Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 21

Miss PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • superb

    Logan hosts a Miss PCA pageant and Lola and Zoey enter. But, they keep fighting over stupid little things, because each obviously wants to win. Who will win? Meanwhile Michael tries to get Quinn to laugh at his jokes. Will he be able to?

    Good episode. Really, I am happy they didn't have it so Zoey won. I know she is the main star of the show, but even main stars have to lose sometimes. Michael's sub plot was goofy, but it was goofy in a good, funny way. Overall this episode was pretty good, and it gets a B or so as a grade from me
  • Wow this episode should be titled hailrous because i was craking up through the whole episode lol i love it!

    this is why i watch tv show its amazing this made me roll of my chair laughing i was laughing through the whole episode lol ha so logan started a beauty pagent becuause i think look good on his collage applacation something like that logan told lola that the reason why zoey is making her dress cause she thinks zoey would make her dress better than hers they got in a fight because lola thought made her dress ugly to make so she can loose but the make up at the end by throwing mud a logan lol and otherhand micheal was cracking me up trying to make quinn think hes funny i love micheal hes make the show entertaning ha love this episode!
  • I like it when zoey and the other girl start wrestling in the mud. Why did they want to fight in the mud?? Jamie lynn spears is a great actress and a great singer. Do other people think that she should keep the baby and quit zoey 101? What is happening???

    I think they could have done that scene a little different like maybe have the miss PCA by the water fountain so that Zoey could push the other girl into the water to ruin her dress.I like it when zoey and the other girl start wrestling in the mud. Why did they want to fight in the mud?. I hope jamie lynn is doing okay and is knowing how to find out when she has contactions. she is only a minor and she's pregnant. Are they going to do more episodes even when jamie is getting reasy yo give birt? she is cute
  • Well this one of the funniest ep's in season 3. Logan makes a Miss. PCA contest and Lola and Zoey enter and Logan tells Lola stuff and she gets mad at Zoey and there fighting through out the ep. In the end Zoey and Lola start mud fighting very funny . ...

    Well girl fights are funny and this one was very funny I loved the ending. The B plot with Micheal was funny trying to make Quinn laugh. I think Lola and Zoey were kinda jerkish . Zoey because when Chase was givving her questions all she would do would say something rude. Lola was a jerk she got jelous of Zoey's dress and then throw mud on her for not a good reason but it made for a good ep. The ending of the B plot was funny to Quinn just laughed so Micheal would stop funny. In the end Zoey and Lola make up and drag Logan in the mud. The reason I choice Out of Character is beacuse Lola never acts like she did.
  • "Not my favorite storyline"

    "Miss PCA" was a pretty average episode. Not good not bad. It was just really in the middle.I liked it because of the mud fight between Zoey and Lola and well then they pulled Logan in as revenge. He really deserved it after being such a jerk. It was pretty funny id have to say.Lola and Zoey really had no reason to be mad at each other so I didn't really get it. It wasnt a classic but it was till just a normal good episode.No episodes of Zoey 101 are ever bad. They are all drippin no matter how dull they are. Good ep
  • the gang is worried about college..but not as worried as logan when he realizes he needs more extracurriculars to support his suckish grades...so he gets approval of a beauty pageant..lola and zoey turn on each other as they get caught up

    this was an awesome ep...ok you may have noticed by now that most of my reviews point out zoey and chase moments, but how can i not? lol...so first i will pt those out...zoey shows chase her dress and hes staring at her for awhile gazing upon her beauty lol...and then he wants 2 help her pick out a swimsuit...come on zoey so obvious..ok then logan is his usual jerk self...he lets the girls fawn over him so they can get ahead in the competition...and michael tries 2 make quinn laugh which is kinda stupid b/c i mean no i dear...yuck...lol...anyways lola and zoey fight and its horrible but the mud part looks so much fun and they finally realize how silly they were being...pageants are so retarded
  • I would have to say that they could have plotted this story outline better.

    When Logan has Dean Rivers approval to host a beauty pageant, Chase, Zoey, and Lola are all up in arms about it because they thought that all sorts of beauty pageants were degrading to all woman kind. Then when Logan reveals that the prize is for the winner to be on the cover of Buzz Magazine, Lola and Zoey are all up for it. When Zoey and Lola went to get their dresses, Logan tells Lola that she should really focus on the formal part of the pageant. Lola lets Logan know that Zoey helped her pick out her dress, and Logan says that Zoey only did that so she would know what you would be wearing and have hers better than Lola's. Lola ponders this as she goes to confront Zoey about it. Meanwhile with Zoey, she finishes her dress and is ready to show it off to Chase. When she opens the door, Chase is left utterly speechless. He was in total awe of her beauty. To me, this is a revealing part of Chase because even though he tried to get over Zoey, he just simply can't do it. When Zoey gets into the final stage before the pageant, she just wasn't Zoey anymore, Chase was even getting kind of impatient with her it seemed. The ending result was a little pay back to Logan for putting Zoey and Lola into the position they were in when they were clawing at eachother. In the end, Logan got what he deserved with a mouthful of mud.
  • Lola had problems in this episode

    In this episode Logan gets permission to start a "Miss PCA" contest. When Logan announces the prize, Lola and Zoey agreed to do it. Soon Lola and Zoey get catty and it threatens their friendship. In the subplot, Michael tries to make Quinn laugh when she says he is not funny. This was an ok episode. I liked when Chase saw Zoey in her dress. Although it would have been better if they just made out right there. Lola was acting dumb and paranoid. Why would she think Zoey would make her an ugly dress, although I ahve to admit Zoey's was a lot prettier.