Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 6

Quinn Misses The Mark

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Quinn and Mark agree to take a break from each other, but Quinn becomes upset when she later sees Mark with another girl. Meanwhile, a horse begins following Michael around campus.

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  • Really good!

    Mark breaks up with Quinn. She is devastated and then she finds out that he wanted to date another girl. She tries dressing like something she's not in order to attract Mark, but it doesn't work. Michael finds a horse. At first, it's annoying, but then Michael really connects with it and they become friends. Logan comforts Quinn and they kiss. The owner of the horse finds them and she must take him away, which makes Michael cry.

    This episode was so great! I actually felt sad when the horse was taken from Michael. I like the idea of Logan and Quinn together. This episode gets a 10 from me!moreless
  • Quinn and Mark break up, and Quinn decides to dress and act like a girl that attracts every guy on campus. It backfires, she's left crying on a bench, to be comforted by Logan. They kiss. Michael befriends a rogue horse on campus.moreless

    I was rather confused by this episode. I'd never seen any other evidence for a Logan/Quinn relationship, and then it's thrown at me at the end of this one. It's not a convincing way to put two people together, and the fact that it was not adequeatly resolved annoys me. Logan and Quinn move away from each other, yes, but it was never confirmed or denied whether it was going to continue, and there was no positive or negative leeway in that scene. Not to mention Logan was really out of character in that scene. Since when would he stop and comfort someone, especially Quinn, after a break-up? And he was also a bit too sensitive in his speech for what his character usually is. If he was going to make a change in character like that, it would be more convincing for it to happen gradually, not all at once with another plot point thrown in.moreless
  • Okay, WHAT???

    Logan and Lola possible. Logan and Zoey if he changes a bit and she's really lonely, maybe. But Logan and Quinn NEVER!!! At least I thought that before I saw that episode. I can't believe that they are together now. They never seemed to like each other at all. And then this horse! what was that about? The only cute moment with the horse was at the end when Micheal gets a hug from James. So sweet. But imo James can never replace Chase and I hope he is going to come back to PCA and gets Zoey and they live happily ever after and all that stuff!moreless

    I can't belive logan and quinn kiss..now this is making me hate zoey101..logan was my favorite and i wanted him and lola to go together...thats how i thought it was supposed to be..they have soo much chemistry together..and quinn and logan don't i don't see sparks flying with them..shes better off with mark delfigelo!..or micheal!..whose writing these scripts anyway...like the kiss was soo random too...its weird and not cool..im sorry but i hate this episode..and reminder for people who are getting mad at this comment..remind you that its my opinion like you guys have your own this is mine..not everybody will feel the same way you guys do..thank..lola and logan forever..there good friends in real lifemoreless
  • I like this. :3 Even though, I didn't see Logan and Quinn kiss coming. I knew they would get together somehow with the subtle hints from the 3 season and season 4.moreless

    In this episode we see a nicer, softer side of Logan Reese. He seems genuinely concern when he finds Quinn crying on the bench.

    He had try to cheer her up the best way he could saying: "Mark's stupid, because he dump you." and he actually meant it. While putting the glasses on Quinn's face, the two get closer... and eventually kiss. But Michael and Zoey come by on a horse, interrupting the two.

    In this episode I think we see extreme character development with Logan. And I have to say one of my most favorite episodes of all time. Seriously, it's worth a watch!moreless
Mariah Buzolin

Mariah Buzolin

Brooke Margolin

Guest Star

Jack Salvatore, Jr.

Jack Salvatore, Jr.

Mark Del Figgalo

Recurring Role

Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

Dean Rivers

Recurring Role

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    • Zoey: Wait! Give me your zap watch.
      Quinn: Promise I won't-
      Zoey: GIVE IT!

    • Lola: I gotta say, you're taking this whole Mark thing really well!
      Zoey: Yeah, how come you're not more upset?

    • Quinn: And that's what you want? A brainless troll wearing a shirt that wouldn't fit an eight-year-old boy?
      Mark: She's in my chemistry class and she wasn't understanding anything.
      Quinn: Oh! There's a shock!

    • Lola: You're bonking.You need to be blipping!
      Zoey: I'll blip you!

    • Michael: Alright horse, thanks for proving I'm not a liar! Now...go back to wherever you came from!

    • (Zoey feeds James a grape)
      Lola: Oh, God. You guys aren't gonna be one of THOSE couples, are you?
      Zoey: I just fed him a grape. Want me to feed you one?
      Lola: Okay!

    • Zoey: (to Quinn) This is not the way to get attention from guys.
      Random Guy: Hey Quinn, I don't know if you're doing anything Saturday night, but if you're free, I thought-
      Zoey: Goodbye!

    • Firewire: Can I date her?
      Mark: No!
      Firewire: I'll give you my wizard card, and two magic trolls!

    • Mark: I'm not dating Brooke because she looks hot. We just, really connected. Quinn: Uh-huh.
      Mark: Seriously! We both collect antique calendars, we both like to knit...
      Quinn: I'd rather not hear about your magical connections with Brooke.
      Mark: I'm just saying, I like her for her. Her hotness is just gravy.
      Quinn: You hate gravy.

    • Logan: What's your problem?
      Quinn: Nothing, Logan. Just keep riding.
      Logan: You been crying? What's wrong?
      Quinn: Nothing!
      Logan: Come on. Talk to me.
      Quinn: (after a long silence) Mark broke up with me.
      Logan: Oh yeah, I heard you got dumped...broken up with.
      Quinn: Yeah. After two years!
      Logan: Why'd he du- ...break up with you?
      Quinn: Because he fell for Brooke Margolin.
      Logan: Ohhh, she's hot!
      (Quinn stares at him)
      Logan: Hottish...
      (Quinn rolls her eyes)

    • (Michael is being followed by the horse)
      Michael: You gotta quit following me around!
      (horse neighs)
      Michael: This is a school! You're not enrolled in it!

    • Quinn: I mean, I guess I can't be mad at Mark.
      Logan: Well if it makes you feel any better, I think Mark's an idiot.
      Quinn: Yeah, yeah, I know you hate him.
      Logan: I don't hate him. I mean, he's an idiot for breaking up with you.
      Quinn: Why do you say that?
      Logan: I don't know. I mean, look. We all know you're weird. But, you're smart, you're pretty, and...you're kind of fun!
      Quinn: (rolls eyes) Thanks.
      Logan: Sure. And uh, why are you dressed like that?
      Quinn: I was trying to compete with Brooke.
      Logan: Well don't. (takes Quinn's glasses and puts them back on for her)
      Logan: Hey...there's Quinn.
      (they kiss)

    • Logan: Want to feel my hair? I use this special Norwegian conditioner. You can only get it by-
      Girl: Look it! A horse!

    • Quinn: Eat yellowtail!! (shoves some yellowtail in Mark's mouth)
      Brooke: Why'd you do that?!
      Quinn: Because he hates yellowtail!

    • Lola: Maybe she's just a friend!
      Quinn: Yeah, just a friend whose hand he's holding while he giggles like a schoolgirl!

    • (Mark and Brooke walk into Sushi Rox)
      (Zoey and Lola look at each other)

      Quinn: What's wrong?
      Zoey: Nothing!
      Lola: Nothing at all! Just, don't turn around!

    • Logan: That cookie basket was a gift from one of my stepmoms!
      Michael: Which one?
      Logan: I don't know! But it was a very meaningful gift and I can't believe you ate it!

    • Michael: Here! Smell my breath!
      Logan: No!
      Michael: Smell it! Do you smell cookie in here? (breathes in Logan's face)
      Logan: Gross! Never do that again!

    • Michael: Hey, don't be rude! I didn't have to stop by the mailroom and pick up your big cookie basket.
      Logan: Dude!
      Michael: And I expect at least nine cookies when I get there.
      Logan: No way! You get one!
      Michael: One? Alright then. (puts basket down) There. Now your cookie basket's on the ground. And I'm walking away.

    • Mark: So...at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius, and a pressure of 101.325 KPA absolute-
      Quinn: Where the density is 1.25 kilograms over meters cubed!
      Mark: My foot itches.

    • James: Uh-oh. Zoey says I'm late.
      Micheal: Late for what?
      James: I don't know but, she's my girlfriend and she says I'm late so the best thing for me to do would be to run.

    • (Quinn and Logan kiss)
      (Michael and Zoey ride by on horse)

      Logan: Weirdest...day...ever...
      Quinn: Yeah...

    • Michael: Nothing to see here! Just a young man and a horse having a conversation! Move along!

    • Logan: You ate my cookies!
      Michael: No I didn't! James, tell him I didn't!
      James: Sure, cookie monster!

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