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  • This show is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Zoey who starts a boarding school in California named Pacific Coast Academy. Here, she meets new friends and start new adventures.

    This show was kinda stupid when I started watching it, but I grew to love it and really get into it. But four years later, I love this show! The whole evolution of the characters was nice to see. By seasonm two, everyone was all grown up. The storylines weren't as shallow as season one, and as the show progressed, the storylines were deeper and more relatable. But we can't forget the comedic relief that was with this show, no matter how stupid some of them were. The characters were given more depth and complexities by season three onward. I appreciate that. I miss it, but truthfully, I wouldn't want it to return. It would be weird.
  • is not bad , but it is not interesting either

    i dont really get it .. a girl named zoey .. a guy named chase ... he likes her , but he never says anything .. i mean .. NEVER!
    oh yea .. there is also this nerdy girl who knows a lot about chemicals and technology , she is just annoying! is like , every episode she says something with those big words , and everyone is just like : "what was that?" and she has to explain everything. and that happens like almost every episode!!

    i think that the show has no point! .. the plot is absolutely terrible!
    an the actors are unbelieveble too. i mean , they are not bad .. but they look too artificial
  • The story is about zoey and her friends who enter a boarding school that just started letting girls in.

    This show is okay. The sets are amazing for such a cheesy show. The cast needs a lot of work. First of all Jamie Lynn Spears is not that great an actress. Her acting in a few parts is quite poor, I've seen worse in Unfabulous with Emma Roberts but I can live with it I guess. There's good support characters that have great chemistry. I don't like to do this but I have to make another reference to Emma Roberts. I sure Jamie Lynn only got a show to herself because of Britney Spears. It's so typical that you see the same people over and over again even if they haven't got much talent for what they're doing. Still this wasn't too bad of a show.
    6.5/10 okay.
  • zoey.....

    most people dont like zoey anymore because she was pregrant.i mean shes 15 her fans should think shes a whore.also shes getting the reputation of her sister.i think the show is ok...i heard her baby was named maddie i mean mandy is a cute name.but maddie is kind of stupid a lot people are going to make fun of her.then the show is funny ,great script but a little too girly somtimes.also logan and the scince girl going out that was so funny,they are like the oppsosite of each other.did u know that guys like the show too,my brother and his friends love the show its so funny.
  • A popular show in its early years, though with some of the newer episodes, the popularity has sadly declined.

    Zoey 101 had Jamie Lynn Spears star as the main character to try and have this show shoot up further in the Ratings and popularity, and it worked since there has been many fans to this show, and when shows start off fresh, it is WAY less boring and you always can't wait to see what happens next. The first 2 Seasons were great and there was a lot more great and nice Episodes, but somewhere around a certain point in Seasons 3-4, some of the ways that some of the new episodes were made just weren't as good and didn't look right in my eyes. Two bad episode examples are The Silver Hammer Society and the one where Lola accidentally eats Quinn's chewed up Peanuts, those episodes were just plain wrong and i would advise those who are easily disturbed to not see Failure episodes such as those. Either the Writers were having a bad day when they made those, or it was sign that they were running out of good ideas. Plus another newer Season difficulty i saw was when Zoey acted different when James entered the picture, as to me she acted not herself plus WAY more annoying. but Honestly no offense to jamie lynn Spears who played Zoey then, i still think she's a pretty good actor. but after seeing rotten episodes such as The Silver Hammer Society and the other one i mentioned plus Zoey's personality change i was glad to see this show end with at least a pretty fair ending episode, at least Zoey and Chase get back together. Before i end this Review i am just gonna mention other episodes that are horrible in my opinion. Three other Episodes i don't like: the one where everyone is locked in their room because of a Germ that may have been deadly but it wasn't due to Quinn's experiment, the beginning episode of Season Three, and The PCA Beauty Pageant. I also didn't like the way Micheal was treated in the episode: Girls will be Boys. But at least Zoey was still a pretty good show in my opinion through all of the seasons, i just find Seasons 1-2 a heck of a whole lot better and when Zoey 101 was truly golden.
  • This show is about a girl who enrolls in a formerly all-boys boarding school.

    I loved the show! I keep wishing that someday in the near future they will bring it back. I loved all the characters. They were so funny! One of my favorite episodes would have to be Chasing Zoey when Chase came back to PCA. I was really looking forward to the day that they brought him back. I thought the storyline was great and I hated to have to see it end. It feels like it was just yeseterday that I was watching it for the first time. I will keep wishing that they will bring it back! ! !
  • I like this Show.

    Zoey 101 is about a Girl Named Zoey that goes to a Boarding School that is called the Pacific Coast Academy! And Teenagers including the 3 main Girls and 3 Main Boys characters all have either a dangerous, wacky, or fun time there on this marvelous Campus. Now things have changed though in the Four Seasons of this Show, after Season One Dana left, and then in Season Two a New Character was introduced, and her Name is Lola! But after Season 2, Nicole left the Show, but then in Season 3 and past that it finally settled with Zoey, Lola, and Quinn as the Three Pals of the Female's Dorms. In all of the Seasons, the Guys were never replaced and changed, I find that a good thing, through-out the entire Show it was good ol' Chase, Micheal, and Logan. Now for my Opinion of this Show, I thought it was a neat show to watch ya know with all sorts of activities and forming Relationships that has happened in this show, like most importantly, Zoey AND CHASE also with the Finale of Zoey 101 Chasing Zoey, it was great at the end becasue Chase and Zoey were finally officially a couple! So I think this was a successful show. Zoey also did good.
  • Awesome!

    Zoey 101 in my opinion is a superb show. It follows teens Chase Matthews, Zoey Brooks, Quinn Pensky, Dustin Brooks, Micheal Barret, Lola Martinez, Logan Reese, Nicole Bristow Dana Cruz,and James Garret as they survive the school, PCA, Pacific Coast Academy, in California. It appels to all genders due to the many genders of the show, and it also appeals to all ages due to the maturity of some of the characters such as Logan, who is very immature, rich, and has a love for Quinn. Chase on the other hand is very mature, and has a love for Zoey. Zoey 101 is my faorite show, and desereves another season, I highly reccomend this show for everybody!
  • I love this show.

    I like all 4 seasons of the show and they can get funny almost all the time. Quinn has changed ALOT in season 4 and a little in season 3 but seasons 1 and 2 she was really geeky but she is still is a scientist. Chase finally gets Zoey the girl of his dreams and Zoey and James broke up and they are still friends. Quinn got Logan as a boyfriend. Dustin Zoey's younger brother does get into alot of trouble and is a smart little guy and helps the girls. Michal is okay he sometimes does crazy stuff and other things and is close friends with Chase since 6th grade. Lola is an actress and when she first came to PCA as a new student she did an acting excersise and played a character that is not like her and it creeped out Zoey and Nicole and I lauged what funny things she did. This show is really awesome and I love it alot and watch it almost all the time it is a great show.
  • Drippin!

    This show, in my opinion, is great. It's about a group of friends who all go to a boarding school in California, 'Pacific Coast Academy'. Although it's a little predictable. In almost every episode, there's a problem, and in the end Zoey fixes it. Big whoop. But, this show is actually more than just that, it's funny, and lots of other(good) things. All of the main characters(even if they were only there for one season) are Zoey(seasons 1-4), Chase(seasons 1-3, part of 4), Nicole(seasons 1-2), Lola(seasons 2-4), Dana(season 1), Quinn(seasons 1-4), Logan(seasons 1-4), Michael(seasons 1-4), and James(season 4). One of the main reasons for watching the show is because of the two main characters, Chase and Zoey. You know that they like eachother, and will get together eventually, but just can't help but sometimes scream at the tv 'Just get together already!'. I highly recommend this show, it's great.
  • Whats so great about this show some one tell me

    Zoey 101 is overrated it is not Intresting at all it is just about a girl named Zoey and...... um well thats it the only reason Nick picked this show up was because Jamie Lynn Spears is the younger sister of Britney Spears because she is not a good actress and the rest of the cast are bad aswell the only talent they had have both been fired it is just not a goood show with the bad acting the bad storylines Iam surprised Nick as had this show for as long as they have but I guess If your the younger less talented younger sister of Britney Spears you get special treatment In my mind Zoey 101 gets a 5.5!
  • This is a great show!

    Another great show by Dan Schnider. This show is about Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears), and her brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) who enroll at PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) a formally all-boys school, which becomes a normal school of both boys, and girls. Zoey, Chase, Michael, Logan, Lola, and Quinn have all sorts of adventures at PCA. Sometimes the song "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Motley Crue plays on in my head because the girls at PCA are HOT!!! But do not worry, I am not there to seduce them, or anything like that. It was sad to see Zoey 101 end after Blast from the Past. I think the reason why they had to end the show is because of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. People this is a fact, I am not making this up. I think if they were to make a fifth season of Zoey 101, the audience would notice how big Jamie Lynn's belly is. There might be an accident if the show continued. But still, it would've been nice to have a fifth season, but Jamie Lynn has to take care of her baby when it is born. I'm really sorry about this review, please forgive me people.
  • This show is one of the best in a long while. It is about a boarding school and 6 main characters: Zoey, Chase, Lola, Michael, Logan, and Quinn who live weird but very exciting lives at their school, Pacific Coast Academy.

    This show is great. It is entertaining and exciting. The actors and plot are always great. This is an inspiring show in a way that shows kids getting along together and overcoming any weird situation that comes their way through friendship. Zoey individually is the main main character, played by Jamie Lynn Spears, and I think she does a wonderful job. This show gives us an idea of how we should want our lives to be, meaning there is nothing negatively suggested in this show. Only positive things occur and by watching them helps us to grow to be better people like how the characters in this show do. But apparently the last episode premiered Friday May 2, 2008 with the brilliant movie/ episode "Chasing Zoey." And the episode with all the flashbacks on the good times Chase and Zoey had, but that cannot be the last episode!!!!!! I think it must go on to finish what happens in their lives. I will be extremely disappointed if no new epsisodes are made, this is the climax of the whole Zoey 101 show and now your just stopping?? The show must go on and at least finish this new season,, please!!! I beg Jamie Lynn and the rest of the actors to continue!!!!!
  • Zoey Brooks is Hannah Montana! okok, just kidding

    Zoey whose played by All That's Jaime Spears is about a girl who goes to a used-to-be-boys-school. I have to admit, this show is really good. i like the plot and in a way it is totally Hilarious.
    My favourite quote:
    "Yes, why. It becomes right between a z and s"
    This show was made by Dan Scheinder. By far, i think this is his worst show he produced. But i really like this show. Of course, it cant beat shows like Drake and Josh, iCarly, the Amanda show.
    Well, lets see i support Choey, Quogen and Micheal and Lola. What i dont like about this show? 'OH MY GOD!'
  • Zoey 101 is a about a girl named Zoey that goes to a bording school it is called PCA.She has some friends Zoey met a PCA here are some of her new friends names Logen,Quinn,Michael,and Chase.Zoey likes Chase and Chase likes Zoey but they do not say they do

    Zoey 101 is really a good show.It is cool.There are many things that happen.And in one show of Zoey 101 Zoey's parents are going to move to I believe Londen.Zoey's parents want her to come with them and go to a new school in Londen.But Zoey does not want to go, she will miss all her friends at PCA.Right after she got the news Zoey did not tell Chase first So the most of the school new about it but Chase, so Chase got Mad and thought she was not going to tell him but she was,just not right that second.Will Zoey leave PCA and Case will be mad forever or will she Stay at PCA .
  • Awesome

    Pacific Coast Academy used to be a boys only academy. The show is about Zoey Brooks and her younger brother Dustin Brooks who are attending Pacific coast academy a formerly boys only boarding school. when she arrives she meets a somewhat clumsy kid named Chase Matthews who quickly develops a crush on her.she meets her rommates her soon to be best frien Nicole Bristow and her somewhat lazy roomate Dana cruz. There is also Chases roomates Michael Barret and Logan Reese.

    I love this show.It is my favorite girl show and it sould have good all over it. It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Its an alright show, actors are kind of bad in my opinion, the episodes it self are good.

    This show is about a girl who goes to a boarding school called Pacific Coast Academy. The three seasons where good, but when they started the fourth, i didnt like it, i think they rushed. If it wasnt for Jamie Lynn the show would have alittle better. Well its done and over now. Overall the show it self is good. But we got some bad actors, like the dude that plays Chase Matthews he seems nervous in some episodes, idk thats just me. Some things they say are funny, but most of the time its kind of annoying. Well this is my report, Have a good day every one.
  • Zoey 101 is a silly show that can be watched and enjoyed.

    I started watching Zoey 101 when it first started airing a few years back. I did not get hooked on it until mid way season 2, when I really started liking all the Chase and Zoey drama. Honestly, some of the plot lines are really silly but I still continue to watch the show anyway. Zoey 101 is a good show to watch when I want to be distracted from my problems and sit back and relax. Although many things may be unrealistic and cheesy, I still love watching it. The show follows a young girl named Zoey and her life at boarding school. The real reason to watch the show though, is to see her relationship with her best friend. Zoey's best friend Chase is in love with her, and throughout the show you see their growing relationship and everyone just wants to shout out "Just get together already!" Hopefully in the series finale they will finally get together, and all will be well.
  • Compared to Drake and Josh, this show is ALOT better! This show is OK sometimes. I love this alot more than Drake and Josh!

    I have to say i dont really like this show that much because everything is "hoity toity" and they dont care about anything except looking good and all of that other stuff. BUT i DO like this show alot better than stupid Drake and Josh. I know both of these shows have to same creator but i do like Zoey 101 alot more than Drake and Josh. Sometimes there are very few episodes that i do like a little bit, but most of the time i really dont care to watch this at all. Even though sometimes this can be A LITTLE funny, but not really that much. I would not recommend you to watch this.
  • This show has done well, I'd say a decent amount of episodes are great and were well written. Keep up the good work!

    Let's see here, I'd say one of my favorite episodes is The Election. Zoey and Chase decide to run for class president, however Logan decides to help Chase and soon The friendship of Zoey and Chase hits a bumpy road. At least in the end Chase tells PCA students and faculty that he was the one that spread those rumors and not Zoey, which makes her happy! Campaigns sure do spark up in this episode and there's a lot of events that take place. One of them is when Logan tries to help Chase with smoothies by selling them at a profit. I also think that the girls which are Zoey, Lola, and Nicole have the best outfit designs, especially Nicole in this episode. I'm pretty sure it was season three Nicole got booted out and there's one word I got to say about that: WHY?! I thought that was the perfect combination of three girls, too. Which were Zoey, Lola, and Nicole. I'm an Alexa Nikolas fan and I thought she was a great person, and pretty as well. I wonder what she's doing now that she's not on Zoey 101 anymore... Ah well... It's a shame. Zoey 101 turned out to be a nice show, though a few episodes here and there are not so good, but a lot of TV shows seem to have some bad episodes unfortunately. The more well written episodes I'd say, the better. I think Chase is real cool and he does some pretty impressive things. This is also a good show for me with the ladies because I'm one of those types that always are on cloud nine whenever I see some Hot Chics. Some other episodes I think that are pretty neat are Spring Break and also the episode where Drake Bell comes and plays a song for PCA. Another good episode was when Miranda Cosgrove was a new student at PCA and, like Quinn, is excellent at the sciences and technology. However, when she figures things out that Quinn doen't figure out, Quinn doesn't think she's smart and important enough to be a master scientist. That was also pretty interesting and funny when Quinn had that dream where she met Albert Einstein and was very excited to meet him! However it was a downer for Quinn only to find out that he was, in fact, looking for Miranda or whatever her name was in that episode. So it was interesting to watch. Speaking of which, I haven't seen The Election episode and the two episodes with Drake and Miranda very much. What's up with that? But anyway, Zoey is so cool! PCA sounds like a very interesting place, not to mention intriuging. So Dan Schnieder is the creator of this show, hey he's also the creator of Drake and Josh and icarly as well. Those were my favorite episodes of Zoey 101, The Backpack was swell, too. There you go, Five-Hundred smackerooni words of how this show was for ya!
  • This show is about A girl named Zoey that goes to a all boys bording school that just changed to a girl and boy school.

    I just have to say that Zoey 101 is my favorite show EVER! nothing goes past this show. I love every single episode that comes on. Its sad that it has to go off. The last episode i going to be on May 2nd that will be the last episode. chase comes back from Euorpe and its just going to be awesome! This show is hands down the best ever to come on teen nick. Jamie Lynn is a great actress so is my favy Sean Flynn. They so should get back together. I know they will. Awesome Show!!! EVER! everyone should know that.
  • Zoey 101 is about a girl who goes to a boarding school that was formerly and all-boys school.

    This show is definently one of my guilty pleasures. The relationship between Chase and Zoey is the main reason why I watch it. Other than that, they have several funny characters with Michael being the best. His acting style will constantly have you rolling on the floor. Other than that, the acting is not perfect, but, for a kid's show, it definently does as good as it can. Even the relationship between Quinn and Logan will have you going, "Awwwww." Overall, I would highly recommend this show for anyone to watch especially if you are looking for a sweet comedy with hilarious characters.
  • Im the the 5th bbiggest fan in the world!

    "Zoey 101" is a show that follows Zoey Brooks and her new friends at their California boarding school named Pacific Coast Academy. The twist to this is that Zoey an d her roomates are some of the first girls to be admitted to PCA which used to be an all boys school sicne it was founded. It has some comedic parts but for the most part is serious and well yeah still funny at the same time. Its one of my favorite showsof all time and easily my favorite forum on tv.com. I love this show so much. Sad its gonna end.
  • Zoeey Brooks is a young girl who goes to the boarding school PCA which used to be all boys, with her friends Chase, Nicole (Seasons 1-2), Dana (Season 1), Lola (Season 2-4), Michael, Quinn and Logan.

    This show used to be a favourite for me but i have to say its going downhill badly, fair enough they got rid of Dana even though she was great but they went too far when they wrote Nicole off the show, she was my favourite character and i think was many others, then they tried to replace Nicole with Quinn by making her Zoey and Lola's room mate which just didn't work.

    I used to love this show, Seasons 1 and 2 were great then Season 3 was okay but Season 4 is one step too far, now they have written Chase off until the end when he will return, i lost interest in this show half way through the third season and i usually only watch it now if they show repeats of the first and second season, Zoey 101 your losing fans by each character you write off!
  • A great show which i completely love. For the last years, i have been watching and enjoying the humor and romance of being a teenager. I love it, and i am deeply sorry that this show is reaching the end of it's fantastic journey through my heart.

    A great show which i completely love. For the last years, i have been watching and enjoying the humor and romance of being a teenager. I love it, and i am deeply sorry that this show is reaching the end of it's fantastic journey through my heart. From the lovable boy with the puffy 'fro who is trying to hook the girl of his dreams, to the science nerd who is now secretly dating the rich jock, this show will always hold a special place in my heart. I love Zoey 101 through the bad episodes (Alone At PCA), and the great (Trading Places, Chase's Grandma). I certainly will miss it when it's gone.
  • It may be unrealistic and cheesy, but I can't stop watching it!

    Zoey 101 in its first season was really cute. Pretty much the whole time Nicole was in the show, it was pretty good. But when they kicked her out, it just got... bad. The lame dialogue, the unrealistic plot lines, but I couldn't stop watching it. No one else knows I still watch it because it is lame and their jokes are super cheesy, but there's something kind of endearing about that. Especially after Goodbye, Zoey I had to find how it turned out, even though I know that this is the last season because of Jamie Lynn, but it always kept me entertained.
  • hmmm...... you know, I actually like this show.

    This is show actually has really great storylines in every episode (except for the halloween episode). But there is two things that are terrible about this show. Number 1: Every character (except for michael, mr. bender, and logan) are !#$@ers, the girls are really stuck up and annoying. Plus, when logan does something little to them, they do something big to him. Like when logan was joking around about zoey liking him when he tutored him, she put a rat in his underwear. But the storylines saved this show from being bad, like the show my first review was on (lloyd in space). Number 2: Just like my hannah montana review, the reruns piss me off (but hannah montana sucks so I don't care). Reruns reruns and reruns, a new episode and then 3 months of reruns. But what's worse is that the reruns are the first 2 seasons (they could of showed the newest season's reruns because I only saw 2 of those).

    The three most annoying characters are cocoa, nicole and zoey. Cocoa is just disgusting, zoey is obnoxious, mean, and good looking. But everyone likes her for some reason. Nicole is so needy, a baby, has an annoying voice, ruins the show (thank god she left), wishy washy, and boy crazy. P.S: zoey rolls her eyes way too much.
  • Funny but also the bottom of the list of shows I watch.

    I think it is really funny, but some of the comedy is quite forced and caused me to grimace rather than laugh. The acting is okay for most actors and actresses in the show, but Jamie Lynn Spears - in my opinion - is the one who lacks that talent most.

    The thing that always ticks me off of the show is always Jamie Lynn Spears acting. Really not good.

    About the story line, I don't like how it is always Zoey's way or the highway. Seriously. The character of Zoey is portrayed to me as the perfect 'girl, I - like most people - want to watch a girl that I could relate to, not some plastic bobble head girl to fill crap in the minds of us 13 year old girls. Boys, money, shoping and ect. (The funny thing is that I do shop at Lasenza girl ^^")

    The over clichéd plots are really bad too.

    On the plus side, it's kind of funny.
  • Another Bad Disney Children's Comedy!

    Hey, guys! I have a great idea. Let's create a show where we put a bunch of spoiled rich kids togeather, with parents that really don't care about leading their children in their own homes.

    You mean a show at a private, exclusive boarding school in California? Right?!

    YES! And will get a sister of a famous nut-case to play the lead girl. She has to be blonde and super-cute.

    Well, we are Disney, J.B. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA That's all we promote, btw!

    Right you are! I wonder if the Spears family has any more children to abuse, hmmmm. Our database says, YES THEY DO! Get that Jamie Lynn in here ASAP!

    Can she act, J.B.?

    Who cares!!! As long as we promote the death out of her & she gets the Disney message across that you don't need to listen to your parents and you need to make your own decisions as soon as you can! Thank you George Carlin!

    You know J.B. what would be awesome?

    What's that J.R?

    If somehow, after this show has been on the air for a couple of years, this Jamie kid could do something crazy while she is still underage, to help promote a season opening movie. You know like get pregnant!

    Now that's just crazy J.R. Just crazy enough to make it a super hit!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......
  • Highly addictive show.

    I think its a pretty decent show with not alot of laughs. Acting in this show is really weak. Jamie lynn isn't such a good actor but she still fits the spot. Ive heard that they were making another two seasons. But right now seems to be a rumor. Not happy to see that Sean Flynn left the show. Even worse his replacement isn't quite good at acting. This show is very addictive I keep on searching on the internet to watch new episodes. I really cant imagine how an episode next episode is going to be like with Logan and Quinn together.So ill keep on watching episodes and we will see who wins zoeys heart over. Chase or James!
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