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  • stupid

    completely waste of time it is stupid boring gay reality sucks stupid x20 i can\'t believe this has to be 50 words why can\'t it be like 30 words that would be much easier then like 50 words that takes a long time to type for me that is i can\'t wait to finish this review but until i shall watch futurama forever no can\'t believe it got cancelled nononnononononononononononononononnonoononononononononnoonononononnoono
  • Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's little brother Dustin is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student a

    Zoey 101 is the first show to feature some actors and actress debuts on the big stage. The likes of Jamie Lynn Spears who plays Zoey and James Butcher who plays Zoey's little brother are all new to acting and have caught on quick to the acting scene. Zoey 101 have some very good and bad episodes. Episodes like Defending Dustin and The Play are memorable episodes but episodes like Jet X and Disc Golf are ones to forget.All in all Zoey is a very good show that is watched by a large audience.
  • From the little i have seen its a decent show

    I have only seen a few episodes, the show is a bit interesting, I think a lot of teenagers might have a higher interest in it because the characters are their ages. It’s not a show I would seek out but if I am flipping through channels and it’s on, I will watch. Jamie Lynn is a much better actress then her big sister. The woes of boarding school mixed in with preteen and teen drama not bad at all.
  • I can't help watching this and thinking is Zoey only here because she's Brittany's sister.

    This is a show about girls going to an all boy school. Besides the plot however the show does nothing else original and make Lizzie McGuire look like the best show on earth. I can't help watching wondering what Nickelodeon has come to. You can tell that the only reason Jamie got the part of Zoey is because she was on all that and the only reason she was on that was because she was Brittany Spears sister. It is really sad what Nickelodeon has come to as you compare this to the shows they used to have such as clarrisa explains it all and alex mack this show isn't the only thing going downhill but nickelodeon it self. Nick needs to try harder with it's shows and assume that even though its targeted at kids that it can be good.
  • I don\'t get it.

    Well its not funny and the actors are all pretty much crappy and if this how they think this is the way teenagers act their even bigger idiots than the people who cast the actors. This show sucks and the only people who watch this are perverts that want to see Jaime-Lynn Spears or dumbasses with nothing else to do. Unless there are a lot of those this show will get cancelled soon.
  • An un-original plot line with an unrealistic setting! I can't relate!

    Zoey 101. Girls finally being allowed into an all boys schoola nd now there's one gilr trying to mix it up. Doesn't work for me!

    First of all PCA seems too good of a school to be true. Near the coast, movies, a lounge, sushi bar! Come on! Like there really is a school where kids could enjoy the pleasure of being home. Puh-lease.

    THe cast is badly chosen. Jamie Lynn just doesn't seem like a girl you could hang out with. She doesn't put life into the character. Chase and the rest don't work.

    Zoey 101 is nothing special.
  • The Best show on tv next to the simpsons

    it is a wikid show i thought it would be boring but my mate told me to watch it and once i did i liked it the best one ive seen so far is quinns date i also liked spring fling that was the best the car was absolutly ausome.
  • A great show about a girl named Zoey who's kind of the leader of the girls at PCA.

    Zoey101 is a pretty good show. I usually prefer reality shows or game shows, but I really like this fiction show. I think that it's pretty funny. Its creator must be really creative, because they always come up with a great new topic for an episode. I really enjoy watching the show.
  • No show could be better than this one

    Zoey 101 is a perfect show for teenage girls. Zoey is a leader who lives by her own rules. She has a great variety of friends who help her through problems. Its the new Lizze but much cooler. the show deals with real teenage problems. Its cast seems to work so well together to. The show can get you hooked. But try not to get to hooked. Its acting is not so good but its story lines rock. There seasons are also not very long so get prepared to see a lot of reruns. I recamend watching the show. Youll love it.
  • Its a good show

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  • A girl ( jamie lyn spears) who is always perfect!! How unreal is that?

    Zoey 101 is a really dull show. All the eposoides are the same!!! zoey is perfect , ever one loves zoey, she always solves peoples problems. No one is this perfect!!!!! All the shows are about zoey helping her friends be good people and being a super great always perfect teen! the show would probley be pretty good if zoey got into as much trouble as her friends!!!!! I mean come on no one person can be that perfect and so , so LIKEABLE. her role is so Unbeleivable Fake that this show is even kind of fun to watch! becuase zoey is so fake and perfect!
  • This show needs to go on Mtv now they won't have to sneek in all those dirty jokes.

    I really like this show. It is just that I don't think it should be on Nick. I think it should be on MTV or tbs, just because they sneek in dirty jokes or at least I think so.

    Zoey is a little too perky, but who can blame her if she has a sister like Britney. At least Jaime Lynn can keep her show. I like her friend better even though I don't know her name. Th one who could play basketball. She was cool.

    I loved the episode when they were stranded on a beach, that was super funny. Especially when the kid lost his trunks!

  • It is funny but not something i watch everyday.

    Okay ... at first i saw the commercials and just decided not to watch it. Then one day nothing was good on tv so i watched it. Actually i enjoyed watching it ... i liked how they throw in the comedy. And i might not be obsessed with it but if its on and i'm not watching anything special i watch it. If you are in the mood for something comical that brings up your mood up (lol) this is a pretty good show for it. It does seem like a popularity thing but i just watch it for the comedy so i don't mind.
  • Not too bad

    i personally think the only reason young girls even watch zoey 101 is because Jamie lynn spears is in it...I dont think its so bad i like it
    but i do agree that girls cannot relate to it
    i mean you have to be super rich to go to a boarding school like that
    I have nothing against Jamie lynn
    and nothing against her sister
    So i dont think Zoey 101 is too bad
    its just not related to many people
    They need to fix it up a little
  • Not bad, but NOT good!

    Zoey 101 sometimes can be a good show, but I also have some complaints about the show:

    1. It seems like when Zoey has a problem everybody's world comes crashes down, and they have to do what ever they can to fix HER problem. It's like come on let her figure out her own problems, I know that they're friends and all but it's like let her do it.

    2. They make it seem like Zoey is so perfect, and her friends make it seem that way too. Like they all suck up to Zoey, like that episode when Zoey "created" those "great" backbags they kept saying she was great, brillant, and all this other bull. She plays basketball, she's "smart", "artistic, and all this other crap.

    3.The storylines can most of the times be unrealistic, and predictable. Like when Zoey "created" those backpacks she put vibrators and a radio in them. If I correct doesn't that cost a lot of money, and aren't they suppose to not have any money so how could she pay for that.

    Anyway there are alot more bad things about this show. It's your decison watch it or not.
  • An pretty good show with a few problems

    OK-I mostly like this show. The only thing I DON'T like is that Zoey is just a bit too...well...a bit too perfect. Let's review. She goes to a big fancy boarding school, all the boys like her, shes smart, pretty, funny, and everybody depends on her, and every idea is HERS, she is always the leader, she is a great fashion designer, and so on. Everyone is like her mindless follower! Let's do a character play-by-play to show you what i mean.

    Dustin-The only one who has an actual excuse. Zoey is his older sister, so for him, it's natural he looks up to her and asks her for advice.

    Chase-Has a HUGE crush on Zoey. Always does what she wants, would do anything she wants him to. Listens to all her ideas. Always likes her stuff. Need I go on?? He acts like Zoey is God or Zeus or something and always expects Zoey to have a plan.

    Dana-Pretty much the only character who doesn't follow Zoey. Sure, she is Zoey's friend but she doesn't act like her whole world is all about Zoey. She doesn't alwyas listen to Zoey and wouldn't do everything she asks.

    Michael-OK, he doesn't do EVERYTHING Zoey says, but he is not around her as much. He, like Chase would pretty much go along with ANY of Zoey's plans. He listens to her like she's God and always likes all her ideas and looks to her for advice EVERY time.

    Nicole-OK, she's Zoey's best friend, so it is natural she looks to Zoey for advice. But, like Chase and Micheal, she acts like Zoey is God and always expects Zoey to have the best plan and the best ideas, adn she ALWAYS likes them. She would do anything Zoey wanted and would even help her break out of jail!

    Quinn-Quinn, too would do anything Zoey wanted. She has a small mind of her own, probably becuase, she, like Michael, is not around Zoey much, but she stills acts like Zoey is God, adn would do anything Zoey wanted, and like Nicole, Chase, and Michael, always looks to Zoey for help, plans, ideas, advice, and anything else she can't think of herself

    Logan-Like Chase, has a mega crush on Zoey and would do most stuff she asked him to do. He has a small mind of his own, probably because he is so mean, even to Zoey!

    So, in conclusion, Zoey 101 is a pretty decent show, but would get better if all the characters, except Dana who doesn't, and Dustin, who ahs an excuse, stopped acting like Zoey was their mighty overlord. I give this show a 9.2, but would be a 9.8, if Zoey wasn't the God of the show!
  • This show is fun, hip, and fabulous for young Tweens to watch. It's a good show for the rising generation to watch and provides positive role models for kids to follow.

    I have found Zoey 101 to be a truly adorable show. Its right up there with Lizzy McGuire and That's So Raven. I have young cousins who are influenced by all things popular, so its nice to see a show that they can model themselves toward. Zoey's character is focused on school and having a positive attitude towards life. Nick Teen definately has a hit on their hands. :)
  • It seems like Jamie Lynn only got the starring role of Zoey because she is Britney's sister.

    It seems like Jamie Lynn only got the starring role of Zoey because she is Britney's sister. Jamie Lynn is kind of a great actress but she needs improvement. The girls on the show's style is wicked awesome!! I think this show is kind of a rip-off of The Facts Of Life though.
  • If you're looking for a show with idiotic plots, terrible acting, and terrible dialouge, then Zoey 101 is the show for you!

    Zoey 101 is a show about perfect little Zoey who goes to a boarding "school" called PCA which was formely only for boys. Give me a break! This show is completely unrealistic and makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, the acting is horrible. They have no emotions. The dialouge is so mechanical. The almost sound like robots when they talk. Secon of all, most of the characters need to get a life! Zoey's friend Nicole is so obsessed with things that don't even matter. If her hair is just a tiny bit frizzy it's like the end of the world. Zoey herself isn't much better. She's so pretty and rich and smart and she always has a solution to everything. And if, God forbid, something bad happens to her, everyone goes nuts until they fix it. When she came up with these "cool" new backpacks and someone stole her idea, everyone had to make sure Zoey got credit and not this other person. For God's sake, everything is Zoey's idea! For once, couldn't she maybe share the glory with someone else? Another character I don't like is Chase. He has a crush on Zoey and thinks he's doing such a good job at keeping it a secret. He pretty much says it to her face at least three times! The character who bugs me the most is Quinn. She thinks she's this science genius but all her experements are really fake. Once she said she cut off a peice of Zoey's hair because she wanted the DNA. You can't just pull the DNA out of a person's hair. You need special equipment which you won't find at a school.

    PCA is supposed to be a boarding school. I've never been to a boarding school, but I assume that there would be classes and teachers and homework, hence the name boarding SCHOOL!!!! Serioulsy, all they do is have parties and play games and stuff. There have only been one or two episodes where they actually talked about school. Also, wouldn't a boarding school have uniforms, or at least a strict dress code? Most of the stuff I've seen these people wear would probably even be against my school's dress code, and my school is a cheap public school.

    The only reason I like this show and would ever watch it is because I like laughing at how stupid it is. Other than that, I would not recommend this show to anyone.

    I love Zoey 101! That all I have to say!But it doesnt beat Romeo! Its just a show I would watch because Christopher Massey is on there! hE IS CUTE. So that\'s basically the whole reason I really watch it! He\'s fun on there, but Jamie is fun also! Yeah.
  • This show is great!

    I think this show is really good considering the fact that it shows on Nickelodeon. But still, I found this show entertaining and it is one of my personal favorites and I disagree with anyone who doesn't like this show.It rox my sox. I can't wait until the next season.
  • This show is soo unrealistic...

    The show is completly unrealistic.They never show what is going on with there school,and it talks about zoey wayy to much.The jokes are not very good,and the charecters are not completly thought out.It needs to show real stuff,and stop talking about zoey like shes completly perfect.It gets annoying.This show does have its good points,its a okay show to watch when you have nothing better to do.
  • a show made for preteen and teenage girls about Zoey -a girl going to a boarding school that was prevoiusly only for boys- and her friends. When one of Zoey's friends has a problem, Zoey can always come up with a creative solution.

    This show if definitely a girly show. It can be fairly interesting, but it's one of those shows where you only want to watch an episode once. I do enjoy seeing the weird experiments that Quinn conducts, and I keep watching to see if Chase will ever be brave enough to ask Zoey out. The characters do seem a little too perfect, and the show overall is fairly unrealistic. This show is very similar to another one of Nick's shows; "Unfabulous." I enjoy watching an episode when it's new, but get bored with it after that. This show is worthy of someone's time if none of their favorite shows are on.
  • How is this funny?

    I've seen the entire season, and it was so not funny at all! The entire cast was unfunny, the scripts was unfunny and this show should be cancelled!! But knowing Nickelodeon, it will stay on because it's inspirational to girls!! But being a man this show is crap!!
  • This Show is so cool!

    5 things why this show is great:
    1. (Line) Hungry squierl don't want to talk about it just drive!
    2. When quinn got an idea...*screams*
    3. It was so funny hen they dressed up Mr.Bradfords father in those cloths!
    4. Chase was so close to telling zoey he liked her.(so close!)
    5. Login thinks like everygirl likes him.(what a weirdo, but a cute one)

    This show is clearly a hit. I personly think that the second seson will be even better.

    The show is funny cool has lots of great stuff in it. I think Chase might tell zoey but thats just a thought. I wonder what she would be like if he told her that he liked her!

  • Zoey 101 is about a teenage girl Zoey Brooks going to school in all boys boarding school.The school is called PCA Pacific Coast Acadmey which let girls in.

    I think it is a wonderful family show.Kids would love it.I enjoyed it my self it is a show with spirit and comedy.If you like other Nick shows you will love this one!Two thumbs up.It is a comedy for all the kids in side of us


  • I give this show a whopping 10 out of 10!

    Zoey 101 is a really good show. I love watching it. Jamie Lynn Spears is a pretty good actress. I'm not saying she's the best, but she's pretty good at acting. I think she can sing really good also. She sings the theme song and sings it awsome at that!

    I find some of the bad reviews hilarious. But I think ya'll are wrong the show is actually really good. That's just my opinion though. Everybody has their own...

    I think the writers of the show should focus a little more on school instead of Zoey's social life. I wish they would make Zoey...well, less perfect too! Seriously, the make her rich and fabulous. In the real world not that many people are rich.


    I hated it! It was REALLY bad. The acting was horrable!!! The only reason why my friend watches it is because of a guy on it named Logan. I avoid it as much as possable i turn the channel when they even talk about it. I wish i had never watched it.
  • preety good for a girl show

    well Its like i say for a girl show its prety good
    just one little misstake not the best acting It could be better algho its my 2 fav show whats also good about it is that it does have boys so i thout it would be just about girls but a nother misstake is that putting a little brother in no reason for that well thats all I have to say.
  • I love this show it is one of my favorite tv shows I watch it all the time, even all my friends at school think it is such an awsome show!!!

    Zoey 101 is definitly one of my favorite shows, Jamie, Alexa, and Kristin are so good playing their parts and the boys are really hot, who couldn't love them. So far every episode was great, I didn't have one single complaint about the show. From a webcam hiding in a bear to spy on girls to getting Drake Bell to play at their spring fling, who couldn't like this show, I wish they really did have a school like Pacific Coast Academy. In conclusion I can't wait for the next season of Zoey 101 to start playing again and I hope the shows keeps on getting better!
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