Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 11

People Auction

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Chase accidentally causes a fire at PCA's Japanese restaurant Sushi Rox causing Kazu to become depressed and make plans to move back to Alabama. To raise money for Sushi Rox, PCA holds a people auction. Logan decides as a joke to buy Zoey, Lola, and Nicole and make them his personal cheerleaders. But his plan backfires when the girls decide to make his dream of cheerleaders, a nightmare in reality.


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  • superb

    Chase accidentally burns down the popular restaurant Sushi Rox, and so an auction is held to make money for it to be rebuilt. Logan decides to buy Zoey, Lola, and Nicole and make them his personal cheerleaders. However, his plan soon backfires. Will enough money be made for Sushi Rox?

    Good episode. The Coach's plot, with Chase and Michael, was funny, as was the way Zoey Lola and Nicole got back at Logan (the whole 'Rejection' cheer they say is one of the funniest moments of the show, I think personally). Pretty good episode. A- or so is my grade.moreless
  • pca needs to raise money for sushi rox when it accidentally gets burnt down; logan participates in the people auction to the chagrin of the girls

    i did really like this ep..it shows chase's character so well..spoiler..we know that he is an absolute klutz (like me) lol and this was just one of his cases..unfortunately...it didnt turn out good for chase..poor thing..then the people auction was awesome except for the coach getting michael and chase and logan getting the girls..he was such a pig..he was so so evil..i did not like him in this one..the coach tortured chase and michael too and honestly they couldnt do anything about it..i love how the girls got logan back tho..that was so hilarious..im like u go girls..he deserved it yet againmoreless
  • PCA has a People Auction.

    R E J E C T E D! REJECTED! Ok, that was funny, and Logan getting so much embrassed by Zoey, Lola and Nicole. Lotion Motion, was also a funny one, and Logan felt like he had the power to do what ever he wanted when ever he wanted, kinda like blackmail. But this was so funny and how Logan forfitted the money just for the girls to leave him alone. Michael and Chase were also funny in this episode, and the Coach was too.

    Coach: Now I'm going to get some Slushie!

    It's Sushie, you know. lol. Peace out, Halo. Bye!moreless
  • Fab-u-lous...

    All of my friends who watched this episode, loved it. I have this one friend and we know the cheers all by heart, because we can remember things easily. The favourite cheer was \'Rejected\'. This was a great episode to watch. Logan got what was coming to him. The cheer that was really plain was \'Get back, go back, go get back in the shower\'. Let me see if i remember the cheers. \'hey Logan, wake up, this ain\'t no time to sleep,no no, hey Logan wake up this ain't no time to sleep' and then it goes Shake you\'re booty, wake up' \'it\'s time, it\'s time, it\'s time to get a tan, suntan, so grab the lotion and start the motion, it's time to get a tan,yeh man. 'ready okay, he\'s eating, he\'s eating, logan's eating lunch, bite bite, he's eating, he's eating, logan\'s eating lunch'

    'rejected, yeah you just got rejected, R E, J E, C T E D, rejected\'moreless
  • This episode was hilarious!

    When Sushi Rox burns down, they need 10,000 dollars to fix the damage. Everyone decides they should have a people auction to pay for it. Logan buys Zoey, Nicole, and Lola for 5,000 dollars (I think). He makes them his personal cheerleaders. They get sick of Logan telling them what do so they decide to really cheer EVERYTHING Logan does. Logan gets so sick of it he gives them the money and tells them they don't have to cheer anymore. My favorite cheer was this one when Logan got rejected by a girl when he asked her out -- Zoey, Nicole, and Lola: Rejected, rejected! you just got rejected! R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D! Logan got rejected! WOOOOO!!moreless

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