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  • Ah, Zoey 101...

    Ah, Nick's terribly cheesey teen drama which features some pretty bad acting. The scripts are often pretty unrealistic and can sometimes be somewhat annoying. I'd really like to say that this show is absolutely horrid and that it is not worth watching in the least but unfortunately it really isn't that bad. It's actually pretty bearable and is at least watchable. However, I would have given this show a 4.6. What saved it from getting that score is the fact that in all honesty I think that Jamie Lynn is pretty hot. Anyway, I really don't know what to say in order to end this review so I'll just end it here.
  • Zoey 101 was actually quite an enjoyable show.


    I remember the first time I watched it. I believe I was 12 and I found the first season being aired on KTV, with back to back episodes. I watched the whole season in one go. I fell in love with the show.

    I stopped watching though, after the first few episodes of season 2. I wasn't at all happy with the new girl (Lola played by Victoria Justice) or with Dana leaving.

    I didn't watch Zoey 101 again, until last January. I re-watched the first season and decided to give the rest of the series a chance. Man, I am glad I did.

    Zoey 101 is about a girl who goes to a boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy. Of course, at age 13, going to a school that was originally for boys can be pretty difficult, but each problem they encounter is easily solved within an episode.

    Although I liked the episodes, I do think the characters could be annoying at times. Zoey herself, irritated me quite a bit, with her mary-sue character qualities. That is one complaint I have about this show- how everyone seemed to like Zoey.

    I did enjoy the Zoey/Chase ship-tease throughout the series and couldn't help butsquealwhen they ended up together at the end of season 4. I also really loved the Logan/Quinne ship, even if it did seem to come out of nowhere.

    The new characters didn't bother me as much as they originally did; they grew on me.

    Zoey 101 is actually a pretty decent show.

  • Exeilant!

    The last episode of Zoey 101, Chasing Zoey, was a very nice episode except that after Chase and Zoey were together, they should of had a fith season with Chase and Zoey being together. When Zoey and James were together, they had an entire 4th season. It is a real disipointment now that the series is over, although, it was a nice ending when everyone got their lifes fixed. Mark got Stacy as a girlfriend, i think, Quin and Logan finally told everyone that they were in love, Stacy started saying her "S" normal, until the episode, Blast from the Past, and Finally, Zoey Kissed Chase! Twice! so they are Finally boyfrined and Girlfriend! and to prove it Zoey said it herself "All right! all right! Dont break my boyfriend."
    Well all in all, they should have a fith season.
  • awesome in 1st season blah in the end.

    She was ruined by the end of the show! I love the first season!!! Zoey was my age then..... I only like the second season because i was an extra. In "Back to PCA", I was a little sister, saying goodbye to my high school sister, in the backround when Logan and Chase were talking. I barely got out of car and I was also in "Surprise" the first episode of season 3. I didnt even see the cast members including Jamie, who didnt even know I was there! Shes now, what, 18 and she already has a baby? Shes not a good star for a kids show.
  • Good show why can`t it come back.

    Zoey 101 is a great show and I wish it would come back and I wish I could watch it again.Jamie Lynn is my favorite charater and I kind of liked her as Zoey or they should show another show starring Jamie Lynn Spears.Not many people I know like Britney much but I know a lot more peole like Jamie.Maybe they should show a show with her brother maybe because she does have a good looking brother.I don`t know if any would watch something with Bryan Spears in it.Unless there is somebody that doesn`t like Bryan much.I definetly know people would not watch something with Britney in it.Britney Spears is a little bit of a not so good singer to me even though I used to like her as a little child.I just like Jamie Lynn better then her sister.
  • i have a very love-hate relationship with this show. it is entertaining but the problem i have with the show is that it is totally unrealistic, so much so that it completly surpasses fantasy (which was the element i think was what Nick was going for)

    Overall i DO like the show! This review targets what i find to be disturbing factors in this show. things i would edit.

    For one, they eat sushi and drink coffee. what thirteen year olds would realistically opt to order a plate of sushi when they could be dowing a hamburger combo meal and large coke? it just makes them seem less childlike and way more adult than they should be

    secondly, the girls' obsession with weight. one of those girls looks like she is barely above 30 lbs! examples:

    1) "oh no Im trying to be good (they're reffering to 1 piece of chocolate cake) that thing has got like 100 calories in there"
    2) when they were looking up how many calories were in a bagel
    3) when lola was ranting b/c her "fat-free" granola bar or something got stuck in a vending machine.

    finally, the stereotypes. i dont like such quotes as
    "we're girls not car-fix-it people"
    "boys cant see me with frizzy hair"
    there are MUCH more

    but again these are just a few of the things i find to be a little disturbing. they dont ruin the show so much as take away from it. and there you have it, my personal thoughts
  • Started out, got weak by the end

    This show was about a group of friends who went PCA, a former all-boys school, and how their life changes throughout the years there. I think the show started out pretty good, with good stories and stuff, but after season 2 it really became a big time-filler show. Alot of it led up to the series finale, but it was all so weak and time-filler by the very end, that I'm glad it's ended now. So yeah, the show started out seemingly good for the msot part, but was really really bad by it's series fianle, I think. 7.5/10 C+

    Right, where do I start? I cannot even imagine to comprehend this preteen pathetic excuse of a show. Picture this: a boarding school, where kids whose parents are rolling in money simply chuck them in there so as to jet around the world themselves. It could not get any more diabolic than this.

    If you taught these kids, shall not even upgrade them to the term teenagers, because they hardly even act like sane homosapiens, were self-centered, think again. About 23 minutes choked full of their so-called problems, boy troubles, and the like.

    The heroine of the show, of course, Mademoiselle Zoey, played by Britney's Polly Pocket Little Miss I'm All That sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has obviously much to learn about acting. However, I will give her some face, because her superficial, one dimensional character, does not allow much room for depth. She plays Pacific Coast Academy's sun, moon and stars, crusader fighting for the plight of all women, equality of all genders.

    Perfect in everyway, always with her two loyal sidekicks, Nicole, the daffy bimbo, who obviously has too much of Daddy's cash, and tough chick, Dana, who proves a hard nut to crack. Both left the show in seasons 2 and 1 respectively, not that I blame that. But horror of horrors, in comes Lola, who deems herself the greatest actress since Natalie Wood, with green feathers in her hair and fake tan. She is even more rude than Zoey herself, if that is even possible, and even more dumber than Nicole, and hell, we know that cannot be possible.

    This show, like all the sorry excuses for television programmes Nickelodeon has been spewing out since 2000s, is a prime victim of stereotyping. Get girl next door and dense to her best friend's feelings for her Zoey, a great albeit inarticulate at times best boy friend, Chase, a cool, arrogant ladies man, Logan, a boy and clothes crazy girl, who is not very bright, Nicole, the one whom everyone thinks is weird just because she is extremely smart, the nerd, Quinn, the over-dramatic, annoying yet super thin, Malibu picture perfect model, Lola, and the tough yet soft inside woman, Dana. Now, where have I heard these characters before? I am sorry, but what is so wrong with having a personality? Just because Quinn is passionate about Science, and actually cares about her future and doing well in the academic aspect, in which the rest should be concerned about as well, she is "weird" and a "nerd"? Lola at the beginning of the series, proved to be a potential great character with her sassy ways and different outlook in life, Zoey just had to go, get out your pitchforks, burn her at the stake, she's going back to Weird Town and all that jazz. So much for womens rights. Unfortunately, Lola just became nothing more of another OC clone, in all its anorexic glory. Probably so as to not outshine her Mistress.

    But hey, the 2000 generation of MySpace whores seem to love it with the Chase/Zoey typical fairytale romance, the tension between adamant, "hot" Logan and "kick-ass" Zoey or Dana, whichever to your liking, and the pretty people. Please, this show exists to remind us that people do not like realism, they prefer a pretentious, shallow and vapid lifestyle. Sorry to break it to you darlings, that will not happen, unless you have a major trust fund and parents to cushion you.
    The only reason I have this in my favs is to increase my level. That's about all it's useful for. Plus I love messing with the retards on the forum, who whore themselves to Zoey/Chase fanart porn.
  • why the heck does everyone love this show so much? its more teeny bopper crap

    it is so bad i dont even wanna review it but i need to so lets start
    story:just some kids going in some class BORING 0 of 10 for the story
    theme song:still more teeny pop
    bad 0 of 10 for song
    endings:stupid its always something like someones in a basket ball hoop or 2 guys running around naked (yes they did that)
    dumb 0 of 10 for endings
    episode ideas:always bad always same its always repeat always just like this
    ideas are stupid 0 of 10
    overall 0 of 10 dont watch this
    i want to give this a longer review so i just add text right here
  • a cheesy comedy

    why am i writing a review on this? its just all the stuff going on with the spears family motivated me to. ive only seen this awful show maybe 5 times, and thats when my sister was watching it. the humor in the show is often and clearly forced. at least they dont put that robotic laugh like in hannah montana after they say something "funny". the show is about a teenage girl who goes to a boarding school called pca. she has to deal with gossip brats and many other typical things u would find in a cheesy show. not worth watching al all
  • A girl named Zoey goes to a boarding school where she automatically makes a bunch of friends and is liked by everyone.

    I have several problems with this show.
    First, the characters hardly seem real. Zoey is made to be... almost, TOO perfect. The moment she arrives to the school, she almost instantly makes friends as well as a stalker(thats the vibe I got from Chase). Also, some of the characters that are supposed to be super intelligent, just look like idiots trying to be somebody in the world, or are auditioning for "Jackass".
    Second, I'm not too impressed with the whole plot being "Oh no! I need a boyfriend to go to the prom with me but I want to ask this one guy but I don't know if he likes me what should I do but wait did that girl ask that guy out but he broke up with her and now shes dating his best friend but I liked that guy but now I can't go out with him because he's my friends ex..." and so-on and so-forth. Really, what is impressive about some teenage brats spreading rumors about each other behind their backs? Heck, the only reason why the show is still on is because Britney Spears's younger sister is on it.
  • Zoey is a boring Mary-Sue type who goes to a boarding school in California. "Hilarity" ensues.

    Zoey and her friends go to a boarding school in California. "Hilarity", romance, and stupidity ensues.

    Zoey 101 is a preteen show about Zoey Brooks and her friends (Lola, Quinn, Chase, Michael, and Logan) who all go to a previously-boys'-only boarding school on the coast of California. Zoey is an all-American girl and a perfect example of a Mary-Sue; she is well-liked by everyone for inexplicable reasons, is extremely popular, loved by all the guys on campus, and never seems to do any wrong. The boy who loves her the most, though, is her very best friend Chase, who is too afraid to tell her, or really anyone else, how he feels about her. Most of the show's plot is centered on this and the "funny" predicaments the group get into.

    Zoey was a big ratings-hit for the four seasons it was on, and scored particularly well in the female 9-14 demographic. This is understandable based on the content - Zoey is a "normal", popular teenager who is loved by the guys and friends with the girls. Preteen girls seem to love fake girls who lack a unique personality; this is evidenced by Hannah Montana's popularity. Zoey is practically the definition of fake. She treats everyone nicely, but it is pretty obvious that she dislikes many of the not "normal" people she finds herself talking to. Examples are Coco, the RA, Quinn, her "friend", and Quinn's boyfriend. Coco is very loud and obnoxious, which are admittedly not respectable quality traits; however, Zoey treats Coco nicely in person, yet behind her back constantly whines with her friends about how annoying she is. Also, when conversing with her, she often glances at her friends as if to say, "Jesus, this sister is disgusting." Quinn is the stereotypical "nerd" on the show, loving all things science and math-related; another one of my main concerns with the show is the abundant stereotypes, but I'll talk about that later. Although Zoey and Quinn are "friends", Zoey often tells her how strange she is, and all of the other people in the group of friends seem to think she's weird and don't enjoy her company unless she's doing something for them, like homework and helping them win a contest. Finally, Quinn's boyfriend, who I've forgotten the name of, is ignored by all the characters, save for Quinn, of course, and generally talk down to him, or don't talk to him at all. He is also portrayed as a boring, gross human being who doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend or any friends.

    This brings me to my other main problem with the show: stereotypes, as mentioned in the above giant block that is a paragraph. Every single character on the show is a stereotype. Quinn's the nerd, Lola's the "I'm so unique" actress, Michael is the token black guy, Logan is the spoiled, rich brat, etc. Sure, these types of people perhaps exist in real life, but we don't need to teach kids that all people fit into a certain mold. Everyone is an individual, and not someone cut from the tablecloth of stereotypes. I really dislike shows that foster stereotypes just for humor, as most preteen shows seem to do these days. What about the kids who aren't like Zoey? Who are they supposed to look up to as a role model? When will there be a show about a boy or girl who ISN'T popular and well-liked, but not hated, either? A show about a guy or girl that has a group of friends that don't fit into certain cliques, and like each other for who they are, and not because the writers/powers that be make it so? Zoey 101 is not a show I'd want my non-existent kid to be watching and taking to heart, and so if you are a fan reading this right now, I hope you start watching a little bit more carefully both the show and the people around you, and you tell me whether or not you find all these types of people in the real world who act just like Zoey, Quinn, etc., and are friends with each other.

    In short, Zoey 101 is a terribly written, unoriginal kids' show. It's nothing more than that: a show for preteen girls who are still pretty oblivious about the world around them. Maybe it's time for a change.
  • she ruins it

    it is a good show but that spears girl completely ruins it. it is digusting thaat she has a baby called maddy at 16 and is still allowed to be on a childs tv show. it sends the wrong message out and she is a terrbile influence. she has no real talent, which is why she hasnt actually made anything big. if she hadnt been britney's sister, she wouldnt be anywhere right now. zoey 101 is a good idea, but only so many belivable things can happen in a school, and the show has exhausted those. the characters that make the show are ones like chase and logan and michael, because they occasionaly come up with some funny crack. but spears is so boring to watch and never does anyhting decent.
  • I know some people here might disagree, but I find this show REALLY annoying.

    This show stars Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey, she is now in a boarding school at the Pacific Coast Academy which is located somewhere in California. As Zoey, she comes across friends and as soon Chase sees her, he instantly falls in love with her. Doesn't true love take time? Sure it does, as the episodes kept coming we see Zoey and the gang go through crazy adventures and incidents at the Pacific Coast Academy. Chase keeps on holding back of expressing his true feelings towards Zoey however, and still is scared to admit his true love. Well that's the main idea of the show, and new faces were eventually introduced as the show progressed. But if you ask me, this show got annoying after a while. Some episodes were horrible and had very poor and annoying plots. Especially in the later seasons, some episodes I despised with bad writing and annoyances all over the place. The ending basically shows that Zoey and James were not meant to be together, and Zoey and Chase end up going to Hawaii. And you know what episode I hate the most? Anger Management. I don't know what else to say, so I'mjust gonna leave off with this: Zoey... had some personal problems to wrok out... with a baby. This is probably what halted the show. Anyway that's it.
  • It might be a show where the generation is before people's time, but...

    It's very fun and exciting, and it even got better when Lola
    started coming to PCA. Everything definetly changed because
    the girls all felt that they had more stuff in common together. I really like the music, the characters, the
    humour and the conflicts. When there is a problem it only
    gets more intesnse and supenseful. Not to mention unpredictable. When Lola said she was an actress, I would
    have to agree. But all the other characters in the cast are
    good too. It's a bit stereotypical though about the guys and
    the girls competing about which gender is better. But,
    it's a very good show and I hope for new episodes.
  • Zoey 101 is about a girl named Zoey Brooks and her friends attending a previously all boys boarding school.

    I am absolutely in love with this show! Its great! The cast and their characters are all absolutely fabulous!

    Jamie Lynn Spears does an amazing job playing Zoey Brooks. Zoey is basically portrayed as perfect but the show does show that she isn't actually perfect. I love her personalitybut lately she has been acting a bit differently then she used to. She definately rolls her eyes a lot more and isn't as happy or bubbly as she wasin season one and two.

    Paul Butcher plays Dustin Brooks. He also does very well. Dustin is Zoey's little btoher. I love him! Hes adorable.

    Sean Flynn plays Chase Matthews. I think everyone will agree with how great he is! Who couldn't love his bushy head:) I do wish he would have tole Zoey he loved her sooner. I miss him on the show...Its just not the same without him there.

    Kristin Herrera played Dana Cruz in season one. I miss her! Yes she was very sarcastic and not thenicest character on the show but I still loved her! The love/hate relationship between her and Nicole with all the arguing was just priceless!

    Victoria Justice plays Lola Martinez. I absolutely love her character! I love her personality. Though she has changed since season two. I liked her better back then but she is still great! I loved her colorful hair extensions. And ofcourse who couldn't love all her 'acting exercises'? Like her first episode where she pretended she was a freaky goth chick. PRICELESS. Her highlight season was definately season two. I think she has become a lot more boy crazy and Nicole like now. As much as I love and miss Nicole...We only needed one of her!

    Christopher Massey plays Micheal Barret. I love Micheal and wish the show would focus a little more on him then it does. He is hilarious! I can't stop myself from laughing when I watch most of his scenes.

    Alexa Nikolas plays Nicole Bristow. I loved her! I miss her being on the show. It seems to me that ever since she left Zoey has drifted from her friends a bit. I don't know if anyone else has noticed that but Nicole ws her bestfriend so it kinda makes sense! I loved Nicoles personality and how she got excited about little or big things! It was great!

    Erin Sanders plays Quinn Pensky. Ah Quinn! Where do I even begin? From her Quinnventions to her hilarious quirkiness whats not to love? She definately became a lot more normal throughout season 3 and 4 which kinda disapointed me. Now a days shes just like Zoey or Lola into fashion make up and hair. She barely invents things anymore. Either way I still love her!

    Matthew Underwood plays Logan Reese. Egotistical jerk we love to hate! Eh I love him whether hes being a jerk or on the rare times he shows he actually has a heart! He is just hilarious and fun to watch!

    Austin Butler plays James Garrett. The new addition to the show! A lot of people don't like him because he 'replaced Chase'. I love Chase but that doesn't mean I don't like James! I actually do like James! I think he is a great character. If the show lasted longer and gave him a little more character development he would be great! Sadly the show will be ending soon so that won't be happening.

    There are so many things I love about this show! The relationships between Chase&Zoey, Quinn&Mark, Quinn&Logan, Lola&Vince, Zoey&James, Micheal&Lisa. Or the best friend relationships between Chase&Micheal, Chase&Logan, Micheal&Logan, Lola&Quinn, Zoey&Nicole, Zoey&Lola, Zoey&Quinn. Just everybody has such great friendships with each other and great chemistry it makes the show somuch better!

    I also love the words they use I tend to use them to such as:
    Nicole- "Suckish" I cant tell you how many times ive said it
    Micheal- "Drippin" and "Flump" honestly I say that and recieve the weirdest looks from my friends! But I just wanna help Micheal start his new word! :)
    And ofcourse most recently Logans "Gabberflasted" hahaha

    This show is great if you need a good laugh, smile, or you just wanna sit and enjoy something on tv. I definately reccomend it!
  • This show is alright. This morning I was watching it and then family got all messed up. It\\\'s a goood show.

    Today I woke up. I turned on family channel and started watching this show. Zoey was making backpacks :o and then my t.v. went all crazy. I turned it off, and then turned it on and it still said \\\"No Signal\\\" and I cried and ran away. It\\\'s so sad because this show is good, and then when I go to watch it my t.v. goes all gay. And then I went down, and tried Teletoon, and it was all stupid too. I cried again. I rate it a 10.
  • an average show

    dan schneider created another show on nick and this one takes place on a cool boarding school when I first saw this I thought their were in a college why did I think that man and we meet hottie Zoey that goes to a boarding school that use to be a only guys school but now they have girls in it and Zoey plans to prove that something about what girls can do or some thing and they made a mistake on the ending of the show I think the show should of ended with zoey and her friends gradeating from the school
  • A High 8.0

    This show isn't as great as it used to be. I used to watch for the humor, but now, I find little humor. And a lot of the stuff in the last season seemed like nothing but time-filler until the series finale.

    A lot of the characters annoy me to no end, like Lola. I do not know why, there is something about her I strongly dislike, so I like she is never the star of any episodes.

    The first two seasons were pretty good, but the last two had a lot of cliffhangers, which isn't bad. But they also had much weirder and stranger plots then the first two.

    Overall grade would be a C+/B-
  • This show focuses only on Zoey and basically no one else. She's considered to be perfect. She designs clothes, is blonde, smart, tan, rich, perfect little snob that lives a perfect life filled with expensive cars, designer clothes, her own laptop, who goe

    This show is about nothing more than a blonde teeny bopper who has all this money and goes to a super rich boarding school has no real life problems. This is the kind of show that brainwashes kids into thinking if they aren't tan,rich,thin,dress in designer clothes, and their parents don't drive a $90,000 car that they don't have a good life. I would not recomend watching the show. Not only does it have a horrid concept it is brought down even more by the so called "acting" of Jamie Lynn Spears. I don't know how the producers and creators of this show thought that kids could realate to this.This show is equally bad to the show Unfabulous "starring" Emma Roberts and I don't think that you should watch this show. You will be disgusted with it within the first few seconds.
  • hello! I I hereby tell you that I love of your partnerships (zoey 101) you are my favorite actress!

    ke since I began to see your partnerships started to like. I wanted to talk to you if you give. there are many people who adore you and I also clear.You a girl turns and very simpatica. I liked to see you pessual to see if thou art thin or fat or whatever. and to talk to you. am a big fan of yours and I love you as an actress of course! hast you left to record partnerships for zoey 101? and do not know but I ke yes! you could tell me? well I'm done talking and kero give you parabens by humans a great actress! you very cool! kisses!
  • this show orcks

    this show is the best show is one of the best shows in the world. you would be stupid not to watch it. i have seen every episode of this show because its so good. everyone in the world should watch this show. if you put bad reviews then your dumb stupid crazy and weird. i think everyone should love this show. im getting all of the DVDs it is so good. so you should watch it or die. and if you put a bad review then your really mean dumb stupid ugly fat and born crazy. learn to watch good tv shows!
  • Another golden show made by the great Dan Schneider.

    This show is about Zoey Brookes, a new student who is now staying at a wonderful boarding school called the Pacific Coast Academy (PCA is the abreviation for it.) She has a good time at the school and makes a lot of friends, like Chase, Dana, Nicole, Quinn, Lola, and a few others. Chase is the guy who secretly has a crush on Zoey, and she doesn't find out the truth towards the end of the show. Logan is the guy on the show that at times isn't very nice and can also sometimes cause trouble, but he is still a good guy at heart. I miss this show, it was really good and I thought it was pretty funny at times. I liked Zoey's character as well, like how she was smart and thinks hard at how to achieve her goals and become successful. Like in the episode with the backpacks while Quinn tries to combine bananas and apples. Anyway this show was so cool! Man the chracters in it were the best. This is another live-action show that I got addicted to when I saw the first episode. I don't like much live-action shows but this one I actually think is pretty good.
  • It's not much perfect.

    Okay,we all know that this show is really not much of a perfect show,but it's really one of the finest shows Nickelodeon made.Of course that they don't really show it on that channel ever again and I don't know why.Well,it was much of the 6.0 score shows that I ever scored and it's with a bunch of shows I scored like that.It's really not much of a very bad show and it's very much like a fine show that I ever scored as 6.0.I grade this show a C because I don't like this show,but it's a very fine show.
  • One of my Nickelodeon's Best Shows!

    Dan Schneider is probably the best person Nickelodeon has ever had. Because he brought them three hit shows: Drake & Josh, iCarly...and this show, Zoey 101! This show is produced very well! They've got great plots, great actors, funny moments, nice romance, and all the stuff to it. I love all the romances. Adds to the show. And I love the rivalries, the funny moments, and all the characters.

    I've liked every character off of this show. It's that great.

    It sucks the show ended but that's okay. The show had a great run and will be remembered as one of the best shows on Nickelodeon.
  • Teens at boarding school, dealing with schoolwork, friends, relationships, and family situations. Funny cute and interesting...

    I really liked this show. I am mad that they took it off the aire simply because Jamie Lynn was prego. Who had to tell the children. And if they did know who cares their teenage sisters are probably pregnant anyway. This show was really cute when I finally started watching it, last season. There was great times and funny times and I loved watching Chase and zoey's relationship unfold. Thanks to Nickelodeon we can't fully see how it turns out, but I just hope they aire it on another channel one day. Zoey and friends were quite entertaining for the short amount of time I was able to watch it.
  • its ok

    ok well this series is ok although it is something typical, something that you could easily guess what could happen next. Although if you have young children it is a great show to watch as it covers many things that could happen through school. The plots seem to be ok but they are not great, they need a bit of fixing up. This could be easily fixed by creating more interesting situations as there are not many good ones. The episodes have stopped because of Jamie Lynn Spears, and her having a child. But its still needs to be worked on if it ever does come back to screen!

    My main though on this is that it needs help and could be fixed if done now.
  • a girl is shipped off to a boarding school and meets some pretty wacko peoples.

    one of my all-time favorite shows! watch it on the n and nickelodeon! i love this show! so dramatic- the relationships are amazing to keep me hooked. i have cried in so many episodes- the very last episode left me in a pool of happy tears. there always funny but you know why did jamie lynn spears have to get p-regnant? that ended the show! why did it have to end? even though im a guy i love the gossip - packed episodes! i dont like the way they treat coco the dorm advisor- she's fat and thats not comedy! love it - watch it!!!
  • Eh this show is pretty good, there was a lot of great episodes, but some crappy ones started to show up in the later seasons.

    The main star of this show is Jamie Lynn Spears? The yonger sister of Brittney Spears? Seems a little shady... but personally I do think Jamie is doing somewhat better than her sister so far, but it might not be that way for long. Well I got nothing against them really. I'm glad she got to have her own show that lasted for three years. It was a pretty good show that started off great with a lot of enjoyable episodes. They were all doing great in there younger years, as they got older the characters started to change, but it wasn't nessecarily bad. I don't know, it just seems like as this show progressed, there was less good episodes. Some had mediocre plots and some also got a little nasty. But other than that I didn't find much wrong with this show, and it is stil a fabulous show with very good actors and stars like Jamie, Sean Flynn, Alexa Nikolas, and Erin Sanders. The ending episodes were meh and in all this show was mostly good but some episodes were not that good. Well not much left to say about this show now.
  • Not a bad show!

    Zoey 101 is about a girl named Zoey (obviously) who attends a formerly all-boys boarding school called PCA. I'm not horribly fond of Zoey herself, but her friends are what make the show good. Quinn, and her Quinnventions definatly make the show unique and fun, Logan with his snotty rich boy attitude can certainly be funny, Lola and her antics are always great, and Dana and Nicole's arguements were always hilarious. However, I think Chase and Micheal were the best part of the show. They are always hilarious. The first three seasons were great, the fourth, not so much, most likely because of Chase's absence. I didn't like James at all, once again probably because of the whole Chase thing. Once again, a great show, just not the last season so much.....
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