Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 6

Quinn Misses The Mark

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Really good!

    Mark breaks up with Quinn. She is devastated and then she finds out that he wanted to date another girl. She tries dressing like something she's not in order to attract Mark, but it doesn't work. Michael finds a horse. At first, it's annoying, but then Michael really connects with it and they become friends. Logan comforts Quinn and they kiss. The owner of the horse finds them and she must take him away, which makes Michael cry.

    This episode was so great! I actually felt sad when the horse was taken from Michael. I like the idea of Logan and Quinn together. This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • Quinn and Mark break up, and Quinn decides to dress and act like a girl that attracts every guy on campus. It backfires, she's left crying on a bench, to be comforted by Logan. They kiss. Michael befriends a rogue horse on campus.

    I was rather confused by this episode. I'd never seen any other evidence for a Logan/Quinn relationship, and then it's thrown at me at the end of this one. It's not a convincing way to put two people together, and the fact that it was not adequeatly resolved annoys me. Logan and Quinn move away from each other, yes, but it was never confirmed or denied whether it was going to continue, and there was no positive or negative leeway in that scene. Not to mention Logan was really out of character in that scene. Since when would he stop and comfort someone, especially Quinn, after a break-up? And he was also a bit too sensitive in his speech for what his character usually is. If he was going to make a change in character like that, it would be more convincing for it to happen gradually, not all at once with another plot point thrown in.
  • Okay, WHAT???

    Logan and Lola --> possible. Logan and Zoey --> if he changes a bit and she's really lonely, maybe. But Logan and Quinn --> NEVER!!! At least I thought that before I saw that episode. I can't believe that they are together now. They never seemed to like each other at all. And then this horse! what was that about? The only cute moment with the horse was at the end when Micheal gets a hug from James. So sweet. But imo James can never replace Chase and I hope he is going to come back to PCA and gets Zoey and they live happily ever after and all that stuff!

    I can't belive logan and quinn kiss..now this is making me hate zoey101..logan was my favorite and i wanted him and lola to go together...thats how i thought it was supposed to be..they have soo much chemistry together..and quinn and logan don't i don't see sparks flying with them..shes better off with mark delfigelo!..or micheal!..whose writing these scripts anyway...like the kiss was soo random too...its weird and not cool..im sorry but i hate this episode..and reminder for people who are getting mad at this comment..remind you that its my opinion like you guys have your own this is mine..not everybody will feel the same way you guys do..thank..lola and logan forever..there good friends in real life
  • I like this. :3 Even though, I didn't see Logan and Quinn kiss coming. I knew they would get together somehow with the subtle hints from the 3 season and season 4.

    In this episode we see a nicer, softer side of Logan Reese. He seems genuinely concern when he finds Quinn crying on the bench.

    He had try to cheer her up the best way he could saying: "Mark's stupid, because he dump you." and he actually meant it. While putting the glasses on Quinn's face, the two get closer... and eventually kiss. But Michael and Zoey come by on a horse, interrupting the two.

    In this episode I think we see extreme character development with Logan. And I have to say one of my most favorite episodes of all time. Seriously, it's worth a watch!
  • quinn and mark break up; a horse follows michael everywhere

    i guess most of these eps will start out the same way with their reviews for me..i did not like this ep..i was a huge mark and quinn fan and when they broke up that completely tore me apart..i was mad at mark but that didnt stop me from rooting for the quinn and mark ship still..spoiler..i did not like the end when logan is comforting her and they kiss..i can never be a fan of them..sry..its just too weird..it came out of the blue..the horse thing was weird too..it didnt make any sense in the plot really..they just dont tie together like they used to
  • Quinn and Mark

    Quinn and Mark agree to take a break from each other, but she sees him with another girl, so they break-up for good. Logan sees her upset and wonders why, and in a twist, they kiss. Will this mean something in the future?

    A horse starts following Michael around the campus, and at first, he hates the horse, but later on he learns to like the horse. Too bad, as the horse's owner has showed up at PCA and wants the horse back.

    A weird episode, the end to the horse plot was dumb but the end to Logan/Quinn's plot was legit
  • Mark breaks up with Quinn and gets jealous. Michal finds a horse on campus. after Mark and Quinn break up she cries And the rest will be in my review.

    Mark breaks up with Quinn and gets jealous. Michal finds a horse on campus. after Mark and Quinn break up, she cries She dresses all trampy And tries to win mark back but cant So she sits on a bench and cries Logan comes up And asks what is wrong.
    Logan:Whats wrong
    Quinn:Nothing Logan Just leave me alone (parks jet x)
    Logan:Tell me
    Quinn:Mark broke Up with me
    Logan:Well I think mark is an idiot for breaking up with you
    Quinn:what do mean Logan:Your smart and kinda pretty
    (interrupted by horse)
    (break apart)
    Logan:weirdest day ever
    Michael finds a horse on campus and cant get rid of it But when he wants the horse His real owner comes and picks him up
    He cries and james comes over And helps him I think that this episode is the best episode since trading places
  • After two years, Mark and Quinn break up.

    This episode was very interesting. After two years together, Mark decides to break up with Quinn. But Quinn at first was not mad, until she saw Mark at Sushi Rocks with a girl that wears really tight clothes, named Brooke. She got mad and tried to shoot her with a laser but of course Zoey takes it away. Quinn is very mad and decides to change her look, when Lola mentions that some guys like girls who look and dress like that. So Quinn goes to Mark and shows him her new look, when he revealed to her that he didn't like her because she looks good, he likes her because they had alot in common. So Quinn gets really upset. Meanwhile a horse follows Michael around from qym class, to even his shower. Quinn is sitting alone at a bench, and Logan showes up, being concerned. He askes why she was sad, but she refused to tell him. But then did and told him why. Logan said Mark was an ediot for breaking up whith her, and even says she is smart, pretty and kinda fun. When Logan askes why she is dressed like that, and said she shouldn't. So he puts her glasses back on and says "there's Quinn" and thats when they share a kiss. They stop when Michael and Zoey come by riding a horse (that was folloing him) because Zoey was about to be late for class. And Logan said "weirdest day ever" and seperated. While Zoey made it to class the Owner of the horse comes and retrieves the horse. Michael sad cries on James Sholder. It was a very intertaing and unexpected episdoe.
  • the horse, the brake up, and logan and quinn made this a great episode.

    mark told quinn that they should take a break and quinn thought it was just for a little while. while out for dinner with lola and zoey quinn sees mark with "hottie" brooke determined to win mark back quinn undergoes a physical appearance change. mark is in aw but says that he likes brooke not only for her looks but for her mind. quinn is upset and logan sees her sitting on the bench crying. logan and quinn talk and in the end they kiss. they both seem to like the kiss but feel awkward. michael appears in this episode with a new best friend...a runaway horse.
  • Quinn + Dumped by Mark = ♥Logan

    Mark saids that he wants to take a break in his relationship with Quinn because of a new girl. Mark said that it wasn't just that she was pretty but they had a special connection when he was tutoring her in chemistry. Quinn not statified with that answer dresses all preppy like to try to get her man back. All of Quinns friends tell her that she shouldn't change her look and that Mark was stupid for dumping her. Logan sees shes upset and they end up kissing. Even though it was kind of akward they both seem to kind of like it.
  • Mark dumps Quinn for hottie Brooke and Quinn wonders if she changes her looks, that she can win back Mark. When her plan fails, she is left confused and hurt only to have an encounter with someone special who assures who she's beautiful the way she is.

    This episode was pivotal in the development of Quinn's character and I was pleasantly suprised when she shared a kiss with Logan. I think its time she ended things with Mark b/c honestly that's how high school relationships are--even after two years,feelings can still change. I was quite happy to see someone other than Zoey helped Quinn realize she had no reason to change. Also, I think having the episode "Anger Management" only a couple episodes prior was needed to help explain Logan's character change. I really do believe he's becoming a softer person and Quinn is the perfect girl to soften his heart!
  • Very nice episode, for Season 4.

    Season Four, so far, has been- well, not great. The only episode I really liked is Trading Places. But, Quinn Misses The Mark comes second. There wasn't much Zames in this episode, except for the whole grape incident, which I didn't enjoy.

    Quark is now officialy over for the time-being, and I think Quogan will be a little bit better, because Logan seemed well, nicer in this episode. Back in Season 1, I wouldn't imagine Logan doing the things to help Quinn in this episode. Almost impossible. Maybe Logan will turn out to be the nice character.

    So, this episode was pretty good. 9.5 out of 10.
  • Mark breaks up with Quinn. Quinn likes logan. They kiss & a hourse fallows Michel around.

    I loved it. I thought that well it will just be about Quinn and mark breaking up but then she tries to win him back. It
    doesn't work. She dresses in cloths that she would never dress in and has no gasses. She is so upset. She thinks how could he fall for a girl like her. Then while Quinn is sitting on the bench crying. Logan comes. Says how pretty she is and that is not the real her. Then they kiss!! They continue dating for the next two episodes. Even longer I hope. But they keep it a secret! The only thing that confused me was the hourse and michel. But Quinn and Logan kissing made up for that.

    Quinn and Logan forever!
  • Mark dumps Quinn to date another girl named Brooke, and Quinn dresses up like Brooke to try and get Mark back, but it doesn't work. Quinn ends up in a relationship with Logan. Meanwhile, Michael get followed by a horse named Windchester.

    This episode was pretty good, as compared to the other Season 4 episodes (except for Trading Places). The ending was really shocking. I thought that Logan was only wanting to make her feel better, but they ended up kissing and becoming a couple. Totally unexpected. Also, the part when Windchester's owner takes him home, and Michael cries, was kinda strange, but considering Michael's character (remember what happened when Zoey left in Goodbye Zoey?), it was not too surprising. It was also quite nice to see that James is not the kind of immature person who makes fun of people in the kind of situation Michael was in.
  • Mark breaks up with Quinn. Quinn dresses like a hooker. Mark doesn't care. Michael finds a horse. Quinn hooks up with Logan????

    One word for this episode: WOW! I cannot believe Mark broke up with Quinn. Well he didn't appreciate her anyway, They looked like they were in a rut. Then Quinn looks so hot when she dresses up like a "Lola Image". She should dress like that every day. Mark doesn't care either way. The part that really kills the episode. Is Michael & that stupid horse. It kept on interrupting all the action! At the end, it really suprised me. How can Logan & Quinn end up together. It's so odd. I bet the only reason he made out with her, it's because she looked like a hooker. I wanted to see the next episode so bad. I couldn't wait what happened next!
  • Mark and Quinn break up and Quinn changes her look.

    I thought this episode was good. I did not think that Mark and Quinn would break up, they seemed like they had a nice relationship, but Mark wanted to see other people. Once Mark and Quinn break up, Quinn decides to change her image. She begins to get attention by many people. The one person I did not expect is Logan. I did not expect Logan to be so nice to Quinn and be there for her when she needed some one. The kiss was unexpected too. I think this whole story line brings some thing new to the show. For me I want Quinn and Mark to be together in the end. I feel they have been through a lot, and I do not think they will forget that.
  • I really liked this episode!

    This has been one of my favorite episodes lately since Chase hasn't been back. I was happy when Mark pretty much told Quinn that he wanted to break up because I was getting sick of him. I loved it ewhen Quinn got jealous when she saw Mark with the other girl that he broke up with Quinn for. My favorite quote was the lines...
    Quinn:And that's what you want? A brainless troll wearing a shirt that wouldn't fit an 8-year-old boy?
    Mark:She's in my chemistry class and she wasn't understanding anything.
    Quinn:Oh!There's a shock!
    lol I couldn't stop laughing! Then when Logan was there to comfort her was so sweet. I never really expected them to be together on the show but it kind of makes sense. Anyways I like and it and if Chase isn't going to be there we need something entertaining at least. I loved the horse that followed Michael around. It was so dumb that it was funny. Like when he was in the shower there was obviously no way anything like that would ever happen but it was still funny. I thought it was funny when he finally started to like the horse then he named it and then he found out the horse's real name was Winchester. When James asked Michael if he needed a hug it made me mad because that was a typical Chase line and now James is using it. I want Chase back!
  • I really liked it

    I liked how we finally see Quinn and Mark having problems. It can't be okay for two teenagers to be together that long. Someone has to get bored sometime. The fact that it was for a girl that dresses differently than Quinn was a little shocking. I mean Mark! This episode actually does deal with stuff like body image a little bit, and being yourself. One of the better messages in this episode. The most surprising part had to be with Logan. It goes to show you that he has a soft side. Quinn and Logan always had somehting going on between them.
  • awww, how cute! lol

    QMM was the most anticipated episode since Rumor of Love.. here are my thoughts on it.. let's see what happened first.. I believe it was Mark saying he wanted to take a break from Quinn. I thought Quinn took it remarkably well (at first). And I can definitely see why Mark would want to take a break.. Quinn is kind of annoying sometimes. And two years with the same person is alot for high school students.

    so next i believe was the scene where zoey was feeding james some grapes or something.. totally pathetic! I am so glad Lola spoke up for everyone watching the show! lol.. and the whole zoey putting a grape in Lola's mouth thing definetely calmed the tension a little.. that was pretty much the only big Zames or Joey or whatever the heck u wanna call them scene..

    k, so throughout the episode Michael is being followed by a random horse.. dumbest thing i've seen since Mystery or Majesty or whatever the heck his name was from Spongebob Squarepants! not to mention the whole riding to class on the horse scene where it was definitely not michael and zoey on the horse.. i mean did u see how obviously they cut the horse out of the talking shots?? lmao!

    then i think we found out about mark's new girlfriend (forgot her name, was it Brooke??) anyway, she was def alot prettier than Quinn but we can't judge cuz we really didnt see her personality or anything in the episode.. but quinn had a right to be pissed, u cant say i wanna take a break and then go straight to another girl.. u gotta be upfront about that stuff. and it's def a good thing zoey took those lasers away! lmao, how funny was the scene with Lola zapping the fan!!! hahaha!

    last significant scene was the Logan and Quinn thing.. i found it pretty cute/nice/whatever the heck u wanna call it.. logan was really nice and i could def see a transformation happen where logan goes from the jerk of the past who only wanted hot girls to a nice guy (stll a little bit of a jerk) who likes quinn.. def could see it happening, and i would like it.. i dont think he's had a girlfriend yet and i mark is def more boring than him..

    so those are my thoughts, hope u enjoyed reading..
  • Not what I expected.

    I really expected "Quinn Misses The Mark" to be much more of an exciting episode.When seeeing the previews with Logan and QUinn about to kiss,I thought that would be really big but it turned out after watching the episode it really wasn't.They both seemed very distant after the kiss and it doesnt seem like they will get together.I'm not really a Loquinn fan so it doesn't really make a diffrence to me.The part with Micheal and the horse was REALLY funny.I wish I had a horse following me everywhere. :D This episode was really funny all together.Great episode! 10/10 make that 1000000/10
  • Quinn sees Mark with another girl, and Micheal gets followed by a horse.

    Quinn, Mark, Zoey, and Lola are in the lounge. Quinn fakes a power outage so that Zoey and Lola will leave. Alone with Mark, Quinn starts flirting with him, but Mark is completely unresponsive. When she asks Mark what is wrong, Mark suggests that the two of them should take a break. Quinn thinks it's just a phase, so she agrees.

    Quinn takes the break-up well at first, but then see sees Quinn with another girl named Brooke. Zoey and Lola sense a potentially dangerous situation and disarm Quinn. Mark explains that he met Brooke in Chemistry class. Quinn accuses Mark of lying to her and storms off.

    The next day, Quinn is at her computer mangling Mark's face in Photoshop. She tells Lola she can't see why Mark would choose a "dumb little troll in a tank top" over her. Lola explains that sometimes, guys assume that's the kind of girl they are looking for. Lola leaves Quinn alone, and suddenly Quinn gets an idea.

    Zoey is hanging with James and Lola in the lounge when Quinn appears looking completely different. She was always beautiful, but now she's smoking hot. Zoey urges her to change back into her normal self, and that makeup and sexy clothes is not the way to get Mark back. She also urges her to put her glasses back on. Quinn ignores her and goes looking for Mark.

    Quinn's new look causes Mark to dribble milk all over his shirt, but it doesn't win him back. Mark tells Quinn that he is dating Brooke because of who she is, not how she looks. Quinn leaves upset.

    Logan is riding on his Jet-X when he notices Quinn sitting on a bench. He tries to cheer her up, but while he manages not to make things worse, his natural tendency to be a jerk makes his attempts somewhat amusing.

    Logan tells Quinn that Mark is an idiot for breaking up with her, and that she is smart, pretty, and fun. (I am polishing up what he said quite a bit.) He helps Quinn put her glasses back on and says "Hey, there's Quinn." Suddenly, they stare at each other and kiss, but soon catch themselves. They both act awkwardly and slide to opposite ends of the bench.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ B Plot ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Logan gets Micheal to deliver some cookies for him, but Micheal returns without them. Micheal claims they were eaten by a horse, but neither Logan nor James believe him.

    The next day, Logan is chatting with a girl when Micheal shows up with the horse, proving that he was telling the truth. Logan apologizes, reluctantly, and runs after his girl. Micheal tells the horse to go home, but it stays put. Micheal reluctantly gives the horse his last cookie.

    The horse continues to appear randomly. It shows up when Micheal and James are playing basketball, eats Micheal's lunch, interrupts football practice, and even invades Micheal's shower stall!

    Finally, Micheal does find a good use of the horse. Zoey overslept and has only 4 minutes to get to class, so Micheal has her mount the horse and they ride off. Zoey does make it to class on time, but not before Micheal attracts the attention of the entire school.

    Micheal starts forming a close emotional bond with the horse, but the true owner of the horse shows up to claim it. Micheal and "Spark Plug" share a last, tearful goodbye.


    Logan was odd in this episode, as for once he actually tried to be nice. However, given that the kiss occurred some time before the end of the episode, it is unlikely that too much time will be spent on Logan and Quinn. If this kiss was important to the long-term flow of events, chances are the writers would have saved it for the final scene. Furthermore, Zoey is the main character of this show, not Quinn or Logan.

    Micheal was hilarious with the horse. When I first heard of this subplot, I thought it would just be a series of lame gags, but it wasn't bad at all.
  • Quinn and Logan kiss... didn't see that coming.

    This episode was really good. It was new yesterday and I enjoyed it. It's about Mark dumps Quinn after 2 years because he wants to date someone else, but Quinn wants him back. Then, she dresses up and takes off her glasses so she can win Mark back, but that doesn't happen. Quinn gets upset, and Logan comforts her... then they kiss. That was probably for me the most unexpected thing in the show so far... but I kinda liked it. The subplot is when a horse follows Michael around the campus but when a lady says she had a missing horse, she takes him back and Michael gets upset and cries. Overall a great episode.
  • After a lacklustre season thus far (with the exception of Trading Places), Zoey 101 returns to good (but not top) form.

    Zoey 101 Season 3 ended off with one very interesting cliffhanger and one of its best episodes of all time. Fans (including myself) waited in anticipation for the fourth season. Would Zoey come back? Does she feel the same way? And most important, will Chase and Zoey ever get together?

    The season premiere of season 4 was a fantastic episode and definitely in my personal top 15 if not 10. I knew it would be Sean Flynn's (Chase) last episode for awhile and he was better than ever. Once he left, I couldn't help but wonder how the rest of the season would go. Would Zoey 101 continue its trend of (in my humble opinion) improving with smarter, funnier and generally enjoyable episodes? Sadly, Trading Places was the single standout of what has been otherwise a lacklustre season. Fake Roomate and Alone At PCA were silly and immature and Rumor of Love, although humourous at times, introduced a character that has failed to impress me (more on him later). Anger Management was funny as well but I couldn't help at balk of the realism of it all. But this review isn't for any of those episodes. This is for Quinn Misses Mark and even though it had its low points, I can only say one thing: FINALLY. Finally as in this season has produced a good episode that wasn't Trading Places. It had comedy, romance and even a little adventure. Just to quickly summarize for those who didn't watch, this episode was basically about Mark breaking up with Quinn for some girl he was helping with chemistry. Quinn, thinking Mark got together with Brooke for her looks, decides to change up her style and try to entice Mark back to her. Although she does get the eye from several males on campus, Mark is not one of them and he tells her that he got together with Brooke because they are compatible. Her being hot "is just gravy".

    There's more to the plot but I don't want to spend this whole review summarizing. Instead I want to talk about Quinn and Logan. Specifically Quinn and Logan kiss. At first I dreaded it because it just seemed so… wrong. Plus Mark and Quinn have been together for two years and when you invest so much time into a relationship, you can't help but reject the new. But anyways to make a long story short: the kiss was cute, nice and pretty intense (he held her face! They didn't pull away until they got interrupted! Etc etc). Whether anything will come of this kiss is left up in the air.

    The B-plot contained Michael being followed around campus by a horse. I know it sounds silly (and it was, trust me) but Christopher Massey has amazing comedic chops and his ability to handle even the silliest storylines keep me amused constantly (anyone remember Drippin' haha).

    Zoey and James were blah. James is blah. James needs to hurry up and leave before he drives me to watch paint dry instead of him and Zoey's totally forced relationship on screen. I'll leave it at that, next!

    So overall, good episode and I'm glad Zoey 101 is finally picking up again. I was beginning to lose faith almost. So until the next episode, later readers and keep watching Zoey 101:)