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  • Chase and Zoey romance

    I hope that either Chase tells Zoey he loves her and she say "I love you" back, they kiss each other or both. They should have kissed in "Bad Girl." Not that I thought the part when Dustin knocked Chase down wasn't interesting. I just think that if Chase kissed Zoey on the lips, that would have been even more interesting. I just hope they kiss and Chase tells Zoey he loves her without worrying that he'll wreck their friendship forever soon. After all, Chase doesn't really have to worry about wrecking their friendship forever because I think that Zoey has a crush on him, but she just doesn't want to know it. Or that she doesn't know she has a crush on him. Whichever makes more sense. I also hope there will be a Michael-Nicole romance. That is when Nicole comes back. I hope she comes back soon. Maybe she'll come back soon. Just not in the third season. Maybe in the fourth season.
  • This show has drawn me in with the young relationships. It is easily relatable to.

    This show is very cute and stars Zoey, Chase, Logan, Nicole, Lola, Michael, Dustin and Quinn. It is a typical young teen show and has some quite funny situatoins. The one thing that keeps me watching is the Chase/Zoey relationship because it hasn't stopped evolving into more. Chase can't find the courage to ask Zoey out and Zoey is pretty much oblivious to him liking her. They are obviously destined to be together and hopefully will end up together. This show would most likey be watched by pre teen girls and maybe some 13 or 14 year olds. It's one of those shows that you don't really tell people you watch.
  • Zoey 101 is one of my favorite shows, the life in the PCA is really cool.

    I mean, it's not m favourite show but when I can and when are new episodes I watch it, the characters are well done, Zoey, the star is the tipical "goog girl that always follows the rules" it's not very original bu acceptable, then is Chase, he is in love with her and it's really funny, but something I don't like that when a new season starts one imporant chracter is out, Dana and Nicole. Overall it's a great series to watch and the life in a school like this is better than everything, how I wish to learn there!
  • Pretty Good!

    Zoey 101 is about a girl named Zoey Brooks played by Jaime Lynn Spears that attends a boarding school called PCA. She has a younger brother named Dustin played by Paul Butcher. Her friends are Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas), Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), Michael Barret (Christopher Massey), Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice), and Dana (Kristin Herrera). I think Zoey 101 is a great show. I don`t think anybody but my best friend and my cousin know that I watch this show. My favorite character is Nicole. I wish that she would come back to PCA. Overall, Zoey 101 is a really good show!
  • Very nice actually. *clap clap*

    I personally like Zoey 101 and it's funny, but not exactly my favorite show to be honest with all of you. I like to watch it and its very enjoyable too though. I think that they should also bring Nicole back. She added a bit of "Hazzaz!" to the show. And... Lola (Victora Justice) isn't that great of an actor. But, no offense other Lola lovers! It's just my opinion. I also think chase should just admit his feelings to Zoey. But I bet everyone does anyways so never mind that. So, I would have to give Zoey 101 an......8.5!! Good job Zoey 101! Ya did good.
  • Please read my summery because it shows how the show is not stupid. It's one of the best shows on the TV. (Second to Ed, Ed n' Eddy.*WINK**WINK**NUDGE**NUDGE*)

    One of the best shows ever! I LOVE this show. I hope Chase gets Zoey. He's perty cool. Not too soon though or that would end the show too soon. The show is not corny or lame it has great "rated G" content that the whole family can enjoy. It has humor and romance both in the same show. The show has an excellent plot to it and I can not wait till the 1st season DVD comes out. It will be on my top 5 DVD's to get besides Ed, Ed n' Eddy Season 2 DVD. Chase rocks!!! Nerds rule!!!!!!! Little Deer forever!!!!!!!!!
  • The show is too unoriginal and there are a lot of other shows out there that are better than this. The storyline of the show is mediocre.

    First, the acting is horrible. Jamie's acting is the worst and I really do think that the people that made the show purposely chose her over some decent actors just because she's Britney Spear's little sister. I don't even find her attractive either. The other actors have some potential though like the person who plays Chase or the person who plays Nicole. I assume the show is aimed at people who are 12 to 14 years old but I don't find it to be good enough for people that age to watch. I'd prefer The O.C. rather than this show. If only the show had better actors it could've been a little bit better than it is now. This is my opinion of the show but I do know some people that enjoy the show and I have nothing against them, I just don't like this show at all. Needs more work.
  • Cool!!

    It's about teenages dealing with teenages stuff and always facing school stuff!! One of their episodes is when Zoey and her friends are tired of having to constantly run around the track in gym class. They all come to find out that they can get out of gym class if they join a sports team. Since they all want to join a team together, and Nicole stinks at sports, they find a sport that they can all play, Disc Golf. Soon after they present the team info to their gym coach, he says in the rulebook that it says, in order for them to officially be recognized as a team, that they have to win a sanctioned game against another school.
  • Great storyline, but the terrible acting kills the show

    Zoey 101 is definetly unique among all of the shows that I watch. It has an excellent written storyline with a variety of character personalities, but sometimes I think the characters of the show are just plain stupid. For example, in the episode with the class election, Chase and Zoey and running against eachother, and then Mark joins a hopeless fight to win, but when Chase and Zoey quit the election, they both say,\"If we both dropped out, then who will be class president?\", both being copletely aware that Mark was running. Right now, this is the only one I can think of, but if you watch even one episode you will get an example of this. Overall, I give this a 7.3, but if the actors/actresses could ACTUALLY act, this show would be near a ten.
  • wow

    I love this show it tells you about life in every way i would like to go to qa bording scool but of course i would miss my parents because e e e e e e e i l o v e t h e m i n e v e r y w a y i n t h e w h o l w o r l d i know not to space b u t i c a n t b e c a u s e i t i s t o m u c h
  • mostly about this girl names zoey that goes to a school called PCA school. she has a lot of friends that support her.

    there was one episode where zoey gets mistaken by dating logan. he was just there to help tutor her in science, since she has never gotten below a c ever in her life at PCA. she thought about having one of her friends tutoring her instead of logan, but then she remembered the past times. they we horrible. and zoey's two other friends are trying to figure out a way to catch a mouse, one of her friends science experiments. you see, there is this one friend that is science geek, and tends to do lots of experiments of any types.
  • Zoey is one of the first girls to attend the now co-ed boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy.

    This show is really subpar. Schneider's Bakery did a pretty good job with Drake and Josh, but Zoey 101 is not a good show in my opinion. The show relies entirely on the Zoey character, played by Jamie Lynn Spears, whose only claim to fame is being born into the Spears family. Zoey is made into a role model for all young girls, apprarently, flawless and beloved by all. Everybody goes to her for advice and she is always the one to save the day with another of her brilliant ideas. Right. I can see that they've tried to downplay this in later episodes, but it's still there. Then again, a show like this was inevitable. Siblings of celebrities are never quite content with being in their brother/sister's shadows.
  • The Great Vince Blake

    this show is not what it used to be. I wish they would get back to the fact that Chase likes Zoey and eventhough she herself may not know it, we all know she likes him also.... i am looking forward to better episodes lateron in the season. And Victoria Justice Rocks!!!!
  • Zoey 101 happens to be one of the best shows I ever seen well for me it is but there are other shows I like.Zoey 101 just happens to be one of my favorites.

    I really like Jamie Lynn Spears and I like Britney Spears even though some kids hate Britney Spears but I don`t blame and Britney isn`t in very many tv shows.I like Britney but I like Jamie Lynn better anyway I really enjoy watching Zoey 101.I really like Zoey.She is a little popular and Zoey`s also got a lot of friends kind of like me.I think they should keep Zoey 101 on tv.
  • I really likes the fact that in the show, Zoey is the most popular girl in school, and the prettiest, and smartest, and gets the best grades without doing any work. She never has any real problems, and every guy wants to date her. She is so perfect......

    It is so annoying. Quinn is so obnoxious. Her experiments are pathetic, pointless, and fake. Chase is such a wimp. He says he loves Zoey, but if he told her, it would ruin their friendship. How pathetic. Michael tries to be funny, but he never accomplishes anything. Nichole is so perky, and screams a lot. She is never seen doing any work, or studying, but she is a straight A student. Lola thinks she is an actress, but she great! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -JMXD3
  • Is a show that makes you really wanna watch the next episode!!

    It's my new best friend xD...no words...just the best ever... i dont liked it the first time i seen,it was the first season,and it is very...child...but i love the another ones...i dont wanna chase to tell zoey he loves her...it would be funnier if she find out by herself...i tell everyone if you want a show but dont wanna "fall in love" for it (xD) dont watch this show!xD.Chase tell michael that he thinks that zoey and he must be only very good friends in the episode chases's girlfriend,but he shows everyone that he is still interested on zoey when he gets upset when everyone thinks she's dating logan...thats it!
  • great!:D

    finaly! ive been waiting for jamie spears to showcase her talents! okay so i know she was in all that but over where i am(england) all that never came on so i never really got to see jamies talent. i like the show, its really good. i like season 3 the most even though season 3 hasnt come out over here.(i watched it on you tube hehe) i fide quinn is funny. i didnt like dana dfrom season 1 that much because of the way the shows director portrayed her character.its a shame nicole never returned in season 3. i enjoyed her dulushoinal personality so much!lol, logan is so damn vain!!! chase is the good guy . he's my favourite character. he's so great..and hilarious.
  • I love Zoey 101! It's my favorite show ever! I wish Chase would tell Zoey he <3 her already!

    Zoey 101 is a great show. My 2 favorite characters were Dana and Nicole, but both of them left :(.All the characters in Zoey 101 are good role models(except Logan) , and the show teaches you lessons. The only thing Im getting dissapointed about is that they are showing less and less of Dustin. I hope he doesn't leave too.
  • An Awesome show that is sometimes funny and that has drama.

    Pacific Coast Academy , an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's (Jamie Lynn Spears) little brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but going away to boarding school and living on your own at age 13 can get crazy, especially when the girls are heavily outnumbered by the boys...
  • A really great tv show....

    I may have only watched this show only for some time, but i loved it!!!

    It was a great show, even though the guys wouldve done anything to get rid of the girls, the girls always came out top...

    The guys played tricks on them coz they knew the girls wuld retaliate...
    But wen the boys were caught in their own game the girls got out of trouble..lol.. Girl Power!!!!
    well any way, its been one of the best shows iv ever watched... Hope some people out there will like the show, ZOEY101...

    But if you dnt have nickalodean like me id grab any chance i have to watch it...
  • Nickelodeon is losing respect because of shows like this one!

    Zoey 101 is just another example of how low Nick has gone in the last few years. To start with, the plot was how this girl gets into an all-boys school, next thing you know the whole show is about girls! The characters are horrible! Zoey is a blonde who gets whatever she wants and never gets in trouble regardless of what she does. Quinn is a complete nerd whose "inventions" will kill them all one day. Zoey's other friend is a dumb blonde stuck in a brunettes body: she is shallow (like everyone on this show), over-dramatic (like the show itself) and lacking intelligence. Chase is some kid who "loves" Zoey but is too afraid to take the chance and ask her out, because he doesn't want to "spoil the relationship"..........my foot! I think the only person in this whole show with common sense is Michael. The acting is so bad it's funny, (and when they try to be funny they're not)the girls ALWAYS win over the guys (feminism?)And Chase will never get with Zoey! What happened to the days of Rocko, Arnold, and Doug, they need to come back.
  • Well,

    It's not that it's a bad show, I watch every so often. I prefer funny shows. But I gotta say it's getting better every season. Too bad Alexa isn't on anymore. They sure push things way to slowly. No action, but it's a nice show to watch and calm yourself with. Sometimes they repeat old show again week after week, they gotta stop that. Zoey 101 is a cool show and people shouldn't say bad things about it. But I do hope this show will get better among the episodes. Maybe more guest stars? Well, nice job Zoey 101 and I'm just here to say, lots of people love your show. Don't get discouraged!
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  • So great show about a girl at a boarding school.

    REally peally really really extremly extremly great great great great great great! Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Show!!!!!
    THis show is really great! I love Chase and Zoey why doesn't he just tell her he likes her it is not that hard. Chase+Zoey= Love!!!! THey are so cute togheter! Lola and Quinn are awesome! Lola is awesome! Quinn grew up this season! SHe is not as big a dork any more! Lov this Show!
  • Sorry to all the fans out there, but I just don't see what is so great about this show. I don't see a great plot, and it all seems too overly dramatic. It's just another pre-teen show.

    So in the beginning it wasn't that bad. But yet, as it went on it got worse and worse until all you have is a bunch of overly dramatic teens and a cheesy love circle. When this show comes on just change the channel, watch something that's worth your time. Zoey is your basic teen she's a bit hard headed, but I must say that she's the most reasonable character. Then you have Gwuen, she acts crazy. The mad scientist stereo-type is all hers she is even gross, it's not all that good for the show. And lastly Chase, he's just so irrational. It's like the only meaning to his character's exsistance is to be in this weird cheesy love story with Zoey, otherwise he has no point in being in the show. Watch something else, this show is just not all it's cracked up to be.
  • Zoey 101!!!!!!

    Zoey 101!!!!! Another good show on nickelodeon(specificly teenick). I watch this show whenever its on. Zoey 101 is a great show for preteens and teens. Its sort of a Comedy/Drama show but I love watching it. The actors and actresses are pretty good, they have some good story lines, and a nice wardrobe.
    This show was good the first season, second season it was ok and so far I like the third season the best. The main characters are Logan(Matthew Underwood),
    Chase(Sean Flynn), Quinn(Erin Sanders),Dustin(Paul Butcher),
    Michael(Christopher Massey),Lola(Victoria Justice), and the star of the show Zoey(Jamie Lynn Spears).

    Thanks for reading.
  • Not an excellent show.

    This show is not an excellent show. It has some pretty bad acting in it, but thats pretty much one of the only problems. I mean, the idea of living alone at thirteen is kind of cool. The idea of a school by the shore is cool, the clothing line is fine, some of the storylines are good. This show could go further if it had some different actors and actresses. And especially if Jamie got some acting lessons...
    Overall, this show is an okay show to watch once in a while, like if your sick or there is absoluty nothing else on.
  • Stylish, groovy, lots of sparkle and flair

    I thought that the episode Zoey's Tutor was great! One of the best so far. I was a little aggrivated though whenever there wasn't a Zoey/Chase hook-up. I kept looking at the clock going, "OK, there are only a few minutes left you can kiss her anytime now." But, those producers and executives are too smart for that. They know that to keep the fans tuned in, they need to keep the lips apart. Unfortunately Zoey fans, I think we will have to wait until the final episode of the show for a lip lock and confession of true love. However, Zoey's Tutor truly showed us that Chase cannot renounce his love for Zoey and mean it. :) To coin the Japanese phrase, Kwai!! (I think this means totally cute, at least that's how I interpret it. But don't go by me, I only speak two languages English and bad English.):P
  • Its an ok show...

    Its alright I mean totally wouldnt race home to see it but if im bored and nothing else is on its totally great, I didnt like the way at first theyd(Nickolodean) show the new episodeand then that week you wouldnt be able to catch that episode again it was all re-runs from the very beginging so I didnt watch it for a while and now I catch new ones, at least to me so im watching it more now, personally I dont like Zoey that much shes a snob! But I like Lola shes cool! and Logan is really a jerk but hes funny to, Chase aint that high on my list either.
  • A very unique show!

    I started watching this show when it premeired in January, 2005. Though it kind of shows the same episode every time everyday and day and day and day, but I still watch it whenever I can or want to. But also, there isn't much of a variety of episodes. In the first season, there were only thirteen episodes, and in the second season, including the 'Spring Break-Up', there were thirteen episode. Without that episode, there are only twelve. But still, this is a very unique and excellent family show. What I have realized is that Quinn is the only girl (not including Zoey) that has been on the show all three seasons. Dana was on the first. Nicole was on the first and the second. And Lola has been a character since season two. Anyway, as I was saying, Zoey 101 is a great show.
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