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  • It's mediocre at best

    Zoey 101 was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. But now it's just getting annoying. I'm not a Jamie Lynn fan, and her acting isn't too good. Most of the storylines are shallow and stupid. It can also be unrealistic. Most of these TeenNIck shows focus on "regular" teens, except this takes place at a boarding school. What boarding school gives out free laptops and sushi bars and is next to a beach? Their dorm rooms are extremely large (and I've seen some real college dorms that are much smaller). It's less like a school and more like an island paradise. They hardly do any homework (ie Nicole) yet she is a straight A student. The main cast is extremely annoying and all they talk about are stupid topics, like the world's fattest man or the biggest pumpkin. They shouldn't even try to pose as regular teens who don't have enough money to buy certain things becasue going to that boarding school already proves they have a lot of money. Zoey is also way too perfect for her own good or to be considered a "regular" teenager. She never screws anything up, everyone loves her, she's considered "hot", her plans always save the day, and everyone comes to this perfect little blonde princess for everything. I mean, why did everyone ask her for help with exams when they could have asked someone who was a genius, or the teachers themselves? It makes me sick when she is so perfect all the time. The show is very unrealistic when it comes to dealing with regular teenagers who can't even afford to go to a boarding school like that in the first place, and those who don't have ultra thin bodies like the girls in the cast.
  • good show

    wow show!! great for teenagers who need help in life!! its soo kool and great! i like watchin sumtimes!! like kool kool kool kool kool kool!! like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!like kool kool kool kool kool kool!!
  • Pretty good.

    It starts off in season one, well thats obvious... every show starts off in season one, 'cause one comes first, but I better stop because I'm going off topic.

    But as we start off in season one, Zoey Brooks is a girl played by Jamie Lynn Spears from California who comes to PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) as they now are letting girls attend the school. (PCA is a boarding school) On the first day, she meets her too roommates, Nicole and Dana. Nicole is a freakishly girlly girl who always cares about her looks and it frequently going crazy over boys. Dana, on the other hand, is practically a tomboy, who hates people like Nicole and any other person or people in his or her way. Those are the girls, but Zoey actually meets a boy, Chase, first. Wow, did he look awkward and weird compared to how he does nowadays. His two best friends are Michael Barrett, a fairly nice guy, and Logan Reese, a rich kid who is always up to no good. Quinn is another friend of Zoey's who is kind of a freak who's best friend is science, and is so smart, it sounds like she isn't talking in English most of the time.

    In season two, Dana went away to some French thing, and Zoey and Nicole get a new roomate, Lola, who first seems to be weird, but in the end turns out to be nothing but a fake actress, who is most boys' case is EXTREMELY hot! She hasn't changed since then.

    In season three, Nicole moved to an all-girls boarding school because of a weird desease called OMGD. This has something to do with liking males, boys, guys, whatever you want to call us, too much. In the first episode of season three, Quinn is also caught with the wrong room when Cocoa, the "manager" of the dorm listed Quinn in the room of her bra-size when there was no room of that number. Thats kinda funny. So Quinn moved in with Lola and Zoey. For the first few episodes, Chase also had something to say to Zoey. Everyone, including me, expected him to tell her he liked her, but NO! Chase had a girlfriend, named Rebecca, but soon eventually broke up with her. She was snotty!

    In the fourth season, the season have just entered, and possibly the last season of Zoey 101, nothing has changed. No friends moving away, no room changes. We also have already gotten a one-hour movie called the Curse of PCA! It was fantastic.

    In my opinion, this show is great, and it is a pleasure to watch. Amen!
  • It was okay.....

    I originally watched this show because I'm a Britney Spears fan and wanted to see if Jamie Lynn Spears had any acting talent. Zoey 101 is about a girl who is in boarding school and dealing with most issues that a young teen comes across.
    I think that Zoey 101 is a cute show for the age group it's intended for. It's not offensive and the story lines are decent. While the acting isn't as great as other shows it's still pretty good for the level of acting skills the young cast has.The show's characters were well casted and viewers will fall in love with the scenery.Hopefully the acting will improve in future seasons.
  • Hate it hate it hate it!

    I admit, I used to watch this show, but now it's really stupid. It's just another Nick Show, they're all the same. It's about some blonde girl (Jamie Spears) who can't act to save her life. Who told her she could act anyway? It's so unrealistic. What kind of boarding school has ultra cool, ultra hip rooms that are extremely large? There is no way that girl Quinn would ever get her own room 3 years in a row. And what are the chances of Zoey, Lola and all them being roommates every year, and always being in room 101? Another thing: What kind of boarding school has a sushi bar, right next to a beach, and a movie theater on campus? What the heck? This show is complete crap and a waste of time, and here, I'll give you a nice summary: It's about a perfect blonde girl whom everybody wants to go out with. "OMG Zoey's hot, OMG Zoey can save the day!" Please. There is no way on earth anybody is like that in the real world. The only decent thing about this show is the theme song.
  • this show is one of my top favorites!thanks nickolodoen(or however it's spelled)for this awesome show!

    this show is really great,i think it's very original too!zoey is really pretty and cool.nicole is nice but can be a tiny little bit annoying and dumb at times(i wish they kept her for the 3rd season)dana is cool,wish she was a little bit nicer to people.quinn is okay but pretty in the 2nd and 3rd seasons.lola is a great actress(but she creeped me out when she pretended to be like a goth chick and drank those raw eggs gross!)chase is cute,i love the choey (chase and zoey)relationship,i really want them to be a couple!michael well,don't really have much to say about him,he's cool i guess.logan is a jerk but he's a little bit cute(not hot,cute).dustin is a cute kid.other then that i love this show!i've watched all of the episodes so far.i think the plot is original and unique.i also love the theme song,i think jamie lynn is an average singer.hope they keep making more episodes!and more seasons!:)
  • Yeah i wish they will show more new episodes it only like comes on once an day but the show is good but it needs more comedy is 'am rigth?

    This is one heck of an show frist season was so funny not that the other seasons were not funny but not as funny as the frist of course still like the show and chracters but i wish Nikcole will come back to the show i like hread an lot of people saying that she is coming back hope this rumor is true "IMO" i think the show is going to get better time after time by the way this is my second favorite show next to iCarly of course still funny and interesting to watch just need to show more episodes and comedy that's all.
  • It's a good show.

    Before I start let me just say that you don't have to be rich to go to PCA. Logan is the only rich person out of the main characters. And they don't get given the laptops by the school, you should have a laptop if you go to a boarding school, it just makes sense. Zoey isn't a perfect girl like some people think. Like in one episode she has to get Logan to tutor her in chemistry. In another one she gets beaten up, she isn't liked by everybody, and she isn't extremely pretty all of the time. Nicole wasn't overboard with the screaming and the obsessing of guys thing. I know this because my friend is just like it. I liked the way how Lola came in to the second series by acting freaky then turning out to be cool. Chase has a crush on Zoey and everyone, but Zoey, knows. Logan is the jerk type who has a soft side deep down. I liked it when he stood up for Zoey and got beaten up. In the episodes in series 2 that I've seen so far, Logan has been beaten up, for doing the right thing, twice, so it's showing a softer side to him than in series 1 where he was much more of a jerk. The acting is fairly good and the sets are amazing. The plot lines are sometimes predictable but most of the time they're not. I didn't just watch this show because it has Jamie-Lynn Spears in it, but she's so different from Britney.
  • 8.8 i rated this show well pushed for the teenage audience

    Pacific Coast Academy , an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's (Jamie Lynn Spears) little brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school. Zoey 101 is a fantastic show its open to all ages im 15 nearly and i love it . People class this as a childrens show but i strongly disagree it has a mixture of teenage emotions that no one could under stand especially little kids. THis is the ideal show for any teenager and is one of my favourite shows on tv at the moment cant wait for the next episode to be released in the uk .
  • Zoey Brookes is a teenage girl attending a once all boy school. With the help of her friends she trys to get out of trouble. She attends the school with her younger brother Dustin who is a genious for his age. She has her friends,Chase,Logan,Nicole&Quinn.

    I like this show, but it has no point. Thats my opinion personally. Maybe if they make a plot it will be better. I love the actors though, they are so talented. Jamie- Lynn Spears is and amazing actress. The show would be nothing with out her.Even though it practically is nothing now. I dont think people watch it that much because its pointless. This is just my opinion, im not bashing it. Keep in mind i do watch it I just think it could use a little more. I love the show in a way and in another way i dont like it.
  • Not Bad but not my favourite.

    Well, after the first season, I quite liked it but after Dan took out Kristin Hererra (Dana), I knew Season 2 wouldn't be as good. And then, after Season 2, when Dan sacked Alexa (Nicole), I stopped wathing it. But now, the plots are pointless, like 'Zoey's Ribs' and 'The Radio'. Anyway, It's mainly about a teenage girl called Zoey, who goes to Pacific Coast Academy, one of the best boarding shools in the USA. She basically has the normal pressures of a normal teenage girl. Her best friends are Chase, Logan, Lola, Micheal, Quinn, Nicole and Dana. Together they have adventures together.
  • DONT WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If there was a point to this already terrible abomination of a show I would laugh. This is quite possibly the worst show to ever be on nick! What else is there to say about this show. Oh yeah well this show does have a plot but its berely visisble and I don't even want to mention it. But I will becasue I think its necessary. Boy likes girl, boy doesn't tell boy wants to tell girl but doesn't have the guts to do so. The point is there have been soooooooo many shows that revolve and it just feels washed out.
  • Poor acting, not funny. There's not too much to say about this show.

    I have seen a lot of episodes of this show, and I have yet to laugh. It's just not funny. And, the actors on this show are not even mediocre. They are terrible. The only reason the show is even on is because Britney Spears has a sister who looks somewhat like her, and the producers are hoping she can have a singing career too. She sings the theme song, and honestly, it's not even above mediocre. She's not going to be a star, and most likely all of the average talent they have on the show will not make it any further than this show. The show will probably be cancelled soon. I won't be watching it, and nobody else really should.
  • Oh great, another peppy teen show -_-

    This show is very unrealistic. I mean no one is that preppy and spirited. They just act like everyone is so happy n\and perfect and its just so bleh. The only part that I didn't completely dislike was a scene in one episode I think a girl ate a plant, yeah, thats probably the only scene I thought was ok. Anyway this show seems to put off the fact that these girls are perfect. I mean they are ALWAYS happy peppy and great, even when theres a problem, schoolwork, or just sitting around. Noone does that. Overall I think this show is very annoying and unrealistic. It saddens me to know that all the cartoons and good shows on nick are being replaced by, well, shows like this. Also please dont try to delete my review like you did to benb15. I'm just stating my opinion and I didn't do anything wrong. Neither did he. :P
  • So unrealistic!!

    This show is about Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears, who can not act! She's only famous because of her trashy sister). Amyway, as I was saying this show is about some chick named Zoey who goes to a boarding school called PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) and has a bunch of friends because she's friends with everybody, because she's Zoey. Ok, that's the first unrealistic thing about this show. NOBODY is friends with everybody at their school. That is just not possible. As much as Nickelodeon tries to teach us that it is possible, it's not. It never will be. Also, Zoey and her little brother have the same friends. Most girls don't have the same friends as their little brothers, especially when their little brother is about 2 or 3 years younger. That's the second unrealistic point. The third unrealistic point is that all the kids in the school are all from different states. Who sends their kids all the way to California (if they aren't from there) just to go to a boarding school? Can't you send them to a closer one? That would make more sense.
  • I used to like this show but then it started going downhill.

    I thought this show was funny in the first 2 seasons but now they're making everyone look like a bunch of idiots who think everyone's their friend. I mean, come on. You have to vote one little person out of a club and everybody's out because they're all "friends"? They've never even met some of them before! They wouldn't do good on "Weakest Link". I mean, what's next? A complete stranger comes up to Zoey and asks her if she wants to get in bed with him? And Zoey replies, "Yeah! That would be so cool! We are friends after all."? That's probably what she'd do now. This show used to be good but now it's just not the same.
  • at her best, but need some tuning up to inhance viewers

    zoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit show.zoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit s how.zoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit showzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit sh owzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit s how
  • Zoey is one of the first girls to attend PCA. Will she be able to fit in and make new friends?

    This show is pretty good, but there are some bad moments. One thing about this show I don't like is how everything seems to go Zoey's way. It seems as if everything she does is perfect and she can do no wrong. I know this is just a show, but it's kind of insulting because it's teaching girls bad habits. It's showing them that if Zoey can do it, why can't they? This is true in some cases, but not all girls can design fashionable backpacks overnight, get all the boys to love her, and get accepted into some popular show that everyone wants to be on.
  • Great series for teenagers, i think nickelodeon has finally discovered it's us who they should be aming to as audience

    what can I say about zoey 101?, it simply has it all, it's great. I think with shows like this, life on a stick and drake and josh nickelodeon is trying to say, "allright we get it, it's you who watch the most tv and go the most time in the internet, it's you who we should keep in mind when creating new shows", which is true, because who else is goint to watch tv from monday to thursday at 5:30 pm?, and who else goes on the net to check on episode summaries and stuff like that, it's us, we are the main public to be truthfull, and i think this show in particular gives us all what we want. you want drama?, there are episodes like chase's grandma, you want mistery?, there's curse of PCA, you want comedy?, romance?, the whole show is built on those genres, it doesn't even really matter if you don't like the show at first sight; to see Jamie-Lynn Spears is good enough reason to give it a try, don't you think?
  • This show is about friends at a boarding school and their lives there.

    This show is okay! I admit I like Jamie Lynn Spears and have high hopes she doesn't turn out like Britney Spears. She is such a good girl, and a good actress. I hope her career continues well even when Zoey ends. I don't know when it will, but I don't want it to. The show is good, but I don't wait for new episodes like I do for some shows. Mostly if nothing else is on and it is on I'll watch it, but that's about it. For the most part I think all the actors and actresses have good careers ahead of them. I'd only give this show a 3.5 out of 5.
  • umm yeah good at times and not

    Zoey 101 is also girly for me too... and this is coming form a tomboy lol there is kinda to much romance in the show its werid really really really werid and scary with the key neckalace????? ok she may lose her key sooooo thats why there are pockets these days and purses!? you know I just dont really like this show and Some times I like this show you know :/ so I just really think a five will do for this show plus it just gets really really really boring at times you know my mom said it was even to girly for her too... well to end my reveiw ill give this show a 5....
  • u love this show!

    Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established.Zoey's little brother Dustin is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but going away to boarding school and living on your own at age 13 can get crazy, especially when the girls are heavily outnumbered by the boys...
  • Zoey 101

    I absolutely adore this show.
    Jamie Lynn is so pretty and she sings really good. I love the theme song for it. this show is so fun to watch. This show rocks. I love watching the new shows and the reruns because I can never get tired of them. It's fun to see how wild and crazy things that the girls do on this show! And the boys are hot, especially Chase and Logan. :)
    This is definitely one of my favorite shows and it's one of nicks best. I think that Chase and Zoey should totally get together. because he likes her and I think that she likes him. but this show is the best. its an amazing series.
  • Zoey 101

    i absolutly love this show! i think it is the best. i love watching any episode that comes on even if i've already seen it because this is just an amazing series. zoey and her friends always do such crazy and fun things that i love tuning in to see whats next, and i really love the theme song. i have it on my ipod and i always love listening to it :)
    i think this is one of the best teen shows on teen nick along with drake and josh because both shows are so funny and always entertaining to watch :)
  • Not one of my favorites.....

    This show is a little too girly for me. Its a show about this girl named Zoey that goes to school. Wow. Amazing. Fantasting. (in case you dont get it im being sarcastic) Its an okay show but not good enough. I think there needs to be more interesting things on there. Like they leave school and go to a theme park or something! But anyways this show is akay but not that good. They need to make a Frankie 101! That would be an Interesting show! I would make it very interesting! I would actually make it better than a day at school
  • Great!

    This show is actually one of my personal favourites. It's one of the best on Nickelodeon. It's main star is Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey, she is a really great actress and can hopefully be remembered for something other than being Britney Spears little sister. The show is based in PCA (Pacific Coast Academy) a boarding school that is now open to boys and girls. All of the show is based in PCA and the campus area. The main characters are Zoey, Quinn, Lola, Dana, Nicole, Chase, Logan and Michael. In Season 1 Zoey's roomates were Nicole and Dana, but Dana moved to France in Season 2. In Season 2 an aspiring actress called Lola joins Zoey and Nicole. Then in Season 3 Nicole leaves. To be honest, though Lola is not the best character and Dana was great and left too soon. Nicole was also really good. Basically, a really good show that is starting to go slightly downhill.
  • ehhhhhhhh

    i guess i'd watch this show. I mean its not bad. But its not the best show in the whole entire world. Some episodes are funny but others are just...like a big nothing! I think the first season was the best, but now its just....not really as good anymore. Not that i wouldn't watch it, i watch it sometimes, and i actually added it to my favorites, but when i watch it i'm just not like, WOW, that was...amazing. Except for the finale last year the spring break. that was a WOW moment, but other than that..it just doesnt click for me.
  • My second favorite show on Nick, about a girl who goes to a previously all boys boarding school.

    Zoey 101 is a different show. It basically targets teenagers. I can really relate to the show, it deals with real life issues. This is one of the funniest shows on Nick, although sometimes hard to get humor. This show is different from all the other shows i've ever seen, it's really orginal and different. And there is a little romance between the 2 lead characters, which is a little over-done, but still a great plot. This show has great actors and actress, unlike unfablous. The characters are very realist, and now i'm just rambling cuz this needs to be 100 words, but all in all, a great show!
  • I like it but it use to be way better.

    This show was really good during the first season but now its BORING!! nothing ever happens, they got rid of the exiciting charecters like Dana and Nicole and replaced them with LOLA!! ehh I'm sorry but she's annoying and she isn't funny nor does she really do anything. Overall it was way better when it first came on..I'm a "Season One" Zoey fan.
  • Zoey 101 is my faovirte show on nickolodean. I love watching it at night.

    Pasific Coast Academy was an all boy boarding school foir several years. Fianlly it let girls in. The main charectar is Zoey played by Jamie Lyyn Spears. The otherr charecters include Nichole, Dayna,Michale,and many others. This shw is like tyhe funniest show ever. If you were to watch it once you woukld watch it again. Chase has a huge crush on Ziey and every one except Zioey knows that he has a crush on her. They try to tell her but she always says" Eww no he is just my friend and that is all". One time chase is going to ask her out but when?
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