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  • This show is getting more interesting with every new episode!

    I didn't like this show at first. It seemed silly and not funny in the least, with dumb, silly characters. I decided to watch "Goodbye Zoey". That has been the best episode so far, and it really made me want to watch this show. I started watching every new episode that came out. I foud out that what I thought about it was actually very wrong, this show is great. I really hope Zoey picks Chase over that weird James kid. I hope this show lasts a while longer, because I hope to see many new episodes ever coming Sunday night!
  • Show about kids at PCA.

    I think this show is cute, funny, and sometimes has good storylines. But, if my friends found out I watched this I would be laughed at! The shows storylines are somewhat unoriginal and frankly kind of stupid. And, they lose actors every season ( Dana is season one, Nicole in season two, Chase in season three ). The show would be way more consistint and entertaining if the actors stayed the same. But, the actors are kind of cute! Matthew Underwood who plays Logan Reese and Austin Butler who plays James Garrett are very attractive and easy on the eyes. I like this show, not love it.
  • good show bad actors

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  • The Zoey 101 show is about Zoey (Who is played by Jamie Lynn Spears), a teenage girl who starts going to a boarding school that only just started letting girls in.

    Zoey meets Chase, a teenage boy with crazy hair. Zoey also has a little brother named Dustin. Zoey finds new friends at PCA quick. She meets Quinn, Michael, Logan, Dana, and Lola. She also makes new enemies as well. Zoey begins PCA at the beginning of the year and is automatically popular. Her and her friends have many strange and unusual encounters, including proving her friends innocent, and she also has guys to deal with. Many boys in PCA have a crush on Zoey, including Chase. Chase tells Zoey he loves her in the recent movie, "Goodbye Zoey". Chase moves to England to go to school and has to wait an entire semester before returning and dating Zoey.
  • get's cheesy over the years

    get's cheesy over the years. it get's cheesy with the season 3 and 4 sad storys and badder comedy. the only good episode of S4 is trading places. i laughed my head off when the hispanic tech support guy wasn't bringing any help to chase. it's funny cause it's true. season 1 was the best cause it had better characters, better plotlines and better jokes. yes reallly count the joke part. my grammar is probably really bad here cause i type real fast. i give the show with my leaving.... .. a 7.9 good rating. now be gone with me. .
  • the summary about zoey101 is about teenagers in a boarding school called pca. pca only started letting girls in a few years ago. its about zoey and her friends getting into different type of adventures etc

    zoey101 is a tv show about a boarding school that let girls in. the main character is zoey. its mainly about zoey and her friends with different type of stories drama etc zoeys friends are called michael lola quinn logan and chase zoey also has a little brother called Dustin
    chase is one of zoeys close friends chase has a secret crush on zoey which everyone knows apart from zoey chase has had a crush on zoey since they first met. here is a little about zoeys friends logan he is a bit of a jerk but he is the richest kid at pca quinn is very clever and is into science she calls her inventions quinnventions michael is a very funny guy, lola is into acting and she likes fashion, chase is a bit clumsy but he has a crush on zoey as i said thats about it
  • My favourite show of all time.

    If you ever had a crush on your best friend, this show has been tailor-made for you. If you ever had a crush at all, and even if you haven't, this is still a great show.

    Chase Matthews is a cute but awkward guy who falls (quite literally) for new girl Zoey Brooks as soon as he sees her ("Welcome to PCA"). They quickly bond as friends, but Chase clearly wants something more. There are occasionally hints that Zoey feels the same way ("Lola Likes Chase"), but for three years, the two are content being friends.

    Of course, Zoey and Chase's "friendship" has its ups and downs.
    The Play: Zoey falls for Logan.
    School Dance: Zoey chooses another guy to the dance.
    Election: Zoey gets mad at Chase's self-proclaimed campaign manager, Logan, and by extension Chase himself.
    Lola Likes Chase: Lola asks Chase out, and Chase says yes.
    Spring Break-Up: Chase is caught stealing Zoey's TekMate (phone/PDA).
    Surprise: Chase gets a girlfriend.
    The Radio: Chase accuses Zoey of tricking him out of his $10000 radio.

    The fact that their "friendship" survives all these trials and tribulations shows just how strong it is. But this all changes when Zoey is offered a chance to study in London ("Goodbye Zoey"). Chase finds out thanks to a string of gossipers and is upset that Zoey didn't tell him herself. He practically tells Zoey to go, hurting Zoey's feelings to the point she actually leaves.

    When Chase realizes what he has done, it is too much for him. He initially denies that he misses Zoey, even though he gets himself a new friend who looks just like her. His friends Micheal and Logan know better though, and after much effort, they finally get Chase to admit he's in love with Zoey. Unbeknown to any of them, Zoey hears this over a webcam, forcing her to come to terms with her own feelings for Chase. Thus we conclude the penultimate season with more questions than answers, which must be resolved in the last 12 or 13 episodes of the series.

    There is a famous running gag in this series. Every season premiere, the first time Chase meets Zoey that year, he always falls and hurts himself in some way. This can be seen as symbolic of how Chase fell for Zoey in the non-literal sense. But behind all the lightheartedness in this show is a moving love story which we all want to see a happy ending to.
  • Couldn't have been better!

    This show is by far one of the best shows I have ever laid eyes on. When I first saw the commercial for it 3 years ago, I wasn't too particularly intrested, but I thought, what the heck? I indulged into it, and instantly I was hooked! I give this show the rating it most definitely deserves! I can't wait to view the beginning of season 4. It will probably end up being the climax of the Zoey/Chase relationship we have been hoping for! Well, until my next review! Hopefully it will end up being a Zoey/Chase getting together one! Laters!
  • An alright show about kids at a bording school.

    Even though Zoey 101 doesnt look like it will be coming back, well at least not for a while, it is and O.K. show except for some things. I think it is kind of annoying how the co-stars are funnier then the show's star, Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays Zoey. All of the characters always have crazy and funny things about them, like Quinn's weird experiments, Michael's hilarious lines, or even Logan's annoyingnes. Zoey actually has some funny lines if they were said differently. At times, Jamie Lynn just says her lines that are supposed to be funny in a boring, "blah" sort of way. If after Jamie Lynn has her baby, but it's not some how written that Zoey comes back to PCA, I think the show could have a new name and just star the now co-stars and be just as funny.
  • the most original "Jamie Lynn Spears" movie you could get. i mean c'mon shes pregnant AT 16! definately a good example for young girls *PHYC* a good show though.... i luv her older sis Britney though.

    Ok so you decided to read my review koolies! so this TV show is basically about a young teen who goes to skool boys have a crush on her she comes home and has some problems to sort out like every other teenage girl (or young girls) she has the boy problems she has the friends problems (how original) shouldnt they make a TV show that is targetted at pre-teen girl (and boys i guess) that isnt revolving all these things that we see on every other TV kids show... E.g. thats so Raven, ummm Mortified ETC. maybe it's just me.... In the hit show Zoey101 which is targatted at "tweens" is about a young girl Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her younger brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) in this hit TV show you will find lots of interesting troublesome things happening throughout the series many boy problems friend problems and lots more ETC throughout the series. there is a boy called Chase who has developed a crush on Zoey throughout the series,but keeps on getting REJECTED. dont you hate it when sum1 u really really like just thinks ur a total dork. Trust me i think chase knows (but in this case i dont think Zoey thinks he's a dork there pretty good friends) i really personally enjoy this TV show its very funny of course i dont have foxtel so wen i go to Melb to my nans and pops i watch all that stuff ETC but it makes it hard since i live in QLD if ur a terrorist good luck finding me =)
  • Don't bring it back

    I watched 1 episode.... and i can understand why nickelodeon decided to finish it. It was a waste of money they should of used the money on ned's declassified or something worth watching(not spongebob). this show is unfunny, oringinal as the CSI (3 different shows)so on and so forth i gave it a rating of 1 because its ending.

    And she is just like her sister a stupid spoilted to much money dog!!!!! sleeeping around at 16 without a condom. And yet her mum's writing a book on practical parenting ha tat makes me laugh. so there there family is f****d up

    and think wat u want about me i don't care.
  • Are you serious?!

    So I just started watching Zoey 101. I've been trying to get caught up...and I LOVE the show. Then the World finds out that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. I still don't think I understand the big shock. She's young, but how many girls did I know in high school who got pregnant, just because she's in the public eye she had(specifically) parents outraged! Excuse me parents who were so upset that this matter sparked a discusion with your child, it's a discusion you should be having anyway. And are you so out of touch that you don't know that this is happening every where? Not just Hollywood! I'm not condoning her actions, but I can't believe that one of the best shows on Nick is being canceled because she's pregnant! Let me just ask... what if she quietly had an abortion? Would Nick have looked the other way and continued to air the show? Maybe this isn't a channel I want to support any longer!

    As far as the Goodbye Zoey?" movie. I thought it was really good, until the ending. I can't believe they are ending the movie and series like that. Zoey finally found out that Chase is in love with her and what is her reaction? I guess we'll never know. It's good to know that after all this time of keeping up on the show and specifically on Chase and Zoey's relationship... that it's all gonna end worthlessly. I'm outraged with Nick right now and it's too bad, because they do provide a different perspective than Disney.
  • Zoey 101 is a great show. I think that It's the best show on nickelodeon. I've heard that there making a new movie. It's called Goodbye Zoey. It's and hour long. If you wann'a know more read my review. To see what it's about.

    Zoey 101 is great. Jaime Lynn Spears is great too! They're making a new movie. Called Goodbye Zoey. It's about Zoey moving to England. And has to say Goodbye to everybody. But the last person she tells is chase. What will happen. If you wann'a know watch the movie. Anyways that's what the movie is about. The cast are Sean Flynn as Chase. Mathew Underwood as Logan. Jaime Lynn Spears as Zoey. Victoria Justice as Lola. Erin Sanders as Quinn. Pauk Butcher as Dustin. Christopher Massey as Michael. That's the Cast. Anyways that's the update about Zoey 101. So start watching.
  • the show is about some preteen girls who pretty much invade an all-boys boarding school. who cares?

    the show is about some preteen girls who pretty much invade an all-boys boarding school. The whole shows is centered around zoey- a popular, rich, know-it-all, tan girl whom everyone loves and worships. the main problem is that the plot SCREAMS feminism undertones. Why? Zoey knows EVERYthing, the boys are completely brain dead and hopeless and the plot is the worst part- girls invade an all-boys boarding school! First, why would they do this? weve all heard the whole "girls can do whatever guys can" formula which is true but overused. Second, what would they gain by accomplishing their "invasion"? third, wouldnt it be pretty impossible in real life to get into a designated all guys school if your a girl? Total nonsense.

    Every guy in the show is either a total loser, a jerk, or just plain dumb. Once again; more feminism undertones. All the girls are somehow the smartest people ever. By the way, how ironic is it that the star got herself pregnant at age 16? Thats a good role model for young girls.
  • A show about kids at a boarding school called PCA.

    I used to think that Zoey 101 was a funny, cute, educational, and moral show. Recent news changed my opinion completely. Any person knows that Jamie Lynn SPears is now preggers. She ruined the entire image of the show, and destroyed the acting careers of herself and fellow cast members. This selfish, stupid actions taken by Jamie Lynn SPears made me realize that the whole show is a lie. I cannot even imagine watching this show again after her intolerable actions. She destroyed the image of the show completely, and it will never have the same appearance to me again. This show is now a disgrace, I am very disappointed in Jamie Lynn, and upset that her cast members will suffer for her actions. Best of Luck to all the Zoey 101 cast members in the acting world! I hope that you succeed! Jamie Lynn... thanks for making a scene, now your fame is over, until you abuse your child.
  • Is it going to end or what

    Now thnat the actual perosn the isZoey (Jiame Lynn Spoears) is pregnant I wonder is this show will continue. I hope that this movie that is coming out wont end the series becasue I rally like it. Will ZOey and Chase end up going out? Because even though Chsa has shwon many signs and even said that he loves ZOeyt we are not so sure of ZOey's feelings towards Chase. I've been reading the epsiodes supposedly after thia movie "Good-Bye Zoey" and they look very boring but hopefully the series will not end just becasue Zoey is pregnant. I totally reoc end it if it continues.
  • A show about a rich perfect blonde girl that every guy in the world likes who just creates trivial problems for herself.

    Do you want to be a shallower preteen? Just watch this show for a couple seasons, and you will be vapid and spoilt in no time. Seriously, the kids on the show are so shallow. The Zoey girl, she is perfect and moral and just and just so damn perfect. Who in the world is like that? There is not a single person that doesn't like her, boy or girl, and her problems are so stupid and comparable to the trials and tribulations of an eight year old. I mean, come on now, she's fifteen and her biggest concern his her stupid roomate or losing her key or something? No high school is this cheerful and unproblematic. I'm the same age as this girl and I can tell you that there is way more to deal with in high school than this show admits. I wish kids shows would stay in middle school and elementary school and focus on the real issues there rather than trying to sugarcoat highschool into some unrealistic, shallow, world. I mean, eight year olds or whatever think being a teenager is so awesome, full of priveledges and no responsiblities but to party and be a shallow vapid idiot that follows and never leads. If you want some good realistic stuff about middle and high school, watch some Degrassi or something similar. Nickelodeon is providing a crappy false outlook of teenage life that will probably give kids the wrong idea of what they should prepare to stand up against. This show promotes an emphasis on being pretty and popular and perfect. It doesn't provide an image of any real, as in really real, people. EDIT: And ha! Zoey's actress is PREGNANT now! Finally this drawn out series will come to a long overdue end!
  • I have already seen the "Goodbye Zoey" episode, it was on over here in Ireland last week!!!! Believe me its awesome!!!!!

    It's strange cause i thought that we were really behind in our tv shows but appareantly not!
    I can tell everyone reading, that they (especially the 2nd one!) are amazing!!!

    Ok im gonna tell you what happens in the 2nd episode:

    Zoey is gone and Chase is really upset. Quinn sets up a webcam so they can talk to her. Zoey forgives Chase for not saying goodbye but tells him she is not coming back to P.C.A.
    Chase starts hanging out with this new girl (who coincedentally looks alot like Zoey) and won't admit that he misses Zoey. Logon, Quinn, Lola and Michael don't like Chase's new friend (i cant remember her name!) and eventually Logon and Michael confront Chase and get him to admit that he really does miss Zoey.
    BUT, the webcam is turned on and Zoey hears him, Chase announces unknowingly to Zoey that,
    "I don't just miss her, I'm in love with her!"
    Zoey is of course shocked and then the episode ends!!!

    Can't wait till season 4!!!!!!!!!

    Jamie Lynn Spears is being exploited! I was appalled, disgusted, and saddened when I watched an episode of Zoe 101(episode 33,"Wrestling",season #3,prod code 307) and saw young Jamie Lynne Spears leaning over a desk acting out a scene in which her BREASTS were blatantly and obtrusively EXPOSED for all to see…and by all I mean my 5 year old daughter. And by EXPOSED I mean that each breast was shown as it's own separate entity, meant to entice in lustful fashion the trained eye, inviting it to oogle and gawk as we are so accustomed and expected to do. The only part left covered was her nipples. (This is not to be confused with "cleavage", which would be when the breasts are somewhat pushed together to give a pleasing but more modest visual of a woman's figure).
    It was embarrassing and uncomfortable. When my daughter watches sit-coms aimed at adolescents on Nickelodeon channel, I expect her to be entertained by thoughtful, kid relevant stories that deal with issues kids can relate to. I don't expect her to be taught that 16 year old girls should let their **** hang out of their shirts to dangle in front of the gym teacher.
    The real issue here is who made this decision to intentionally exploit Jamie Lynne in this fashion. Was it the producer__________, the director, Michael Grossman; maybe her agent? Her mother!?? Where is her father? Somebody should be held accountable. This should be considered a felony and charges should be filed against all involved! This child is at risk for further exploitation. We all have seen what a lack of guidance has led to in her sisters case. Jamie Lynn needs someone to act on her behalf, not somebody who is capitalizing on her wealth. donniemars@yahoo.com
  • Zoey 101

    I watched the premier of this because there was nothing else worth watching on TV. I expected it to be another "Unfabulous" or another "Lizzie McGuire" or a copy of some other show but this show is totally original. It's about a girl named Zoey who starts going to a boarding school in CA that allows girls to attend for the first time in its history. The characters are very realistic. My favorite character is Chase. He obviously likes Zoey, but is too shy to admit it, but anyway, like I said this show is very entertaining and I can't wait to see future "Zoey 101" episodes! I can't wait to see Season 4th of Zoey 101!
  • I don't get why every one is giving this piece of crap show such high ratings.

    Like OMG! This show is so original! NOT. It's basically what you would see in any teenybopper show. Some girls go to an all boys academy and of course Zoey is one of them. She is so pretty, talented and funny, and omg! her best friend has a crush on her! Now where have I heard this before? In about every teenybopper show I have ever seen! Basically this show is directed at little 9 year old Hilary Duff fans who are waiting for Hannah Montana to air. I have seen only about one episode and this show is just horrible. Sorry if you don't agree with me, this is just an opinion.
  • I like it!

    Yes, i really do like this show, I girl goes into a former all boys school and raises a storm. Thank god another Spears hasnt gone down the toilet of forgotten celebrities! I love Zoey's personality, very alpha female! She likes to be in control and puts 100% into everything she tries. Though the only thing that annoys me about this show is why cant chase and Zoey get 2getha?? I mean what is this, series 3/4 and nothing, absoulely nothing! And that phone in the fountain, ARGH so close, so close! I'll round up this review, go watch it
  • the show is about a girl who goes to an all boys school i must survie with her roomates dana nicole then lola nicole then lola and ouin plus her friends chase micheal and her friend longan plus her younger brother dustin the show is funny and cool......

    zoey 101 is a good show but every season cast changes frist dana leves sesoan 1 the nicole seson 2 and rumed dustin in seson 5 . but the show has manged to survie chase role in the show is bennig in love with zoey micheal role is bennig chase best friend and zoeys longan role is bennig the roommate of chase and micheal and bennig the rich kid who can be nice to zoey or mean and always wants to kiss her. lola role id bennig zoey roomate and bennig her best friend the actress . oun role is bennig the werid secience nerd who is zoey and lola friend and roomate and last but not least is dustin his role is zoeys younger brother and everyone knows zoey role . well the show is good so peace
  • This show has great plots!

    This show really good. i think it's good as a comedy show, but I think it's good as far as plots and stuff. They go to a really nice bording school and makes me wan to go to a bording school that nice. Like Drake and josh, this is very intesting to watch, but unlike Drake and josh, there are no stuff where people have to go through extreamly unfortunite stuff and no charaters that I feel bad for when they go though those unfortnite stuff. Zeoy 101 is a pretty clean show as far stuff like that. Even though it is a great show to watch, it isn't something i watch regularly, but I do when ever I get bored.
  • This on of the best teennick show. good humor

    This show is so good it a good thing so us teenager can see how they all get along and this happens to us some of it that is. The characters all are so cool Quin with her werid and cool inventions, Lola and how she wants to be come an actress really bad, Logan and how rich he is,Chase and Micheal and their tv show,Zoey and how nice she is,and Stacey with the cotton swaabs. Each episodes have good conflict and endinding. The adults are funny or crazy or both like KAzu he is funny Miss Dangels from zoey's ballon is both like when she was reading the book on how to be a good teacher. And that is why it's a good show.
  • This is a great show!

    Zoey 101 is probably the second best show on Nick, only to Drake and Josh. The story revolves around the main character, Zoey Brooks. She is a lovable all around good character, with funny and dramatic moments. Most of the series, a boy named Chase Matthews, has been chasing Zoey to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But it always seems like Zoey absolutely never finds out. Some of Zoey's friends are Logan Reese, Michael Barret, Quinn Pensky, and Lola Martinez. Logan is your stereotypical popular guy. All of the girls love him, and he can be stuck up. Michael is kind of a weird boy who enjoys sports and having fun. Quinn is the scientist. She is always freaking her roommates out with her experiments. Lola is an actor. She also loves looking at boys. This is a fabulous show.
  • Lola is my favorite charcter. Her Dream is to be a actress. She wants "badly" to be on TV

    Zoey101 is a great show! Dustin, Zoey's brother wants to play more with Zoey like in episode were he's Scared because of the movie Logan, chase, and Micheal let him watch. Zoey said, "They are so Dead" Well, lets go back to season one when it was prank week. Logan, chase, and you guessed it - Micheal Put toilet paper on the girls' dorm. Zoey wanted to get back so they did by putting the new statue of The founder of PCA in a Bikini. Logan helps Zoey to stay in PCA. That's Probably why Nicole had NO I repeat NO tears. I wish they could have a season 5 of Zoey101 were in the same dorm is Zoey, Lola, And Dana are in the same dorm. Season 4 is a Part two of season 3. Which is okay but I wish next time For that to happen in season… 5!
    Dustin is so acting and so is lola? Why do they do that it just doen't make sence. Like the time when they did a time capsule Lola pretended she picked an idem but she didn't. I can't believe that Lola would get full credit for that assignment.
  • Why do YOU watch this thing?

    "Zoey 101" is one of the stupidest shows I've ever seen. It's about some girls that go to an all-boys academy. Woo. Original. Of course, Zoey is one of them. And you'll never guess- Zoey is not only pretty, smart, talented, funny and popular, but also a boys magnet! And you'll never guess this fact- her best friend, which happens to be a boy, has a crush on her! The originality never stops, huh? Ah, yes, it does. The plot is offensively predictable, the characters are either flat or Mary-Sue-ish, and it's not even funny. It's sad. Just sad. I don't have any idea how did it get such a high rating. This show sucks!
  • Zoey 101 is the Best Teenager Girls Live action Show Ever made!

    My 68th review after another live action show on Nick, "Drake and Josh"

    Really? Nah!!! This show is nothing but a Load of a Girly Crockpot! This is the worst use of a Girly Show I've EVER seen in my life. This is one of the biggest Embarrassments that's ever happened to Nick! This is one of the dumbest uses of a Girls Live action show ever made!!! Come on yo! Even Sabrina the Teenage Witch is better then this! This Show S-U-C-K-S! This show stars about Britney Spears spoiled little Sister, Jamie Lyn Spears! (Britney is also kinda spoiled too.) She sucks a female monkey butt! She's one of the worst actresses EVER! This show gets an F--!! Here's the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.0/10.0 Are you kidding me? The voice
    acting sounded like all the people swallowed a Crack-hole stuck in their Thorats!

    Graphics: F-- 1.5/10.0 Horrible!!!! It's bilnding me!!

    Sound: F-- 0.3/10.0 What's that? I can't hear the Music! My ears are bleeding and getting deaf because of the show's music!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 2.5/10.0 Stupid, Terrible and Scary. I want to slap the characters in the face for saying stupid *beep*!!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: 0.0/10.0 Totally none. This show sucks.

    Overall: F-- 2.0/10.0 What a Poor Excuse for a Live action show! I bet it's worse then Out of Jimmy's Head! I prefered Out of Jimmy's head better then this but Out of Jimmy's head sucks butt too. That's all for now about this stupid girly Crock. Good day to you!!!!
  • When girls join PCA it can only mean the boys are going to be either 1 very jealous or 2 happy. Or in Logan's case hitting on them. Either way you twist it Zoey 101 is about boys and girls adapting to life at a boarding school that use to be all boys.

    Is there any words that don't describe Zoey 101? Well if there are its too hard to think about them right now. So I am just going to tell you the words that describe the show. AMAZING, FUNNY, IN YOUR FACE, BAM!, Say what?, Amusing, gossip!, Hot stuff!, Friends, Laugh out loud. Ok now that I described it using words let me explain the words i chose. Amazing actors and actresses and Jamie has the most Amazing Out fits and Hair in every episode! Almost every scene has someone doing or saying something that is Funny. The in your face thing is about the Cat Fights between Nicole *miss you girl* and Dana *u 2* on season one episode 2 Room Mates. Bam is for all the slams Zoey and her friends make on Logan. The way that Chase blabbers all the time about how he has a thing for Zoey and will tell everyone but Zoey that he likes her is Amusing. Obviously Zoey gossips with her roomies Lola and Quinn. Not only is it set in California but the guys in it are cute! So i say Hot Stuff. Zoey Brookes has the most amazing friends ever so that is where the friends fit in. Some things that her roomies Quinn does is laugh out loud funny, like in Paige comes to PCA when she mistakingly turned Lola's phone in to mush.
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