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  • An horrible show with a good atmosphere

    Actually i don't find the unreality of the show a problem, in fact it's the most intresting thing here. The fact that the characters live in a school so perfect, with theaters, sushi bars, sporting clubs and everything, is what create the atmosphere that sometimes make me like to watch this show. All this perfect dreamy school is like the image of the teenage period of life, a period so special that feels somewhat "unreal" in everyone life. And even those absurd scientific Quinn inventions are something like that, and they don't annoy me that much.

    The problem in this show is practically everything else.

    Characters i will not say they are stereotypes, because stereotyped characters can be good too, but here characters are simply bad written and unlikable, starting with Zoey, the worst of all. Shes pictured as perfect, a girl that can do anything and better than anyone, a girl that everyone loves, everyone needs, and whatever she does everyone follows her. But in reality shes a bitch and a bully, and she doesnt care of anyone, she treats anyone badly, because shes always right.

    Another annoying thing is the way they made Logan. I mean, i dont dislike him too much, because hes the only one who try to contrast Zoey. But for some reason, even when he didnt do something that bad, or even when hes right(it heppens, but nobody can be right against Zoey!), Zoey and his bootlickers decides to revenge.

    Logan and Micheal are the only characters that occasionally made me laugh tho.

    The worst thing of all anyway, is the writing. I really have no words, im actually amazed how they managed to make every single line and every situation annoying. The script and the lines seems written by a 5yo child, they are all so stupid that in almost every scene i want to punch in the face the actors(not their fault, i know, its dan schneider deserves it all).
  • Meh....

    I'm ashamed to say i liked the show when I was younger. But now that I'm older and wiser, I can now see this shit for what it really is.

    First off, it seems like the entire show revolves around Zoey. Though there are like 6 other characters to focus on, Zoey always ends up being the queen of the hour. Everything must go her way or no one will be happy.

    Take the radio episode for example:

    Chase sells the radio to Zoey, but he later finds out its worth alot of money and wants to get it back so that he can get the money (which I don't see why he would need it any way, since they're at the most perfect and divine fucking boarding school on the face of the earth) . He asks Zoey for it back, and she becomes all bitchy and almost ruins their friendship over it.

    The show overall is just plain unrealistic. It doesn't deal with actual teenage problems, just jealousy, boyfriends and girlfriends, stupid arguments, and what not.

    And it seems she always solves everyone's problems. Whenever someone is going through some kind of trouble, they go to her. And guess what, she ALWAYS knows the answers. And if Zoey can't fix the problem, no one can.

  • is fantastic

    hello cheeis i khushi are cheeis six stupid hello zoey are six fantastic i saw all your puntat
  • Disappointing

    4 of the characters are horrible:

    Zoey - Zoey is very prissy and a spoiled brat. Just watch The Radio episode to see what I mean.

    Dana - I hate how mean things get between her, Zoey and Nicole during Season 1. It's about as mean as they get on . Farm. Lola is way better, in my opinion.

    Quinn - Rude and obnoxious and uses her zap watch way too much.

    Logan - Total jerk.

    But 4 of the characters are really good:

    Dustin - Dustin is my favorite character. He is a sweet, cute kid who is also very intelligent.

    Michael - He's funny. He's why you gotta love black people. I just feel he tries too hard to be

    Nicole - She and Emma (from Jessie, a show that I love, love, love) would be best friends if they ever met.

    Lola - She is my second favorite character, a little whiny at times, though.
  • I liked it. One of the best Dan Schneider shows ever!

    This show is good, along with: All That, Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. At least, it's not as half as crappy as: iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, What I Like About You and Henry Danger. In my opinion, this show was Dan Schneider's first dramedy, due to some events that seem serious. Overall, I love this show. Who cares what you haters have to say!
  • i watch it sometimes but it isnt that good

    The concept is extremely boring. It is too damn stereotypical. It is predictable. One thing that aggravates me is zoey. I do not think I have ever seen or met a girl that is pretty, smart, good at sports, gets straight A's without studying, and has all the guys masturbating over her. For example, in the spring break episode when the janitor and the dean are fighting over some god damn trophy, Zoey gets bored and decides to leave. Of course this means that her sidekicks Quinn and Lola have to leave too, since the Queen of the Hour decides to. Another thing I do not understand is that the "boarding school" is pretty much like learning on a beach. It has a SUSHI BAR for gods sake. Even the classes seem fun. For example, one teacher took the class on a field trip to an freaking amusement park so they could learn about physics. Even the sports teams are perfect. In the Vince Blake episode, PCA of course made it to the championship game, since they are too perfect to lose. Yeah, boarding schools are for the first class people with the preppy kids, but it is not a joy ride of beach and never ending fun. Realistically, the only way you can afford to go to PCA is if one of your parents is a lawyer and the other is a doctor. Pretty much, it is a school for the millionaires.

  • Amazing.

    I have been watching this show for about 1-2 years. It is still funny to me. I wish it lasted longer! It had a lot of potential to keep it going.
  • Worst show on nick

    It's worser then how to rock and Sam and cat at the same time
  • Worst Dan Schneider show that is only loved by nostalgia

    Zoey: Mary Sue. She's smart, everyone loves her, she's perfect always smiling and solving everyone's problems with little effort (she would be followed by Mary sue Carly and Tori) she's so smart yet can't realizes Chase loves here.


    Dana: The bully. Prototype for characters like Sam and Jade

    Lola: Who remembers her?

    Logan: asshole that everything bad happens to

    Chase: obsessed over some bitch that doesn't love him back

    Michael: Token Black guy (succeeded by Andre) He acts like a black stereotype despite handing out with all white people and has a crazy abusive black grandma (stereotype of crazy black women)

    Dusstin: why was he in this show?
  • awesome

    zoey 101 is the best show ever
  • Oh c'mon now

    I think this show is just way to unrealistic. Allow me to elaborate.

    Let's start with PCA itself (their school)

    The school has a movie theater and nail salon on campus. It also has a sushi bar and coffee cart. Is this a college campus? Um no. The school is just that perfect.

    Then there's the characters:

    Zoey: Waaay too perfect. I mean everyone likes her. On one of the earlier episodes, her friend Chase and another guy go to extreme lengths to go to a dance with her because she's "so hot" Her guy friend is in love with her. She got asked to join the wrestling team for breaking up a pansy fight. She also thinks she's so high and mighty. One of the guys wouldn't wrestle her so she says, "Get over here right now" Sure about that hun? He's an experienced wrestler. She's never in trouble. She's also annoying. She treats her little brother like a baby. For instance, "Growing boys shouldn't be eating junk" Then why is it that whatever Zoey says goes? A whole dorm of girls wanted revenge on the guys on prank week, Zoey told them to just chill out because it's nothing personal, but when Queen Zoey gets hit with a water balloon and she decides it's ok to strike back, then the girls go for it. Why listen to her? If you want revenge go for it. Then the entire girl's dormitory is saddened and throws her a party when she is almost kicked out. Really? All this over one girl? Everyone cares so much about her though school's only been in session like what a few months. How does every single girl know her? The only person who ever disliked her and challenged her was Rebecca (Chase's girlfriend at one point) but you still can't help but side with Zoey because Rebecca has no redeeming qualities. Way to go make the only one who doesn't like Zoey unlikeable

    Logan: Way too conceited and obnoxious. Also, would someone explain why he ever had an on campus job if he gets over 1,000 bucks allowance? He's not even cute and he's obsessed with himself

    Quinn: Way too stereotypically nerdy, Yeah I mean there are students who excel in science and enjoy it but would you find beakers, tubes, and all kinds of lazers in their rooms. Do they experiment randomly on their friends and own all this high tech equipment? She even once attempted to teach rodent choreography. Just about anything that would make someone else cringe, raise an eyebrow in confusion, or seems totally uninteresting and out there is right up her alley. This chick can invent things and even do eye surgery. Why is she even in a boarding school. She should have a nobel prize. She has no social skills and is incapable of talking about anything non-science related or throwing out random facts

    Michael: The most real I'd say of the bunch, but he gets no credit for his jokes or anything. For instance, he coined a slang term when no one thought he would, then when someone else uses it, they denied he ever said it.

    Chase: Eh kinda dorky but a sweet guy. His obsession with Zoey is kind of pathetic. Hello there are tons of other girls in this school

    Nicole: Waay too dumb. All she cares about is boys and looking cute. She is an idiot and yet one episode states she's a straight A student.

    Dana: Glad she left. Too bossy and conceited. Basically a female version of Logan

    Lola: Kinda annoying. Obsessed with acting and can be a ditz.

    James: He's likeable. Nice guy but c'mon would girls seriously be taking pics outside his window and following him. He's not that cute.

    Minor characters

    Coco: Unbelievably gross and incompetent. All she does is whine over her boyfriend, eat, cry, or gives about 1% effort at her job

    Stacy: Sweet girl, but again too dorky. They intentionally make her too weird and unlikeable to make treating her like crap ok. She gets ignored and treated badly and doesn't seem the least bit bothered.

    Mark (Quinn's boyfriend) : A rock could play his role. He's dull, strange, and has nothing to offer to the show. He is just there for Quinn to have a boyfriend, as well as to highlight Quinn's weirdness by showing she doesn't have good taste in guys AT ALL.

    There's also these random characters who are friends of a kid known as Firewire (don't ask) again stereotypically weird and nerdy beyond anything real

    The storylines are so fake too. I mean an episode about robot wars. Then the whole school bragging about Zoey and James dating. So, if every girl thinks he's so cute, cute enough to gawk outside his window, wouldn't they be jealous and mad that he ends up with Zoey that quick? No of course not because Zoey's perfect and everyone loves her. He couldn't have made a better choice. Also, back to the episode about the school dance. Supposedly the guy who ends up with Zoey got matched up with her by stealing her personality test. Someone tell me how you steal an online test. I could go on and on but you get the point.

    I admit it is fun to watch and better than seeing teen shows filled with catfights, hook ups, ect but still really fake
  • zoey 101

    i think that zoey is a good and funny
  • 2000`s intresting show

    This is one of the rare shows on Nick that actually did a decent job. Its better than iCarly and Victorious and I like those shows. All the characters are likable and even the setting isnt on a lame stage, it takes place on location. Too bad shows are not made like this these days.
  • Just Needs That Spark

    this show isn't great or terrible. there are really hardly any problems with it, the plots r interesting and the characters r pretty likeable (just becuz this was an early 21 century show). I really don't have any problems with characters except zoey and lola can be a bit whiney sometimes and dana is basically an excluded gothic. I think at some points the acting is pretty bad by erin sanders (Quinn) and Matthew Underwood (Logan). I liked the fact that they'd occasionally mention the special bond between chase and zoey although didn't make that the entire show. the only real problem is it can be a bit bland and forgettable just becuz it didn't really have that extra spark. there was really just not much anyone would start talking about. although I do love the 1hour specials, they just nail those like the reality show special.
  • meh this show is meh

    I only watched a little of this, and it really is not that good IMO but still was fair. 6/10 fair
  • I hate Zoey I hate Zoey Zoey can go die in a hole.

    She's a Mary Sue and the show would be better off without her. oops
  • Cool show.

    It was a great show, too bad it was ended because Jamie-Lynn got pregnant. Oh well, this was a great show. I'm male saying this.
  • I heart zoey 101

    it is the most popular teen drama on nickelodeon.

    this is the greatest show ever. I love Zoey 101.
  • A show that has whiny little girls

    I think this show is ok, but it focuses too much on fashion and boys. I hate the characters in the show, they're too whiny. The actors are not the bad, but the plots are ridiculous. Also I don't like this show because it has Britney's little sister. I don't like the guy who created this show.
  • 10 Best Reality Comedies By Nick

    Okay Lets get started this had the best humor the best actors and endless sets to shoot like when you watch this at home your hyped up like you would literally want to be put inside a boarding school and make friends like Zoey Brooks I can still say to I cant wait till this shows comes on because sitting in my living watching channel 152 is the highlight on the paper for my day specially when I'm alone but to be honest thousand probably Millions were sad to see this show go with the humor the love triangle the make ups and break ups the Violence and the great gestures Thank You Dan Schneider for Created This
  • Nice, nice.

    Its a good show! Its not amazing but you get it. Some epsiodes could be boring but mostly there good. I love the one for Hollween, pretty cool if you ask me. Its great for kids is what I think.

    I loved this show when I was little and watched it everyday. When it got canceled it quickly left my mind and other shows impressed me instead.

    They still show re-runs. I think its good and now I'm older. My borther even used to like it!
  • Great show to enjoy any day!

    This show along with Drake and Josh are very good considering it was made by Dan Schneider. I love to watch this show anytime because there was a big cast with each of them having different character traits and personalities and they show that in each episode to make the episodes better. That's why I give this show not a 10 but a 9.
  • I can't enjoy this show.

    I don't like it, it's very boring, and even worse, Britney Spears's sister plays "Zoey."
  • Zoey 101

    Zoey 101 is actually great, for me, something interesting every time, except some things can be a little unrealistic. The school, PCA, sounds cool and there is always something interesting happening there. I loved it when it was still on, except now that it's not and I rarely see on Nick, (I see it on Teen Nick though), I've kind of moved on to different shows. I still watch the reruns.
  • Who is it about?

    Don't take this the wrong way. I like this show. But I never knew who it was about. I mean there's Lola, Chase, Michael, Quin, Logan, Nicole, and Zoey(I know there's also a girl in the first season who left and a boy in the last season as well. I just don't know their names.) but who is it about? The show's called "Zoey 101" but why is there so many characters and stuff. Spoiler Alert: At the end I know Zoey and Chase end up falling in love so is that what the whole shows about? Zoey and Chase liking each other? Well whatever. I guess I like the first couple of seasons. Not the last.
  • Most horrible teen show ever!

    I hate,hate HATE this show and it was around for too long.Its about this girl named Zoey who is this spoiled brat who get letted away with everything and never gets in trouble.I was so exited when this finally got bummed because this show stinks.
  • I Heart This show

    i started watching a few episode today and im already in love with it
  • Wasn't a bad or good Nick show,but was pretty decent


    There were so many bad TeenNick shows during our time. Most of them were boring,and not funny at all. But one show that I had mixed feelings about was a show known as Zoey101. The show is about a girl named Zoey Brooks,who goes to Pacific Coast Academy,and makes friends with Chase Matthews,who wants to win her heart. Now believe me,the show could be actually pretty funny at times,but the rest of the time,it could be boring. First off,we have the characters. Most of them were just unlikable,and a few little of them were good. Zoey is just a selfish teenagers who is pretty much a jerk,and I don't even find her hot. Chase is just a stereotypical guy. Lola is just obsessed with fashion and is a fashion geek. Dustin was an annoying little brother,who is not funny at all. Nicole was just annoying,and Deena was OK,but could be a jerk most of the time,and they left after the first two seasons. Logan is by far the worst character of the entire show. All he ever does is brag about how rich he is,and only cares about himself. In fact,whenever the others get revenge on him,I cannot help but not feel sorry for him,and like what That-Tv-Dude said,It's sad when it's a good thing when a character has a bad thing happen to him. The only good characters of the show were Quinn,Stacey and Michael,since they were the only characters that got a laugh out of me. The music is poorly done. Most of it wasn't a score,and were just songs being played. And the show had pretty dull moments. Overall,while it wasn't a bad show,Zoey101 could be funny at times,and is a decent show. Better than iCarly though.

  • Do you honestly....


    think that this has any drama at all. This the poorest attempt ata drama there is. I mean Moody's Point blew. I have now idea if Clarissa Explains It All was supposed to be a drama. But anyway this show is just plain dumb. I have it a custom to turn on Nickelodeon and hear a laugh track. All the jokes are dry and super forced. Dan Schnider stick to sketch comedies would ya!

  • This show is awful!!!


    This show absolutely awful. This show has no point to it. This show was never funny. It was just a waste of 30 minutes watching this show. I dont like this show at all as many others! The people who watch this show have no life and there is nothing else to watch on tv. As i say agian this show is awful

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