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  • This show is strange and dumb. It doesn't even have a plot, and I have no idea how they get boys to become cast members of this show!

    I'm so surprised that the makers of Drake and Josh created this show, because this show is terrible, and it doesn't have any jokes, and even if it did, you wouldn't even get the punchlines! Everytime I see this show, I scoff and laugh at the actors and actresses there, and I cry with laughter when I look at the credits thinking, "Look at the names of these people working for this idiotic show"! I hate this show so much, I can say even more about it, only if there were no bedtimes or dinners or bathroom breaks!
  • This show is Okay.

    I like this show to an extent. Its a good show, with good actors, but it does get sort of annoying. I personally think that chase should just tell Zoey that he is in love with her, because that is what every episode is about and it is really frustrating. I don't mind watching this show but they do need to do something with the love plot or drop it completely. sorry if my spelling is bad on these reviews, I am not the best speller, but I am working on it. Well, I am going back to the Danny Phantom page, later!
  • This show revolves around the life of one Zoey Brooks and her friends, as they atend school at PCA.

    This show revolves around the life of one Zoey Brooks and her friends, as they atend school at PCA. First of all, theres Zoey, the main character. Then theres her younger brother Dustin, who thinks Zoey treats him like a baby. And theres Zoey's 6 friends: Quin; the freakishly smart one, Chase; the one who has a secret crush on Zoey, Micheal; the funny one, Logan; the rich one, and Zoey's two roomates who happen to be her best friends, Nickole and Lola.
  • its a somwat show

    Zoey 101 is somewhat good. I like the show but its the actors the can't act. That's wats bringing this show down. The show is about a typical girl at a schhool with boys and girls. They have problems but that's not original, and thats another thing I dont like about this show.
  • ...

    Zoey 101 is a funny show but it needs work. The plots are funny and clever but it needs better actors *caughJamieLynnSpearscaugh*. They need to develop the relationship further between Zoey and Chase. And what's the deal with "Lola"? And where did Dana go? She was one of my favorite characters until she mysteriously disappeared. I think I would like this show better if they got better actors and spruced up the script a bit.
  • Ummmmmmmm......

    At first, I thought it was a pretty good show, but that was before I started watching other shows. This show is about a girl (Named zoey) who goes to this boarding school and meets all these perfect friends. Now, I hate how they think zoey is such a perfect girl and gets what she wants. The worst thing about this show is the acting. I swear that anyone can act better then these people. This show really lags in the entertainment department.
  • This show is about this girl named Zoey. She begins school at PCA,which used to be for all buys. The show has episodes explaining the differences between boys and girls. It also as a plot where two students like each other,but they won't admit it.

    I think Zoey 101 is a great show. I always make sure I watch it, even the reruns. The characters are great. They each play their roles in a great way. In my opinion Chase and Zoey should be together. They would look so good together. Everyone could tell they like each other. I think they will get together in the end,but something we're not
    expecting will happen. I guess that's the whole point of the show. The storyline keeps things interesting. It also makes people watch the show more. We all want to see what will happen in the end.
  • It's ok to watch every now and then.

    I think that Zoey 101 is ok to watch sometimes but not alot. I used to love this show but it seems like that now all they do is show the same episodes over and over again. Which gets to be really annoying. So I really don't watch it anymore.

    But when I did watch it it was a pretty decent show. I like the characters and I love the school. Who wouldn't want to go to PCA. I would love to go there, I think it would be so awesome. They get like 20 minutes in between each class and they live on campus. How cool is that! They get to be around there friends all the time.
  • I have seen so many other shows like this...

    I think this show is not good at all. They picked the wrong actors. Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey, I mean come on. Almost everything on teen nick is like this. I really don't think it's a good show and they really need to add more originality. They make they're lives at school so great and make us wish we went there. No school is like the school they go to. On the beach, movie theater, sushi bar, It all seems too fake. If there are any schools like that, tell me. The show's not bad, but it's not good either. Not my favorite show.
  • i don't get this show at all. i think it's dumb and stupid.

    This show doesn't make sense at all, it neither has a head nor a tail. I can't believe the acting as in, is that meant to be actin? I don't think so. What do those kids think they are doing and who is decieving them that they can act cos that person needs to tell them the real thing and the real things that they just can't act. period. The main character Zoey isn't doing the show any justice the sooner this show, the sooner this thing steps up the better Cos it's gonna go down very soon and fast.sigh.....hisssssssssssss.....
  • Zoey 101 - exactly the reason I turn on the TV every day

    Nickelodeon has several great shows, but I think that Zoey 101 will be one millions of kids will always look for more of. Starring Jamie Lynn Spears as the beautiful and intelligent Zoey, Sean Flynn as loyal and friendly Chase Matthews, Alexa Nikolas as peppy, boy crazy Nicole Bristow, and bright spark Lola Martinez is played by Victoria Justice.

    Season 1 see's all-boys school Pacific Coast Academy letting in girls for the first time. As you might expect, all sorts happens when boys and girls are put together, fun, crushes and even rivalries. We see a play gone wrong for its writer, a prank-week disaster, and an almost disastrous end of exam experience. This series was highly amusing, and made me want to wait for a second.

    And I was not disappointed, as season 2 was just around the corner. In this series, we get to know the characters in more detail, and more importantly, we say a fond farewell to Kristin Hererra who played Dana. However, her place is to be gracefully refilled, as Victoria Justice steps onto the set, replacing her with great style. We see more fun, more love, and many of these episodes have A and B stories running, so we're constantly amused. I especially like the story of the episode "People Auction", and it was higly entertaining to watch. I believe in every way, this series surpassed the first, and I can't wait for the next.

    Who knows what series 3 has to offer, other than the inevitable return of Kristin Hererra in episode 5. I'll be expecting more love, more fun, and more interesting and better plots and stories. If we'll see an improvement from series two, series three will definately be a must see.

    High Point of Show: Great stories and characters
    Low Point of Show: The odd bad/boring episode, but no-one's perfect
  • Zoey Brooks is one of the first girls ever to go to PCA ( Pacfic Coast Acdamy) along with friends and family it shows what live is like in an boarding school.

    I think this is a real good show. Jamie Lynn is so pretty just like her sis Britney. The school is lovely that she goes to im so jealous lol. i wish she would get together with Chase they would be so cute together.I think Nicole is so funny. I wish they would bring back Dana! Where did she go anyway? If anyone knows let me know!!!! I do still like Lola but Dana was my fav. I loved Spring Break UP i wish Zoey would have got the text from Chase i want them together so much it was be lovely. Maybe in the next series.!!!
  • I really do not like this show. I think the acting stinks and I hate the fact the show is called Zoey 101 like it's some kind of class about her. Horrible and I just hate to watch it. By the way this is my opinion.

    First off this show makes me really mad. I think this show is not good and the acting totally stinks. I also hate their stupid drama. What kind of teen goes through so many weird stuff? It's so annoying. Total waste of watching. I also hate how they make Zoey so great. She's so creative, so nice, so cool, so open-minded! Oh, get over yourself!!! The characters also stinks. I think the whole story is just a twisted mess up show. It's not even funny. By the way this is my opinion. I am opened to mine and yours to yours so please don't take this personally.
  • Preppy blond girl goes to (former) boys bording school *gasp* how will she ever survive *rolls eyes*

    This show is boring. It has the typical \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"popular nice\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" girl (Zoey) The best friend (Nicole), the guy with a crush on her (chase) and other stereotypical teens in a california setting where the plots are predictable and they go to a perfect school. Come ON! Nick, where is your brain? People don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to see Jamie Lynn Spears try to act (when she can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t ) and be herself, blond, preppy and perfect. If you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re looking for a showw with humor,new and exciting characters, fresh plot lines, or heck, anybody who won\\\\\\\'t make you vomit from the sweetness or perkieness, you won\\\\\\\'t find it on this boring train wreck of a show.
  • Zoey 101 is a great show!

    Zoey 101 is the greates show ever... for teenagers Zoeys age its awesome!!!!! it is amazing for a show just starting out from Nick .. i think we should see great things from Zoey... all my friends want to go to a boarding school on the beach just like pacific coast academy!! and i want to too. i think its an amazing show and it should rejoiced ... and its amazing and its amazing and its not stupid like some people think .. well keep watching Zoey 101 i gg and watch this amazing show cause its so so amazing !
  • would have love the show!,, if only they turn down the \\\"i am zoey and i can handle everything\\\",,just stupid!,, and soo unrealistic!

    soooo nonesence!!!,,it is like the world is always revolving around Zoey!!,,totally nonesence!!,, i like the other characters like chase,logan, dana, nicole,dustin etc.. but the Zoey thing don\\\'t like it!!,,truth is she is not even that funny!,,it would be nice if her life at pca would have a little mishap! to spice it up!,, but no!,, it soo perfect!!,,like when someones in trouble!,, they go \\\"what are we gonna do zoey!?\\\",, one of her episode when they need the jetX who got it!?,, zoey!!,, truth is i like logans commercial better!!,,the thing that i just like on zoey 101 is the story about pca, dana because i like her tough attitude! and the other characters except zoey!,, because zoeys life is not a typical life of a teenager!,, the other characters shows it a lot better!,,just hate the zoey character not the story line!,,;)

  • Where's Dana?

    Wow in the **** could they take Dana out of the new season? What are they smoking or drinking? I do not know where the flippin' **** they got the idea to do so, but it makes me mad. Dana was pretty much the main reason why i watched this show. Wherever you are Dana, i will always remember you. But, i also like the new character: Lola. She is the best. But, i still miss Dana.
  • Just Plain Stupid and unrealalistic. but thts nickelodeon

    There is no reality here.

    Theres this like super nice girl but she looks like shed be a popular girl and she has all these little qwarky friends that are weird.

    The Only Cool Thing Is THat Louis a kid that goes to my school he looks sounds talks walks and acts just like chase wich is either cool or creepy i cant decide
  • A Place Where Only Boys Were Allowed To Go To Just Let Girls Allowed In.

    This Is Another Great Show On Nickelodeon As You Know It Is Called Zoey 101 And Is In The Genre Of A Comedy Show ! ! ! ! !. It Is A Very Cool Show And Is So Good I Can\'t Think Which Series Is Better The First Or The Second I Just Hope They Carry On Making Them To Make It Harder For Me To Choose Honestly It Is One Of The Best Shows On Nickelodeon One Day It May Even Be The Best You Can\'t Tell In The World Of Creating T.V Shows! ! ! ! !
  • zoey 101 is one of the funniest shows ever!

    zoey 101 is all about girls that go to a boarding school. is used to be a boy boarding school but now theres girls there too and they go through problems
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  • Well usually shows on Nickelodeon make me want to jump off a cliff, but this one is different.

    There are only three shows i have acutally watched on Nickelodeon, and that is. Zoey 101, Ned's declassified School's survival guide, and Drake and Josh. I am not quite sure why I enjoy Zoey101. It may be because all the chicks on the show are freaking hot, or cause of the stupid story lines but I have a weakness for this show. I even got the theme song. Wow i feel like a loser but i do truly like this show. I will watch it, and enjoy it. This one gets a 9.4 on my list. Way to go Jamie, not being a slut like Britney!
  • A cool show for everyone.

    Britney Spears sistert, Jamie Lynn, has really made her debut in Zoey 101. All the Story Lines are very good and it's always funny when characters get goofy. Although it"s a teen show, many young girls enjoy it and call the girls a role model. Boys like this show too and try and Copy Logan. Anyway, it's a good show so it has to keep on coming.
  • Sometimes predictable but can be exciting, season 2 especially is worth watching

    Season 1 of Zoey 101 was a bit lacking, there was also too much of the impression that Zoey was perfect because she was always happy and she always had a plan to save the day. In season 2 however there is more of the Chase liking Zoey shining through, in episodes such as Time Capsule, Bad Girl, Lola likes Chase and Spring Break-Up. These episodes have been exciting and have mainly emphasised on Chases love for Zoey, now we are in a way left under the impression that maybe Zoey likes Chase after she seemed very jealous in Lola Likes Chase when Lola began going out with Chase, hopefully season 3 will show an even greater improvement and if it does, its a must see.
  • 101

    Zoey 101 is so awsome. I love nicole couls she is sooooo funny. First time I saw a preview for it I thought it would be a stupid show but it turned out to be great. I have a key neclace like Zoey. Im like nicole couls I would hate to share a room with someone who is bossy.And I love Quins Enventoins like the blow dryer and the thing that nocked every body out and I LOVE sushi I would love to have sushi rocks at my school. Anybody who reads this come to my site and read all my other reviews and email me couls Im new here and dont have any Idea how to gwt things on my site!
  • I love this show so much i got a video iPod just to watch their show on the go

    this is the best show in the world but i have always wondered if chase has a brother but he goes to a diffrent school because they are very close in age. o well this is the best show every week i cant wait for the new episode to come on me and all my friends love this show. my cousins, my parents and im sure the world too. if you want to watch a teen comedy with real life situations like datin etc. WATCH IT on Nick sundays at 8.5pm if the scale could go over 10 it would
  • Zoey 101 is one of the best shows!

    I love love love love love love love Zoey 101 because of the characters and plots. Zoey, Nicole, Lola, Chase, Dustin, Michael, and Logan are the characters (but I wish Dana didn't leave cuz dana was da best) but it is a really great show and you should watch it. Zoey 101 is kind of an average but classic show which is sometimes not very funny when it tries to be but I don't care. They go to Boarding School at Pacific Coast Academy (PCA) Nicole is funny and can make me laugh most (Alexa Nikolas) but in the past I liked Dana and now I like Lola best.
  • It's terrible but I can't but help love it.

    Ok to start off I have no problem admiting that this show is absolutely terrible it's unoriginal and sometimes boring. Now after have saying that I have to say I love it. It may be completely unrealistic, but for me it's a great escape for 30 minutes I can pretend life is really perfect, and for 30 minutes I could actually go somewhere like PCA and be friends with "perfect" people like Zoey and Chase.
  • I'm still undecided on whether I really like it or not. Some episodes are pretty good, but others are really boring.

    I admit that like many others, I am interested to see if Zoey and Chase will ever get together. However, that's one of the few things that keeps me going on Zoey 101. It can be really wierd sometimes. Other times, it can be funny. Other times, it can be downright lame. And still other times (the movie: "spring break-up" for example), it can have me nearly throwing things at the television, claiming it's a rip-off. Really, I'm still trying to figure my opinion out.
    Overall grade: C+
  • I like this show but not the best out there.

    I actually used to love the show, but then i got jealous of Jamie Lynn Spears for getting to be an actress and all lol :P It is a fairly decent show, but it is a "only in your dreams" you have to be rich to go to school there. It is very humorous, I get a good laugh, but then I laugh very easily... BP I can be a total geek sometimes, anyways, I haven't seen the new episodes but they look good, so thumbs up to the people who watch the show.
  • This show is ok. Plus it has sexy Jaime lynn spears so that makes it better.I want to go to pacific coat acadamy.

    Good show keeps you intertained. Jaime lynn spears is good as Zoey and everyone wants to go to pacific coast acadamy that is the coolest place ever. This series (series 2) is better than the first the story lines are better and the episodes are better. This is a show you should definatly try!!!
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