Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 7

Michael Loves Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey tries to help Micheal get a date with a girl he likes-Lisa, but this proves harder then she thought when Micheal keeps getting nervous around her. Meanwhile Chase and Logan challenge each other to a go cart race.

    Although this episode wasn't my favorite it was very good! Lisa Tucker did an awsome job, like Micheal I absolutely loved her - not in the same way though :)

    I especially loves this episode because its one of the very few episodes that revolves aroung Micheal! That never seems to happen! Zoey, Dustin, Quinn, Chase, Logan, and Lola have all had many episodes focusing around them it was nice for Micheal to finally get an episode.

    Micheal getting nervous everytime he was around Lis was both hilarious and adorable...well minus the vomet. Him getting his zipper caught on Zoey's Jet x was absolutely priceless! I did feel bad for him when nobody would help him up when the Jet x was on top of him...Those people are heartless!

    My favorite part of the episode was without a doubt when Micheal saved Lisa from Chase crashing into her. He didn't even think about it before he ran and through her aside without even thinking about the fact that Chase could have ran into him too. It was completly selfless and romantic and I loved it! Then their kiss right after that had to be the sweetest cutest kiss in all of season 3!

    Moving on to the subplot of the episode...I loved it as well! Chase and Logans argument at the beginning when they challenged each other to the Go-cart race was great! I loved it espeially because it reminded me a lot of Zoey and Logans argument in the pilot episode when they challenged each other to the basketball game. I don't know if im the only one who noticed that or if it was just a coincidence but I thought it was cute irony! And ofcourse the most priceless line of the episode:

    "It feels like one of us should have walked away."
    "It does doesn't it"

    Haha the way it was delivered...Right after they sat down and they both had serious angry looks on their face! It was just great!

    Ofcourse Stacey calling Logan 'hot and spicey' was also priceless.

    The actual go-cart race was great! Chase was smart to get Quinn to help him with his go-cart. Though for some reason I kinda wanted Logan to win! Either way it was funny when Chase pressed the red button and lost complete control of his go-cart.

    All in all it was a pretty great episode!