Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 13

Paige at PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • great

    Quinn rebels when she realizes she might not be the smartest girl at PCA, but a visiting genius named Paige Howard might be. Michael thinks he is going crazy, is he, or is it just an elaborate prank?

    Main plot was alright. Paige was a cool character, good acting done by Miranda Cosgrove, too bad we never see her again. A lot of the laughs were found in the sub plot, Michael's 'big fish' picture, the little man in the wedding dress… the fact that Logan and Chase tricked him also made it a pretty funny and good plot. Overall for me, even though I liked Paige, the main plot was kind of boring, but it was the sub plot that saved it for me, so my final grade is a B- or so.
  • Quinn starts acting snobby, after finding out the new student's hobby.

    This was a great episode to see Quinn quit on her favorite thing to do. Paige was really good, and Quinn had to face her fears and save PCA.

    The Einstein guy was hysterical aswell. This episode mostly conflicted on Quinn and Paige. But since Quinn is a main character, it really mostly conflicted on Quinn. Quinn gets her attitude, in this episode and you can see her... without makeup. This is my review for the Zoey 101 episode "Paige at PCA" Guest starring Mirinda Crosgrove (Megan Parker on Drake and Josh, and character in Yours, Mine and Ours.. I think you spell it like that) Peace out.
  • I didn't like it.

    The storyline was alright to this episode, but not the greatest. This obviously was a Quinn-centered episode which seems alright. You finally get to see that she has some competition in the science department and this message shows that no matter how good you are, there's always someone better and nobody knows everything, no matter how far they can travel in their own element. However, the most bored some part about this episode is the ending. Unless you have enough science ability and could comprehend at a high enough level, it would be difficult to follow on how the machines work. They show a simple way on how it happens, but I thought that having a younger scientist was an unoriginal idea.
  • Very good I must say.

    "Paige at PCA" was a silly episode. It mightve been silly but I still like it. It was serious and funyn at the same time.I love episodes like that and tahts one of the main reasons I like it. The whole another parts I didnt really like. The part with Miranda Cosgrove being Paige kind of bugged me because im not used to seeing her outside of iCarly and Drake and Josh. She had a totally diffrent personality. She was just 2 smart for her own good. I hope she doesnt come back anytime soon.Well,hopefully never.Good episode non the less. Good
  • Haha, one of my fav episodes

    This episode was really great. Awesome. Sweet. Any word you can think of that means good, is how you can describe this episode.

    Micheal's plot was great, funny, and hilarious. When he thought he was going crazy, I was laughing the whole time, espically at the short guy in the wedding dress. And then, the picture; " Best Friends and a Fish " was really funny, and made me laugh. Alot. Then, the tuxedo made me laugh, and coming in 4th is the first picture with the fish.

    Seriously, congratz to the crew.

    A great, funny episode, 10 out of 10, perfect episode!
  • a very intelligent scientist comes to pca to test her latest experiment..she's also thinking of attending pca..quinn doesn't want to compete with her and gives up science until the school is in danger and paige needs help

    like i put in the classification this ep was only about average..it honestly wasnt that great except for the guys..yea i felt sorry for quinn giving up her science stuff that she absolutely loves but she helped paige save the day and paige saw her as a great scientist..woo hoo..the guys was awesome..michael wasn't doing his share of the guy's psychology project so they turn it on him..i think my fav part of that was the midget in the wedding dress that was so funny...i love when whoever in the gang does something 2 some1 else in the gang and then they tell them..i love the reaction..it was so cute
  • I loved this episode it's one of the funniest and silliest ever...I really enjoyed this episode and I liked it when Michael thought he was going crazy xD

    I love Miranda Cosgrove and I'm so happy she's in this episode ^^ also the cast did wonderful acting in this episode...but why didn't Quinn go to college? I personally think the show would be MUCH better without her, no offence to Quinn lovers - she's just plain weird. Otherwise, this episode was GREAT. Michael is hilarious, go Chris! This wasn't my most favorite episode, but it was still pretty good. I'm glad they all became friends at the end, that was absolutely touching. Who knows, maybe we will see Paige again and something else happens, last but not least, MIRANDA RULES!
  • Paige, the country's smartest young scientist, comes to PCA. She seems to be smarter than Quinn, which makes Quinn angry and depressed enough to risk giving up science... forever.

    Paige Howard (Megan Cosgrove, Drake and Josh) won the National Science Fair with an energy saving machine that can power buildings, and she's ONLY 13.
    Paige switches schools and she's now at PCA, and the principal asks Zoey to show her around.

    Everyone knows Paige's smart, and Quinn begins to realize just how smart Paige is. Paige corrects Quinn in Science class and fixes Quinn's gravitational machine.

    This makes Quinn angry. Her whole life, Quinn worked hard to try and be the smartest and best. But Paige is smarter than Quinn AND she's angry.

    Quinn has a dream about Einstein, and he wants to meet the smartest young scientist. Quinn think's it's her but Einstein means Paige. The next day, Quinn gives up science, and everyone at PCA is at Paige's premiere to install her award winning energy saving machine at PCA -- even a Reporter!

    Paige powers up her machine but there's a problem, and it shuts down. PCA has to be evacuated because somehow, Paige's machine increased electricity at PCA and the buildings might be electrocuted.

    Paige needs Quinn's help. Will Quinn help Paige?
  • I think that this ep. will involve a girl named Paige coming to P.C.A. She might be one of the gang\'s sister\'s. Maybe they go out with: Michael, CHASE, or Logan. If she goes out with Chase, then that might ruin the relationship with zoey...

    Well, I think that Paige will be going out with Chase. Maybe if that happens, their will be some tension between Zoey and Chase. That's what actually keeps the show going. If that is the case, then Zoey and chase might get into a big fight, and won't talk to each other for a very long time. If you remember correctly, in the 2nd ep. of season 3, Chase and zoey made a pact that they will always be friends no matter if she or he gets a bf or gf. In this case, we'll probably see if they keep that pact and if Chase gets a girlfriend...