Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 5

Prank Week

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey's in trouble...

    The girls wake up to a surprise: their entire dorm has been covered with toilet paper. When Zoey, Dana, and Nicole swear to hunt down the perpetrators, the guys, Chase, Micheal, and Logan, confess to pulling off the prank. They explain that it is Prank Week, where returning students pull pranks on the new students. The girls say that they will not be easy targets, but Nicole is immediately pranked again.

    In a short scene, Dean Rivers assigns to our male trio the task of looking after the statue of Mr. Bradford, founder of PCA. No trash or "teenage items" are to be allowed. I wonder what he means by "teenage items", but maybe it's better I don't ask.

    We cut to our third prank. All the girls are in the lounge when some guy outside yells for help. It turns out that the call was just to lure the girls outside for a water balloon assault. Zoey keeps her cool for a while, but when Logan saves the last balloon just for her, she declares war on the guys.

    The next morning the guys discovered the statue of Mr. Bradford dressed in drag. While it seems that the prank was a success, the fun quickly stops when Dean Rivers and Bradford's son arrive. Bradford is furious and says all girls at PCA will be expelled after the current term.

    In an act of sacrifice, Zoey takes full responsibility for the prank and requests that the other girls be allowed to stay at PCA. Mr. Bradford accepts. The other girls are all grateful for Zoey's selflessness and throw her a goodbye party, which even the guys join.

    Chase and Zoey share a few cute moments in this scene. While Chase stumbles over his words, Micheal helps him out and says all the guys feel bad about Zoey leaving. He also hands her a PCA bunny, which Chase picked out. Micheal urges Chase to tell Zoey his true feelings about her, reminding him it's his last chance, but in a pattern that emerges over the series, just before he can do so, Quinn's new Quinnvention makes all the lights in the lounge go out, so the moment is ruined.

    The next day, Zoey makes her public apology and is ready to leave PCA, but the guys have a trick up their sleeve. At the push of a button, the statue of Mr. Bradford starts urinating. Logan is the first to take responsibility, but the entire student body joins in, and Chase says that if Mr. Bradford (Jr) expels Zoey, he will have to expel all of them. Bradford relents, and everyone can say.

    Zoey instinctively thanks Chase, but it is revealed the whole thing was Logan's idea. Also, the Quinnvention finally works, but it is no longer needed. Quinn accidentally sets it off anyway, and suddenly there are a hundred sleeping kids on the lawn.

    I love the Zoey/Chase moments in this episode, and the fact that Chase was about to tell Zoey what he truly felt about her. However, I found the plot somewhat unbelievable. It doesn't make sense that the guys could have gotten away with vandalizing the girls' dorm, yet Zoey would be expelled over dressing up the statue. It's also weird how the entire student body stood up for Zoey. However, I still find this an enjoyable episode.