Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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    I love this episode because gang are together in girls'room! Boys are so stupid to sneak in girl dorm and room because they dont believe it is not dangerous! They are together for almost 24 hours in room! Lola is so stupid to scream for nothing for several times. Lola should shut her month. It make Lola wimp and stupid to scream! I know Lola are practicing for drama, but in room with whole gang! Chase didnt feel bit good, he thought he was catched by dangerous air! LOL! He just get coughs, that is it. Well done, great episode!
  • time-filler

    quinn makes a germ but accidentally releases it, trapping the girls in their dorm (and the guys because they snuck in the dorm). This stinks because Zoey has a date with a new guy named Danny. Will she be able to make it? Quinn also has a dilemma- she thinks Mark may be cheating on her.

    it was alright but it was definitely a time-filler episode. but that itself does not mean the episode was bad. it did have some good parts in it, i thought, and so my overall grade for this episode is a B- or so. Good
  • Interesting...Potential

    Oh, Quinn, what are we going to do with you! Quinn releasing some deathly miscronism, organism, whatever its called, into the girl's room. The guys somehow get stuck in the room too and they end up locked in the room for awhile. Interesting stuff man. I think they could have done more with this but oh well, I'm not Dan Schneider. I thought the prank they played on Chase was terribly mean. Especially after his grandma's death!!!

    Not much else to write. Geez I have like 15 words to write. I'm listening to "What My Heart Wants To Say" La la Pork.
  • Quinn lets her new germ lose in her dorm room making Zoey and Lola to stay there & Zoey to miss her date. Chase, Michael, & Logan soon get stuck in there too. Quinn thinks Mark is cheating on her & Zoey hires Dustin to find Danny & tell him what happened.

    I really loved this episode! It's pretty funny and very entertaining. However, it is a little bad not to eat or use the bathroom over the whole period of th night. Other than that, this episode was very entertaining. I loved how Chase was getting jealous of Zoey having a date with Danny and I also loved how Quinn and Zoey hired Dustin to each do a chore for them. I loved seeing the whole gang in one room together and getting on each others nerves like that! My favorite part of this episode is when everyone acts dead at the end just to scare Chase because he was the last one sleeping and he thought that they didn't have a chance because of his bad cough! That was a funny part! This was a great episode! It gets a ten out of ten from me!
  • quinns new experiment causes the whole gang to get stuck in a room until they determine if it is poisonous or not

    i did like this ep..i felt like once we got up further in seasons we didnt see as much of quinns experiments and kookiness but this ep showed it well..we also got to see her jealous which was very interesting..and poor dustin..well we got to see another one of quinns experiments go wrong which i always find so amusing..unfortunately for everyone this was kinda harmful..like they had to stay cooped up together for a long time..which wasnt good..i liked seeing chase jealous again tho of danny..that was so cute...and so was danny lol..this was an amusing ep with everyone getting on everyones nerves
  • Another loving clasic!

    Yes I know I spelled cla$$ic wrong. So, on to the review of the episode. I loved it. Quinn and her baby food moments, and the worst part is Austin Butler had to return to be James in Season 4. He should have stayed as Stacey's Boyfriend. There should have been an episode called "Stacey's Boyfriend". Stacey gets a boyfriend named Danny (Austin Butler) and Zoey gets jealous, and so does Chase get jealous of Zoey liking Danny. In the end, Zoey and Chase get together. This is the best Choey moment, ever! But one of my worst episode ideas Lol!
  • Stuck in a dorm room with nothing to eat but baby food.

    Zoey's date with Danny gets put on hold when the girls and the guys are quarantined in girl's room because of Quinn, who has her own romantic dilemma involving Mark. This was a good episode. It was one of my favorites. It's yet another Zoey 101 classic from season 4. After the months and months of waiting to see what this episode was actually about and more months and months of waiting to see the actual episode, it was worth it. The romance and stuff really made this episode classic. I still can't believe Zoey didn't pick up the vibes Chase was putting out there. Good ep.
  • good

    Quinn invents a poison (so we say) that gets the girls stuck in the dorm and Quinn calls poison control (she probably has them on speed dial one) and they tell them her poison could possibly be contagious. Later the guys go into the girls dorm and poison control makes them stay in Dorm 101 as well. They are stuck in there for a long time and must deal with each other through the period of time they are in there, the most painful thing to them while trapped in Dorm 101 is Lola's constant practice (screams) for an upcoming play audition.

  • A fun episode that allowed me to just sit back relax and watch. (With the occaisional chocking because i was laughing so much whilist i was eating, (never a good idea))

    I think this is definitly on of the best episodes i have seen yet, i could not stop laughing the whole way through however that could be because of my wierd sense of humor, anyway back to the episode, i loved the part when logan wanted to borrow money of lola and she screamed in his ear, classic. I love Quinn, i think no matter what she does she makes me laugh especially with her crazy inventions such as the zapper on the watch (i need to get my self one of those). One of my favourite parts was when lola kept screaming, she would just suddenly scream at certain points through the episode and more often than not made my sister jump, which was funny. However my favourite moment has too be when everyone pretends to be dead and chase wakes up. His reacion is so funny, that it had me laughing through the next scene. I think th eepisode worked really well and was an episode that didn't require you to think, you could just sit there and watch, which is why I gave it 9.5 out of 10.
    If you haven't seen it already you should, trust me, it will brighten up your day.
  • it's a fun episodE to watch and to laugh at to!

    It's all Ablout some girl named zoey that goes to an all girls and boys school! thsi episode is all about when Zoey's date with Danny gets put on hold when the girls and the guys are quarantined in girl's room because of Quinn, who has her own romantic dilemma involving Mark.It's a good epsiode to watch with your family and friends!
  • it's a fun episodE to watch and to laugh at to!

    It's all Ablout some girl named zoey that goes to an all girls and boys school! thsi episode is all about when Zoey's date with Danny gets put on hold when the girls and the guys are quarantined in girl's room because of Quinn, who has her own romantic dilemma involving Mark.It's a good epsiode to watch with your family and friends!
  • The girls get stuck in their room because of Quinn, and then the boys are stupid enough to break into the room to get gummy worms.

    Quinn is scared that she is losing Mark. Then she tries to create a germ that goes wrong and the girls and her get stuck in their room. The bio hazard has to come and get everyone out of the dorm. The boys break in and try to get gummy worms but then find out they have to leave. They try to but the bio team stops them and they get stuck too. Quinn is worried about Mark and some girl so she has Dustin spy on him but Zoey needs Dustin to find Danny at the movies to tell him why Zoey couldn't go on a date with him.
  • The girls & guys are stuck in their dorm room after quinn releases a mutant germ that could kill them!

    I love this episode. It was really great for the characters development as well as an awesome plot. Quinns's crazy mutant germ gets them all stuck in the girls dorm. I love how lola screams so much throughout the ep taht she loses her voice, also chase's jealousy when zoey remembers her date with danny...(zoey and danny possible future couple??) Logan...as egotistic as usual spends his entire time staring at himself in a mirror, and I love how dustin scared mark at sushi rox by jumping out and making him choke on the sushi. Overall, and awesome episode, the interactions between characters, it was a extremely funny episode with some great one liners!
  • Quinn was talking to Lola and Zoey when she knocked over a new germ she was working on and now they might be in trouble so they have to stay in their dorm and the guys end up there as well and then over time the kids start to mad from "Quarrintine".

    I personally really enjoyed this episode. I really like the episodes in a series where all the cast end up in some way together, in this series especially they have a very small, imediate cast and they usually try to keep the problems where the whole group is a part of it, but there are just those times where it's about zoey and chase, or about logan and michael, then you ask yourself where zoey's roomates are...but there are some great episodes where the whole cast is together and this is one of them. The first was probably the pilot and then that season's finale, where the cast ends up alone on a deserted beach for a party, a lot has changed since then(cast cuts and add-ins) but they still try to keep everything to run smoothly as possible. This episode is really funnier than the last few of the season, becuase this season was really revolving aroung the love interest of Chase and zoey but this episode they just don't try to deal with that, they just say okay, we'll deal with THAT later, but now, put in a few laughs. Quinn (being the neirdy weird we just truly love) is jelous because herboyfriend is hanging out with this girl so she assumes he's cheating on her...so, in spite, she tries to creaete a new germ that can hurt this new girl...When explaining this to her roomates, she knocks over her experiment and in result the girls are locked in their dorm by the chem.lab people and by mistake the guys slip in a well and are also forced to stay in the room with the other three girls. Ironic that in this the third year of the show, this episode is almost near the finale of the season, an in this episode they are trapped together, not on a deserted beach exactly, and not with dana or nichole, tthere now is lola and more a quin, but there is still the irony. Anyways, the team is there for about a day, thinking it will be there last, go nuts and eventually get to leave to their problematic lives. Zoey had a date set with a new guy Danny by ut she was stuck, then she tried to tell her brother to tell someone with the name danny she couldn't make it and so he did, but he got the wrong guy. Quinn tried to get dustin as well to help her out by spying on mark and the girl and so he stopped then from getting too hot and heavy, but they didn't, she was really painting a picture that he paided her to paint for Quinn so he could give it to her (Quinn). Lola was trying out for a part where she had to scream and practiced the whole episode, which was funny, even the small part where she lost her voice. Chase really had nothing going on, none of the boys did, Logan gave some advice, but that was his only REAL contribution, it was really about the girls. Next week or so it'll go back to the prolems but at least we'll remember this nice recent happy reuion.
  • Chase and zoey and the gang all get stuck in detentionand have to cooperate

    actullly tells her he has a girlfriend so Zoey now knows Chase loves her and she proboly gets mad at him for going out with someone else like in lola likes chase so maybe the whole group gets detention witch forces zoey and Chase to associate with atoherbut then the teacher might leave (for some stange reason) and they all have to spend the weekend in detention with each other without killing each other and then chaseand Zoey make up and are friends again YEAHHHHHH
  • Time Together

    The title of this episode is Quarentine so my guess is that it has something to do with the group bein sick and havin to stay in one room away from everyone else. My guess is that it will be just chase and zoey and they will have ot talk and discuss some things. Might make a difference in their relationship too, which would be nice but I doubt that they will actually get together because they are what keeps the show going. It is their tension that keeps people coming week after week. I think that they will just be about to really talk and they will be interupted and told that they are fine to leave and never actually get around to actually talking. They will probably end the series with chase and zoey getting together.
  • it could involve detention

    the defintion of this word is A place for such detention so something could happen when they go to detention. i dont know what do you think. nicole could get dentetion to follow some guy cuz she thinks that he is hot and she never gets the time to be near him.or zoey and nicole could get detention cuz the sub is hot and they get into a fight for saying that he is theirs. well i am not that sure about the plot but i am pretty sure that logan wont be in this episode. thanks for reading this!