Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 5

Prank Week

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The lime green shirt that Quinn wears was purchased at Gap Kids fall of '04.

    • We find out in this episode Nicole's hometown is in Kansas.

    • When Zoey is saying "This means war" after the girls get water ballooned, the girl behind her is mouthing the words too.

    • There is no possible way the girls could get the underwear on that statue since its feet are attached to the block the statue is standing on.

    • It does not seem possible for the boys to turn the statue into a fountain. There is no visible latch that is needed to make this conversion.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Bradford: Just stop my daddy from peeing, and no one gets expelled!

    • Michael: Come on, man!
      Chase: What?
      Michael: You know what. Zoey's leaving tomorrow, and if you don't tell her how you feel now, that's it! Last chance!
      Chase: Yeah I-I don't know, I mean- (Michael shoves him toward Zoey) Hey!
      Zoey: Hey...
      Chase: Um, listen Zoey...(pulls her aside) Um...I just wanted to say that...I think it's been really cool getting to know you, and hanging out with you and stuff, and playing foosball and seeing movies and doing homework together...I kind of wanted to say something. ...Would this be a good time?
      Zoey: Well yeah, I'm standing right here.
      Chase: Yeah, there you are...right there.
      Zoey: Hi...
      Chase: (waving) Hi. So, what I wanted to say was-
      Quinn: (running in) I've done it! I've done it, I've done it, I've done it! If you thought I couldn't build a sonic neural neutralizer that could render people unconscious with sound waves, but I've done it! Now, when I activate this orb, you will all be knocked out, so try to fall on something soft!

    • Mr. Bradford: Pacific Coast Academy will once again be an institution for boys and boys only.
      Zoey: You can't do that!
      Mr. Bradford: Oh yes I can! My father founded this school. I can put ducks in the toilets if I want to.

    • Nicole: You know why history's boring? Because none of our past presidents were cute.
      Zoey: Abraham Lincoln was kinda cute.
      Dana: That big hat?
      Nicole: Yeah the big hat kinda killed his cuteness.
      Zoey: I thought the guy in the theater did.
      Nicole: Yeah, well him too.

    • Nicole: (about the girls' dorm being teepeed) Wait, maybe this was an accident.
      Vicky: This was no accident! This was an attack on the girls' dorm!
      Everyone: Yeah!
      Dana: And whoever did it is gonna pay!
      Everyone: Yeah!
      Quinn: Yeah! We'll hunt them down, and surgically remove their kidneys! (silence) I mean, whoever did it is gonna pay!
      Everyone: Yeah!

    • Zoey: Wake up guys, it's seven.
      Dana: I'm up...
      Zoey: Where's Nicole?
      Dana: (kicking the bunk above her) Up there. Nicole, wake up!
      Zoey: She isn't up there. Where could she be?
      Nicole: Hi! (comes out from underneath the blankets on Zoey's bed)
      Zoey: AHHHH! (falls off bed) Nicole, what are you doing?!
      Nicole: I had a bad dream in the middle of the night. And usually when I have a bad dream, I crawl into bed with my mom, but she's back home in Kansas. ...Did I scare you?
      Zoey: Oh no, I always wake up with a scream and a quick heart attack!

    • Zoey: Somebody teepeed our dorm!
      Nicole: And there's toilet paper everywhere!

    • Mr. Bradford: Get those panties off my father.

    • Chase: Listen, Zoey, we feel kinda bad 'cause the whole prank week thing kind of got out of hand and...y'know, we didn't know anybody would um...listen, we didn't want you to uh...You know what I'm saying?
      Michael: You don't even know what you're saying!

    • (Dana takes a pink shirt out of Zoey's bag while she is packing)
      Zoey: Dana, you're gonna have to let me leave.
      Dana: I know. This is mine.
      Zoey: Oh, sorry.
      (Dana looks at the shirt then holds it out)
      Dana: Here. Take it.
      Zoey: You sure?
      Dana: Take it.

    • Zoey: Chase, you're the best! (hugs him)
      Chase: Thanks, but actually it um...well, it wasn't my idea.
      Zoey: Michael?
      Michael: Not me.
      Zoey: Then who?
      (Chase and Michael point to Logan)
      Zoey: Logan? Why would you want to help me stay at PCA?
      Logan: Ah, if you weren't here, who else would I pick on?

    • Dean Rivers: I'm not gonna ask you again! Who did this?
      Chase: Uh, technically sir, you did just asked again.
      Dean Rivers: Chase!
      Chase: Sorry...

    • Nicole: Please don't make me go back to my old school! The boys are all dumb and gross!

    • Nicole: (crying) I don't wanna leave. This is the best school ever! It's got a swimming pool, and cute boys, and it's across the street from the beach, and has cute boys!
      Zoey: Well, I'm sure there's cute boys back at the school in Kansas.
      Nicole: No, they're all dumb and gross. I wanna stay here at PCA.
      Dana: This is all the guys' fault!
      Zoey: I know. Them and their stupid prank week!
      Dana: (Quinn shows up) Quinn, did you hear?
      Zoey: This is gonna be our last semester at PCA.
      Quinn: Can't talk. Plotting revenge. (leaves)
      Nicole: I'm gonna miss her freakish ways. (cries again)

    • Quinn: I did it!
      Zoey: What'd you do?
      Quinn: I built this. It's a sonic neural neutralizer.
      Dana: We don't speak geek.
      Zoey: Explain.
      Quinn: Well I just push this button, and it emits a high frequency sound that interferes with human brain waves, causing anyone within one hundred yards to lose consciousness. Shall we try it on the boys?
      Nicole: Quinn, that's not gonna work.
      Quinn: Then you force me to demonstrate. Prepare to be knocked out!
      (presses the button and a high pitch noise comes out, but none of the girls are knocked out)
      Zoey: Quinn, turn that off!
      Quinn: We should all be unconscious! Do you feel dizzy, confused, woozy?!
      Nicole: NO!
      Zoey: Just annoyed!
      Quinn: It must need adjustments.
      Dana: So must your head!

    • Nicole: This is so wrong. Zoey, you can't leave! It's...
      Dana: Here come the waterworks!
      Nicole: I can't help it if I cry. (starts crying and she feels her face) Hey no tears are coming out...(hits her head) Nothing! I cried myself dry. That's so sad!

    • Michael: Look Zoey, we just came by to say that we think it stinks that you have to leave...And uh, we got you something. (hands her a gift bag)
      Zoey: Aw, it's a bunny with a PCA shirt on it!
      Logan: Chase picked it out.
      Chase: Okay, why tell people?

    • Quinn: (activates her sonic neural neutralizer, causing the lights to go out) Is anybody unconscious?
      Everyone: NO!
      Quinn: (walks and trips over a lamp) Okay, who put that lamp there?

    • Dean Rivers: Who did this? I demand to know this instant!
      Logan: I'll tell you who did it!
      Chase: No! Because we don't know who did it, right?
      Logan: I'm not taking the heat for this!
      Michael: MAN! That's a big bra!

    • Logan: Man, don't girls know anything?
      Dana: I know how to make you cry.
      Logan: What are you gonna do? Kiss me?
      Dana: You wish!
      Logan: Yeah I do! (laughs)

    • Logan: They're not supposed to prank us back! That's against tradition!
      Michael: (about the statue) Yeah, but it does look kinda cute.

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