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  • Zoey 101 is about a girl (zoey) who goes to a previously all boys boarding school.

    Zoey 101 is one of my favorite shows.Jamie lynn spears is a really great actress and her singing is good too (she sings the theme song "Follow Me" written by her sister Britney).Though Jamie lynn is Britney Spears little sister she is quickly stepping out of her shadow. The ever changing cast includes jamie lynn spears (Zoey Brooks),victoria justice (Lola Martinez,who came in season two as a replacement when dana left),Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow,season 1-2),Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews),Paul Butcher (Dusstin Brooks aka Zoey's little brother),Kristen Herrera (Dana Cruz,season 1),Erin Sanders (Quin Pensky),Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese),and Christopher Massey (Michael Barret). A lot of the episodes center around a possible romance between Zoey and Chase which most fans are dying to see.The show is now entering its 3rd season.
  • The title says it all. Zoey 101 is absolutely fabulous. My personal favorite also!

    Everything about Zoey 101 is fabulous. Only one thing is not fabulous- Jamie. Don't get me wrong, Jamie is a GREAT actress,it's just that she is a "hottie" and people saying that Zoey is hot is simply disgusting. Otherwise this show is AWESOME with it's humor and exciting moments. I would say this show is the second best out of all the TEENick shows.
  • Not the worst, but the bad acting and story lines make it so far from the best you'll never want to see it after the first episode.

    Ok, so this isn't the worst show ever, but it is still pretty bad. The acting is fake to the highest level, and the only reason any of the actors got their parts was because they are all related to someone famous. Just another way Hollywood and TV are going down hill, as i stated in my Unfabulous review. Jamie Spears is terrible as her character, she's just ditsy blonde that will only get a huge ego if she becomes more known and wind up just like her tramp of a sister. The only actress that really is ok is Victoria Justice. She is the only girl that really pull a good character together. When you actually look at it the girl that played Nicole and Dana quit, so they must have seen how bad they were doing and how bad the show was. They aren't even the people related to someone if i recall correctly. The plot of the show is actually alright, but it jump too much. One day its focusing on Chase and Zoey, then the next its focusing on some school problem that no one cares about. Lets face it, the only real reason people watch this show is either because there's nothing on or because they want to see what happens between Zoey and Chase. Season 3 started off with a perfect plot twist in that story line then the just dropped it and left the relationship thing in the air, focusing on random stuff.
  • great absoloutly great

    Britney is stupid and weird for firing Kristen and Alexa, 2 of Zoey's roomates from series 1, i think britney is such a ***** and i don't like her, jamie is the lead role of zoey who is miss perfect but the show i think is one of the best shows in history, and it's the first time nickeloeden used a boarding school as the place where they film, alexa nikolas is my favourite, and still is even since got fired from flaming britney, she thinks she's the boss, but she isn't jamie is it's her show isn't it, yes it is.
  • Although Zoey 101 brings interesting stories about everyday school, this show doesnt pull it off to become a source of entertainment.

    This show is very decent, with episodes that include lessons about how to treat your friends correctly or how to handle situations with great care, but doesnt almost every show do that now? I am not offending the show for doing this, it's actually very good, but the show does not have originality to describe this kind of overused lessons. Zoey, a shallow and trite character (I am not describing how Zoey acts, but on how it is written like), is flowered with so much perfection that is kind of sickening. She is certainly not an "average" joe. As far as I've seen the show, she has not shown any kind of flaw in her character, but in fact it deplows extraodinary assets and characteristics... and always saves the day. It would be great to see more complexibility around the characters of the whole show, specially hers, and probably this show would get a higher rank than "girly".

    Overall, this show is good, and lessons can be "learned", but most probably, as said from the words from a friend "I only watch this show because of their fashion". I would recomend to watch this show if you love this kind of thing.
  • This show was a very interesting 30 minute show. I liked it alot and hope to make more reveiws on it. This is one of my most favorite shows.

    Pacific Coast Academy , an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's (Jamie Lynn Spears) little brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but the boys thought it was weird and wouldnt let Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) join there boys basket ball team so they had a boys vs. girls game. The boys won but the basketball couch accepted Zoey.
  • "Zoey 101 is about a girl who studies in a school called PCA. Its a cool show thats what i know."

    "Zoey 101 is about this girl who studies in a school called PCA. Each episode is about average like how every teenage girl would. Except that she stays in a dorm with her friends. It was an all boy school before but know they made it all girl and boy school. So Zoey and her friends study there. She has five friends she stays with most of the time. Loggan, Dana, Chase, Michael and Nicole.
  • The show is sometimes good. Sometimes boring. But most of the time good.

    The show is good but what I don't like is that most of the time the characters are really whiny. It was okay in the first couple seasons but it got a whole lot better around Spring Break up. I always like the stuff that the boys would do against the girl like when they put the teddy bear with the camera in the girls dorm and listen to secrets. Other boring times are of course when they whine and when that one girl cries all the time.
    Overall it is good but boring but most of the time good
  • "Zoey 101 is about these girls who stay in a school called PCA. They crashed in the school because it was first an all boy school but now they added a girl dorm and a boy dorm.

    "Zoey 101 is about a teenage girl who stays in a girl dorm in PCA. At first it was an all boy school but the girls made them put girls in their school. Zoey has two room mates. She usually stays with them and hangs out with them. And of course they are both girls. She also has a friend who is a boy named Chase. It seems like Chase likes Zoey starting the time she came to school. Chase also has other friends named Michael and Loggan. Zoey has a younger brother named Dustin. He doesn't like Zoey acting to be his mom because Zoey tells Dustin what to do and wat not to do. Chase and her other friends try to tell her not to keep on telling him what to do. So that Dustin wont get mad and frusted. Zoey has also holdiays and celebrate in their school but they have fun at the same time.
  • cool show

    i love every episode of this show and I wouldn’t miss an episode. My favorite character is chase, my least is logan, I love every episode and I don’t’ understand why anyone wouldn’t like this show so watch it because you’ll feel satisfied and may call it the est show on nick, but I say that’s spongeob (not including nick at night) so a love it alot and you should watch i9t because the girls look nice andi like it, everyone likes it ex cept some people on tv.com. bielive me,m not them. cool, cool, cool show, the best on nick with spongebob sqaurepants
  • Zoey 101 is based around an average teenage girl, who is transferred to a co-ed boarding school. Along the way she meets wacky and unique friends and the show shows you about her life and the crazy adventures her and her friends have. Worth watching.

    There is nothing I can complain about with this show, apart from it might be a little over-dramatic sometimes. The clothes the characters wear are cool, the different personalities is fun, the scenery is beautiful and the characters are loveable and funny. However, many things can go wrong for Zoey and her friends, most of the time thanks to Logon Reese, who is a cute jock but has an ego the size of brazil. The cuteness of the show is that Chase Matthews, one of Zoey's best friends, has the biggest crush on her, but won't tell her. Everybody else knows about it, but she's just blind to his love. Another positive point is that the show tackles many things that can happen in a teenage life: bullying, death of a family member, crushes, friend issues, depression and many other issues. Personally, it's one of my best shows and it's definetley worth watching.
  • Just start watching this show recently.

    Okay this show has the worst back ground in the whole wide world or maybe i'm taking it too far. I dislike Brittany Spears but I think Jamie Spears is okay. I love the theme song to the show i thinks that more than half reason why i started to like this show. My sister be like shut up you can't sing and then 5 minutes later she start singing it. I be like you little hypocrite shut up and she keeps on singing. This show be too funny sometimes with its stupidty. That dude logan is hot and chris is kyle massey brother you can see it in the face and voice.
  • ok zoey tries to find chase the perfect gift! she gets him his grandmother! but she cancels at the last minute! at chase's b-day party he finds out that she died!

    i have no idea why i keep watching this episode! it is soooooooooo sad! i hate it that chases grandma dies! i mean ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is soooooooooooo wrong!! i feel so bad for him! although i think it's so, so, so sweet that zoey goes to comfort him!!!!!! they look sooo cute together! just sitting out there in the rain while he cried! chase looked like a little lost puppy and zoey looked like someone willing to take in a little lost puppy! ok i guess i do like this episode.... but i think it could be a little less sad!!!!!!!!!
  • this show is about an all boys boarding school that begun to accept girls. how would zoey survive in this school as she goes on with the everyday challenges of school life?

    At first I thought Zoey 101 is going to be a boring show made just to showcase Britney’s little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. However, as the storyline progressed, and after a series of entertaining episodes, plus all the positive feedbacks that I am reading about it, I would now say this is a great show. Hope more people would love it.
  • Zoey 101 rocks and it is a great show and I really love this show.

    I think Jamie is great and she is a person like my friend Allyson,popular,smart and a good friend.Chase is kind of pathetic because he never tells Zoey he loves her.Michael he is a funny character and he loves playing basketball just like my friend Allyson.Logan is kind of a jerk.Nicole screams a lot and totally boy crazy.Dana kind of a devil but she is great.Dustin he is afraid of animals but a funny guy and Quinn really wierd but okay.Still I love this show even though some of these charaters fight sometimes I still enjoy this show.Zoey 101 rocks!
  • Not a bad choise.

    As somebody who grew up on Pete and Pete, Clarissa, Salute Your Shorts, and all the other classic Nick shows, I hold a fond place in my heart for Nickelodeon. But that place has, generally, been reserved for anything before All That appeared. In my (not-so) humble opinion, that's the moment at which the network started to go downhill.

    Okay, so Zoey 101 isn't exactly on a level with Pete and Pete. It's got elements of The O.C. in that it's based on upper-class lifestyles. But I'm not going to discriminate against it based on that. Any given show is going to be about a very small slice of society. This one just happens to be an upscale slice.

    It's a decent show. It's shot well, so it's visually entertaining -- something I can't say for most Disney and Nick shows. And, though it's classic preteen content, it's spun in a way that stops me from vomiting, as I do watching most other crap being peddled on children these days.
  • ZOEY 101 cool!.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE ZOEY 101! ZOeY 101 ROCKS!!!!!! I wish nicole come back. cuz nicole was funny. But this season 3 Lola is more funnier than nicole. oh man i wish chase tell zoey NOW! i know it take long time. i was very shock that chase has a gf. YAY chase dump his gf and broken up. that great....Im glad that ZOey 101 will have season 4th. IM soooooo exictie!!!! I bet season 4 will better than season 3 well we dont know yet lol!!! ZOEY 101 ........ . . . . . . . .
  • I love love love this show! I just wish the episodes would come sooner. Also BRING BACK NICOLE...... and Chase should just tell Zoey he loves her. Overall: 9.8

    I love LOVE lOvE this show... its perfection- sorta.... I just wish that Nicole was back and that Chase should stop being a chicken and just tell Zoey he loves her already! I also like that Michael is in it a lot too. I love that he plays flute and he's a boy. But Zoey is perfect... just a little too perfect actually. I would love to see her have a crying scene... Quinn... ok well I like her character... she's quirky. But her boyfriend is ugly but they're a cute couple.... So overall 9.8!
  • COOL!!:)

    Zoey 101 is the best kids show ever!! The Ghost of Charles L. Galloway & PCA Spring Break-Up are the BEST Episodes and thier both two part special episodes. My favourite charachters are Lola & Michael thier COOL!! I also like the episode The Halloween special episode thats cool too!!

    I have not seen the episode where the school dance is on and the students of Pacific Coast Academy have to take a Personality test to see who they get matched up with in a long time. I dont really like Logan and Quinn that much. OK Bye Jordan Out!!
  • This show is classic.

    Zoey 101 is a classic show for me. It's a show about a group of friends hanging out and going to school together. The group of friends always find something to do and always encounter a problem - either a friend problem or somebody's else problem. It's a pretty good show for teens or young adults.
  • It's about this girl and her friends at a private school. Its ok.

    I quite like this show, Zoey 101, but sometimes it makes me cringe! I like the characters, except for 'Nicole' as her hyperness and wording gets on my nerves. She is too peppy and gives me a headache. I can't help but watch Zoey 101 however I would make some changes if I could. Sometimes the plot is rushed such as the scene where the gang are upset because 'Sushi Rox' has burnt down. Suddenly & randomly Zoey says "how about a people auction?!"...this got on my nerves! Anyways an amusing show that appeals to probably more girls than boys & people who like that kind of show.
  • I can't believe I watch this but I do and I love it!

    This show is really really good. It seemed horrible at first but these days its actually great!! I love all the characters especially quinn she makes me laugh so hard whenever she even says anything. All my friends hate it but really i don't care at all. I love it too much to stop watching it. Sometimes it can be really sad (perfect example: last seasons finale) and I don't really like extremely sad things but i can deal. Wow I am really surprized. I even added it to my favorites. Almost better than the naked brothers band. xoxoxo I love it.
  • i like this show

    Great show n she really is a beautiful i hope she does not end up like her sister britney spears. good luck jamie lynn. i watch all the time its funny clever and i like how they make it a point to prove that girls are strong n i like how her voice sounds in the begining of the show. i hope nick elodeon keeps this show on for a really long time and i also hope that she does other shows and even some slbums because i will buy her albums and watch her shows. GREAT show guys iwill keep watching
  • I used to like this show but it is getting worse everyday.

    One thing that is really stupid about this show is that Michael and Chase are always talking about things that are so off topic like why pants have an s at the end if they are only one pair. This show hasso many off topic things that they try to disguise as funny or try to make people forget what's really going on in the show. I didn't like when Dana and Nicole were on the show but Lola's not any better she's always screaming! This show's never going to get to the part where Chase tells Zoey how he feels about
    her so there's not point in watching this.
  • cool

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  • This is a great show!! i really love it and it is funny and actually meaningful. the relationships are a bit slow but thats wat keeps me watching!

    this show is the show ive always dreamed of. its just perfect in every way. Lola and quin are great contrasting characters due to their pesonaliteis and status. i just love this show and hope that maybe after high school they might go to colledge then the show could continue,but this is definately a personal favorite! ! ! this is how the show makes me feel :) YAY!! i love zoey 101 so now ill jiust make the 100 word mark yay yay yay yay yay yaya yaya yaay yay yay aya ayayaya yaya ya aya ya ay ya ya ok im done!
  • I love this show, It is nice that it is set on the beach and in a dormatory. All the actors and actresses are very good actors too.

    I love this show it is set in a nice setting, the beach! and I have always loved watching shows about bording schools, I like that the show is new and modern and the girls always have nice new clothes on each day. I also love the storyline behind the Chase and Zoey relationship, I think that is one of the reason why I do watch the show. I also love that the all the actors and actresses on the show are young and each portray a cool, unique character. I hope that this show will have many seasons to come!
  • Zoey 101 is a good show and I hope it gets another season.

    Nickelodeon has a lot of great shows for both guys and girls. Zoey 101 is one of those shows that a guy can watch because its not too girly. Zoey is beautiful but she is kinda tough too. The humor in the show is really smart. Although some of the storylines are unrealistic because it always make Zoey seems so perfect. But lately they have been doing a better job with that. I was glad that the season 1 was released on dvd and bought it quickly. Its not my favorite show Zoey will one day be considered as classic.
  • Zoey 101 is a good show.

    I like Zoey 101, but I'm just not that into it. In my opinion, the second season was the best. I liked the characters, all of them except for Dustin. I think he is kind of pointless. My favorite character is Lola. She is funny and talented. I also like Michael, Quinn, and Zoey. Nicole was funny also and I liked her more than Dana. Logan and Chase are okay. The plots are actually pretty decent and it's is funny while not being too goofy. I don't care for watching re-runs though. The movie was pretty good. Zoey 101 gets an 8.5.
  • It's the same thing as of what every idea comes when it goes through this. Someone call 911 , because I'm tired of this.

    What do you know? Another show that has the same freakin' thing as of what every show with this concept goes. We have a girl living in a sweet life as a rich teen. It seems orginal , but it's not. Your going to see the see things as of many others. Why bother with such sitcoms if it has the same things as of what anyother has? This is yet another of these. Only , it's not a sitcom , it's a show. A show copy.

    I'm not going to bother the fact that I don't like having those teenage stereotypes ever since Clueless was more enchanting then sliced bread. Hope this show gets better... or not.

    A 1.0 out of 5.0
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