Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 5

Prank Week

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • prank week

    The guys keep pranking the girls, because it is Prank Week at PCA. The girls decide they are not going to take it and decide to prank the guys, but their prank goes too far and results in all girls having to leave PCA after the semester ends. Can anyone fix this?

    Good episode; I like when episodes of shows deal with pranks and some of the pranks in this was good. The last half of it was not that interesting for me, but overall it was a good episode, so my final grade would be somewhere in the "B" range. Pretty good episode I thought
  • The boys pull pranks on girls.

    A men's tradition, Prank Week! This episode is kinda similar to Webcam, but the pranks are accutally metioned. I know Zhase/Choey (Zoey and Chase or Chase and Zoey) are a great couple, but this time Chase is accutally disagreeing or unpartnershipped with Zoey. And that is a good thing in the series. Im happy Chase is in love with Zoey still, but also has tradition ways at PCA. Whats in PCA, stays in PCA (Expect for the addition to girls to be added in PCA) This is my review for episode "Prank Week" of tv series, Zoey 101. Peace out- TGH3.
  • returning students pull pranks on the new students aka the girls...the girls dont want 2 just submit to the pranking and they take matters into their own hands..unfortunately it gets out of control and zoey is expelled

    this was a very adventurous ep like i put in the classification...i loved the pranks...the tp was too basic though..i mean that happens in every show or prank ppl commonly do..i mean how unoriginal is that...the water balloons..eh i saw it in parent trap...not 2 original there either but funny...logan was a jerk though b/c chase had already said they had enough and he does one more whopper balloon..i loved the girls' prank..dressing up the statue in front of the guys' dorm was hilarious...well would have been if it wasnt an important person..zoey takes the wrap for all the girls and theyre grateful...luckily logan is actually nice at the end and devises a plan 2 make the statue pee and then every1 confesses 2 doing it and zoey can stay...love how zoey thought chase came up w/ the plan and hugged him..ok that was my zoey/chase moment 4 the ep and the fact that michael tried 2 convince chase that since zoey was leaving now would be the right time 2 confess
  • Zoey's in trouble...

    The girls wake up to a surprise: their entire dorm has been covered with toilet paper. When Zoey, Dana, and Nicole swear to hunt down the perpetrators, the guys, Chase, Micheal, and Logan, confess to pulling off the prank. They explain that it is Prank Week, where returning students pull pranks on the new students. The girls say that they will not be easy targets, but Nicole is immediately pranked again.

    In a short scene, Dean Rivers assigns to our male trio the task of looking after the statue of Mr. Bradford, founder of PCA. No trash or "teenage items" are to be allowed. I wonder what he means by "teenage items", but maybe it's better I don't ask.

    We cut to our third prank. All the girls are in the lounge when some guy outside yells for help. It turns out that the call was just to lure the girls outside for a water balloon assault. Zoey keeps her cool for a while, but when Logan saves the last balloon just for her, she declares war on the guys.

    The next morning the guys discovered the statue of Mr. Bradford dressed in drag. While it seems that the prank was a success, the fun quickly stops when Dean Rivers and Bradford's son arrive. Bradford is furious and says all girls at PCA will be expelled after the current term.

    In an act of sacrifice, Zoey takes full responsibility for the prank and requests that the other girls be allowed to stay at PCA. Mr. Bradford accepts. The other girls are all grateful for Zoey's selflessness and throw her a goodbye party, which even the guys join.

    Chase and Zoey share a few cute moments in this scene. While Chase stumbles over his words, Micheal helps him out and says all the guys feel bad about Zoey leaving. He also hands her a PCA bunny, which Chase picked out. Micheal urges Chase to tell Zoey his true feelings about her, reminding him it's his last chance, but in a pattern that emerges over the series, just before he can do so, Quinn's new Quinnvention makes all the lights in the lounge go out, so the moment is ruined.

    The next day, Zoey makes her public apology and is ready to leave PCA, but the guys have a trick up their sleeve. At the push of a button, the statue of Mr. Bradford starts urinating. Logan is the first to take responsibility, but the entire student body joins in, and Chase says that if Mr. Bradford (Jr) expels Zoey, he will have to expel all of them. Bradford relents, and everyone can say.

    Zoey instinctively thanks Chase, but it is revealed the whole thing was Logan's idea. Also, the Quinnvention finally works, but it is no longer needed. Quinn accidentally sets it off anyway, and suddenly there are a hundred sleeping kids on the lawn.

    I love the Zoey/Chase moments in this episode, and the fact that Chase was about to tell Zoey what he truly felt about her. However, I found the plot somewhat unbelievable. It doesn't make sense that the guys could have gotten away with vandalizing the girls' dorm, yet Zoey would be expelled over dressing up the statue. It's also weird how the entire student body stood up for Zoey. However, I still find this an enjoyable episode.
  • i really loved this and it was absoloutly gr8 (great). u should take some time of and watch it some time

    i it was absoloutly gr8 (great).
    u should take some time of and watch it some timei really loved this and it was absoloutly gr8 (great).
    u should take some time of and watch it some timei really loved this and it was absoloutly gr8 (great).
    u shoulu should take some time of and watch it some timei really loved this and u should take some time of and watch it some timei really loved this and it was absoloutly gr8 (great).
    u should take some time of and watch it some timei really loved this and it was absoloutly gr8 (great).
  • Zoey and her friends find out about Prank Week after Chase and Logan bring up the topic to them. They had no clue what it was. What will happen after everyone discovers prank week?

    This episode of Zoey101 is extrodinary. You should definately try to catch it when they show it on re-runs. Just like any school, there is always tension going on between the boys and the girls. But at Pacific Coast Academy, the girls take it a little too far. Zoey and her crew are daring enough to dress up the statue of the founder of PCA and put women apparel on it. They also go to the extent of putting make-up on it. Once dean finds out, he goes crazy on the girls trying to figure out who did it. He also threatens to remove all females from the school that was once an all boy boarding school. Finally, Zoey admits to commiting this prank. Tune into the show to see what happens next or you will never know.
  • When Zoey and her new girl friends come to PCA, there in for a big surprise during prank week.

    This episode was on the best. Since Zoey and all her girl friends are new to PCA, they are the target for the boys during prank week. They got TPed, then the got water balloons thrown at them, Zoey finally sayed it was the last straw and decided to get back at the boys. But what she did would cost her her life at PCA, she put womens clothing on the statue outside of the school. When the principal and the person of the statue's son saw they said that Zoey will be expelled. But once again all her friends have her back and they werent letting her go anywhere. I love this episode!
  • I thought this episode was terrific!

    The episode opened with Nicole in Zoeys bed because she had a bad dream. That was hilarious as all Nicole moments are. Than they went outside to see that someone had tped their dorm. It turned out that it was Michael,Logan, and Chase. They had to do Prank Week when it was their first year at PCA. So the girls were prime targets because it was the first year girls were allowed at PCA. But the girls got the buys back by dressing up the statue in front of the boys dorm in ladies clothes. Of course they got in trouble and it ended in Zoey having to leave PCA. Logan devised a plan to get her to stay and everything was fine in the end. My favorite part was when Chase was just about to tell Zoey how he felt but then Quinn interupted as someone always does. Overall I thought this was an excellent episode!
  • How come our school cant have prank week.

    Now do you wish that your school had prank week. If it did then some kids would want to not have. So I this episode The funniest part had to be at the end and the middle when all the pranks were happening. Who made up prank week it was a good idea for that episode.
  • This was nere-wracking! The first time I saw it I knew that she probably wouldn't get expelled because it would ruin the TV show, but it was still great! You have to see it!

    In this episode, it's Prank Week! The guys are pranking the girls, including that they tipi the girls' dorm with toilet paper! The girls' try to prank back, though, which is out of tradition. The boys are supposed to keep their dorm nice because the founder of the school's son is going to visit and make a speech. The girls' take a statue of the founder of PCA and dressed it up in women's clothing! When the dean finds out, they are going to expel Zoey because she was leading the prank. On the day that Zoey is going to leave, the boys put on the statue a hole where they make water come out of the area you don't want to know about! The boys say that the whole school was a part of that, and because they couldn't expel all of the students, nobody was expelled and it was a happy ending for everyone. This is one of my favorite episodes of Zoey 101 because it was very funny. If you like Zoey 101 you must see this episode. Tune into TeenNick, buy it off iTunes for $1.99, or any way that you can figure out to buy it! It is a new must see episode and has great acting by all of the characters. Also the plot was amazing. It must have been hard to think of! Rock on Zoey 101!
  • It shows how much Zoey means to everyone! Even Logan.

    When Zoey tries to fix everything because dressing up the school's founder was her idea and get expelled everyone feels really greatful but bad. The boys feel especially sorry because they started this whole thing! It is soooooo cute when Chase tries to tell Zoey how he feels about her...and it totally stunk when Quinn came in!

    At the end as well when Logan makes the statue into a fountain and Zoey thinks thay Chase did it but it was actually Logan it is really sweet how he said that he would miss her if she left! The friendship that everyone shows towards Zoey is amazing!

    I also loved it when Quinn finally comes and says she has finally finished her device and when it is put into the bin it knocks everyone out!! Totally awesome! But some peoples faints were a bit dramatic though!!

    I loved it though!! Rock on!!