Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 6

Quinn Misses The Mark

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • Zoey: Wait! Give me your zap watch.
      Quinn: Promise I won't-
      Zoey: GIVE IT!

    • Lola: I gotta say, you're taking this whole Mark thing really well!
      Zoey: Yeah, how come you're not more upset?

    • Quinn: And that's what you want? A brainless troll wearing a shirt that wouldn't fit an eight-year-old boy?
      Mark: She's in my chemistry class and she wasn't understanding anything.
      Quinn: Oh! There's a shock!

    • Lola: You're bonking.You need to be blipping!
      Zoey: I'll blip you!

    • Michael: Alright horse, thanks for proving I'm not a liar! Now...go back to wherever you came from!

    • (Zoey feeds James a grape)
      Lola: Oh, God. You guys aren't gonna be one of THOSE couples, are you?
      Zoey: I just fed him a grape. Want me to feed you one?
      Lola: Okay!

    • Zoey: (to Quinn) This is not the way to get attention from guys.
      Random Guy: Hey Quinn, I don't know if you're doing anything Saturday night, but if you're free, I thought-
      Zoey: Goodbye!

    • Firewire: Can I date her?
      Mark: No!
      Firewire: I'll give you my wizard card, and two magic trolls!

    • Mark: I'm not dating Brooke because she looks hot. We just, really connected. Quinn: Uh-huh.
      Mark: Seriously! We both collect antique calendars, we both like to knit...
      Quinn: I'd rather not hear about your magical connections with Brooke.
      Mark: I'm just saying, I like her for her. Her hotness is just gravy.
      Quinn: You hate gravy.

    • Logan: What's your problem?
      Quinn: Nothing, Logan. Just keep riding.
      Logan: You been crying? What's wrong?
      Quinn: Nothing!
      Logan: Come on. Talk to me.
      Quinn: (after a long silence) Mark broke up with me.
      Logan: Oh yeah, I heard you got dumped...broken up with.
      Quinn: Yeah. After two years!
      Logan: Why'd he du- ...break up with you?
      Quinn: Because he fell for Brooke Margolin.
      Logan: Ohhh, she's hot!
      (Quinn stares at him)
      Logan: Hottish...
      (Quinn rolls her eyes)

    • (Michael is being followed by the horse)
      Michael: You gotta quit following me around!
      (horse neighs)
      Michael: This is a school! You're not enrolled in it!

    • Quinn: I mean, I guess I can't be mad at Mark.
      Logan: Well if it makes you feel any better, I think Mark's an idiot.
      Quinn: Yeah, yeah, I know you hate him.
      Logan: I don't hate him. I mean, he's an idiot for breaking up with you.
      Quinn: Why do you say that?
      Logan: I don't know. I mean, look. We all know you're weird. But, you're smart, you're pretty, and...you're kind of fun!
      Quinn: (rolls eyes) Thanks.
      Logan: Sure. And uh, why are you dressed like that?
      Quinn: I was trying to compete with Brooke.
      Logan: Well don't. (takes Quinn's glasses and puts them back on for her)
      Logan: Hey...there's Quinn.
      (they kiss)

    • Logan: Want to feel my hair? I use this special Norwegian conditioner. You can only get it by-
      Girl: Look it! A horse!

    • Quinn: Eat yellowtail!! (shoves some yellowtail in Mark's mouth)
      Brooke: Why'd you do that?!
      Quinn: Because he hates yellowtail!

    • Lola: Maybe she's just a friend!
      Quinn: Yeah, just a friend whose hand he's holding while he giggles like a schoolgirl!

    • (Mark and Brooke walk into Sushi Rox)
      (Zoey and Lola look at each other)

      Quinn: What's wrong?
      Zoey: Nothing!
      Lola: Nothing at all! Just, don't turn around!

    • Logan: That cookie basket was a gift from one of my stepmoms!
      Michael: Which one?
      Logan: I don't know! But it was a very meaningful gift and I can't believe you ate it!

    • Michael: Here! Smell my breath!
      Logan: No!
      Michael: Smell it! Do you smell cookie in here? (breathes in Logan's face)
      Logan: Gross! Never do that again!

    • Michael: Hey, don't be rude! I didn't have to stop by the mailroom and pick up your big cookie basket.
      Logan: Dude!
      Michael: And I expect at least nine cookies when I get there.
      Logan: No way! You get one!
      Michael: One? Alright then. (puts basket down) There. Now your cookie basket's on the ground. And I'm walking away.

    • Mark: So...at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius, and a pressure of 101.325 KPA absolute-
      Quinn: Where the density is 1.25 kilograms over meters cubed!
      Mark: My foot itches.

    • James: Uh-oh. Zoey says I'm late.
      Micheal: Late for what?
      James: I don't know but, she's my girlfriend and she says I'm late so the best thing for me to do would be to run.

    • (Quinn and Logan kiss)
      (Michael and Zoey ride by on horse)

      Logan: Weirdest...day...ever...
      Quinn: Yeah...

    • Michael: Nothing to see here! Just a young man and a horse having a conversation! Move along!

    • Logan: You ate my cookies!
      Michael: No I didn't! James, tell him I didn't!
      James: Sure, cookie monster!

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