Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 8

Quinn's Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Quinn Pensky wants to ask out a boy named Mark Del Figgalo, and asks Zoey to tell him that she likes him. When Mark says no, Quinn is awaiting the news at the table and was so excited that Zoey told her Mark had said yes. Zoey, Chase, and Mark pretended to hang out. Quinn thought she was on a date with Mark. Will things go wrong for Chase and Zoey, or will the secret be kept safe from Quinn?moreless

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  • mark's first appearance

    Quinn has a crush on a student named Mark Del Figgalo, and wants to ask him out. But, she gets nervous. She gets Zoey to, but Mark says no. Zoey lies and says he said yes, to not hurt Quinn's feelings. But what will happen when they go on their 'date'?

    This was good. Mark is nowhere near one of my favorite characters, but this was still a good episode with some good humor. I like that Quinn and Mark became a couple, even though I am not crazy about him he does have his moments. Final grade would be a solid "C"moreless
  • Quinn scores a date with Mark, but finds out it isn't really a date.

    Quinn scores a date with Mark, but finds out it isn't really a date. Aahh.. one of Quinn's shy days. I think she feels shy when she makes her inventions aswell. Quinn and Mark kinda look like a great couple but not the great greatest! There boyfriend and girlfriend conflict in the series is going great. I loved the ending, when they started biting off the salami, and really to Quinn. This is my Z101 (Zoey 101) review for the tv series' episode "Quinn's Date". And the salami hitting was funny. Keep up the good work Z101. Peace out, TGH3 !moreless
  • quinn wants 2 go out on a date w/ mark but shes too shy to ask him..she gets zoey to ask him and when mark says no zoey tells quinn he said yes...so she devises a planmoreless

    i loved this ep...it was so so funny..and we had a classic chase moment..zoey asks him if he wants 2 go out on a date and he like rides his bike into something or falls off and the phone goes flying...he rushes 2 pick the phone back up and quickly said yes i would like 2 go on a date w/ u..hes so happy until he realizes its all part of zoeys plan poor chase...but a very good chase and zoey moment and classic chase...i also loved quinns dance and then marks gf broke up w/ him..it was all so funny and they were so confused...quinn is still weird at this stage 2..when she went over 2 mark she asked 4 somethin completely weird...what guy would go out w/ u after u ask that? oh my goshmoreless
  • I have no clue what "Jumps The Shark" means but I really wanted to use it because it sounds cool.

    Quinn has a crush on a boy-Mark Delfigalo. However she doesnt do so well with talking to him. She tends to freak guys out, if you know what I mean. Seriously, wouldn't YOU be freaked out if a girl came up to you and said,"I have an extra toe on my left foot, wanna see?"

    Well Quinn gets Zoey to ask Mark out for her. Mark says no and Zoey lets Quinn beleive that she and Mark are going out on Saturday night. Zoeys only solution to get out of it is to go on a fake double date with Quinn and Mark and Her and Chase. That of course turns out to be a disaster. Mark actually has a girlfriend, Courtney. She gets mad at Mark and hits him in the stomach with a salami.

    In the end it all works out,(Quinn and Mark are going out)and in the end, I LOVE THIS EPISODE!moreless
  • Funny!

    I liked all of it is was funny. With when Quinn went to first ask mark out and instead asked for his nose hair(LOL)!!

    Then when she was trieng to ask a guy out (using Chase as an example) and she was saying how she had an extra toe. I also liked it when at the end Mark said he wasn't on a date with QUinn he was on a date with Chase, which if I was his gf i would dump him no matter what his reason specially if he was dating another guy and him and Courtney were not good together QUinn and him are perfect for each other!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The hockey jersey that Dustin was wearing looked very similar to the NHL team Anaheim Mighty Ducks, a team in California, where the show takes place.

    • It is discovered in this episode that Quinn has an extra toe. Although she doesn't say it, she puts up her right foot, which could only mean that it is on her right foot.

    • During the picnic, Mark drinks all of the sparkling apple juice. The straw is blue at that time. When Quinn asks him to pour her some, the straw becomes pink. When he is actually pouring the juice, it becomes blue again.

    • There are a couple of times in this episode where you can hear some clapping. Most notable is when Michael tells Dustin to keep Elvis in his dorm until his D.A. isn't suspicious anymore. You can hear clapping, which is likely used to call Elvis over. This also happens shortly before this moment.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Quinn: Oh, I'm not very good at talking to boys.
      Zoey: It's easy! It's just like talking to girls, but you gotta use smaller words.

    • Zoey: Chase? Chase, how would you like to go on a double date with me tomorrow?
      Chase: A date?! Ah! (falls off bike)
      Chase: (scrambling for phone) Yes, yes. That was a yes. Yes to the date.

    • Mark: But I haven't eaten yet.
      Chase: (Gives Mark a leg of salami) Here, you can eat it on the way.

    • Zoey: (To Quinn) You might not want to mention the word "date" to Mark.

    • Zoey: My friend, Quinn, thinks you're cute and wants to go out with you. Will ya?
      Mark: No.
      Zoey: Come on! She's pretty and she's right over there.
      Mark: (Looks at Quinn) No.

    • Quinn: Okay, so what do I do?
      Zoey: Just pretend Chase is a guy.
      Chase: Uh, thanks.

    • Zoey: Poor little Elvis is going to be all by himself.
      Dustin: Maybe he likes his privacy.
      Micheal: Nah, he loves company.

    • Dana: What'd you do?
      Quinn: I just said hello! Then I asked him if I could have one of his nose hairs.
      Zoey: Why?!
      Quinn: To compare it to one of mine under a microscope. To see if we're molecularly compatible. Is that so weird?
      Dana, Nicole, Zoey: Yes!

    • Zoey: Quinn!
      Nicole: I think we lost her.

    • Quinn: What did he say? Please say he said yes, I would be the happiest person in the world if he said yes, tell me he said yes, please.
      Zoey: Ummm...He said YES.
      Dana: What's your problem?
      Zoey: Remember when I said "Mark said yes" He said NO.
      Nicole: NO!!!
      Zoey: YES.
      Nicole: YES.
      Nicole: Yes, wait I'm confused.
      Dana: Did he say Yes or No.
      Zoey: No.
      Dana: No, then why did you tell her he said Yes.
      Zoey: Because, I panicked.
      Dana: You'd better go tell her the truth before she finds out.
      Zoey: I can't it'll break her heart, her sweet little heart.

    • Nicole: Did you say Clint?
      Chase: He said Quinn.
      Mark: I said Clint.
      Zoey: He meant Quinn.

    • Quinn: Mark, I can't believe you dated me when you already have a girlfriend! Good day, Mark!
      Mark: But-
      Quinn: I said, "Good day!"

    • Zoey: Dustin has always been afraid of animals.

    • Dustin:I am NOT afraid of animals!

    • Courtney: Mark! You're on a date with HER?
      Mark: No! I'm... on a date with Chase!
      Chase: Um, it's true. We had a picnic.
      Zoey: Champagne and everything, I saw it all.

    • Quinn: Did you know that elephant urine smells like licorice?
      Chase: Wh-- OH MY GOD!
      Quinn: Want to see my sixth toe?
      Chase: MAKE IT STOP!

    • Mark: You're really special, Clint.
      Quinn: Quinn...
      Mark: Riiiight...

  • NOTES (3)