual as chase did.
  • Micheal loves Lisa is a really good episode. He is afraid to sing, and he throws up on her and some others in the crowd. When he throws up on Lisa, when she is getting cleaned up, she mets a guy. Then they date.

    Zoey 101 is really good and i love this episode. I personally loved Lisa Tucker on American Idol and when I saw the commercials for this I flipped out. The episode was very exciting with everyone. I felt bad for Michael but am happy it turned out ok in the end. I love this episode and Zoey 101! Woot Woot! Best show alive! Zoey would be such a cool friend in real life. She is pretty awesome. Also hot too. I would date her too. She is so cute. Chase is cool. He would be a loyal friend. Zoey 101 Rocks My Socks!
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  • I agree with the review before mine. Lisa was awesome!

    I`m so glad Lisa Tucker was in this episode. Besides she is a wonderful singer she is also a great actress. She should have more appearences in this show. I think Michael and Lisa make a cute couple. I really enjoyed the song that Michael and Lisa sang at the end of the episode. It was kind of gross when Michael barfed. If Alexa Nikolas was in this season and episode this will definately be the best episode so far. I have nothing else to write so I`ll say that Lisa should of been in the finale of American Idol.
  • I am a lisa fan for life!

    So of course when i find out that there is going to be a zoey 101 episode with her in it, i was really excited. She is a great actress and an even better singer! I watched the turbo nick and she and michael have such great chemestry. I hope they bring her back for more episodes because she is amazing. And she would be a great addition to the cast. maybe as a reccuring role, no a main character. I am excited that her career is kicking off well. She is only 17 and she has her whole life in front of her. Go lisa!!!!
  • Lisa Tucker was a great addition

    I never usually watch this show, but i watched this episode because Lisa Tucker, from American Idol was on it. I thought it was a really good show, and such a good episode! It was really great to see her on there acting. We all know she can sing, and her acting is just as good! It was great that she got to sing at the end too, to show those who may be unfamiliar with her that she is talentedin many different aspects. I really loved this episode, it had a really cute plot to it. I cant wait to see another episode, especially the next one with Lisa on it :) I would love to see Lisa added to the permanant cast, she deffinatly would fit right in.
  • This episode was awesome! I never watch this show but watched it today and all I can say is keep Lisa Tucker as a regular! She was absolutely a star as far as her acting, character and everything else! I'll watch this show a lot if it's as good as this!

    This episode was awesome! I never watch this show but watched it today and all I can say is keep Lisa Tucker as a regular! She was absolutely a star as far as her acting, character and everything else! I'll watch this show a lot if it's as good as this!
  • It was a talent show.

    This one was the best Because they had Lisa Tucker and it shows that she has true talent. She can do both singing and acting. I hope to see more of her. She is one of the reasons I'm watching! If the show was as good as is was today. I'll be watching Zoey a lot more. and oh yeah. If they show more of Lisa, I'll definately be watching. I think that everyone can say this was a really good one and I wish I cold see it again! - - - - - - - - - .
  • I think your idea on the talent show is awesome. because Zoey could sing.

    I think your idea about the talent show is cool. Cuz I was actully thinking the same thing about this episode. like maybe Zoey gets mad at Chase ,and she go`s on stage and sings the Zoey 101 theme. Cuz everyone knows that the song is based on the pilot episode of Zoey 101, and Zoey and Chases` relationship.
  • ZOEYS in a talent show!

    I think open mic might go something like this: A talent search show comes to pca . Zoey who is actualy a good singer signs up,but after hearing her friends say how lame it is , she decides not to tell them. But after hearing their plans to wacth the show( which is at pca)she trys to get her name of the list, and finds out its to late.So she decides to go ahead with it. and she rocks. later backstage the gang run to the dressing room and find zo . shes madish. they talk ,end.