Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 8

Quinn's Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Quinn: What did he say? Please say he said yes, I would be the happiest person in the world if he said yes, tell me he said yes, please.
      Zoey: Ummm...He said YES.
      Dana: What's your problem?
      Zoey: Remember when I said "Mark said yes" He said NO.
      Nicole: NO!!!
      Zoey: YES.
      Nicole: YES.
      Nicole: Yes, wait I'm confused.
      Dana: Did he say Yes or No.
      Zoey: No.
      Dana: No, then why did you tell her he said Yes.
      Zoey: Because, I panicked.
      Dana: You'd better go tell her the truth before she finds out.
      Zoey: I can't it'll break her heart, her sweet little heart.