Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 2

New Roomies

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The melody in the background at the end is used in Victorious.

    • It is discovered that Dustin knows how to play the guitar.

    • It is discovered that Chase's middle name is Bartholomew.

    • This is the episode where Zoey starts wearing her key around her neck.

    • In this episode, Zoey keeps on getting locked out of the room, which is why from this episode on, she keeps a key on a necklace. But after this episode no one ever seems to use a key. They just open the door and walk in.

    • When Dana is banging on the closet door saying "Open UP!" you can see the "Bullet Radio" to her right, which is from the season 3 episode "The Radio."

    • In the pilot episode, Dana said that she wanted her own room but they required her to share a room. But in this episode, Quinn says that she lives alone.

    • This is the episode when you see that Zoey put her room key on a necklace and never takes it off again. She has it on in every episode after this one because before this, she always forgotten her room key.

    • Near the start of the episode, Dana throws a pillow at Nicole and it falls on the floor. A while later she chases Nicole around the room. After they stop we can no longer see the pillow on the floor.

    • Chase tells Dustin that he doesn't have any money, however he was just about to go to the movies with Zoey, which requires money to enter.

    • When Nicole used the silent leafblower, it was supposed to make the frizz go away. But when she got up and turned her head, the whole side of her head was frizzy and messy. Then after it switched from the view of Dana sleeping back to Nicole, the frizz was gone.

  • Quotes

    • Zoey: Hey, you wanna see a movie this Friday night?
      Chase: Me? Uh, sure! Totally!
      Zoey: Cool. 'Cause I just need to hang with a normal friend for a while.
      Chase: Hey, normal's my middle name! Well actually, it's Bartholomew. Don't tell people!

    • Zoey: Well, I'm gonna go take a shower, and then probably get some food at the cafe.
      Quinn: Oh you don't need to do that. I can make us breakfast right here! You like eggs?
      Zoey: Yeah.
      Quinn: (grabbing a chicken in a cage and an egg) Scrambled or sunny-side up?
      Zoey: Uh...you know what? I'm probably just gonna skip breakfast...(walks out of the room)
      Quinn: Okay. But meet me back here at six for dinner! I'm making chicken!

    • Dana: You never remember your key!
      Nicole: Yes! You're always forgetting your key!
      Zoey: So?
      Dana: So it's annoying to have to let you in all the time!
      Zoey: Oh come ON!
      Nicole: It is.
      Dana: Ohhh, I'm Zoey, and I forgot my key again!
      Nicole: Yeah I'm also Zoey, open the door, I'm locked out, blah, blah, blah!
      Zoey: Okay, well if I'm such a horrible roommate, then maybe I should move out!
      Dana: Maybe you should!
      Zoey: Fine! I'll be back for my stuff later! (storms out)
      Nicole: Fine!
      Dana: Fine!
      Nicole: Ugh!
      Dana: Ugh!
      (someone knocks on the door and Dana opens it)
      Zoey: Forgot my key...

    • (Nicole and Dana are arguing)
      Zoey: Stop it! You know what Dana, you are a slob! And Nicole, it's rude of you to blow your stupid hairdryer when people need quiet!
      Dana: Well!
      Nicole: Well!
      Dana: I guess the perfect roommate has spoken!

    • Zoey: (after asking why Quinn always hangs out alone) What about your roommates?
      Quinn: I live alone.
      Chase: Why? What's wrong with you? (Zoey kicks him) ...You so pretty, Quinn! Pretty, pretty Quinn!
      Quinn: Um, thanks...

    • Chase: So uh, anyway, maybe Friday we could um-
      Dustin: (running over) Zoey! I've been looking all over for you!
      Zoey: Hi! Chase, you met my little brother Dustin?
      Chase: Yup, the kid's got great timing...

    • Zoey: What are you doing?
      Dustin: Trying to make some money.
      Zoey: (reading the flyer Dustin put up) Learn Spanish with Senorita Dustin? You're gonna make money by tutoring people in Spanish?
      Dustin: Cool idea huh?
      Zoey: Yeah except you don't speak Spanish.
      Dustin: But I'm learning!
      (flashback of Dustin watching Spanish soap operas)
      Zoey: Okay...Well, good luck. By the way, Senorita Dustin means you're a girl!

    • Zoey: (to Quinn) Don't touch my salad.
      (Quinn reaches toward Chase's food)
      Chase: Don't do it!

    • Zoey: You spent your whole allowance on gummy worms?
      Dustin: It's a sickness, okay?!

    • Nicole: If I don't dry my hair it'll frizz!
      Dana: Name three people who care!

    • Michael: Okay. Besides Hawaii and California, name three states that border an ocean.
      Logan: Uh, let's see, uh... don't know, not sure, and just don't care.
      Michael: Look man, do you want to study or watch TV?
      Logan: Watch TV!
      Michael: Me too! (tosses book aside)

    • Zoey: I gotta make sure Nicole and Dana don't kill each other.
      Chase: Yup, PCA's got a strict rule against killing.

    • (Nicole turns on blow dryer)
      Dana: Turn it off!
      (Nicole turns off blow dryer)
      Dana: Now put it away.
      Nicole: Make me!
      (Dana moves toward Nicole)
      Nicole: Ah! Not another step!
      Dana: Okay, what are you going to do? Blow dry me?
      Nicole: If I have to!

    • Chase: Ah, a girl who eats healthy, that's cool, very cool. (Zoey stares at Chase's two bowls of macaroni and cheese) You know, cool for you!

    • Zoey: (wakes up to find herself hooked up to a bunch of wires) Quinn!
      Quinn: Yeah?
      Zoey: What are you doing?!
      Quinn: Monitoring your dreams...I think you might be having a nightmare.
      Zoey: I am now!

    • Michael: Save me!
      Chase: From what?
      (Micheal points to Quinn)
      Michael: That!

    • Quinn: Good morning, Zoey!
      Zoey: Morning...Um, why are you jumping rope?
      Quinn: 'Cause kumping rope makes your brain vibrate, which I enjoy. You wanna try?
      Zoey: Nah, I'm not much of a morning jumper.

    • Zoey: Well, if you ever want company, I mean, you could hang with me and my roommates sometime.
      Quinn: Aren't they the ones always screaming at each other?
      Zoey: Good point. Maybe just me and you should hang out then.

    • Quinn: Um, may I feel your food?
      Zoey: (moving her tray away from Quinn) Um, why?
      Quinn: I'm working on a theory.
      Chase: Which is?
      Quinn: Every food has its own distinct energy. Almost like emotions, which can be better identified through touch, as opposed to taste or smell!
      Zoey: So you wanna...feel if my food is happy?
      Quinn: Or sad. Worried. Frightened.
      Chase: I'm frightened!
      Zoey: So Quinn, why do you always hang out by yourself?
      Chase: Well, I have a theory. (Zoey kicks him)

    • Zoey: I just wish Nicole and Dana would get along. I can't deal with the tension.
      Chase: Well hey, I got an idea.
      Zoey: Tell me.
      Chase: Why don't we hang out together tonight?
      Zoey: You and me?
      Chase: Me and you. You know, just to take a break from your roommates. We could play foosball. You know, if you like foosball. Do girls like foosball? Because if you don't, we could like knit or-
      Zoey: I like foosball!

    • Zoey: (to Nicole and Dana) What, I can't brush my teeth for five minutes without you two trying to bludgeon each other?

    • Dana: (unplugging Nicole's hairdryer) You woke me up. Again.
      Nicole: So? We gotta be at class by eight!
      Dana: Which is why I set my alarm clock for 7:55! Nighty-night!

    • Chase: One day there is going to be a giant hamster behind me and you are going to be really sorry!

    • Zoey: Guess I'm stuck with Quinn and her Quinnventions.
      Chase: (About Quinn) Quinnventions?
      Zoey: Yeah. She combined her name with the word invention.
      Chase: Ah, so she's Quinnsane!

    • Quinn: See, my name is Quinn and I invent things...so I call them Quinnventions!
      Zoey: That's very...Quinnteresting!

    • Michael: Sup Chase?
      Chase: Oh! Hey! (attempts to hide rose he is carrying behind his back)
      Michael: Who's the rose for?
      Chase: Oh what, this? Um...alright, you caught me...it's for you.
      Michael: Thanks, but why don't you give it to Zoey instead?
      Chase: Hey, there's an idea!

    • Zoey: Want a grape?
      Nicole: I miss you!
      Zoey: I miss you too!
      Nicole: Oh!
      Zoey: Oh!
      (they hug)
      Nicole: Please move back in with us!
      Zoey: Okay!

    • Zoey: Quinn happens to be the perfect roommate!
      Quinn: (coming out into the hall) Zoey, I'm about to iron my underwear. Want me to do yours?
      Zoey: Um, I don't iron my underwear...
      Quinn: Whatever.
      Dana: Yeah, she's a good one!
      Zoey: Well at least we don't fight all the time!
      Dana: Neither do we.
      Nicole: Yeah, since you moved out we've been getting along great.
      Dana: (puts arm around Nicole) Best friends!
      Zoey: Well, good for you. Bye.
      Nicole: See ya!
      Dana: Later!
      Dana: (Zoey leaves) Never touch me again!
      Nicole: Slob!
      Dana: Jerk!

    • Nicole: Okay, if I don't reblow my hair periodically, it gets all frizzy!
      Dana: So?
      Nicole: I can't let boys see me with frizzy hair! They'll make up cruel nicknames for me like, "girl with frizzy hair," or I don't know, "Ms. Frizzy." Wait that sounds cute!
      Dana: You're not gonna look cute with a black eye!

    • Quinn: Hey, before you go, would you drink this and tell me if it makes your tongue throb?
      Zoey: Uh, nope!

    • Dustin: Just lend me a few bucks, 'til next week.
      Zoey: I can't, I only get fifteen, and I gotta live.
      Dustin: How 'bout you?
      Chase: Sorry dude, if I had money I'd lend it to myself. But, I don't...So I'm outta luck, which means you are too.
      Dustin: What did he say?
      Zoey: No!

    • Zoey: Last night while I was sleeping, Quinn snipped off some of my hair.
      Chase: Why?
      Zoey: She wanted my DNA.
      Chase: For what?
      Zoey: I was afraid to ask!

    • Dana: I get the aisle seat!
      Nicole: No, I get the aisle seat!
      Dana: You always get the aisle seat!
      Nicole: No I don't, you do!
      Dana: You do!
      Nicole: No, you do!
      Zoey: (to Chase) You know, I think they're happiest when they're arguing.

    • Chase: (to Zoey) You can't just look a girl in the face and say, "I don't want to live with you anymore!"
      (later in the day)
      Quinn: Zoey, I don't want to live with you anymore!

    • The Gummy Worm Blues Song: (By Dustin)

      I got the Gummy Worm Blues.
      I can't afford to buy shoes.
      Life can be so mean.
      I gotta get me some green.
      I'm feelin' down on my luck,
      Could use a couple of bucks.
      I got the Gummy Gummy Gummy Worm Blues.

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