Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 12

Quinn's Alpaca

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Quinn's alpaca is sick. It's very depressed because it misses Quinn. Now Quinn is feeling very depressed because of it. So Zoey, Nicole, and Lola know that the only way to make her feel better is to throw her an alpaca themed party. Meanwhile Chase, Logan and Micheal compete to see who can last the longest without using the letter "s."moreless

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  • good

    Quinn misses her alpaca, Otis, and knows Otis is depressed. She becomes depressed too. Zoey, Nicole and Lola try to make her feel better. Will they be able to? Meanwhile Chase, Michael and Logan have a bet to see who can go the longest without saying the letter "S". Who will win?

    Good episode. Honestly, even though it was time-filler, I loved the sub plot. Just because it seems like something me and my friends would do; try and see who could go the longest without saying a letter. It's obviously time-filler for the episode, but it was entertaining and I liked seeing it. The episode as a whole was pretty good, and it gets a C or so as a grade from memoreless
  • quinn worries about her alpaca and the boys challenge each other by seeing who can go the longest without using s

    yes this is a very average ep...this ep really confused me..not that its like way beyond my intellectual capacity or anything..but i was kind of like ok what the heck..this ep is very confusing and kind of retarded..i mean i see the bond thing with your pets b/c i totally get that..but this was just a little too creepy..spoiler..quinn misses her alpaca and zoey tries to make things right but they go wrong..the best part of this ep was when she got some time with her alpaca and then it was funny with the guys having to stop themselves from saying s in like any wordmoreless
  • Pretty good episode. Quinn wants her aplaca back!

    Pretty good episode. I loved the Michael, Chase and Logan bet subplot best and better than the Quinn, Lola and Zoey plot. It's okay for a season finale, since everyone was shocked that Quinn was about to leave. Where is Quinn? Where is Quinn? Where is Quinn? Yes, that made me thrill to :P. In other words, I thought it was pretty good. Not the best of season 2, probarly in my bottom 5, but it's pretty good. I bet season 3 was better, since it had more characters and creativy then season 2. Season finale review. Peace out for now. Bye!moreless
  • A review, appropriately without the letter after "r".

    The male part of the Zoey gang are at the court playing a game named after the equine. After watching the male lead fail to put the ball in the hoop for a fourth time, the three invent a new game to determine who can go without the letter after "r" longer than the other two. The defeated will have to run around PCA wearing a bikini top and a hula bottom, not to mention a blinking light to be worn on the head. With the commencement of the competition, the three find talking awkward, but all three are committed to win. The three find the challenge more difficult for Michael, however. Unlike Michael, Logan and our male lead do not like a girl with the forbidden letter in her given name. (Note the importance of the word "given" here; there being an occurrence of the forbidden letter in the family name of Zoey.)

    Zoey, Nicole, and Lola are introduced to an ill alpaca owned by a worried Quinn. To put Quinn in a more cheerful mood, they decide to throw an alpaca-themed party, to no avail. Later, the girl clan at PCA find, when they try to locate her, that Quinn ran away to be with her ill animal. They realize that Quinn could get in trouble for leaving PCA territory, and go looking for her.

    Zoey cannot make Quinn remain initially, but then a certain idea developed. The Dean had bought a voice activation machine from Quinn, which malfunctioned due to an incident involving coffee. Not long after, people at PCA are greeted by the alpaca, which the Dean allowed at PCA in exchange for a repair job on the machine.

    Meanwhile, Michael cannot go any longer without invoking the forbidden letter when petitioned for a date by the aforementioned girl, but the date may have been worth the humiliating outfit he had to wear.

    Great job by the writing team for conquering the difficulty of writing all that material without the forbidden letter. I found the competition better than the main plot.moreless
  • Very funny episode...not the best for a finale, but really funny!

    This episode is hilarious...in a weird way. The Logan, Michael, and Chase bet is what makes it so cool! They can't say the letter "S", so you can imagine how that turns out for them! You really have to see it to believe how hilarious it is. Maybe I am the only one who thinks it is funny...but just watch it. You will see! Quinn and the alpaca...not the best part of the episode. Atleast that makes it not just a huge filler episode, but I wish they could have picked out a better plot line for her this time. Oh well. It was still kind of fun. I recommend this episode to anyone who has a weird sense of humor and wants to laugh.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • This is the last episode we see Nicole.

    • Chase: "You're in like Flynn."

      This common catchphrase references the late Australian film actor Errol Flynn. This allusion is especially noteworthy because the actor who plays Chase is Sean Flynn, Errol Flynn's grandson.

    • If Michael wanted to respond affirmatively to Vanessa when she asked him out, he could have avoided using the letter "S" by answering: "Yeah," "okay," "alright."

    • This is the only episode that we see Quinn's parents in.

    • Quinn's alpaca's name is Otis.

    • Quinn's hometown is Seattle.

    • When Zoey got the alpaca inside school, she showed it to Quinn with the help of Nicole and Lola, holding it. When Nicole and Lola were walking away from the alpaca to Zoey, Lola trips because of her high platform wedges.

    • When Vanessa comes to Michael and asks him if he wanted to go out with her and the camera was on Michael, you could see in the background that there was a bunch of students there. They then show Chase and Logan and when Michael says yes and the camera's on him again, the students are gone. When Chase and Logan then points out that "Yes" has an "S" and says that he has lost the bet the camera's is on him again and now you can see that the group of students are in the background again.

    • When Logan, Michael, and Chase are talking, they're saying synonyms to words that don't have "S"'s in them, which causes them to speak really choppy. For example, they say "will not" instead of "won't", and they say it as if they can't think of anything else to say.

    • In this episode Zoey said counting carbs is stupid but in "New Roomies," Zoey dosen't want mac & cheese because it's too carby.

    • An alpaca, a wooled animal identical to a llama, is referenced throughout the episode.

    • At the end of the episode when Zoey, Nicole, Lola, Chase, and Logan are sitting at the tables, Quinn walks by with Otis. The girls say hi, and the guys are confused. When she's gone, Logan asks, "Did Quinn just walk by here with an alpaca?" Throughout the episode, everyone was making the mistake of calling it a llama. Logan had never been around to hear Quinn say it was an alpaca. If Logan's supposed to be such a moron, how did he know that it was an alpaca?

    • When Logan was sitting eating lunch with other friends, he could have been using the letter "S."

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